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To Have You Again - Thranduil

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38. “Because even the sun can wish to be among the stars.”

43. “Do you think you could be happy here? With me?”

A/N: This request was also sent with another for Sauron. It will not be posted until all are done, just because I have no idea how to write it. :)

Warnings: Mentions of war

Words: 1500

My bare feet padded against the cold, wooden walkways that weaved their way through the realm of Mirkwood, the light clinking of elvish armor accompanying my soft gait as two elves, clad in golden armor, silken hair flowing behind them, led me to the throne room.

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Dance Into The Night.

Request from anon: Hey I was wondering if you could do an imagine with Bucky based on the song ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran?? Just full of fluff if you don’t mind 😊 thank you!! X

Bucky x Reader (Past)

Words: 1,568

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3 Also the lyrics used do not belong to me!

James ‘Bucky’ Barnes; the most popular guy in school, the one all girls practically threw themselves at and yet he never paid any attention to them…..not when you were in the same room as him. The two of you had been in love with each other since you had started at High School, not that either of you knew about the other’s feelings, as far as you were both concerned the other would never reciprocate the feelings you had for them. 

His best friend, Steve Rogers, however could see the way you felt for each other as clear as day….            

….and he was determined to make you both see it for yourselves.

Dance in the Town Hall Gardens….tonight!

7:30pm till curfew.

(Formal attire required)

Be there or be square!

The note had been folded up and shoved into your locker. Obviously this must have been one of those last minute things because the flyer was handwritten and seemed to have been rushed. You weren’t one to miss a dance though and so you made a note of the time that was on the paper before slipping it into one of your school books and heading off for the last of your lessons.

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A Little Bit of Magic and Miles To Go

Title: A Little Bit of Magic and Miles To Go

Pairing: Reader!human!Impala x Dean

Theme song: Wonderland by Taylor Swift, Home by Phillip Phillips, These Streets by Bastille

Request: Hiya! Can you please do a Dean X Reader where the reader is the Impala.

I love your writing! Can you write a one shot for Dean to Wonderland by Taylor Swift? She says green eyes and chesire cat smile and I just think of him lol thanks!

**Some light smut**

Your name: submit What is this?



The sun was beating down on you in the early afternoon heat when you opened your eyes for the first time.

You stretched your arms out in front of you, stopping with your fingers splayed out, and you stared at them. Your breath caught in your throat. You’d never had arms or hands to look at or stretch before. You’d never had eyes with which to stare. You’d never had breath that could catch in your throat. You stood quickly from the curb where you sat and stumbled back a few paces, feeling your too long legs nearly give from underneath you.

“Whoa. Hey, you ok?” you heard from behind you. A man with his family—a wife and two young girls—had stopped walking on the sidewalk, and he eyed you with concern.

“I’m fine,” you choked out. It seemed like the right thing to say, even if you weren’t fine at all. A learned trait or instinct, you supposed. You had a voice, though, and it worked well enough, and that was a start. The man nodded, his hand on the small of his wife’s back, and ushered his family along away from you after another long glance.

You cast your eyes around, trying to make sense of what had happened, where you were. You made a full circle and noted the boats in the harbor to your right, floating gently, tethered as they were. Folks continued to walk past you on the wooden walkway and nearby was a bench. You moved to it, trusting your legs for just a few steps before sinking down and putting your head in your hands and taking several deep breaths.

“Ok,” you said to yourself, trying to get used to the sound of your own voice. “Ok. I’ve dealt with weird things before. This is just one of them. Not a big deal…Except for everything about it.”

You drew another breath in slow and let it out. It seemed to help. Forcing yourself to sit upright, you set your chin high and waited for your heart to stop hammering in your chest, resolving to gather your bearings on the situation at hand.

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Her First Apartment Ch.5

Happy Reading ^^

Well, he didn’t say when he wanted his hoodie back. She could easily say- wait he could smell lies. Dammit. Of course she’d never have salad in her fridge.

Her mechanical pencil snapped. Pulling her attention back to the scantron, she clicked the pencil to produce more lead, shoving the dog-boy out of sight, out of mind. Bringing herself back down from the clouds to her psychology final exam.

Kagome wasn’t worried about this test. She’d done well enough so far that this was no big deal unless she somehow bombed it. It was the big biology exam tomorrow that had her worried. It was the class she was thinking she may have to retake this summer. She’d failed the first bio test and barely squeaked by with a D on the second. This final one was going to determine it all.

Inuyasha huffed. Miroku and Sango were taking their finals and studying. Kagome, though he hadn’t seen her since that day, was doing the same while he had nothing to do. He couldn’t attend lectures because they were no longer lecturing, just handing out tests. Tests he couldn’t take.

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my brother @kaijuslayer and I were talking today and we decided that Wookie Carpentry needs to be a thing

we both independently decided that because the interior of the Agent ship is all decked with REAL wood in a lot of places that makes it stand out so much against all the metal and occassionally stone, of the rest of the setting, wooden accents or furniture are probably a luxury item, so it’s like… the equivalent of a fuckin Lexus

but of course in places like Rishi or Kashyyyk where they make wooden walkways and wooden houses because there’s just so much in abundance on the planet that that’s what they have to work with

so clearly it’s more like a luxury on city planets where it’s imported from off-world

and considering that the entire surface of Kashyyyk is covered in trees bigger than fucking redwoods, we decided that carpentry and wood carvings are probably like THE artform off there

probably all sustainable and shit since they need the trees to live in and they probably take forever to grow, but trees fall down from natural causes anyway

and you can probably make a BUTTLOAD of stuff from one (1) fallen tree so they probably do like limited release items which only makes them MORE valuable

and you’d probably get poachers on Kashyyyk for trees too, not just asshole trandoshans hunting wookies for their pelts

which led to Jake somehow being aware of the fact that Harrison Ford apparently dabbles in carpentry and clearly that is an interest that Han must also possess, so he and Cheiw met when Han wanted to learn the ways of Wookie Carpentry, but Chewie got into some trouble and Han helped him get off-world and thus gave up his dream in the process, sacrificing all for friendship

The Honey House, Chapter 26

Everything and Nothing


Daryl left Rae with a map that would lead her back to Alexandria and she walked the final stretch of her journey, arriving home in the cover of darkness. She didn’t tell her people the whole truth of where she had been. Partly because she didn’t know the whole truth but mostly because she wanted more time. All she told them was not to talk to Negan’s men and not to let them inside the walls but everyone knew something wasn’t right. She could see it in the fear that began to live in their eyes and hear it in the hushed whispers that began to spread around the gardens.

Rae’s hesitation to tell Tim that Rick had been outright lying about Negan was all it took for him to believe Negan was everything he suspected and more. She thought he would say something to the others but he didn’t and for that she was grateful.

