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FicRequest: Take Me Away

FicRequest: Take Me Away
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader
Word Count: 1141
For the ever-lovely @southernbellestatues, Thank you so much for an amazing request!
Warnings: fluff, mentions of abuse, nerdy book love
A/N: I hope you like this one! It kinda hit me close to home.

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A self-proclaimed nerd, books have been a part of your life ever since you can remember. More so than movies, books were able to transport you out of a bad home life into any world you chose to pick up that day. Entering Starfleet was more of an escape from home than an active decision to explore space. Anyplace where your family weren’t screaming at each other or hitting you had to be a better place. Getting assigned to the Enterprise was shear luck. True, you were very good at you job, but you doubted that you were “Enterprise good”. Little did you know, Dr. Leonard McCoy hand picks his nurses.

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Ok please continue the flashback fic....I can't deal with Robin crying alone in the bathroom.

She’s not sure how long it’s been since Robin had fled from their bed, cannot quite say at what time it is that he stops sleeping and either succumbs to sleep or the silence of the morning but she finds herself uncaring of time having sat with her back against the wooden barrier between them, whispering comforting words that she isn’t even sure he’d heard over his hacking sobs. Time means nothing.

The door opens this time when she tries, no longer held shut by the weight of him for he now lies curled beside the bathtub with a face still streaked with tears and hiccups interrupting his deep breaths every now and then like a heart aching staccato beat that doesn’t quite fit the soft cadence of sleep. He looks so vulnerable and childlike in his position that she can’t bear to move him and especially not if he turns her away upon waking.

The worst of it is over now. In terms of injury, at least. She’d healed reddened skin before it’d been able to bruise as soon as lucid thought had flowed through her mind once more like oxygen through her lungs.

Still, she knows this isn’t something that can be fixed with mere apologies and reassurances. It’s something they’re going to have to work through. Together.

It isn’t particularly cold in the bathroom - nor was it particularly warm - but still, she moves silently back into the bedroom to scoop up the blanket that lays crumpled at the foot of the bed before she returns to the bathroom and quietly shuts the door behind her - if the boys wake before her, the chances of them stepping into the bathroom to find them is rather slim.

There’s barely any light but she manages to navigate her way across the room without stepping on any part of him, drapes the end of the blanket at his feet and slips it over both of their bodies as she lowers herself down beside him.

She needs him to know that she’s not scared of him, that she loves him and will accept him for every single part of him no matter how broken for her pieces are just like his.

His arm is heavy and comforting when she drapes it over her waist and lays her head upon his bicep, shuffling closer to him until she’s able to twine their legs and slip her own arm over his side.

She’s not going to let him run away from her just as, at one time, he wouldn’t allow her to. They had each other now - scars and all.

Prompt: “I just need to be alone right now”

Subject: Kakashi thinks his wife is dead on a mission but she ainttttt

Rating: T

Pairing: Kakashi x kidnapped!reader

* * * * * * * * * *  

A loud noise startled you awake.

When you opened your eyes you found your hands and feet were bound together with chakra rope, a piece of fabric shoved between your lips. Your eyes widened as you looked over to see a middle-aged shinobi standing before you, his fist resting against the wall next to your head.

At his collarbone rested an old Leaf village shinobi headband, a line sketched in straight across the emblem. You immediately noticed his hair which was a light shade of blonde that fell to his shoulders. His glittering blue eyes pierced right through you as memories of the battle against this man came flooding back to you.

You struggled against your bindings, your angry words coming in muffled undertones behind the fabric that was shoved in your mouth.

“Silly girl,” the man spoke huskily, “do you really think you can get away? These chakra ropes are as tight as steel. You’re not getting away until these ropes are finished draining you of your chakra-and then when your pulse is just about to flitter off, I’ll be able to inject you - and use you as my puppet.”

Your eyes were quivering under the harsh light the man was shining down on you. You yelled against your mouth restraints, listening to him chuckle. He leaned over, ripping the piece of fabric out of your mouth.

“You have something to say?” He smiled, his rotted teeth making your spine shiver.

“You think you’re so smart,” you spat at him, your lips curling in a sneer, “I am a Leaf Village shinobi and wife of the Copy Ninja. Do you think-”

“Let me show you something, little girl,” the man cooed, placing his palm on your forehead.

Suddenly, you were looking in on the Hokage’s office. Lady Tsunade stood up from behind her desk, her lips pursed in a painful grimace.

“Kakashi,” she began, her eyes avoiding one of her best shinobi’s as he stood before her. “I have some bad news from one of our teams.”

“Hm?” Kakashi looked up, his single eyebrow cocking up in wonder.

“It seems Team [y/n] ran into some trouble,” her eyes met his. “You’re wife- she didn’t make it.”

Kakashi was silent for a moment, taking in what the Hokage just said. He tilted his head forward, and you could almost feel his pulse quicken.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I understand what you mean, m’lady,” Kakashi said, trying to keep his composure.

Lady Tsunade chewed her lip, frowning. “Her teammates said there was a fluke in her wood style Jutsu and the enemies Jutsu took advantage. He mirrored her Jutsu, and - … it-…  impaled her.”

“That’s impossible,” Kakashi smiled softly, his single eye quivering. “My wife’s woodstyle Jutsu is the best in the land, right next to her brother, Yamato’s.”

“I’m sorry,” Lady Tsunade lowered her chin. “But even the best shinobi’s have their weak moments. So please, listen to what I am saying.”

“And her teammates?” Kakashi inquired, his facial features twitching as he began to lose his normally cool composure. “What became of them? And her body?”

