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Ecstasy. {Nessian}

Requested by @rowanismybae. Nessian, with some smut and a side of fluff. I always love getting Nessian requests, for I am trash. I apologize, it’s kind of short. Anyways, enjoy. :)

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Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

I felt as if time was going slower than usual. I’d been standing in the foyer, at the bottom of the staircase, for nearly thirty minutes. She was late.  The rest of the Court was on their way to the ball already, Elain having whispered good luck to me on her way out the door, arm in arm with Azriel. 

At this point, I wasn’t sure if her good luck was meant to be a warning for whatever mood Nesta was in, or if it was because she knew I’d be waiting on her sister for an ungodly amount of time.But, as the door on the second floor of the townhouse creaked open, all my anxiety faded. And when she came around the corner, all my complaints vanished. 

Her hair was up, braided in a crown around the top of her head. Her gown was long, trailing the wooden floorboards behind her, the color of the Velaris sky just before the sun began to rise. 

She was half way down the stairs when her eyes found mine, and she froze, her pink lips parting, slightly.

I held my hand out to her. “See something you like?”

Blue-gray eyes rolled. 

Moment over.

“I’ve never seen you in anything other than rags, is all,” she stated, continuing her walk until she met me in the foyer. “And you bathed, which is always shocking.”

My smirk made her roll her eyes, again. “I clean up well. Don’t act so surprised.”

And cleaned up, I did. Feyre actually suggested that I wore the tailored pants and the light grey button down. I drew the line at the tie and the shoes, however. So, I kept the top button loose and wore my boots. Nesta’s eyes scanned my hair, which was knotted at the back of my head, then my chest, then my waist where my shirt was perfectly tucked. Then-

“Are those your training boots?” she raised an eyebrow.

As I glanced down at my dusty, black leather boots, Nesta breathed out a laugh. 

Shrugging, I held out my hand, “Shall we?”

Her fingers grazed mine, but she didn’t move. The same ecstasy that I felt every time Nesta’s body made contact with mine consumed me, the feeling that I dreamed about, that I thought about constantly and could never get enough of. That feeling of ecstasy was my weakness, my downfall, my greatest accomplishment, my addiction.

“You look beautiful,” i said, brushing a stray strand of golden-brown hair behind her ear.

She opened her mouth, then closed her lips into a thin line before opening them again,

“When are we supposed to be there?” she whispered, running her fingers down my forearm. 

I glanced at the clock. “Ten minutes ago.”

She sucked in a breath as I took a step closer. “And ten minutes more?”

A grin spread across my lips before I could stop it. “Wouldn’t hurt.”

In my time with Nesta, I could honestly say that she never ceased to amaze me. I was constantly surprised by her – by her wit, by her knowledge, by her hidden kindness, by her talents, by the way she knew how to use her hands just the right way along every inch of my body.

Now was no exception.

She didn’t waste time dragging me upstairs before she slid her finger along the inside of my wing, just behind my shoulder blade. She knew what she was doing. She knew I was about to drop to my knees and beg for all she had to give me. She knew, and she enjoyed watching me in awe of her beauty.

She pushed me back against the leather couch and straddled my lap. With one hand running up her thigh, underneath the thin skirts of her evening gown, and the other trailing up her back to find the ribbon that held everything in place, our lips met in a soft, slow, tender embrace.

It was a dance, the way her tongue brushed mine every time we kissed, how she somehow managed to naturally make my hips move along with hers. I had been with many women, but none of them compared to her. None of them compared with the human who stole from the Cauldron, from the Fae that comforted me as death surrounded us both. None of them compared to the female who could make a suriel stop in its tracks, who could take away my fears and anxieties with just a simple smile. None of them had made me feel so unworthy, so alive. None of them were Nesta Archeron, and I never wanted to taste, feel, love anyone but her.

Her eyes stared into mine as she unbuttoned my shirt, one by one. I finally managed to find the ribbon tied neatly into a bow at the small of her back and yanked, allowing the dress to fall down to her waist. 

Her back straightened as I took her in, the same body I had witnessed day after day and only grew to love more every damn time.

My shirt had been pushed down my arms before I cupped her breasts, and ran my tongue along her bottom lip, up her jawbone, and nipped at her earlobe. 

She shuddered as she unzipped my trousers and her small, delicate hand found me in no small, delicate way at all. My head fell back against the cushions as she took control, her name a whisper that had found its way into the moans escaping my open lips. 

