The Start of Everything

In which your beginning starts at the end of jungkook

for my lil puff pastry @bbyhyuns i know you love soulmate aus and angst so i made this, i’m a little late but congratulations on ur new beginning, ILY!! 
-admin g
p.s im sorry this is SO FCKING LONG!!!!!!

   August 31, the date printed on your wrist in neat script glared up at you. Today was the day you were to meet your soulmate, the one fated to love you to the ends of the earth. But a funeral was a horrible place to find the love of your life. Staring at the blank, grey faces around you, everyone covered head to toe in different shades of black. The only problem was you knew everyone here, besides the boy lying in the open coffin. What a horrible place to find the love of your life, lying lifeless in a wooden box minutes from being shoved into the unforgiving earth. Staring down at the face of the unknown boy, a friend of a close friend you had never gotten to know, his skin drained of the color it once had, stiff body shoved into a tuxedo. Dark brown hair fanning around his head, eyelashes brushing the top of his cheekbones, bottom lip sticking out more than the top, nose wide and strong. You think he was probably incredibly beautiful when alive. Bulky body nothing more than an empty shell now, wrist facing up with a matching date printed on the cold skin of his wrist, heart breaking for the love that managed to slip through your fingers.

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Another box I painted as a gift :)

Kinda Halloween/haunted house themed, but with a sneaky Weeping Angel.

Acrylic paints on wood

My other painted box is HERE


Filson Limited Edition Collection

In a celebration of its trademark Cruiser Shirt, originally worn by brave adventurers during the Klondike Gold Rush and patented in 1914, Filson is releasing a limited edition of 222 pieces along with its 1922 Sleeve Vest. The garments come in an exclusive wooden box accompanied by historical documents about their origins.