Lady Tsunade shook her head, “they did not return her body. They said she had been so badly impaled that they couldn’t remove her from the wood without having a wood style user present.”

Kakashi shook his head, swallowing hard, “This- this- … I-… I need to be alone right now. I’m sorry, m’lady.”

Lady Tsunade called out to him, but he had already left her office, slamming the door behind him.

“No!” You forced your eyes open, meeting the steely gaze of the man above you. “That’s impossible. My teammates would never lie like that! They would never fake my death!”

The man chuckled, removing his hand from your forehead. “My dear child, there is such a thing as a genjutsu. I captured you and knocked you out when they were too busy weeping over your dead body in their minds.”

You spat in the man’s face, disgusted. He grimaced, wiping your saliva from his cheek.

A moment later, your body was rapidly deteriorating from the chakra ropes- stealing your chakra.

* * * *

You were dreaming. Or at least, it seems as though you were.

You were watching Kakashi in your apartment. His feet paced across the hardwood floors, hands gripped in fists enough to leave marks in his palms. He shook his head, sitting down at the kitchen table before taking his headband off and pulling down his mask. He placed his head in his hands, his chin finally quivering. He slammed his fist against the wooden table, whispering to himself about losing another one- another one he couldn’t save.

He put his forehead on the table, droplets of tears falling onto the wood as he ran his fingers through his silver hair. His breathing came in ragged breaths as he clenched his teeth in anguish. Finally, he stood up, replacing his mask as he walked into your shared office. Hastily, he wiped his face of any tears before opening your desk drawer, shuffling through papers. Finally, he found the piece of paper he seemed to be looking for. You watched his mismatched eyes skim over the words before replacing his headband, shoving the paper in his pocket and heading out the door.

* * * *

Something startled you awake again, but this time, there wasn’t a fist centimeters from your head like there had been before. You lifted you gaze, your vision blurry and your mind hazy. Your body felt like cement. You squinted, trying to make out the scene before you.

You could see white and yellow blurs as you felt your eyes closing again, the exhaustion overtaking you. Your ears picked up grunting, as well as the sounds of men yelling Justus. Your mind didn’t register what was happening as you fell in and out of consciousness.

* * * *

Your eyes fluttered open. Your vision was rather blurry as it tried to adjust to the bright light of the room. You swallowed, your limbs feeling like cinder blocks as you tried to remember where you were. Behind you was a loud beeping noise that was in rhythm with your heartbeat and you listened to it escalate as you became more anxious about your surroundings.

“Where am I?” you whispered to ceiling, your mouth feeling like a desert with each word.

You sat up, your arms shaking under the weight of your body as your blurry vision landed on your husband, sitting sound asleep in a chair next to you. His head was tilted back, his Adam’s apple prominent behind his masked face. In his hand laid one if his favorite novels, Make-Out Paradise, which you allowed him to continue reading despite its nature. Behind the fabric that covered his face you could see his lips were slightly parted, a soft snore coming from his throat.

You gazed at him, your eyes traveling over his relaxed body. His Jounin vest was hastily unbuttoned, his undershirt wrinkled more than usual.

“Kakashi-” you managed, trying to reach him. Suddenly everything came flooding back to you, the man with the icy blue eyes, the genjutsu he put your teammates in, him draining your chakra and now you realized what had happened in the end- Kakashi had saved you.

On the nightstand next to you was your necklace you wore beneath your armor and you picked it up, fingering your wedding band thoughtfully.

A moment later, Kakashi lifted his head, his single displayed eye somehow looking more tired than normal. He looked over at you, yawning. Finally, he smiled, realizing you were awake.

“Good morning,” he spoke quietly, smiling.

“You came after me after Lady Tsunade told you I was dead,” you said abruptly.

Kakashi nodded, putting his book down on the nightstand next to you. He pulled his mask down, a sight even you hadn’t seen very often and planted his lips on your forehead. When he leaned himself over your hospital bed, his chain with his own wedding band came out from under his shirt, lingering in the air between the two of you. Slowly, he retreated back to his seat, happy.

“Why?” you asked, still amazed. He cocked his eyebrow at your question. “I mean- how? How did you know?”

Kakashi smiled again, “you and I- we’re connected through more than just a wedding band. I knew you weren’t dead. After Lady Tsunade told me, my mind ceased functioning for a little while, but after when I thought about it, it didn’t make sense. Why would they leave you behind? Even if your body was ‘impaled by your wood style’, there is no way they wouldn’t be able to reverse it. The story just didn’t add up.”

You nodded your head, still feeling fogged.

“They said you should be feeling back to normal by tomorrow. I would imagine you must be feeling rather groggy right now and-”

“What about the man?” You interrupted him, meeting his gaze.

“He is dead,” Kakashi said firmly. A few beats of silence passed between the two of you. You let a smile grace your lips, watching him watch you. He smiled in return, his little beauty mark on his chin creasing with his grin.

“Thank you,” you said, holding out your hand.

“I love you,” he returned quietly, taking your fingers in his grip. His calloused thumb grazed over your knuckles. “And thank you for not dying,”

You chuckled, “thank you for saving me.”

Kakashi smiled, his lips showing signs of past regret and loss. You leaned in, wrapping your arms around his neck. His tense muscles relaxed, and he held you back. He held you close, wrapping his arms around you and squeezing you in a way that took your breath away. Somehow, you didn’t mind.

“I love you, Kakashi,” you whispered in his ear. “And don’t you ever forget that.”

The Date (Part 2 of The Concert)

Characters: Rockstar!Jensen Ackles, Reader

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word count: 954

Warnings: Foul language

A/N: Part 2 of The Concert a Rock Star!Jensen Ackles AU.