Before I could get too excited, she rose from her place on my lap and let her gown fall to the crimson rug. She watched me as my eyes slid from her toes, up, slowly, until they reached her own, and she grinned.

I watched her as she turned from me, as she walked calmly up the stairs. She glanced at me, once, when she reached the landing of the second floor then continued down the hallway. 

I waited a few seconds before I pushed off by boots, and sprinted to the upper level.

She was waiting for me in the doorway of her bedroom, a soft giggle the only sound in the otherwise silent townhouse. 

“Tease,” I mumbled, as my lips pressed into hers and I lifted her up by her waist, her long, slender legs wrapping around my lower back.

“You like it.” 

I could not disagree as her lips found my neck and I was completely undone.

Dainty feet pushed down my trousers until they were nothing more than a limp piece of fabric at the foot of the bed, just after I laid her down, her head resting on the pillow she’d stole from my room a month ago.

The first gasp would get me every time. The gasp she made when I would first enter her, gently, urgently. The gasp that told me that’s what she wanted, that’s what she’d been waiting for, that I could still satisfy her after all this time. I lived for that gasp, that expression on her ethereal face of pure adrenaline. 

Making love to Nesta was like being with someone who was not of this world. She was demanding, yet generous, she was confident, yet awestruck, she was quiet and cunning, yet moaned my name continuously as if she could not get close enough to me. We were one in the same. I couldn’t tell where her body ended and mine began, and I didn’t want to. It was not a meaningless act of lust, but a dance that was only perfected when two people who were meant for one another found each other.  It was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and something I wanted to experience for as long as I lived.

We lied there, breathless, her head lying on my damp chest when the clock struck midnight. 

She cursed, and I laughed at the sound of vulgarity coming from her proper mouth. We had been too busy talking, too busy exploring one another to join the others.

“What will we tell them?” she asked. 

“I’ll tell them you couldn’t keep your hands off me,” my hand ran down her backside as she chastised me, which only made me laugh harder. 

“You make me happy,” she said, quietly, after the sound of laughter and heavy breathing faded into nothingness.

I kissed her forehead, softly, as I pulled her blankets up to our waists and wrapped my wings around her. “You give me life, Nesta Archeron.”   

Mark- 2 (M)

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“Jagi come on-” Mark giggled, leading into the empty- dimly dance practice room. “They’re all busy in the studio..” He hummed as he shut the door behind the two of you.

“Mark- We can’t do this here…again..” You playfully teased as you lightly smacked his bicep just before you pulled you into his arms. “We’re-” His plush lips suddenly pressed against yours as the two of you sunk to the icy, wooden floor.  
His hands trailed down your body, hooking his fingers on the hem of your shirt- pulling it up and off you, exposing your bare breasts. “God you always look so beautiful..” He airily purred just before pulling off his own shirt.

You were thankful for the lack of light in the room because god did he know how to make you blush.
Rolling your eyes, you laid yourself on the floor- pulling him on top of you while softly giggling, “We’re gonna get caught one of these days babe.”

Shaking his head, Mark calmly crawled on top of you; wedging himself between your legs; he lowered himself, his lips ghosting over yours. “I’ll take responsibility if we ever do..” He hummed then softly pressed his lips against yours once again.
Your tongues entangled with one another as soft, airy moans freely flowed out of the two of you, harmonizing- almost echoing off the walls of the empty room.

His free hand began exploring your body. His fingertips lightly grazed your bare skin, trailing down to the valley between your breasts then circling your hardening nipples. “Mhhmm~” You whimpered into his mouth as he gently pinched at your sensitive, red hot flesh.

You could feel him start to gently grind his clothed, hardened member into your wanting heat as his hand furthered down your body; roughly gripping your hips as you rolled them up towards his crotch. Pulling away from your lips, an enticing groan escaped his kiss swollen lips as he peered down at you with this lust clouded gaze.
“Fuck, babygirl..” He seductively growled, grinding his member into your needy core, drawing out your loud little moans. “I want you so fucking badly..”

Nothing but pure, aching desire for your boyfriend crossed your mind, reaching your hands down- you pulled down your joggers, flinging them off as quickly as you could, “Fuck me.. please..” You softly pleaded, bucking your hips up to his member once more, “I want to feel you deep inside me..”

