raisinbranagh  asked:

Hmm... Glanni being grumpy and Ithro being sweet and cuddling his moody bf to make him feel better? :3c (prompt)

“Do you need anything else, gentlemen?” 

“Ah, no, we’re good. Thank you very much, Miss. Have a good rest of your day.” 

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tahyungs  asked:

omg are we connected ;-; I opened a drabble thingy at the same time asdfg, anyways I love your writing (you probably know this already) and I'd love to read a ceo!au, I have never in my life read one with jungkook and I'm so trash for that, thanks in advance ❤️

Anonymous said: CEO!Jungkook x OC please!

for the 160901 drabble game. ♡

title: if only she knew (m)

word count: 1311

a/n: first of all ahh I’ll go request something when I wake up hehe, this is my first time writing ceo!jk too so… I feel… also listen……ceo AUs are my kink I stg this went by so fast I didn’t even notice I had 1k for it already skdjfhfd this reminds me of my SD!jimin days… /sighs/ anyway I hope you both like it! <3 (also the [m] stands for implied smut and not actual smut!!)

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