Unbeta’d so, every single mistake you’d see belongs to me and I’m super sorry about that. 

The Concert Masterpost

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2) The Date

His green eyes meet yours and you smile awkwardly shrugging a bit and then your take another sip of your beer.

“And can I get a selfie, please!?” One of the girls standing by your booth begs, Jensen smiles and complies taking the girl’s phone. He winks at you and your stomach flutters.

You watch him and notice how just before the pic snaps he turns his face to the side and kiss the girl on the cheek and she shrieks.

‘Oh my god. Am I like this? I have to say is kinda pathetic.’

You admit to yourself as the young fan start crying because of the kiss. Jensen hugs her one last time and her friends have to practically drag her away from the table.

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Things you can do on a pool table.

Yay for smut because I haven´t written smut in a very long time. Also I haven´t updated my Masterlist in a very long time which means it´s going to be a bitch to upload it later… 
Shame on me.
But anyways, here you go with a smutty request! (I´m doing a lot of requests right now because I really have a lot of them, like a lot. So if yours takes some time, please don´t worry.

Imagine having Sex with Dean on a pool table in a bar!

Request:  Could you do one where you’re a bar tender wearing a tight black dress and Dean tries to swoon you by teaching you pool but you hustle him and you’re incredible and then probably fuck on the pool table pls and thanks

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, oral sex, sex on a pool table

Length: 1484 Words

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You leaned against the bar, sipping your whiskey and letting your eyes roam around the room.
It was one of those nights, where you really wanted to hustle someone and it seemed like today was going to be your lucky day because there was one especially handsome stranger that had been looking at you for quite some time now and was exactly the kind of guy you were looking for.

He was over at the pool table, playing with a really tall guy and kept winking at you.
And even though you were really just looking for a way to make some money, it really made you feel kinda giddy to see him bend over the pool table the way he did.
Right now, he finished the game and then whispered something into his companion´s ear and pointed at you in a way that he probably thought was subtle.
You rolled your eyes.
Men were so obvious.
But then again this moment was the one you had been waiting for the whole night and when the other guy was finally out of the picture, you slowly made your way over towards the pool table:
“I´ve noticed you´ve noticed me”, you stated matter-of-factly, because you weren´t the type for hours and hours of just flirting and dancing around each other.
He grinned: “I did. It was hard not to, you are the most beautiful girl in this entire bar.”
You had to stop yourself from rolling your eyes but couldn´t help a smile either.
The guy was real charming in his own, cheesy way.
“I´m Dean by the way”, he said and stretched out his hand.
You took it and shook it lightly, making sure your hand lingered long enough for the moment to be intense: “(Y/N).”
Not really sure why you told him your real name, you let go of his hand and leaned against the pool table: “I saw that you were good at pool?”, you asked him casually, trying to still play along with your plan.
He raised an eyebrow at you: “Are you any good?”
You looked at him with wide eyes: “Me? No, not at all. I once tried to play but I ended up holding the stick-thingy the other way around than it was supposed to be.”
He laughed: “I bet you´re exaggerating, nobody´s that bad.”
“I am”, you said, your eyes focused on his really intense green ones and you kinda had the feeling that he already knew that you were playing a game.
“Show me!”, he said and you laughed again before you grabbed the cue and made a poor attempt at hitting the only ball that was still left on the table.
“Wow, you are bad”, Dean stated and you grinned to yourself while you were still facing the other way around.
But before you could get back up and turn to him again, he was pressed up behind you, his crotch pressing against your ass in the most erotic yet platonic way, if that made any sense at all.
“I´ll teach you”, he offered and quickly wrapped his hands around he stick over yours.

All of a sudden you felt very hot and pretty turned on.
This was going in a direction you hadn´t planned it to.
“Maybe that´s a good idea”, you said and gulped.

Two hours later it was past three in the morning and you and Dean were the only people left in the bar.

You had no idea how he actually managed it, but Dean had persuaded the bar tender to leave him the keys and allow you two to stay.
Dean had taught you pool all night long and you had pretended to be learning.
And then you had asked him to play a game for some money.

You were almost scared that you had laid it on too thick and that he would turn you down but he had laughed and put a 100 dollar bill on the side of the table.
Right now you placed your last ball into the pocket and raised your hands up in the air: “I win.”
He stood there, arms crossed above his chest, eyebrows risen: “I knew you were going to try to hustle me, but it´s still impressive.”
You grinned, not really caring about the stupid con anymore anyways: “Really? How did you know?”
He made his way over to you and trapped you between him and the table: “Because usually I´m the one hustling people.”
You inhaled his wooden scent and whispered: “I should have known. You look like a bad boy.”
“And I now know for sure that you´re a bad girl”, he gave back and you didn´t know what else to do than kiss him.
It felt like all the sexual tension that had been building for over four hours now, was finally released, all into this one kiss and it was pretty intense.
You moaned into the kiss and he grabbed your waist to put you on top of the pool table.
While he dug his fingers into your jeans covered hips, you didn´t know where to touch him first, your hands ran over his back, stroked trough his hair, pulled at his shirt, seemingly all at once.
You needed him, like really needed Dean.
Not just the sex, him.
“Do you have…”, you started and he pulled out a condom from somewhere ins his jeans.
“I´ll never go into the battle unarmed”, he joked and you sighed: “Just do me already, alright?”
After that it escalated quickly.
You pulled his shirt over his head, he pushed up your skirt until it was sitting around your waist.
It was all very primal which made it even more exciting.
With a wink, he knelt to the ground, pulled down your thong and started going down on you in the most amazing way possible.
You usually weren´t even that into oral stuff, but him working magic on you with his tongue was amazing.
He groaned as you grabbed his hair to direct him where you needed him.
The orgasm that hit you was, (even though you shouted his name and took real pleasure out of the way he pulled trough til the very end), surprisingly unsatisfying, letting you know that you needed more, much more.