Now it was the day of Negan’s arrival, or at least the day he’d said he would arrive and Rae stood watch on the platform above the gate, worrying the wooden walkway as she paced. He’d promised her a visit in a week but that didn’t mean he would arrive on time, like all people good or bad a promise was much easier to make than it was to keep.

Tim spotted him first, “over there,” he whispered, his finger pointing to where Negan strolled through the long grass. He had Lucille on one shoulder, a shiny red gift box in his hand and he smiled when their eyes met. Rae waved, the gesture limp before she almost fell down the ladders to meet him at the gate. Her heart was pounding, fight or flight mode kicking in as she wondered if signalling for the gate to be opened was the wisest idea. It was too late. The gate cracked open and she stood on the threshold, unsure of how to hold the expression on her face as he finished the rest of his journey with a huge grin and a spring in his step.

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A new beginning | open

Thomas stoked the fire before retaking his seat in front of the small hearth and resuming his whittling. The small backroom of the shop that he dwelt in now was a far cry from the monstrosity that had been his home for the first thirty three years of his life. That old place was rotting away. No one wanted anything to do with that haunted mansion. Least of all him.

No, Thomas was quite content living alone in the humble place he now called home. A small toy shop in London square. He moved his hand across the small scar beneath his left eye. An action that he did absently whenever his mind wandered to his old life; to his sister. She was gone now. Alan and Edith had returned to New York. Or so he had heard. He knew she believed him to be dead. It had been a miracle that he had survived. He often thought about trying to contact her but he never did. What he had done was far too horrible to ever ask for forgiveness.

Thomas froze in mid motion when he heard a creak along the wooden walkway in front of his shop which was followed almost immediately by a faint knock. Whoever would come here at this hour of night? The young baronet  let out  a soft sigh before steeling himself as he slowly stood, lifting the candle from its place along the small table and moved out into the main part of the store and  toward the door. “Who is it?”

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*not my gif, credits to rightful owner*

Samurai!Tae x Reader AU

Reader POV kind of | Tae’s POV

Word Count: 2.8k

(a/n): A reminder that this is set in Japan, and I tried to avoid using Japanese terms, I’m a total nerd for the Japanese culture and all that Sengoku era stuff and definitely the samurai part (cOUGH RUroNI KEnSHIN BITCHES).

Also sorry if you are waiting for an update on Interference and Cursed, I have Interference ready and I’m in the middle of writing Cursed and another AU lmao. Also lets ignore the stupid title lmao. I really wanted to write this ‘cause that gif is so beautiful.

Big warning: this is kinda cheesy in my opinion lmao, I’m sorry if it sucks

When you first met Kim Taehyung, he was a mere boy, orphaned and living under the parental guidance of the owner of the clan you were serving. He was a boy brought to Japan from a conquest in Korea, who the high ranking general decided to take under his wing.

You, born into the status of a peasant, watched the little boy with brown hair and chocolate eyes grow up into a disciplined warrior under the teachings of who he sees as his father. Being approximately the same ages, you’re appointed to tend to the Korean boy. Despite being someone of the opposite sex, you help him wash up, dress him, and bring him his meals.

“(Y/n),” tween Taehyung says as you hurry over with a cloth and cup of water, his brown hair moist and sticking to his forehead as he fans himself with his hands. His wooden practice sword is discarded on the grassy ground, his body collapsed beside it.

“My lord,” you greet politely with a low bow before placing the cup on the raised wooden, outdoor walkway. He peels himself off the ground with that boxy smile etched on his face, clambering onto the wooden floor and sitting cross-legged before you.

A smile graces your face as you gently dab the cloth over his glistening face.

He pouts.

“Call me Taehyung!”

Similarly, teenage Kim Taehyung says the same thing as you wipe away his trickling perspiration and give him his cup of water with a bow. He eagerly chugs down the heavenly liquid, the water soothing his dry throat.

However, as he smiles at you and returns to training, this time with an actual sword, you can’t help but sit there and revel in the gorgeous being that is the boy in front of you. Under the blazing sun, his sweaty, tanned skin never looked so appealing to you. The sheen of sweat that covers his golden flesh is seemingly glittering under the sun. The sleeves of his robe are rolled up to his shoulders, showing off the muscles of his flexing biceps and triceps to your wandering eyes.

You blush, smacking your hands on your cheeks to rid yourself of such thoughts. But as you let your eyes once again fall on this growing boy, you’re adoring the strong determination that sharpens his chocolate orbs, internally screaming at the simple way he lets one hand take hold of the sword so he can use the other to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

He must feel your eyes burning into the side of his head, turning to catch yours before he sends you a boyish grin that has your heart pounding.

You’re completely taken.

You know however that your feelings for the adopted son of your clan’s leader, were highly forbidden, and would only be burdensome for Taehyung. You could only store those thoughts away, and bear with the pain of watching this boy grow up into a man that would soon be wed to another more worthy woman.

“I’m going to war soon,” Taehyung whispers years later as you help him wash up, scooping up amounts of water in a bucket and pouring over his back, “I’m going to win.”

You have no doubt he will, the young boy you watched grow up having become a fine samurai in your eyes. But there’s that dark side of your thoughts that prods at the what if - what if he gets hurt, falls in battle. You shiver at the thought, unable to picture the horrible image of the man you sincerely loved dead at the hands of the enemy.

Instead, you let yourself focus on his broad back, face flushing as you let your hands splay across the softness of his tanned flesh. You remember your younger self, not caring about the bare boy in the tub you have to wash. But the you now is conscious of his nakedness, not understanding why he hadn’t had the bright idea to get a page yet.

“If I had, then you would be lonely (Y/n),” he coos jokingly, snickering as your hands falter to cover your mouth, “Do you not like spending time with me?”

Shit, you think in embarrassment before continuing to wash his body with your head lowered in defeat, why must I speak my thoughts so carelessly?

“It’s not like that Lord Taehyung…” you start unsurely, setting the bucket in favor of a cloth that you hand to him to dry off, “But wouldn’t you be more comfortable with another man tending to your every need?”

He hands you the cloth, watching with sharp eyes as you fold it and prepare his sleeping robes, helping him into the silken white garment.

“Why would I need anyone else when I’ve already got you by my side,” he says as you tie the sides together, “There’s no one else I’d trust as much I trust you.”

“Don’t say such things my lord,” you scoff, feeling your face burn as you bow and leave his side to clean up after him. How could you hide your growing feelings for him if he says such things to you?



You look up with a frown to meet the warm chocolate eyes that gaze down curiously at you, watching as you tighten the armor around his front. His tall form is decked out in dark armor, guards that equip his arms and legs with a helmet held in his hand. Two swords are held at his belt, no doubt soon to be covered in someone else’s blood.

