Gryffindor: roadtrips, 50s music blasting from the radio, deserted highways, a 1965 ford mustang convertible, milk shakes and burgers in a small diner, pink sunglasses, tracking your route on a map with sharpies, oversized sweaters, route 66, chasing the sun, pillows and blankets on the backseat, sleeping in rundown motels, neon signs, pastel colours, strawberry bubble gum, jukeboxes, country roads, a cloudless sky, let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress adventure, cold drinks, sticking your head out of the window while you’re riding shotgun, wind in your hair, cracked pavement and yellow lines, terrible cheap gas station food, laughing your soul out, sleeping with your head against the window, counting the miles you left behind, photos of road signs, let’s just go anywhere we want

Ravenclaw: faraway adventures, looking for wonderland, sleeping under dying stars, white mountaintops sharp against a bright sky, small wooden cottages, silvery waterfalls, darkness split only by moonlight, a rusty old compass in your hand, wildflowers growing on the side of the road, the middle of nowhere, cozy tents and warm sleepingbags, heavy backpacks, picnics next to a river high up in the mountains, blue valleys and wilderness, waiting for nightfall, writing on the back of your hands, roasting marshmallows over campfires, old leather boots, cornfields and rivers, candles, leaving footprints, discovering hidden paths in the mountains and woods, counting stars, an atlas underneath your pillow, faded postcards, deep forests, silence louder than your hearbeat, a neverending universe

Hufflepuff: beach holidays, the sand between your toes, collecting shells in a tin can, ice cream parlors, food markets, palm trees, warm bonfire nights, drinking from coconuts, sunburn on your nose, yellow surf boards, marveling at street artists, sand castles fit for kings and queens, holding hands, crystal waves crashing against rocks, a pink sky, salt water, the clear cyan colour of swimming pools, the smell of sunscreen, drawing hearts and writing quotes in the sand, walks on the shoreline while the sun is setting, feeding the seagulls, fruity cocktails, swimming in the ocean, loud heartbeats, a feverish smile, cold water rushing around you, white stones, let’s be mermaids, narrow alleys and corner shops, laughter filling the streets, heaven in your eyes

Slytherin: big cities, bright lights, time doesn’t seem to pass at all, short dresses and black skinny jeans, cash in your pockets, the smell of coffee and pollution, yellow taxis, the skyline against the setting sun, falling in love with strangers, the raw glamour of big cities, expensive restaurants and bars, the golden gate bridge at night, skyscrapers made of shining glass, 4am, waking up in hotel rooms high above the city, brief golden moments, photographs of people passing by, luxurious flats with huge glass fronts looking out at the city, watching dawn break on the rooftop of a skyscraper, loving out of lust, magazine covers, plane tickets, concrete jungles, traffic lights reflecting on wet streets, dancing until morning, exploring new places with every step, billboards with promises of better lives, hidden art galleries, live fast die young