“Come here”, you said and he got back up, kissing you again, making you taste yourself on him which usually would have grossed you out but was somehow hot with Dean.
You could see that his blue jeans were really tight by now and you decided to finally free him by unbuttoning his pants and pushing them down to his knees.
“You´re extremely lucky, I usually don´t let girls who try to trick me cum so early. I usually make them beg”, he stated and you felt new arousal floating trough your body.
“Sounds hot”, you gave back and bit your lip while he grinned and put on the condom in one swift motion that showed he was skilled.
You didn´t care, you just needed him to fuck you already.
Which he did.
Slow and excruciating.
He really meant it about making a girl beg.
“Dean please, harder”, you pleaded and saw at his grin that he was taking pleasure out of it, which turned you on even more if that was humanly possible.

“You sure?”, he asked and you nodded while you urged him on by grabbing his hips and pulling him towards you.
“Course I´m sure”, you mumbled and he chuckled before starting to thrust into you harder.
And it felt like heaven.
“Yeah, like that, exactly like that”, you chanted and he groaned deliciously when you clenched down around him.

Your orgasm came quickly then and this time it was mind-blowing and perfect.
He came to then, heavily but slowly thrusting at that point, you supporting most of his weight.
When it was over, he pulled out of you and you watched as he tossed away the condom and pulled his pants back up.
Realizing that your skirt was still up, you slid down from the table and pushed it back down, feeling well-fucked and satisfied.
Dean bent down and picked up your lace thong: “Here, I guess that belongs to you.”
You grinned and shook your head: “Keep it.”

There was silence after that and it seemed like it was all over, like it was done, like there was nothing left to say.
Eventually you picked up your purse from a near chair: “It was nice to meet you Dean, very nice.”
You then turned around to leave, feeling a little sad all of a sudden, like there was supposed to be something more.
“Hey!”, he called and you turned around again: “What?”
“I like you. Wanna get coffee some times?”
You grinned: “Only if you pay.”
He grinned back: “Wouldn´t wanna have it any other way.”



I am an idiot and accidentally replied to the ask prompting this privately? I’ve been working way too much lately.

@unseeliequeens requested from this intimacy meme #18, 19 or 20. (Trying to have kids, pregnant sex and talking about having children.) I think I’ve covered 19 and 20 here.

NSFW. Read on A03 here.

She wakes to sunlight spilling into the darkness of the aravel as the door swings open on its hinges, to the sudden rush of birdsong from outside and the patter of small feet running down the wooden steps.

She has to throw an arm over her eyes to block out the light—the door sways in the early morning breeze, but does not close, and though she’s still only half-awake she remembers that she can’t roll over onto her front. She inhales, and it starts as a sigh of exasperation. But then she smells the tang of ocean air, the sweetness of cedar and fir—and, more importantly, the musk of the man beside her.

He smells like a hard day’s work, like yesterday’s rain, like the smoke from their campfire he told stories around late into the night. Much later than usual for the children, she thinks, but their visits with clan Lavellan are rare and short besides, so their parents indulged them this novelty. Not that it matters particularly, seeing as she can hear the slamming of wooden aravel doors, bright laughter and excited chatter on the air as warm as the breeze is cold. Up precisely as early as usual, chasing the last drops of dew from the leaves.

She presses closer to the warmth beside her, and Solas curls around her protectively, burying his face in her neck. His breath is hot but his hands are cold, even as they slide under the layers of furs protecting them, under the loose shirt she’s stolen from him, and then over her swollen belly.

Oh, she thinks, remembering. She almost laughs—a silly thing to forget, being bloated with child. Almost instantly she feels a flutter, a kick, movement under her skin that isn’t hers, and as one she and Solas inhale and hold their breaths.

She feels his eyelashes on the skin of her throat as his eyes snap open. He presses his hand flat on her stomach, and he does not even breathe, still and rigid against her back as stone.

She waits with him, her heart not even daring to beat although she can feel his racing against her skin. Even the breeze coming in through the door seems to pause, the sounds outside seem to slip away.

The child kicks again, stronger.

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Pray You Catch Me

A/N: It’s another song fic! The song: Pray You Catch Me by Beyonce. Lol and as you can tell, I couldn’t think of a different title other than the title of the song that was requested. I’m smart, I’m original. Just hopefully you like this fic, feedback is much appreciated but not demanded.

Pairing: Natasha/Reader

Warnings: Angst?

Word Count: 1,617

The request: HI! My name’s Iridana and was just wondering if you could write along to a song like northern downpour, impossible year, or pray to catch me with black widow, wanda, daredevil, or like spidey. Thanks if you consider it! Love you! :)

Tagging people who might enjoy this: @shamvictoria11 @tjhammomd @trustin-me @writingruna @bovaria @capsbuchanan @jarnesbrnes @mangosoldier @yourbuddyyourpalyourbucky @imagine-assembling-the-avengers

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You can taste the dishonesty, it’s all over your breath

As you pass it off so cavalier,but even that’s a test

Constantly aware of it all, my lovely ear

Pressed against the walls of your world

“I love you,” the words once bringing you to your knees. The words that had your heart soaring and warmth spreading through your veins like wildfire.

But now the words only brought pain, that had your heart clenching and tears fighting to escape until she left and they flowed down your cheeks like heavy rain.