You can’t help but admire how incredibly charming he looks in armor and his brown hair pulled back into a top knot, a sash tied around his head to push the short strands of his bangs off his forehead. His face is blank however, no smile to be found as he watches on silently and waits for your response.

“You’ll win,” you finally say as you take the helmet from him and observe the intricate designs on the stiff material, “And you’ll come home, I’m sure of it.”

And he smiles to your surprise, that stupidly handsome boxy smile that captures your heart as he takes the helmet and fits it on his head.

You bow one last time as he leaves to rally up the army and head out for battle. That stupid smile of his is the last thing you remember until the day he arrives back atop his stead with the rest of his army following behind.

They’re all wounded and bloodied, even Taehyung as he searches through the crowd of servants that line up at the entrance of the castle to congratulate his victory. When his eyes are focused on you, the furthest away from the hoard of people, he relaxes and smiles.

“Told you we would win,” he says later on in his room as you kneel in front of him with a basin of water, a cloth, and bandages.

“I never doubted you in the first place, Lord Taehyung.”

With his armor stripped off, you peel away the robe and wince at the gashes that run along his arm and abdomen. You glance at his face before you take the cloth and dip it into the water, quietly dabbing at the blood smeared around the opening of the cut.

“Were you even worried the least bit?” he scoffs playfully, making you look up and blush at the closeness between you both.

From this distance, you’re aware of the small cut on his chin, deep enough for the scarlet fluid to secrete from the narrow wound. Your hands stop and your attention is moved to the cut, rising to run the wet cloth over his chin.

“Why would I worry?” you ask as you return to tending to the gash on his abdomen, rolling the bandage around his midriff until it’s properly dressed. “I trust in your capabilities.”

“But do you trust me?” he blurts out, halting your movements to tend to his slashed bicep.

You stare at the dried up blood that had trickled down the length of his arm when he’d gotten cut, your hands finding the power to continue working and clean up the trail of scarlet that stains his tanned skin.

“Of course I do,” you say, submerging the cloth into the water basin, the clear liquid now corrupted with tendrils of red from the blood you cleaned up, “Why?”

It’s your mistake to look up, freezing under the appearance of that smile that spreads across his face.

“No reason.”


You never wanted to have to see Taehyung hurt and bloodied again.

It isn’t until one night, a conspirator within the retainers wrecks havoc in the castle. Footsteps and yelling echoes throughout the halls as you search for Taehyung to ensure his safety. You’re so focused on looking for him that you end up in the hands of the traitor, the ice cold metal of the sword positioned at your neck with his fingers digging in your waist.

“Hurt a single hair on her and I’ll have your head in a second.”

The deep voice is familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time, it’s absolutely chilling, making you shiver. The blade at your neck presses further against your neck, the sharpness of its edge cutting into your soft flesh.

“Take a step forward and I’ll have her head,” your attacker threatens, “Or you can drop your swords and I’ll spare her in exchange for your life, my lord.”

Your eyes shoot up in an instant, widening when you see Taehyung there with his sword unsheathed and in a stance ready to fight. His eyes are far from warm, they’re dark, sharp, and swirling with emotion as he glares at the retainer. You don’t know this man. There is no sign of his signature boxy grin, the curving eye smile, the brightness that sends warmth to your universe.

You hiss, trying to helplessly jerk away from the sword that continues to bite into your skin.

“Let her go and face me like a man rather than a coward!”

And then you’re sent hurdling to the floor as the two men lunge towards one another with the intent to kill, to murder. You scramble as soon as you crash land, crawling as far away to keep from burdening Taehyung.

You watch them clash with shaking eyes, your body quivering as you wince at each clang and sharp clink of their swords colliding. Taehyung endures a few slashes at his arms and sides, the blood seeping through his robe. One final block and counter, he slices upwards then down before piercing his blade right through the chest of the traitor.

You turn away, waiting for Taehyung to finish up and soon enough approach you. You’re not expecting his clothes and skin to be splattered with scarlet, eyes frozen as they stare back at you. He’s not the boy you grew up serving.

And he stays that way until you raise a hesitant hand to swipe your thumb over the red that covers his cheeks, further smearing it. His eyes soften, mouth pulling into a meek smile as he lets his sword handle slip from his fingers in favor of sliding his hands over your cheeks. His eyes trail downward to the cut on your neck.

“He hurt you…”

You smile and nod, “He did, but I’m safe now… you’re safe…”

His smile widens and despite the image of him injured and covered in blood, the terrifying coldness that had replaced the warmth of his eyes, you fall deeper in love with this man.


Perhaps the attachment you secretly have towards Kim Taehyung was bound to come to an end at some point as he grows more older and well-known. The memories of a few nights ago replaying in your ears over and over again, reminding you of your place as a servant, someone unfit to stand by his side.

At that time you were heading over to his room to serve him dinner, glued to your spot in front of his door when you overheard the conversation inside.

“I expect you to consider the proposal from the Higuchi clan,” Taehyung’s adoptive father said, voice stern but gentle, speaking to the boy he had taken from his homeland and brought overseas to another, “A concubine, if not a wife I suppose if you see it.”

You should’ve seen it coming, but you’re more devastated than you thought you’d be when the time would come that another woman would come to stand by his side instead of you. At some point in time, Taehyung would have to find himself a proper wife, or at least a few concubines.

And yet you can’t accept the thought, having grown up watching the Korean boy grow up into the capable man he is, a dignified samurai, and a simply beautiful person that you couldn’t have.

You dread the day the daughter of Lord Higuchi arrives at the castle, her slender body clad in elegant robes and intricate accessories. Her skin is porcelain, lips blood red and full, hair long and decorated. She’s simply gorgeous, and further makes you envious as she smiles tenderly at everyone.

It’s painful, but you force yourself to serve Taehyung and his lady guest for the day, preparing them tea and lunch served in the garden.

When you pour the tea in her cup, you can’t help but look down at your attire in shame compared to her. The simple kimono and obi that is barely of any competition to her extravagant one and haori that is draped over her shoulders. Until you notice that it is not hers, that it belongs to Taehyung, and your heart sinks.

He must’ve noticed the way your expression falls, but you avoid his confused gaze and excuse yourself.

That night, after the daughter has long left, and everyone is heading off to bed, you sit out on the outdoor walkway. It’s quiet and serene, the moonlight illuminating the dark garden you’re looking over.

It’s almost soothing your breaking heart until the creak of the wooden floorboards alert you of someone and that someone takes a seat beside you.

“You’re usually in bed by now.”

You turn your head, your heart speeding up at the sight of Taehyung, his features glistening in the glow of the moonlight. His eyes are glittering, staring right at you warmly as he smiles.

“You disappeared as soon as lunch was over,” he said, tearing his eyes away from you to glance over the tea garden.

