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To Have You Again - Thranduil

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38. “Because even the sun can wish to be among the stars.”

43. “Do you think you could be happy here? With me?”

A/N: This request was also sent with another for Sauron. It will not be posted until all are done, just because I have no idea how to write it. :)

Warnings: Mentions of war

Words: 1500

My bare feet padded against the cold, wooden walkways that weaved their way through the realm of Mirkwood, the light clinking of elvish armor accompanying my soft gait as two elves, clad in golden armor, silken hair flowing behind them, led me to the throne room.

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Mind the Gaps by hjl on Flickr.

Palo Alto Baylands, walkway behind the Interpretive Center. This was a year ago, it’s semi-permanently closed now for repair or replacement.

With the Samyang 14mm – manual focus but it’s pretty sharp and about $2K less than the Canon version.

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Rowing down la rue | Via

Paris and its environs has regularly experienced flooding previous to 1910. But that year, after months of rainfall, the city experienced one of the most severe episodes of flooding in its history.

On Jan. 21, the Seine began to rise more rapidly than usual. Parisians evacuated at-risk locations. Then, on the outskirts, the river burst its banks. In the centre of the city, workmen hurriedly built embankments to stop the Seine flooding the city’s quays — the water only rose up through tunnels, drains and sewers.

A week later, the Seine reached its peak at six metres above its normal level, flooding 12 of Paris’s 20 arrondissements (districts). Roughly 20,000 buildings were devastated and 200,000 people made homeless. Emergency services, police and charities, alongside the citizens of Paris, pulled together and organised ferry services and built wooden walkways to keep the city operating.

The floods were a spectacle for those not directly involved. Some entrepreneurs brought cameras and produced souvenir postcards. Artists set up easels and painted the scenes. Other enterprising individuals hosted boat tours of the devastation.


The rain was the only sound for quite some time. It tapped against the window gently, it washed the wooden walkway just outside of the room. Thunder rolled somewhere in the distance, but Akane paid it no mind. She stared at the figure across the small, square room. It seemed impossibly big, and dressed darkly as though it had stepped out of the storm itself. Akane understood that only something as monstrous as this could have slain the man bleeding silently on the floor. She did not need to look at Aozaki to know he was dead. She looked only at the killer, unable to move, unable to breathe, unable to blink. 

The tea pot hit the tatami with a resounding thud.

Two minutes ago, Akane had bowed to her fiance and left the room in order to fetch some tea. 

Two weeks ago, she had celebrated her coming of age with others of her year.

Two months ago, her father had been assassinated outside of their home.

Two years ago, Dougen Awakusu suffered a similar fate.

And now the man poised to take over the clan lay dead at the other side of the table, blood still cooling as it left his head. Akane’s arranged wedding solidified the future of the Awakusu name, and would have guaranteed her safety in a dire situation like this. She did not want to marry Shu Aozaki. Not only didn’t she love him, but the idea of having sexual relations with a man older than her father repulsed her. However, she had no choice in the matter. 

Until this very moment. 

The rain beckoned her softly, calling her back from the darkened folds of her vision. The assassin seemed to be watching her. Akane felt her breathing pause. Her heart halted in its tracks. Her formal kimono squeezed her too tightly, and she did not know when she’d begun to sweat like this. 

“Will…will you kill me too?”

She did not know where her voice had been hiding. It sprung forth of its own accord, but Akane’s knees were not as strong. They trembled badly beneath her skirts and threatened to buckle at any moment. Her head was so, so light and it was willpower alone that kept her upright.