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So all the courts have a spring celebration. The spring court has calanmai and the night court has starfall. What do you think the other courts have?

I was thinking about this ask and the purposes of the different celebrations that we know of in ACOTAR all day. And then I had a nice talk with my friend @squaddreamcourt lol what’s new, you ask, and we had thoughts and she had a lot more than me so she helped me out with this, because I am totally into this ask, but also really tired today, and apparently she is a hoarder of ideas and wooden video game spoons.

So the Spring Court has Calanmai because of spring and fertility etc, right? And Starfall in the Night Court is… well I feel like the mythos of that has been lost, because it isn’t explained fully. There is speculation but it’s pretty different from Calanmai in the sense that there isn’t a specific purpose or something that the celebration achieves. I was trying to think of different celebrations and their purposes - what are their origins, in a way that would make sense for the different courts. Enter Harry and her headcanons and knowledge, and so the rest of this post is basically her (thank you!!!! she says this is based on the Wheel of the Year) and I had to put it under the cut because LONG.

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