“I was busy,” you lie, looking down and wishing that he’d just go away and stop making your heart go crazy.

“I suppose…” he sighs, leaning back on his hands, “So what do you think?”

“Think of what?” you ask, half knowing what he’s implying of.

“Of Lady Higuchi,” he replies simply, never turning or looking over at you to gauge your reaction. It’s like he knows how it pains you to hear the name of his future wife, the woman that’s not you who will stand by his side.

She’ll get to love him, to hold him, to kiss him, to call him hers, everything you’ve wanted ever since you’d realized your feelings for the boy as a teenager.

“A fitting woman for you, my lord,” you answer after much thought, each word painful to even grit out, “Beautiful and polite…” Everything I cannot be, only a servant that has no right to stand by you.

“And what if I were to say that she was not the woman I only have eyes for?”

You blink. What? Was there another woman? A woman you had no knowledge of?

“The woman, my only love… She’s gorgeous, even more radiant than the ever bright sun and glittering moon, even more breathtaking than any star I’ve ever seen.”

Each word he says weighs you down, it’s torture, knowing that he’s hopelessly in love with another lucky woman.

“If only she knew…” he whispers, deep voice usually a caress to your ears, but now poison and pain as you’re about ready to yell at him that it’s enough.

“When she’s the one who’s been by my side all these years, serving me and taking care of me, being like this is not enough for my selfishness, I want to call you mine - (Y/n).”


When you look up, he’s gazing down at you, chocolate eyes warm and loving, full of adoration and kindness as he takes your hand and blesses it with a kiss on the back. Everything about the passionate flame that blazes behind his irises is sincere and you can’t help the blood that rushes to your cheeks.

“You’re lying,” you whisper, feeling your eyes well and sting with salty tears, “What a hurtful joke this is.”

“Don’t cry,” Taehyung whispers, tugging on your hand until it’s splayed over his chest, the beating of his heart fast against your palm, “I’m in love with you (y/n).”

“I’m unworthy… your father would never allow it…” you start off when clearly you wanted nothing more than to leap into his arms and return his declaration of love.

“He won’t,” he agrees, “But that doesn’t mean I won’t fight for you.”

“You’re the only one I trust, the only one I want to stand by my side forever.”

wingprincess32  asked:

Kuro-puu and Fai raising their child in Suwa. Kurogane turning out to be a really cute daddy, much to Fai's amusement.

“Oi, get back here!”

Fai looks over his shoulder, through the open door of the shrine he is kneeling in, and witnesses Kurogane grab the crawling one-year-old by the ankle and pull him back before he falls off the wooden walkway surrounding the outside of the manor.

Kurogane pulls the baby up by his ankle, easily turns him and cradles his back with his other hand without much of a thought, like it’s second nature for him to hold little babies, and Fai smiles.

“If you crawl off of one of these and get hurt, it’ll just be a headache for me,” Kurogane says pointedly to the baby cradled against his chest.

He looks up and sees Fai watching him with an amused smile on his face, and Kurogane blushes ever so slightly.

“Wh-What?” Kurogane asks, and Fai shakes his head while standing up.

“Oh, nothing, Kuro-sama,” Fai says as he steps out of the shrine, sliding the door closed behind him and then walking over to Kurogane. He tickles the little baby’s stomach with his finger, and a charming laugh bubbles from little lips. “Just admiring a cute daddy.”

The flush on Kurogane’s cheeks grows deeper red. “I’m not–He’s–I’m not cute!” He yells, and the baby laughs. “I’m just keeping him from getting hurt.”

“Yes, in a very cute way!” Fai says matter-of-factly, and he wraps his arms around Kurogane’s free arm. “Don’t fight it, Kuro-sama, it’s just natural for you to be cute. And a daddy.”

“You better not teach him to call me that,” Kurogane says, narrowing his eyes.

Fai laughs and tickles the baby’s stomach again. “Oh, but that’s all we do together!” Fai says, and the baby smiles brightly at him. “Daddy will be his first word!”

“You’re annoying, and you’re going to make him annoying, and I’m never going to get any damn peace here,” Kurogane mutters.

“Probably,” Fai said, smiling up at Kurogane. “But it doesn’t matter because you love us anyway.”

Kurogane blinks, then shuts his eyes and smiles with a small, “Heh.”

He does not argue that statement.

Spectrum - Ch 9

Chapter Index: [ 1 ] - [ 2 ] - [ 3 ] - [ 4 ] - [ 5 ] - [ 6 ] - [ 7 ] - [ 8

Alright, so I did split this chapter in half. Hence, said breakdown I was alluding to previously won’t happen in this one. But I hope you’ll find a few interesting things in here, regardless.

Chapter 9! In which there’s a lab excursion, a skeleton and a fish lady talk about identity crises, and Alphys watches something that isn’t anime.

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Worthy (Tae’s POV)

**Not my gif, gif cred**

Samurai!Tae x Reader

Reader POV kind of | Tae’s POV

word count: 4.3k (this turned out longer than expected)

A long long time ago in a galaxy far away I wrote a Samurai!Tae scenario and I think someone asked if there would be a part 2 or at least Tae’s POV so here’s Tae’s POV.It quickly grew in size larger than the orig lmaooo.

warnings: violence and death and cheesiness eck also any spelling or grammatical errors ‘cause I was desperate to finally post something lmao

Kim Taehyung had to be training for a reason, hours upon hours of nonstop swinging around a wooden stick that would soon evolve into an actual weighted sword. There had to be a drive that made him continue until his muscles screamed and begged for rest, until he felt dead under the blistering sun or frozen in the winter.

“My lord!”

Of course, he sighed blissfully to himself as he clambers onto the wooden walkway, the awning shielding him from the sun as he fans himself and waits for you to join him. The training stick is long forgotten on the grassy ground of the courtyard in favor of greeting you and the refreshments you always brought him.

“Why won’t you ever call me Taehyung?” he teases, accepting the cup of water and gulping it down eagerly.

His drive has always been there right beside him, taking care of his every need like a mother. He wanted to be able to protect you, from any harm or sadness, catching that gentle smile on your face as you watch him catch his breath. It always gave him life, numbing the pain he’d felt and even rejuvenated him to the point that he could train for another few hours if you continued to smile at him the way you did.

“It would be quite inappropriate for someone like me to call you so impolitely,” you answer, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.

He follows the movement, completely entranced by your effortless beauty before he shakes his head and hops down onto the grass of the courtyard. Retrieving his sword, he continues to practice, eventually rolling up sleeves to relieve his warmed body with air to breathe. From the corner of his eye he could see your blushing cheeks, your wandering eyes, and it forced him to work even harder, wanting to show off his capabilities. He felt lighter, completely above the clouds, swinging and slashing more fluidly with ease.

