Avatar Pai Sho Board Game

Fancy a game of Pai Sho with your cup of ginseng tea? The popular strategy board game from the world of Avatar can now be yours for you to play! It even comes with its own set of rules and box for holding the game pieces.

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Skate deck by Javier de Riba for reskate

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Unfortunately,  I have less time to draw, because my study make me to work hard. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t try out something new. x3

I drew Rayman from Origins on the wooden board 1-2 years ago, but I decided to finish it only this month. Honestly, I never tried to draw on wooden stuff, but I enjoyed the results of my work.

Apartment living CC list

Here comes all the pictures and CC list :)

Living room:
Couch/pillows 1,2,3/end table 1,2,3/posters all by me/all lights 1,2,3,4,5/cactus tray/cage/shelf/canvas bag&amazon boxes/converse/standard goods/hanging plant/books/rug by me/door/

Dinning room & study:
Table/chairs/flowers/bookshelf/desk/desk chair/ipod/flowers on desk/books on desk/desklamp/computer (link is down but its by linacherie)

Folding door/fridge/bar chairs/stove/wooden board/chilli/oil/coffe paiting by me (not out yet)/sink/breakfast/coffe machine/tea cup/shelf/plates

/shelf/chanel books/camera/small paiting by me/chalkboard/bag on wall/rack/dresser/bottles/boxes


the city studio

blanket by simsinwonderland
bookshelf/lamp by punisa
candles/shelf recolor by femme-jean (no longer available)
counters/wooden board by buffsumm (recolor not available)
coffee table by sims-alachie
chair by dreamteamsims/mtq
clapboard/painting by mtq
desk by aroundthesims/dreamteamsims
end table/chair by meinkatz/lulu265
flowers by misspepe92
kitchen clutter by puresims/loree/dreamteamsims
lamp/bed by peacemaker/mangosims
plants by chisami/thenumberswoman/mio-sims
paintings by me
pillows by cool-panther
rugs by me: 1, 2
sofa by simcredibledesigns
sink/rangehood/stove by shinokcr

;; open

The sound of metal flying through the air, the crack of the blade impaling in the wooden target board.
Deep breath, focus hearing, take in surroundings, tune out surroundings, throw.
It was after the show, but Aurora could tell that she’d not been on her ‘A Game’ as Mr. Jacobi had said. She’d missed one of her targets, and now, she had gotten right back to practice. 
Throwing her last blade, the girl took a deep breath, taking the familiar walk to the target. Her nimble fingers ran over each painted ring, and a light smirk appeared on her delicate lips as she came to the conclusion that she’d hit all of them. 
Ripping each of her five blades from the wood proved to be no trouble at all for her as she tucked them back into her belt, and headed for the exit. She stopped suddenly, bare toes curling in the sand. 
Four rows up… Just in the middle. 
A finger suddenly raised, pointing to the exact spot where she knew the straggler sat. 
“I can hear you, stranger. You’d ought to leave now.” She said firmly, her head still lowered. 

Medieval Norway by RobertCross1 (off and on) After the Vikings, but long before anyone thought to ask “What does the fox say?”, Norway gave us stave churches.

This is the Borgund stave church, in the west-central Norwegian county of Sogn og Fjordane. It is a medieval wooden church built sometime between 1180 and 1250 AD, with later additions and restorations. Its walls are formed by vertical wooden boards, or staves, hence the name “stave church”. The four corner posts were connected to one another by ground sills, resting on a stone foundation. This is one of the best preserved of Norway’s 28 remaining stave churches. Of these, I have visited six so far. The craftsmanship, beauty, and durability of these structures is remarkable, especially considering that they are made of wood, and that they are upwards of 800 years old.

Thanks so much for your continued visits, comments, favorites, and gallery adds since my return – they are all very much appreciated! http://flic.kr/p/h3VMqi