“I’m going out,” Natasha’s silky voice called from down the hall before she appeared into view. Her hair was curled, and the dress she wore hugged her in all the right places. She was breathtaking, and usually your heart would stutter at the sight- but now it didn’t.

“Oh?” you tried to keep your voice light and airy, hiding all the raw emotion that was trying to break free.

She grabbed her purse, and slipped on her heels. Her movements rushed as if she was trying to run away as fast as she could from you. “Yeah. Don’t wait up.”

“I love you,” the words came out of your mouth in a rush. And you and her both knew it wasn’t filled with the emotion it should have been. You were saying it in hopes she would stay.

She hesitated at the door, looking down for a second. “I love you too,” and then she slipped outside. The door coming to a soft close but it echoed in your ears as a harsh slam as a sudden loneliness swept over you.

The “I love you’s” stopped being meaningful months ago, and you never understood why you bothered to continue saying it when you knew she didn’t mean it anymore.

But maybe it was because you were still hoping one day, those words would change and live like they used to when they were exchanged between you two.

Pray to catch you whispering

I pray you catch me listening

I’m praying to catch you whispering

I pray you catch me

You wake up alone.

The thin bed sheets doing nothing to keep you warm from the cold outside. Your eyes flicker to the window to your right to see it was still dark before moving to the clock. You read 2:15 am and you didn’t want to get up.

But you still swung your legs from underneath the sheets and rolled out of the bed.

Your feet padded softly across the wooden floors and the whispers grew louder with every step you took.

“Mmm, yeah.” Natasha sounded happy and dreamy like as she spoke out loud. Your head peeked from around the corner to see she was curled up on the couch, a blanket wrapped around her body as a phone was pressed to your ear.

Her laugh brought you back up to her face and you felt your heart stutter before a pain was felt.

“Yeah, I had fun last night. We should do it again.” Her smile was bright and her eyes shined, and you wanted to feel so happy for her. And you wanted to feel so mad at her. But all you felt was a numbed pain as you continued to watch her speak into the phone.

“So are you asking me out again?” Her amused smile did nothing to make you feel better about her words. There was a moment of silence before another soft and sultry laugh omitted from her lips as she threw her head back before huddling closer as she continued to talk into the phone.

You couldn’t stand there any longer. You took a step backwards before cringing when a loud creak sounded from the weight you put on the floorboards. Then silence. A silence so deafening even though there was nothing to be heard. You heard Natasha shift on the couch before speaking.

“Hang on, one second.” And that’s all you heard before you bolted back into the bedroom.

I’m praying to catch you whispering

I pray you catch me listening

I pray you catch me

Your eyes were squeezed shut, and your back faced the doorway. Your heart was racing so hard but you kept your breathing normal.

Then the door slowly creaked open. It took a lot for you to not tense.

“Y/N?” Natasha called but you kept still. There was a moment of silence, and you could feel her eyes on you. You then shifted onto your stomach, still facing away from her, and then continued to lay still.

There was another moment of silence before you heard her let go of the doorknob. “Oh, uh, it was nothing. I just thought Y/N was awake for a second.” Natasha said into the phone and you heard her turn before the sound of the bedroom door closing sounded.

You laid still for a moment. Your eyes still shut, before opening them slowly and letting out a breath as you sat up.

But as quickly as you did it, sadness consumed you and a choked sob silently escaped from your lips. You hugged your knees closer to you, and the tears welled up in your eyes before rolling down your cheeks. Your heart ached but that wasn’t the worst part…the worst part was that you weren’t surprised.

Nothing else ever seems to hurt like the smile on your face

When it’s only in my memory, it don’t hit me quite the same

Maybe its a cause for concern, but I’m not at ease

Keeping my head to the curb

Ever since that night, it didn’t feel the same.

If you were honest with yourself, it actually hasn’t felt the same in a long time…but since that night it made it real. It made your paranoia real. It made all the bottled up emotions real. And you felt like a fool.

“Y/N?” Wanda’s voice drifted into your ears. Her voice was as sweet as honey, but you could hear the worry laced within. You blinked down at your hands for a second before looking up to meet her gaze.

“Yeah?” You asked softly and her gaze softened. She wanted to hug you right then and there but she knew that would look weird with how everyone was currently sitting around the dining table for breakfast.

“Y/N,” She didn’t know what to say so she just repeated your name as she saw the memories play through your head.

You quickly looked away, and regretted that decision when you saw Natasha in the kitchen. She was leaning against the kitchen counter, twirling the spoon in her coffee mug. Her eyes flickered up, but not towards you.

Bucky was sitting at the bar with Sam and Steve. The boys were talking about something, but Bucky was silent. His eyes met Natasha and he couldn’t stop the smile that curved on his lips. He took a sip from his mug before looking away, still smiling.

Natasha looked down at her own mug, smiling.

“Y/N,” Wanda said your name again and you tore your eyes away and to her. A frown was on her lips and you felt tears well up in your eyes but you quickly blinked them away even though Wanda saw everything.

“What?” You asked and looked down at your uneaten food. Her hand rested gently on your arm and you looked up again, giving her a fake smile. “What?” You smiled and her frown deepened. “I’m fine.” You lied.

Pray to catch you whispering

I pray you catch me listening

I pray to catch you whispering

I pray you catch me

I pray you catch me

I pray you catch me

I’m praying you catch me

The music was too loud, like roaring waves crashing against the sand. But at the same time, it didn’t feel loud enough as you stood in a corner by yourself.

You shouldn’t be here. You didn’t know why you were here.