He wanted to protect you, and maybe along the way he might’ve thought that it was merely just that, that since you were someone he grew up with, someone he saw important in his life, he felt the need to keep you safe. But then as the years run by, he can’t help but notice the change, the warm look in your eyes, the way you keep growing more and more beautiful. He figured that he was infatuated with you, the cliche falling for your servant.

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Make A Promise

AN: For sheakia-solo bby’s birthday!  Sorry it’s a little late, but I had family over and stuff and I tried to make it good.  :)  It is so fluffy that I should be ashamed of myself but I HOPE YOU LIKE IT AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND HERE IS A TKOF NALU ONESHOT FOR YOU!!  Also found on ff here.  :)

Summary: In which Natsu is suspiciuosly much more nervous for a “job” than usual…

“I can barely focus on this,” Lucy muttered, impatiently pushing her bangs back as she tapped her pencil against her temple.  Roughly, she flipped a page in her textbook.  Of course, she needed to be able to focus on this; she needed more information for her senior thesis.  Finish this, a few hellish exams, and she was home free with that degree and a nice job at Fairy Tail right out of college.  

Beside her, cross-legged on her striped bed, Natsu put down his laptop, beginning to twirl fire within his bare hands.  “Why’s that?”

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Part Two of Badass!Reader            Request: Could I have a part 2 to the Bad ass!Reader x Dean fic, the one where she has all the tattoos. Maybe Dean and Sam invite her to become partners and she does and her and Dean get together and fluff please

Word Count: 4668

Pairings: Dean X Reader

Warnings: Minor swearing

A/N: I know I only updated yesterday, but before that I haven’t updated in a while, but I actually had a good writing day today, probably because it was this or my course work, three cheers for procrastination!, so anyway, I hope you enjoy this, and I will be writing a part three as I can mash up a few requests as well as something I thought up while writing this part, so keep an eye out for that! Thank you! :)

Part One for anyone who hasn’t read it and would like to :)


Life on the road with the Winchesters was never boring, you had to admit that. Even as you found yourself walking around the dark park in the middle of the night, playing bait, while Sam and Dean hid in the bushes, waiting for something to attack you.

You had your gun with you, but no other weapons as you weren’t wearing enough to conceal them properly, and this was your last shot to lure the werewolf out of hiding.

It had already attacked and killed five women in the park, and you knew that it would be hunting again tonight. It picked off women who were alone, and seemingly helpless, so that was the part you had to play.

You knew the time was right, so you strayed from the path you had been walking down, making it seem like you were taking a shortcut and therefore, making you into a nice new victim.

You’d only gone about 100 meters off the path when your phone rang, startling you in the silence, and you laughed at yourself as you pulled it from your pocket, seeing “Princess” as the caller ID and smiling as you answered.


“Y/N, you need to run! Right now! It’s not just one, there’s three! They’re stalking you already. You need to run!”

Hearing the sound of a twig snapping behind you made you jump into action, so you ran forward, hanging up and not looking back.

Dean hadn’t been whispering on the phone, so you assumed that he and Sam were already chasing the monsters.

Quickly changing direction, and running left, you saw a dark shape blurring after you, so you put your head down and ran faster.

Suddenly the ground up ahead seemed to disappear, too fast for you to slow down or change direction, so you jumped, praying that you hadn’t just leapt to your death.

You only fell for a few seconds before you were suddenly underwater, your breath leaving you in a startled gasp as the freezing cold blackness surrounded you.

You kicked up, feeling the current dragging you down stream, and when your head broke the surface, you tried to inhale through the tightness in your chest as you swam for dry land.

As you struggled through the knee deep mud and icy water, you heard someone shout your name from behind you, so you turned around and saw the two brothers standing on the rocks you had leaped from, no monsters in sight. You figured that they had killed them already.

“You okay?” Sam yelled across the gushing water and you tried to reply, but you were shivering that much that you didn’t dare. Being quite attatched to your tongue, you didn’t really feeling like biting it off in the attempt, so you held up a shaking thumb and saw the pair of them relax a little before they began looking for a way to get down to you.

“Stay there, Y/N. We’ll come and get you!” Sam shouted through cupped hands, but like you’d told them before, you didn’t do the damsel in distress thing very well.

Besides, you’d already spotted a fallen tree that would get you to the other side of the water, and then you could climb back up to the brothers and save them the trip down to you. So you set off, noticing how they got the message and instead waited for you at the top of the rocks.

When you had made it to the top, Dean was waiting with his leather jacket held out, so you gratefully stepped into it, enjoying the few seconds that he held onto you for before he released you, but even then you were still comforted by the familure scent of him on it, and the heat that hadn’t deserted it yet.

Ever since the vamp nest and the kiss you’d shared on the park bench in the early hours of the morning after, you and Dean had been endlessly flirting with each other, and the occassional kiss had been given, but so far you weren’t exactly a couple.

You both knew why, and it was the simple fact that you were both hunters, and even though you’d been hunting together for the past two months, you hadn’t exactly agreed that it was a long term thing. Neither of you were sure what was going to happen when the long chain of hunts died down, as you’d been too busy to discuss it yet.

You pretty much assumed that you would go your own ways again, maybe cross paths occasionally, but it would go back to how it was before.

You would be alone again.

These were the thoughts that consumed you as you sat in the back of the impala, having left your baby at the motel to save on gas.

Dean could see you in the rear view mirror, and so called back to you, wondering what was troubling you.

“Hey, Y/N… You okay back there?”

You snapped out of it and smiled, meeting his emerald eyes in the mirror.

“Yeah, I’m super. Feeling really refreshed after my swim. How about you?”

Sam chuckled at your sarcasm and Dean grinned.

“Nobody told you to jump into the water…”

You laughed and playfully kicked the back of his chair.

“No. You just told me to run.. If you’d shot the things faster, I wouldn’t have had to jump. You can play bait next time, pretty boy.”

He frowned and you and Sam both laughed at him, but nothing more was said as you were back at the motel, and you could hear your shower and bed calling your name.

Wishing goodnight to the boys,you jogged to your room, still wrapped up in Dean’s jacket, the sleeves making it a bit difficult to unlock your door, but somehow you managed and you closed the door behind you.

Inside your room, you carefully took the jacket off and put it on your bed before walking into the bathroom and stripping off while you waited for the water to heat up.

The hot water was like heaven to your goosebump covered skin, so you washed your hair and body free of the grime from the water and then stood there until the hot water ran out, cursing the shitty motel as you climbed out and went back into the bedroom, hearing a knock on the door.

You grabbed your gun and held it behind the door as you opened it, ready to shoot if work had followed you home.

Realising it was just Dean, you relaxed and put the safety back on your gun before putting it down on the side and grinning up at him.