Mark immediately undid his jeans, yanking them down just passed his mid-thigh area finally allowing his painfully hard cock to spring free. He hissed slightly at the feeling of the cold air brushing against his hot length, “Shit babygirl, you have Daddy so fucking hard..”

Biting your lower lip, you reached down again only this time to you lightly grasped his cock, stroking it ever so slightly. “I love your cock so much Daddy..” You sweetly purred as you ran your fingertips over the tips, spreading the beads of precum leaking out of it.
With your other hand, you pushed your panties to the side and slowly guided him to your dripping entrance. As the head of his member gently pressed against your heat, you softly whined, “Fuck me Daddy..”

Wasting no time at all, he grabbed your hands and pinned them above your head as he lowered his length into you. “God..” He groaned, licking his lips as he relished at the feeling of your tight velvet wrapping around his dick. “You’re always so fucking tight..” He softly growled as he began pumping in and out of you at a steady pace.

Your moans filled the room as he filled you, “Faster, Daddy please..” You airily sung as your mouth practically hung open.
Just as he listened to your request, drilling into with fast, long strokes- your moans mixing with his, creating an erotic song as the lewd noises the two of you filled the room.. that is until the door suddenly flung open, and the other boys seemed to pile into the room, nothing but laughter coming in with them.

“Why is it so dark in he- OH MY GOD!” Bambam suddenly shouted startling both you and Mark the moment he saw your nearly naked bodies entangled in one another.

The boys stood there, dumbfounded- their eyes widen as the trying not too directly at you.
Covering your face, a soft giggle flowed out of you as you lightly smacked your boyfriend’s chest. “Yah.. I told you this would happen.”
Frankly, the situation was embarrassing; you were basically naked in front of the guys you called your friends and caught having sex with your boyfriend, but at the same time you really could careless because all you wanted to do was cum and it seemed as if Mark felt the same.

“Fuck we’re sor-” Jaebum began, but was immediately cut off by your boyfriend, who was still buried deep inside you.

“Yo, guys, it’s cool.” He chuckled, “You can watch if you want..” He smoothly said, smugly peering down at your exposed body. Mark lightly traced his hand up your chest then tightly wrapping his long fingers around your throat as he continued pounding into you.
Your needy whimpers and high pitched moans filled the room once again as Mark talked over you,

“Watch all you want, I don’t mind- neither does my little slut..”

“You love being watched while Daddy fucks your brains out, huh princess?”

feminine hygiene

A/N: Not a request! But I couldn’t get this out of my head, so here you guys go. (also, two imagines in one day? I’m shocked at myself, lmao)

Summary:You’re hanging out with Peter when Mother Nature comes early.

Pairing: peter parker x reader

You sighed happily as you nuzzled closer into your boyfriend’s chest, blearily watching Star Wars on the TV screen. Peter pressed a kiss against the top of your head and you squirmed into a more comfortable position. You closed your eyes and tried to let sleep welcome you, feeling content and safe and warm in Peter’s embrace on the couch.

Pain shot through your abdomen and your face contorted. You held your breath and your lower abdomen clenched up, feeling like multiple sharp objects were raking down your skin from the inside.

You were confused for a second, and then your eyes shot wide open and you jumped out of Peter’s arms and off of the couch.

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Day 1: The Royal and the Ruffian

Note: I haven’t written fanfiction in a looooong time, but I had the time so figured I’d give it a shot, and chucked this junk out in a couple of hours, I hope people enjoy it!

“Marco Diaz to the principal’s office! Marco Diaz, to the principal’s office!”

It was far from the first time this particular announcement had been made in Ms. Skullnick’s class, but it caused the assembled students to groan all the same as they turned to stare at the bemused student sitting in the back of the classroom.

The girl sitting beside him sighed, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. “Marco, what in the world did you do this time?”

“Oh Jackie, wouldn’t you like to know?” Marco Diaz said, giving a coy smile.

Jackie shrugged, laying her head back down on her desk. “Not really, no.”

Basking in the stares from his fellow classmates, Marco Diaz slowly rose from his seat and stretched. By this point, the procedure was routine-not that it did much for his infuriated teacher’s blood pressure.

Locking eyes with Skullnick from across the classroom, Diaz confidently began strolling down the aisle, pretending to pay no attention to the various whispers that were already fluttering around the room. Reaching her desk, he leaned down on his elbow and smiled. “So, Miss S, do I… need a hall pass?”