Tony’s party was in full swing, and you used to have fun at these events. But then again, you use to have fun with Natasha at these things. Your finger slowly traced the rim of your glass and your eyes moved over the crowd in search of the red head.

She was behind the bar. Serving people drinks with a smile, a smile that you couldn’t receive no longer. Your heart hurt at the thought and you frowned as you tried to get the thoughts out of your head. Tried to ignore the reality on which was right in front of you. Figuratively and actually.

Bucky came to view then.

He patted Steve’s back before moving through the crowd. His eyes focused on Natasha. And you weren’t the only one to notice, since Natasha met his eyes and her lips curved into a bigger smile.

He leaned against the counter, his lips moving, and his charming smile dancing on his face. She let out a small laugh, shaking her head before serving him a drink. You thought, hopefully, she would then focus on the other customer but no, she instead leaned closer on the bar counter. Leaning closer to Bucky as they continued to talk.

You shifted your gaze elsewhere, the pain ever lasting with that scene embedded in your head now. Your eyes now met Wanda’s, who was already looking at you with sorrow.

You sighed, finishing your drink before turning around and leaving.

What are you doin’ my love?

“Y/N?” Natasha voice was laced with confusion. Her smile slowly diminishing from view. “What are you doin’ my love?” My love? She hadn’t called you a pet name in a long time and you let out a scoff. A dry laugh omitting from your lips.

“I could ask you the same thing, but I already know.” Her smile was now completely gone, and her hands fell to her sides as a look of realization dawned on her but she asked anyway.

“What do you mean?” Her question made you sigh and you gave her a tired smile.

“It’s okay.” It wasn’t but there was nothing left to say. “I’m leaving, so don’t worry.” And then you clutched your bags tighter in your hands and brushed past her. Your last bit of hope disappearing when she didn’t stop you.

And you kept your composure all the way until the taxi left down the road with you inside. You didn’t look up to see if she was looking down, instead you let the tears run free and your eyes close as you leaned your head back, letting out a shaky breath as your heart clenched in pain once more.

What Are You?

lilekie said:

Hi:) could I have a one-shot with Samandriel where you rescued him from Crowley and you can heal him so you do(you’re not an angel)and you pass out for a while and when you wake up he fights with you because he thought you were gone cuz he loves you?

Yep! Never wrote Samandriel before! Hope this came out alright I’m hardly awake right now…

Warnings: Torture/description, Cursing


“I’m gonna kill that son of a bitch!” you yelled, angrily getting together your hunters gear. Samandriel was taken and you just knew it was Crowley who took him. 

“Sam! Dean!” you yell across the room, and they both ran in alarmed, guns up. 

“What?” Sam yells, and you angrily cross your arms and begin saying “You have to help me. Give me the demon knife” you showed Sam your palm so he’d give you the knife. Dean just exhaled, “What’s happened this time?” he asked and sat down on the nearest furniture piece, this time it was the kitchen counter. 

“Samandriel?” you said then began getting louder, “Crowley took another damn angel and I’m tired of it! I’m gonna save him if it’s the last thing I do, then send Crowley back to wherever he came from” you said, tucking a gun into the back of your jeans. 

“Shit” Dean said, “I thought he said he wouldn’t…” he trailed off, and his eyes were ready to fight. Sam said “I’ll come with you” and followed you out the door. Dean stayed behind in attempt to reach Castiel for help, apparently they have a “profound bond” Dean said. 

Within minutes you and Sam were speeding past the limit in the old but beautiful Impala. The whole drive was quiet for the most part, both you and Sam lost in your thoughts. Your feelings for Samandriel were…well even you didn’t know what you felt for sure. But you knew you had to save him, there was a connection.

Sam and Dean were oblivious to your liking, until maybe now. The last time you were like this was for your family, and you love them. Now your acting the same way about saving Samandriel, and it was a wonder as to how the boys didn’t notice. 

Sam spoke up first, “You sure Crowley has him?”

“Yes.” you answered, still thinking. 

“You like him” Sam said, and boy that got your attention. You choked on your spit, “what?” you asked looking over to a smiley Sam. 

“Dean doesn’t notice Y/N, but I do. I hope we can save him” he said, and you didn’t answer, instead watched the little lights from other cars pass by as you sank down in the seat, trying to relax. 

Finally pulling up to where Sam informed you Crowley usually tortured, you shivered - not ready to face what would be inside.

“Ready?” Sam said tossing you a flashlight and you nodded. He slammed the trunk and you both ran a bit uphill in the dewy night grass until you reached a flimsy wooden door. 

Sam whispered “On three” and you both body slammed the door and watched it fall with an alarmingly loud thud. 

Sam continued forward and you were one step behind him looking for any doors or hidden rooms. “Sam!” you whispered loudly through your clenched teeth, as he turned around you pointed a door on the far left corner of the room and started towards it. 

Before you could make it a demon popped out of what seemed like nowhere, and immediately, without thought, you pounced it and stabbed the meat-suits neck. Sam looked at you wide eyed, but you continued until you could hear screaming, Samandriel’s screaming. Immediately you kicked the door open, making Sam’s jaw hang lower. 

Crowley was standing two feet away from a bloody Samandriel and you were seething at this point, making your way slowly and loudly towards Crowley, who turned around and had the nerve to smile.

“Hello, fancy seeing you here” he said and you lost it. Immediately you jumped him and pinned him against the wall, strength and adrenaline pumping through every muscle, and you haven’t pulled that much energy in a while. Sam still hasn’t moved, you could sense he was still just watching until you yelled “Sam!” and  jumped off Crowley, letting Sam follow you towards Samandriel. Meanwhile Crowley was scoffing and rolling his eyes, but he wouldn’t lay a finger on you or the Winchesters. 