He was just staring at you as he leant on the door frame, making you blush slightly as you swatted his arm, remembering that you were just wearing a towel. Naturally you had picked up the shortest towel in all of creation and it hardly covered you, so you cleared your throat and crossed your arms.

“May I help you?”

He cleared his throat and stood up, looking down at his feet for a second before he brought his eyes back up to yours.

“Yeah. When you’re dressed, come to our room, Sam and I need to talk to you…”

You frowned, wondering what was up, but Dean had already turned away, so you closed the door and then quickly got changed into your sleep wear that consisted of a pair of shorts and a tank top.

Pulling on a hoodie on top, you left your room and walked down the cold wooden walkway to reach the Winchester’s room, wishing you’d put some boots on when you noticed the mysterious stains on the floor.


You didn’t bother knocking before you went into their room, and started talking before you’d even opened the door.

“So what is it this time… Woah..”

Sam was standing in the middle of the room, wearing only his jeans, which left his bare chest for you to stare at and admire.

When you recovered, you closed the door behind you and then jumped onto Dean’s bed, sitting cross legged in the middle and facing Sam.

“Looking good, Sammy… You work out?”

Dean walked in from the bathroom to catch what you said, and he frowned, walking over to the kitchen to get a beer from the fridge.

“You work out?” He mimicked quietly, in a ridiculous high voice that you heard, but chose to ignore.

Sam chuckled and nodded at you.

You nodded in appreciation and then turned to look at Dean.

“Don’t mind if I do, Winchester,” you hinted, making him roll his eyes and then go back to the fridge to get you a beer.

He handed it to you and then sat next to Sam on his bed so that they were both looking at you, making you feel like you were back in high school and about to get a lecture from the principle for your bad behaviour.

Looking between the two brothers, you got a bit anxious.

“Is everything okay?” You asked, slightly scared of the answer, but Sam just smiled and nodded, Dean remaining quiet, looking slightly nervous himself.

“Yeah. Everything’s fine. It’s just… It looks like all these hunts have finally cleared up. We’ve got no work for a while, so we’re finally gonna go home…”

Suddenly realising what was happening, you felt your eyes go wide and you quickly looked down and started playing with your hands.


Your time was up. Sam and Dean had brought you in to tell you that it was time to split. They were going to do what everyone else had done to you, and they were going to leave you.

Trying to compose yourself, you looked up and then stood up in the space between the two beds. Sam and Dean both copied you, so you quickly moved forward and hugged them both, oblivious to the look they shared over your head.

You were good at putting on a brave face, and even though you weren’t ready for your time together to end, you didn’t want to look weak and clingy. After all, two months ago, you were ready to ditch them after one hunt. You were fine then, you’d be fine again.

When you pulled back, you smiled up at the pair of them.

“Well, it’s been great for the past few months, Sam. Dean. Goodbye,” you nodded at them and then turned to go before your voice could betray your heartbreak.

Dean grabbed your wrist before he even realised that he had, probably shocked by the use of his name. You hadn’t once called him it in the whole time you’d known him. It had always been “Princess” or “Winchester”. So something was up.

You looked back at him and Sam spoke again, seeing how his brother didn’t look like he was going to.

“No… Y/N, we don’t want to say goodbye. That’s why…”

Dean jumped in, finally regaining his ability to talk.

“We want you to move in with us… Have a proper home… In the bunker… With us… I mean only if you wan…”

He was cut off as you jumped at him and attacked him in a hug, but he still caught you and held you up, your feet dangling inches off the floor with the height difference.

“Really?” You squealed into his chest, feeling like your heart was going to explode from happiness and you felt his chest rumble when he chuckled and pulled you closer to him, stroking your hair quickly before he put you down, your obvious delight making him smile.

As soon as you were on the ground again, you quickly hugged Sam and then stepped back, still grinning like a kid at Christmas.

“Wait… You thought we were asking you to leave? Just like that?” Sam asked, his face scrunched up.

You looked down and nodded,feeling slightly stupid now, but Dean took pity on you and pulled you back into his chest, kissing your hair.

“We wouldn’t do that, Y/N… So you’re coming to Kansas with us?”

You stepped back and nodded, unable to stop smiling, not believing that they had actually asked you to move in with them. It was the closest thing you’d had to a family in a long time. And they were yours to keep!


Two days later, you parked up behind Dean’s baby and got out of your car, walking over to the brothers and looking up at the bunker, unable to see much of it from the outside, but soon enough you would be going in.

You felt like an excited two year old, jumping about and waiting for Sam and Dean to hurry up and let you loose inside.

You wanted to go inside, but the brothers wanted their stuff out of your car, so you all grabbed your bags and then you followed them to the big metal door and waited for them to open it and invite you in.

Sam lead the way, and Dean walked behind you, closing the door and then flicking on the lights.

You gasped when you saw how big it was.

They’d told you about it before, but if you were honest, you were expecting a few rooms and a library, but it was huge, and the boys only showed you a small part of it, as they hadn’t even discovered it all yet, but they showed you the main things. The war room, the kitchen, garage, dungeon, library, gym, their rooms, and then finally, they lead you down a hall and into another room, mostly plain, except for an ipod dock that had been plugged in on the dresser.

You walked in and Dean placed your duffle bag on the bed and then faced you, watching as you ran your hands over the dresser and bed, not having had your own proper furniture in so long. You’d been stuck with shitty motel crap since you were ten years old, and before that, you couldn’t even remember your home.

Smiling brightly, you turned to the two brothers and thanked them, but they just waved you off and left, leaving you to settle in a little by yourself.

Once you were alone, you started putting your clothes away and hid your gun under your pillow, only then realising how little you actually owned. All of your clothes fit into one drawer, and as far as your cosmetics went, you could fit everything into a small wash bag, which you stored in your bathroom and then went back into your bedroom and lay down on the bed.

The long drive suddenly caught up to you, because unlike the brothers in the Impala, you didn’t have someone to take shifts with, even if they had offered.

It wasn’t anything personal. It was just that the car had been your moms, and it had been your home for so long, and it just didn’t feel right to let anyone drive it. It was the only place you felt close to her, and you were scared that you would lose that if someone else drove it.

So you’d drove all the way back, with only one quick break and now you were feeling it, so you passed out on your bed.

It was an hour later when Dean came to check on you and found you curled up on top of the covers, sleeping soundly.

Smiling at the sight of you he pulled a blanket from the bottom drawer of the dresser and draped it over you, standing over you for only a moment before he leant down and planted a soft kiss on your head.

When he left and closed your door behind him, he couldn’t stop thinking about you.

Now that you’d agreed to live with them, you could finally try and make something of the pair of you. You’d both been holding back in case you were going to leave afterwards, but now that you weren’t, Dean decided to make a plan.


