wooden trail

I Missed You (NSFW Manorian Fic)

Because I saw the post @saessenach contributed to with MANORIAN KINK

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None of the characters used are mine. All copyright of Sarah J. Maas.


Manon sighed as she walked up the wooden stairs, leaving a trail of her armour behind her as she ascended. She was exhausted. With new witch members wanting to join the Wastes, which she ruled, she hadn’t had a chance to be with herself. Or her boyfriend, especially.

Manon had missed him. The whole week she was away, she missed him more than she thought she would. Being taught to never feel for the slightest things growing up, actually feeling something was something foreign to Manon.

She open the door to her and Dorian’s bedroom quietly, shutting it just the same. She quickly jumped into the bath that she speedily prepared and changed into one of Dorian’s older tunics that he had given her.

Because you keep stealing my new tunics that I actually need, he reasoned with her as he gave her a mountain of his old tunics.

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Where to goMarymere Falls, Olympic National Forest, WA 2015

Days drew on a lot longer recently. Perhaps that was Rick’s perception, or perhaps it truly was the toil that bore down on him, seeming never to end. It only ended with pinkish, orange hues in the sky that indicated sunset. If it wasn’t scavenging, it was checking in on the Alexandrian residents, which in and of itself, wasn’t too trying– Mentally, though, Rick found himself drained.

Booted footsteps, heavy and scuffing against the worn wooden porch, left a trail of exhaustion through the front door, and into his own home. It was quiet, though that was typical. Still, Rick lifted his chin to glance up the stairs, squinting, searching for any sign of his son.

“Carl?” He called out, voice gravelly with fatigue, “I’m home. You here?”

With no answer, Rick remained unconcerned. He was likely out with Enid somewhere, but in which case, who was watching Judith? Stomach lurching, he briskly entered the living room, and almost turned to head right back out when he overheard the familiar creaking of a leather jacket. 

In his own armchair, sat Negan, the very last face he’d want to see.

“What the fuck are you doin’ here?” Rick muttered, taking quick footsteps towards the chair.


Consider it a blessing that you have suffered loss in the lane of love: Leave aside derivative love, the goal is Love for God. The warrior gives a wooden sword to his son so that he may master it and take a sword into battle. Love for a human being is that wooden sword. When the trail reaches its end, the object will be the All-Merciful.
—  Rumi

Part 3 of Plitvice Lakes National Park: As promised in part 2, here’s the floating wooden trail that crosses gushing waterfalls, crystal clear turquoise waters, and even passes by rainbows if you’re lucky. It was truly an unforgettable experience that makes one appreciate the fragility of Earth’s ecosystem.