“Y/N?” Samandriel hardly whispered, and you quickly nodded and said “Yeah, Yeah, hey! It’s me! Stay with me!” you began tearing up and untying the ropes digging into his wrists while whispering “Oh god, oh no, oh no” repeatedly like a chant. 

Finally you freed him and Sam helped you pick him up, Crowley just watched. Normally he’d fight you, but something scared him about you, and you liked that. So perhaps you weren’t 100% pure human, and he sensed it. He backed away, watching and studying you as you carried Samandriel to the car. You slid into the backseat with him, Sam starting the car and driving back to the motel as quick as he could. 

“Hey! Please please stay with me!” you held his head with one hand and another cupped under his chin. 

The second Sam pulled into the motel he tried helping you pick up Samandriel but you pulled out your strength and lifted him up without any struggle. Again Sam watched you in disbelief. With one leg you kicked open the motel room door, walking past a confused Dean and laid Samandriel on the couch.

“Get me ice!” you yelled to whoever was behind you, and Dean came back with ice, bandages and stitches. Sam got to work patching up his side, while you iced his arms where huge bruises were forming. Then you cleaned off his forehead of blood, all this without a word between the four of you. Eventually Dean left he room, Sam following. Apparently Cas had some news, but you didn’t care.

“Hey” Samandriel said and you smiled, “Hey”. 

“Thank you, Y/N” he said slowly, you could tell he was badly hurt.

“Stop talking please” you said, Samandriel looked so awful you needed to help him. “What I’m going to do, just, don’t interrupt alright?” you said and he nodded but didn’t understand.

You placed your hands a couple inches above his head, a yellow glow emitting from your onto his head. The blood began disappearing and the gashes were closing up, slowly you moved down his body even when he started telling you to stop. Slowly black spots formed in front of your eyes and color slipped away. You hadn’t used so much of your healing power in so long you couldn’t hold it up. 


You woke up to a frantic Samandriel, all healed, shaking you awake. “Y/N!” he said, “Please wake up!” and that’s what you did. 

“You’re better” escaped your lips as you smiled and tried siting up although you were dizzy. 

“I would say thank you Y/N. But how could you? Use your energy like that? I almost lost you!” he said, anger flowing from his voice in a way you’ve never heard, perhaps it was worry. 

“Don’t get upset over me alright? You’re all better now” you said, touching his arm where you healed a giant cut, probably one of Crowley’s knives. 

“Y/N! This isn’t a joke! Oh, I could’ve lost you, you could’ve died!” he said, loudly again. You looked up at the angel, “Stop, please stop freaking out. You know, why are you acting this way?” you said, regaining your voice. He sputtered out a fast, and accidental slip, “Because I love you.” and then his eyes went wide, “Because I love you Y/N. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. But…” he trailed off and you sat up giving him a hug.

“I love you to Samandriel” you said, and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

He smiled, then looked confused, “How did you heal me Y/N?” he asked, gaining a smile from you. “That’s for me to know, and you to find out” you said deviously and kissed him again.


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Genre: Fluff, humor (at least I tried lol)

Member: Kim Taehyung

Words: 3.6k

Anonymous requested: Hiii :) Can I have a V scenario where we are both in detention and he teases me by taking my phone and not wanting to give it back so I do anything he wants and he says to kiss him and as we do we make out and yeah.. Just been having them Tae feels so I had to request thiss ^^ Thank youuu 

(Anon I’m sooooo sorry for being this late, since this request was sent months ago OTL. Anyways here it is! I hope you like it!!)

Being one of the top students at your high school, you never got into any trouble. Good grades were important to you, so were always studying for your upcoming tests and doing your homework in the library, before heading home to eat dinner and go to bed early. Arriving late in class did not exist in your mindset, so you always arrived in class right on time, of which your teachers greatly approved, of course.

However one day, your alarm clock decided to give up its one and ONLY job because the batteries suddenly died. So you woke up late. It wouldn’t be a big deal if your little sister wouldn’t be occupying the bathroom for one goddamn hour. But unfortunately, that little punk did, so after furiously knocking on the bathroom door to get your little sister out of that damn room, you sighed deeply, sad about the fact that you were going to ruin your record of being in time.

What’s worse, is that your high school had this stupid ‘detention regulation’ whenever a student would arrive late in class. Even if you were a minute too late, you still had to go to detention.

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Paper Shield, Wooden Sword || Open Rp ||

A soft smile graced her lips, letting the wind blow through her hair. She hummed softly, her hand delicately drawing the scenery. She was in a field in front of the forest, the smell of pine drifting around her.

“I set out to rule the world… With only a paper shield and a wooden sword…” She whispered with a soft hum. She hummed the song, feeling the flower crown shift in her hair. That’s when she heard a loud snap of a twig. She turned her head to the side, staring at the new person.

anonymous asked:

hey, can you write a one shot of arya seeing gendry when she's warging through nymeria? thank you! :D x

The first time the wolf had cautiously stuck its nose out of the undergrowth and peered at the Inn, Gendry had wondered if his eyes were deceiving him. It wasn’t just a wolf. It was a huge wolf. 

He had swallowed nervously, clutching at his hammer, whilst the wolf gently growled and retreated back amongst the trees. I’m dreaming, he told himself over and over. There are no direwolves south of the Wall. He convinced himself he had hallucinated. She was always at the forefront of his mind - that’s all. That’s the only reason he was seeing wolves now. 