“Just get out of here, you miscreant!” Skullnick shouted, showering Diaz with flecks of spittle. Chuckling, Diaz strolled out of the classroom and into the hallway just moments before Skullnick had a chance to explode again. He wasn’t afraid of her-honestly, he wasn’t sure how anyone could be-but she’d already saddled him with nearly a month’s worth of detention already, and even Diaz had limits.

As he walked down the hallway, however, the grin slowly faded from his face. The truth was, he didn’t have any idea what he was being called in for. By his standards, he’d practically been the exemplary safe kid all week. Not that half the teachers at Echo Creek wouldn’t have pinned any trouble on him without a thought, mind…

As he rounded the corner, he saw Principal Skeeves leaving his office beaming like a madman, his arms filled with some kind of wooden chest. Trailing behind was…

Diaz rubbed his eyes and looked again. No doubt about it, there was a girl exiting Skeeves’ office practically dressed like a Disney princess. It wasn’t a cheap costume, either-even from a distance, Diaz could tell that whatever the tiara was made from, it wasn’t cheap plastic. Even the wand she held in her hands, as ludicrous as it appeared at first glance, looked solid, to the point that Diaz felt hesitant to even get near the thing, lest the girl try and take a swing at him.

Shaking his head at the strange site, Diaz turned his focus back on his jubilant principal. “Hey, Eddie. Where you going with that, the ice cream shop?”

To his amazement, Skeeves practically skipped in response. “Oh, why a matter a fact I… Oh, hello, Mr. Diaz,” he said, his voice dropping from delight to disgust the instant he recognized the student walking up to him. “You’ve got a lot of nerve, walking by here without a hall pass.”

Diaz gave Skeeves a quizzical glance. “But… you called me here.”

“I did?” Skeeves replied. “Oh right, I did! Mister Diaz, meet Echo Creek’s latest transfer student, Star Butterfly!”

Princess Star Butterfly, daughter of Moon, heir to the throne of Mewni” the girl said, dipping into a practiced curtsy. And, after glancing quickly at Diaz’s torn jacket, dirty hoodie, and various scratches and scars, continued “And may I say it is such a… delight to meet you.”

“Oh please, Princess, the pleasure is all mine.” Diaz replied, giving an exaggerated and clearly sarcastic bow.

Going by the Princess’ furrowed eyebrows, she was not amused.

“Uh Princess, can I have a moment with Mr. Diaz?” Skeeves asked, and, moving quicker than Diaz had ever seen, cornered the surprised student.

“Okay Eddie, what is this about? Who is this crazy chick?” Diaz whispered.

Skeeves bristled at Diaz’s use of his first name, but quickly brushed past it. “This girl has very influential parents, and you are going to start making up for your dismal academic record by showing her around and keeping her from any bad influences.”

Diaz frowned. “Like me?”

Skeeves nodded. “Exactly. And maybe, if there’s any good fortune to be had, you might even pick up some of her good habits!”

Diaz chuckled, stepping away from the principal. “Yeah, good luck with that.”

“Pardon me, are you two quite finished?” Princess Butterfly asked, glaring impatiently.

“Oh, absolutely. Mr. Diaz is just about to give you the grand tour!” Skeeves said. “And don’t mess this up”, he hissed to Diaz.

Shrugging, Diaz walked forward. “Well, Princess, after me.”

Leaving the Skeeves behind, the two began walking through the halls. Given the chance to look at the Princess close up, Diaz could tell there was definitely something off about her. It wasn’t the outfit-given the material and the haughtiness behind it, he could definitely see her as being some out-of-touch royalty from the Kingdom of Wherever. But there was something else there-something from the way her eyes darted constantly, the way her hands gripped that ridiculous wand, the way she kept stealing furtive glances at her guide…

“So, uh, Mr. Diaz…” Princess Butterfly began, breaking the silence.

Diaz laughed. “Please, call me Marco.”

“Yes… Marco. Tell me, are you not supposed to be showing me around? Seeing how I’ll be here for… quite some time, I would like to know more about this place.”

“Oh, sure.” Diaz began looking around for things to point out. “Well, that’s the dumpster where I found that cool knife a couple weeks ago. Oh! And you can still see the blood where I accidentally stabbed myself!” he said, laughing.