It was a few hours later when you woke up, stretching on your bed and pausing when you felt the weight of a blanket that you hadn’t covered yourself with.

You assumed it had been Dean, and then shrugged and stood up, stumbling over to the bathroom so that you could brush your teeth and do something with your hair.

Looking in the mirror, you pulled a face at the sight that greeted you.

Your eyeliner was two days old and had smudged under your eyes, your hair was just… no. And your mouth tasted like something had died in it.

Grabbing your toothbrush and shower stuff, you stripped down and jumped in the shower, almost dying when you felt how good the water pressure was, and for how long the water stayed hot. It outlasted you, and when you got out, you went to pick up your clothes but then laughed and just kicked them aside, not worried about having to pick cockroaches out of them later like you would in a motel.

Once you were dry and dressed, you went back into the bathroom and did your hair and make up, actually feeling like it made a difference for once, and you actually felt clean again, something that was rare after a motel shower.

When you were ready, you felt too self conscious to actually leave your room as you didn’t know how to act.

You felt like the new kid in school again, even though you belonged there now, you felt like an outsider. But you didn’t really feel like waiting for one of the brothers to come and check on you, so you reminded yourself that you were a hunter and didn’t need rescuing. So you opened your door, and walked down the hall, heading for the library.

At least, that’s what you had intended to do, but you must have gone the wrong way, and somewhere along the way when you had been trying to find your way back, you’d gotten even more lost.

Swearing, you realised that you had left your phone in your room and so you couldn’t even call Sam to come and find you.

You wouldn’t have called Dean, even if he was the only one home, because he would be more likely to tease you for getting lost in the first place.

You wandered around for another ten minutes, silently praying for help and getting more on edge each second, your only source of comfort being your gun that you had tucked into your jeans, and you’d grabbed at some point, slightly nervous in the unknown place.

Sam and Dean had admitted that they hadn’t explored the whole bunker yet, and that last time they’d found a new area, they’d had to kill a witch, so you didn’t even feel like you were being paranoid. Just reasonable.

The thought of the witch was consuming your mind, so when you heard a noise behind you, you didn’t even think before you turned and fired at the tall shape behind you.

Your eyes widened when you saw that it wasn’t a witch, but instead it was just a man, and you had shot him in the chest.

You couldn’t even move, except to put your hand over your mouth and waited for something to happen, but after a moment, the man stopped looking at his chest and looked back up at you.

Realising that if he wasn’t dying, he probably wasn’t human, you quickly raised your gun again, pointing it at his head.

“Who are you?!” You demanded, suddenly calm.

Getting lost in the Winchesters castle, you couldn’t deal with, but scary bulletproof monsters? No problem.

The guy in front of you took a step towards you, completely not bothered by the gun in his face and answered your question.

“I am Castiel, and I heard your prayers…”

Castiel, you knew that name. It was the name of the brother’s pet angel.

Blushing when you realised that you’d shot him, you quickly put your gun away and apologised, but he just smiled and started telling you a story about how Dean had shot and stabbed him the first time that they had met.

That made you feel a little better, and Cas’s smile made you feel more at ease, so you didn’t even flinch when he put his fingers on your forehead.

You blinked, and suddenly you were outside your bedroom again.

“Do you want to try again?” He asked with a smile and you nodded and followed him back to the library, where Sam and Dean were talking over a beer.

When they saw you walk in with Cas, they quickly shut up and you narrowed your eyes, but didn’t say anything, instead just sitting down and trying not to be too awkward. It got easier after a while as it was exactly the same as it had been when you’d been hanging out in the motels, except bigger, and now you had met the famous Castiel.

Eventually though, Sam and Dean called it a night, but as you’d already had a few hours, you decided to stay up in the library.

They had nodded and Sam had left after wishing you goodnight, but Dean had stopped next to you and leant down and surprised you by kissing you on the mouth, his lips moving against yours slowly enough to make you crave more when he pulled away.

You watched him go, your eyes wide and your cheeks warm, wondering what the hell had sparked that, and also kinda making you want to follow him back to his room, but then you noticed the angel looking at you, and you felt like your thoughts were written on your face, so you quickly looked away and cleared your throat.

He still watched you though, so awkwardly tried to change the subject, but he was still staring at you, so eventually you had enough and stood up to go and get a drink, but when you returned, the angel had gone, leaving you alone.

Sighing, you decided to try and find a way to pass the time, but nothing really interested you, so you found yourself in the library, seeing the mess that had been left, so shrugging, you decided to clean it up, taking the trash to the kitchen, where you were confronted with an even bigger mess.

Dean had made food, but while his cooking skills were pretty good, his cleaning skills didn’t appear to be up to scratch, so you got to work.

Now that you were alone, your mind had time to mess with you and you kept thinking about Sam and Dean and what if they changed their minds and wanted you to leave.

But doing something helped to calm your mind a little as you felt like you were contributing to it somehow, so once you had cleaned the kitchen, you put a load of washing on and then wondered what else you could do.

After checking the cupboards, you figured it out and so went back to your room and found your shoes and jacket, taking your phone just in case, and then grabbed your keys and headed for the door.

Once you were back in your car, you realised that you had no idea where the nearest shop was, but you put the car in gear and pressed play on the CD and headed out, knowing that if you were going to stick around, you would have to find your way around the surrounding area.

It only took an hour to get back, and then it took four trips to get everything to the kitchen and put away, but once you were done, you felt better, so you returned to the library, still feeling wide awake, even though it was coming up 3AM and Sam and Dean would probably be awake in a few hours.

You wasted an hour and a half reading some of the books on lore, and then an idea hit you, so you carefully replaced the book and headed back to the kitchen.

Just short of an hour later, Sam and Dean both headed for the kitchen, following their noses and the awesome smell that had greeted them when they had left their rooms.

When they walked into the kitchen, you had just finished putting the last egg on the plate, and you smiled at them as they stared at you in shock.

Dean was the first to speak.

“What’s this?”

You put the pan down and smiled a little shyly.

“I made you both breakfast. I had nothing to do, so I hope you don’t mind… And I’ll clean my mess up in a minute…”

They were still staring at you, so you picked up their plates and walked past them, heading to the library and putting them down on the tables.

They had snapped out of it by them and so thanked you and sat down, Dean digging in, while Sam asked you if you were going to eat, but you shook your head.

Shrugging, Sam tucked in too.

After he’d eaten a little, Sam looked up and complimented you on your cooking skills.

“Y/N, this is really good! Seriously!”

Dean grunted his agreement and you smiled and did a little bow.

“Aye, I’m not just a pretty face, you know!”

They chuckled, and you left them to it and went back to the kitchen to clean up.

Sam and Dean brought their plates in a short while later and then stood, leaning against the table and looking at you, so you turned around and raised your eyebrows.