The wolf came back after that, almost every other day, and other people began to comment over it. Gendry could no longer pass it off as a hallucination. 

There was almost a knowing look in the wolf that stared into his very soul. She never looked in any direction other than at him. It unnerved Gendry to his core.

Every night as she lay down to sleep, Arya would close her eyes and find herself seeing through Nymeria’s. Nymeria was so close to her that it made Arya clutch at the blanket around her in desperation. She could feel the wolf’s presence, and she longed to be with her. 

I am a direwolf, and done with wooden teeth, she would whisper to herself as she lay down, seeing the world through Nymeria’s eyes. I am a DIREWOLF, and done with wooden teeth. 

Nymeria seemed to be staying in the same place. Every night, Arya saw the same trees, felt the same ground. She wondered if Nymeria ever went elsewhere during the day. But Arya couldn’t warg in the day. She had to cover as much ground as she possibly could. She was a direwolf, but in the daytime, she had to be Arya Stark

Arya had faced far worse than rain before, but that day the rain was almost horizontal, and as it hit her skin it stung. Her hands were red raw from the cold, piercing downpour. 

She lay down in the hollow of a tree, and closed her eyes, opening Nymeria’s, longing to hardly feel the touch of the deluge as it hit thick, warm fur.

It was the day the ground floor of the Inn flooded that the wolf finally came out of the undergrowth. Everybody else was inside - only Gendry, with his open doored workshop, was visible. As the wolf moved forwards, he saw hundreds of eyes staring out of the undergrowth.

Seven hells. It’s not alone, he thought to himself. 

The wolf was still staring at him with that inquisitive look that it gave him every day. It was moving towards him, that was without a doubt.

Every sense in the rational part of Gendry’s brain told him to stay. Now he could see the whole wolf, there was no doubt that this was a direwolf. But an intuitive feeling at the back of his mind made him fling down the hammer and cautiously move out towards it. 

He stood, the torrent of rain obscuring his vision and drenching his clothes, with one hand held out slightly towards the wolf. He couldn’t explain why he was doing this. He just knew, somehow, that this wolf was looking for him, only him - and it wouldn’t hurt him. 

The wolf finally reached him, and gently butted at his leg. Instinctively, Gendry knelt down and, shaking, placed one hand on the shoulder of the wolf. It didn’t bolt. It simply stared at him, and when Gendry met the eyes, he saw curiosity and, dare he say it, what almost looked like sadness and affection. He reached out his other hand to clutch at the wolf’s other shoulder - and then suddenly he felt wracking sobs passing through his body.

Having the animal of her sigil here, looking at him with the same expression he knew he bore when he thought of her, was too much. Months of repressed emotion spilled out, and he found himself clutching at the wolf, his tears adding to the tears the sky was spilling upon them both. 

“Arya,” he murmured desperately, as the wolf nuzzled at his neck. “Arya, where are you…”

Arya sat bolt upright, panting and shaking as though she was having a panic attack. When she looked ahead, she knew she was staring at the wooden inside of a hollow tree - but all that Arya could see were those blazing blue eyes, staring out beneath rain-drenched black hair.

All she could hear, in the voice she never thought she would hear again, was, “Arya… Arya where are you…” 

He’s alive, she found herself repeating in her mind. He’s alive, he’s alive, and Nymeria’s with him. Nymeria’s with him.

Even though she was now Arya, not Nymeria, Arya could feel his warm hands upon her shoulders as though she were still the wolf. It made her cheeks flare red, a smile automatically spread across her face as she pressed her shaking fingers to her mouth.

That was why Nymeria was still there. She was leading Arya back to him.

“Gendry,” Arya whispered, scrambling out of the hollow trunk. She knew where she had to go now.


He’s a Keeper

Characters: Dean, Reader and Sam

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Reader is very into Dean, her happy place is being with him. Is he into her?

Warnings: Smut, swearing and a teeny bit of angst.

A/N: This is my entry for @cici0507‘s Cheesy songs decades challenge and I was given a 70′s song You’re so vain by Carly Simon. I gotta say, after writing this fic and listening to the song about 500 times for inspiration, I love it. Leave me feedback y’all, I love it so much. So as always thank y’all for reading and that the fruits of my labour is enjoyed!! Have a great day beautiful people!

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I sleep with my head in the east. I can feel my bones stretching towards the rising sun, and when I wake I know I’ve grown a little overnight.
But there’s an overwhelming aching in my body, like I can’t handle carrying the weight of waking any more.
And I know the sky is trying to kiss me softly on my skin, but it still just sounds like hell.
And it makes me sick, this sunburn sensation, this suffering. I can’t take the taste of oxygen anymore, I just want to stop breathing. My lungs are losing their will to live, and I’m gasping my last.
And my heart is an anvil, beaten everyday by the hard hammering of self-hatred.
The tender tendrils run right through me. The heart-strings that wind through my veins are pulled tight, and hold me up like a puppet.
And the wind through my weary wooden frame, it whispers of how I could burn so easily.
I’m creaking, slowly creeping towards the flames.
I sleep with my head in the east, facing the setting sun so I can watch it fall, and I hope to disappear into the night.
—  giraffevader - Morning melodrama

Sam x Reader

Original Request:  Could you write a sam oneshot where reader gets her period but is v shy about it and doesn’t really mention and tries to not complain. Sam just puts two and two together and they do cute fluffy things together. Thank you!

Summary: Sam and reader are dating. Reader is nervous to tell Sam she’s on her period. It’s fluffy.

Warnings: Period. 

Word Count: 1650

A/N: Thank you anon for the request. I tried my best, but there’s a lot going on right now. Hope you guys like it.

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