Princess Butterfly gave him a sidelong glance. “That’s… interesting, but I was hoping for some more… how should I put this… useful information.”

Diaz put up his hands. “Well, if you want useful information Princess, don’t worry, Diaz here has you covered. You see that dark, spooky hallway right there?”


Great place to hang out if you want to scare the crap out of someone. Heck, just last week I snuck up on these two nerds walking by, and I’m pretty sure I gave the tall one a heart attack!” Diaz paused to wipe away a tear from his eye. “Ah, classic.”

“Uh… huh…” Princess Butterfly replied nervously. “It certainly sounds like there’s plenty of excitement at this school!”

“Oh, for sure.” Diaz replied. “You like excitement, Princess?”

“I mean, in moderate amounts, I suppose I do like a certain amount of excitement in my life.” Princess Butterfly replied. “Just last week, for instance, I assisted my dear friend Princess Flying Pony He-“

The Princess was stopped in her tracks as a massive, meaty fist hurtled out from behind a corner, missing Diaz by scant inches. Shocked, she raised her wand and began to speak-but stopped when she noticed her companion had barely flinched.

“Oh, hey Lars.” Diaz said as he nonchalantly stepped around the corner, ducking another fist. “You still mad about last week?”


“Look Lars, it’s not my fault you thought taking candy from literal babies was a good idea.” Diaz said, continuing to effortlessly sidestep each one of the larger teen’s slow, heavy punches. “Maybe getting grounded will be good for you, let you step back, examine your life.”


Diaz shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

Before Princess Butterfly or Lars could react, Diaz ducked underneath Lars’ arm and delivered a solid blow to the brute’s stomach. As Lars reflexively doubled over, Diaz swept the taller boy’s leg, sending him off balance and crashing into the linoleum floor.

Shocked at the violent display before her, Princess Butterfly slowly began to back up. “Well, uh, Mr. D-I mean Marco, this has been educational and all, but I really should get going!”

“Oh yeah? Well, seeya later, new friend!” Diaz replied, smiling and waving before turning his attention back to the enraged Lars.

“Yes, well, farewell!” Princess Butterfly said, and took the opportunity to retreat as quickly and as dignified as her poofy dress allowed.

When the awful Diaz boy and his assailant were finally out of sight, she sighed and took a deep breath. She knew that coming to Earth would be a challenge, but this was almost too much. To think that the schoolmaster had paired her off with such a brute!

But then she remembered the alternative, and involuntarily shuddered. As bad as Earth was, it could never compare to the horrors of Saint Olga’s-and as long as she drew breath, she would do whatever she could to avoid going back. Even if it meant forever being forced to act as the spitting image of her mother-and even if it meant having to deal with such ruffians as Diaz.

“Yo, what’s up with the dress? You going to a ball or something?”

Startled, Princess Butterfly instinctively pulled up her wand and pointed it directly at the unforeseen foe-only to find her humming, glowing want inches away from the face of a mildly beamused teenage girl.

Sighing, Princess Butterfly lowered her wand. “I apologize, I’ve been a bit… distracted as of late. I didn’t mean to threaten you.”

The girl shrugged. “Whatever, it happens. Name’s Janna, you new around here?”

Princess Butterfly nodded. “Very. The schoolmaster assigned me a guide, but he’s proven to be… less than reliable.”

The girl nearly chocked from laughing. “You mean Marco? Man, what a loser.”

Princess Butterfly looked curiously at Janna. “You know that boy?”

Janna nodded. “Oh yeah, we go way back. He used to be a lot cooler, before he started trying to impress Jackie and went ‘bad boy’. Now he’s not even any fun to mess with.” She shrugged. “That’s life, I guess.”

Princess Butterfly nodded sagely. “Say, if you are familiar with this area, could you assist me? I’ve been given an address where I’ll be staying-I’d been hoping my guide would show me the way, but…” she sighed.

“Oh sure, give it here.”

Thankful she’d managed to find the first helpful person in the Earth Dimension so far, Princess Butterfly quickly opened her handbag and passed Janna the parchment she’d received from the schoolmaster.

When Janna saw the address, however, she frowned, then shrugged. “Yeah, that figures. I can take you there right now though, no problem.”

Princess Butterfly gave her a confused look. “But won’t you miss your studies?”