They were looking at you like they were trying to figure something out, so you crossed your arms and stared back at them, a small grin on your face.

This time, it was Dean who spoke first, his eyes narrowed slightly.

“Why have you done this all? Cleaned up and made us breakfast? I mean you’ve even done the laundry? We didn’t want you to move in and become the maid…”

You looked away and then down, slightly embarrassed of your reasons, but the way Dean was looking at you made you want to spill anyway, so you threw your hands up.

“I just want to be useful! I don’t want you guys to regret letting me move in because i can’t contribute to it. I just want to prove that I can help out and that I won’t be a burden. and…”

You were cut off as Dean put his hand over your mouth, making you frown and go to bite his hand, so he pulled away, but he was speaking anyway.

“What the Hell made you think you are, in any way, a burden? We asked you to move in, remember? We want you here!”

You pulled a face.

“Yeah, but I don’t want you to regret that. I made you breakfast to say thank you for letting me move in. This is the first time since I was 10 that I’ve actually had anything close to a home that hasn’t got four wheels. And I don’t want to mess it up…”

Dean rolled his eyes and pulled you into a hug, muttering to himself.


You held on tight, seeing the half grin Sam was giving you, showing you how stupid you’d been to think what you had.

You were one of them now.

When Dean released you, he quickly kissed your head and then spoke again.

“You’re here for as long as you want to be. We’d never kick you out. You’re one of us now, and you belong with us… Besides, it’s kinda cool sharing a place with my girl,” he smiled and you pulled back and raised your eyebrows at him.

“Your girl am I?” You asked, putting your hands on your hips and trying to hide your smile, but Dean took no notice and instead took your hand and pulled you back to him.

“Damn straight,” he smiled, just before cutting off anything else you were going to say by planting a kiss on your lips.

Forgetting Sam was there, you reached up to wrap your arms around the back of Dean’s neck and stepped onto the step that you had been using to stack the cupboards, making Dean laugh as you were suddenly closer to his height, but he didn’t pull back, and instead just kissed you harder.

Sam rolled his eyes and turned away, unable to hide his smile as he walked away, calling back over his shoulder.

“Get a room, lovebirds!”

Now you laughed, separating yourself from Dean for long enough to look deep into his beautiful fairy-tale eyes and smile as your foreheads rested against each others.

Entwining your fingers, Dean tilted his head and suddenly got a bit more serious as he whispered to you, stroking your knuckles with his thumb.

“So, do you want to be my girl? You don’t have to prove anything and pretend to be Cinderella. You just have to say yes…”

Smiling, you brought your free hand up to stroke the hair at the base of his skull and moved so that your lips were almost touching, but not quite.

“Yes,” you chuckled, “But we’re gonna have to get something straight right now. You’re the only Princess here. I’m the dashing knight with the mysterious body art from far off lands… I slay the dragons in this relationship. Deal?” You teased, and Dean rolled his eyes again and sealed the deal, the only way it counted.

With a kiss.


Part Three

Mrs. Stan

Sebastian x Reader
Pretty much fluff….

“Welcome to Seychelles. Thanks for flying with us, and we hope to see you again soon!” You hear the pilot say over the speaker. You look out the plane window at the beautiful island you’ve just landed on, then at Sebastian who is already looking back at you with the biggest smile on his face. “We’re finally here,” he sighs, the smile never once leaving him. “Are you ready to start our honeymoon, Mrs. Stan?” You bite your lip and smile, looking from his lips to his eyes and nodding. He leans in and kisses you, mumbling a “good” against your own lips.

Sebastian pulls out the key to your bungalow, unlocking the door and pushing it open to reveal the most luxurious suite you’d ever seen. “Oh my gosh, Sebastian! This is amazing!” You say as you walk around the room in awe. You stop at the large sliding doors and push them open, stepping out onto the little patio above the water. You feel a pair of arms wrap around your waist. Sebastian rests his head on top of yours and pulls you in closer to his chest. “Seb,” you look up at him through your eyelashes, “thank you.” He kisses the top of your head. “Of course, baby. Anything for you.” You both stand there looking out across the crystal blue water in silence before Sebastian speaks up. “Hey babe? Have I ever told you that I love you?” you chuckle when he says this. “Only like a million times.” He nuzzles his head into the crook of your neck. “Well it’s true. I love you so much.” Turning your face so that it’s against the side of his head you say “I love you too.”

Holding your hand, Sebastian leads you down the wooden walkway from the beach where you just had dinner, back to your suite. Once you get to the door Sebastian covers your eyes. “Uh Babe,” you laugh in a confused manner, “why are you covering my eyes?” You hear him fumbling with the keys. “You’ll see.” He guides you through the doorway and stops you somewhere in the room. “Don’t open your eyes until I say so, okay?” You softly reply with an “okay”, your brain trying to figure out what was going on. He pulls his hands away from your eyes before whispering an “open them” in you ear. You slowly peel them open, your eyes lighting up at the sight in front of you. “Oh Sebastian!” You gasp in complete awe, your hands flying up to cover your mouth. “It’s beautiful.” Around the room, rose petals are scattered across the floor and some on the bed. Candles illuminate the room with a warm glow. Your eyes well up with happy tears as you turn around to look at your new husband. “You like it?” Sebastian wonders, rubbing his hands up and down your sides. You lean up on your tip toes, pulling him down by the neck to kiss him. “Does that answer your question?” You both smile looking into each others eyes, the glint in his sending butterflies to the pit of your stomach. Before you can process what’s happening, your lips are pressed against his in a passionate but gentle kiss. He backs you up against the bed, careful not to knock over any candles. He moves his lips down to your neck, as you begin pushing his suit jacket from his broad shoulders. Clothes start coming off quicker than you realize, the love between the two of you occupying your full attention. When you are both completely bare, he softly leans you backwards so that your back is laying flat against the mattress. Your memory starts to get fuzzy, the only thing that is completely clear, is the man in front of you.

You wake up the next morning to the sun shining bright through the sheer curtains. Yours and Sebastian’s legs tangled together, his arm resting over your waist. He snores softly in your ear. You run your fingers through his chocolate brown locks, stopping to play with the short strands at the base of his neck. You hadn’t even realized that he was awake until he says “good morning beautiful.” You look down to see his ocean blue eyes examining your features. “Good morning Mr Stan. Did you sleep well?” He smiles at you genuinely before it turns into one of his famous smirks. “After last night? You know it.” You blush at his comment burying your face into his chest. “Did you sleep well, Mrs. Stan?” You can tell that he enjoys saying that. “Of course. I always sleep well when I’m with you.” He pulls you closer at this. “Hey guess what?” He asks. You giggle at the childlike tone in his voice “What, goofball?” “I love you.” You kiss his shoulder. “I love you too, Mr. Stan”