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So I’ve been thinking about aravels, and how much the tiny red ships bug me, and devoted far too much time to planning out how I think they work.

To maintain a stable, healthy population, Dalish clans must be 250 members strong minimum. With only so many resources and 250 people to shelter the tiny (though admittedly pretty) delicate little aravels seen in DA:II and Inquisition would not be accurate or useful structures. The large, bulky wooden wagons of Origins would be much more likely, although to be honest they should be bigger. In the Masked Empire Briala describes them as “great wagons” and compares them to buildings. They’re big.

Long post with much rambling and sketchy diagrams ahead:

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Cruel But Beautiful chapter 14

From the relative safety of the tree where Armin had left him and Mikasa, Eren’s concern only grew as he watched the scene play out. Armin had stopped dead, as if he had been ran over by a boulder. He just stood there, staring at whoever Levi had successfully wrestled from the Titan’s corpse, though Eren couldn’t get a clear sight of them. Despite that, he could feel anger building up in his chest and if it wasn’t for the fact that he cared too much for the broken girl in his arms, he would have gladly confronted whatever sorry bastard had betrayed them.

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Title: Sweet December

Writer: Monsoondownpour

Recipient: @vizodi  it won’t let me tag you!! D:

Contents: AU, Veteran Levi, Fluff, The prompt was for domestic fluff and this is… domestic? (I hope you like it I’m actually not that good at domestic fluff so I cheated and added dogs for extra cute.)

Summary: Eren ditches the town Yule festivities to visit his favourite customer.

“Bye Eren! Do send Levi my best wishes!”

The shop door groaned painfully as Eren pulled it open, the little bell above it tinkling.

“Alright Hanji, happy holidays!”

Hanji’s bespectacled head popped around a shelf, frowning. “And at least try to convince him to pop down to the square for the Yule festival, I’m sure he’d enjoy it.”

I’m sure he wouldn’t, Eren thought, but smiled politely nonetheless. Levi wasn’t the biggest fan of the cold, and to trudge around in the muddy slush of town being greeted by the townspeople as ‘the Christmas miracle’ was probably the worst way Eren could think of to force the man to spend his birthday.

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A Little Preseason Training || Open

The local gym in Hogsmeade left a lot to be desired. Instead of getting a membership or traveling back and forth between the training facility in Appleby, Shang gathered up some supplies and found a decent sized clearing to train in. 

He lugged his supplies on a wooden wagon he fashioned out of some supplies he bought in town. He wasn’t too far from the main strip of stores but far enough where a crowd wouldn’t be drawn. He wasn’t sure how many people knew of his new position on the Appleby Arrows since he didn’t officially start as their seeker until the new season. Just to air on the side of caution, he wanted to stay off the radar.

While he prepared his equipment, he hummed an old Cantonese folk song occasionally letting a word or two slip from his lips.

The Bat and The Dove (Closed RP with zhemedic)

Azure was in his office chair leaning back lazily. “What do I feel like eating, for lunch?” Speaking out loud to himself.

He rubs back of his neck, “There is a new world portal, they might have some interesting food.” He hop out of his chair and check the locations. “ Something about Sand … vich? Sandvich? Why is there the ‘v’ " 

He shrugs at the misspelling. "Ah, well. Why not.” He open the portal and dive into this sandy landscape. While landing, war sounds could be heard. “!?”

Some Blue beam was on him, then a Red beam. He squeaked and darted under a wooden wagon. The ground started to shake, he looked out. “!?!?” It was a huge man carrying a machine gun. “Wha the Hell!?” He zooms out going behind another wooden object.

The vampire started to cough, “I .. I smell cig smoke.” He darts away and trying to find another safe spot gets hit by a baseball bat by mistake by some kid?

He was out breath, and confused. “What is with EVERYONE?”

Request: Could you maybe write a longish Thorin imagine in which the reader and him were lovers back before the Mountain was taken, and reunite at the Shire? maybe Thorin had thought the reader was dead and they have a sad/romantic reuniting?

Author’s Note: THORIN. I tried to make it as long as I could.

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