Janna laughed. “Yeah, I’ll miss them terribly. Come on, let’s go before a teacher spots us. Or,” she whispered, “Diaz comes back.”

For the first time in what felt like years, Star Butterfly giggled.


The journey home for Marco Diaz was painful, but satisfactory. As dumb as Lars was, he was still dangerous in a fight-and he’d managed to paint a black eye on Diaz for his troubles. Still, Diaz had managed to give more than he’d taken, and in an extra stroke of luck a couple other kids had seen Lars throw the first punch, sending the bully straight into detention and Diaz home scott-free. That, plus his encounter with the weird Princess girl getting him out of math early, put the day into a solid ‘victory’ category.

Humming cheerfully to himself as he approached his house, he walked straight to the door and swung it open. To his immense surprise, he saw the girl from before sitting daintily on the couch with his parents, sipping a cup of tea.

“And then, my dear friend Flying Princess Pony Head said-YOU!” Princess Butterfly spat out her tea in a blind panic.

“Surprised not everyone is named Diaz, huh?” Diaz said, chuckling. Ol’ Skeeves had mentioned the Princess was a foreign exchange student, but Diaz had completely failed to connect the dots that she’d probably be staying here. And apparently, to her dismay, so had the Princess.

“Marco, hello!” Angie Diaz said as she rose from the couch to greet her son. “Is that… a black eye?”

“You didn’t get into another fight, did you?” Rafael Diaz said.

“Oh please, it’s just a scratch.” Diaz replied. “And besides, the other guy started it! I just, you know, ended it.”

Rafael glared disapprovingly. “Son, we’ll talk about that later. For now, why don’t you show Princess Butterfly to her room?”

Diaz nodded. “Sure thing. Well, come along, Princess.”

Resigned to her fate, Princess Butterfly followed Diaz up the stairs. Following him into the first room, Princess Butterfly found herself in, by her standards, a relatively small room with sparse furnishings. Despite her best efforts to keep a straight face, she couldn’t prevent Diaz from catching a glimpse of her disappointment.

“Not good enough for you, Princess?” Diaz asked, smiling wryly and leaning against the wall. “We would’ve given you the executive suite, but that one’s booked solid through January, and it’s $650 a night on top of that.”

A spark of rebellion flashed within Princess Butterfly, and she drew her wand. Her mother had been very firm on the subject-any unauthorized or unnecessary use of magic would be grounds to send her straight back to Saint O’s.

But, for Star Butterfly at this very moment, no other action could come even close to feeling as necessary or proper.

“Sparkle Glitter BOMB EXPAND!” She shouted, feeling the magic energy pulse through the wand. In a flash, the sparse guest room was replaced by a golden Mewnian tower, identical to the one that housed her room back home.

Diaz, for his part, fell back the moment the wall he’d been leaning against vanished. Slamming against the floor, he gazed up in wonderment at the expanse above him.

“You… you…”

Princess Butterfly deliberately ignored him as she went to sit on her new four-poster bed. “Hmm, yes, I think that will do, don’t you think?”

“You cast magic!” Diaz shouted as he scrambled to his feet. “That was magic!”

Princess Butterfly rolled her eyes. “Yes, what an astute observation.”

“Hey, can you do my room? That was so cool!”

Surprised, Princess Butterfly turned to look at her new housemate. Instead of the aloofness and ‘cool’ Diaz had been putting on full display the entirety of the short time she’d known him, the boy appeared legitimately excited and eager.

Princess Butterfly grinned as she leaped off her bed. “Well, I suppose I could take a look…”

Diaz immediately ran out of the room and down the hallway, leaving Princess Butterfly to follow him as quickly as she could. Rounding the corner into the next room down, she found a room that was spaciously similar to the former guest room, but decorated much more to Diaz’s… tastes. Posters hung from every available surface depicting what Princess Butterfly could only assume were musical acts of some variety, decorated with fonts stylized to the point of illegibility. There were also pictures of carriages in the earth style, particularly the seemingly highly impractical variety which only had two wheels. In the corner sat what appeared to be a strange type of lute. Everything else, unfortunately, was practically covered in discarded or dirty clothing.

Princess Butterfly had a flashback to when she’d once spied her father’s room in the castle, and nearly retched.

Diaz ignored her completely, and was already gushing over his desires. “So, could you, like, put a skylight in here? Or, oh, maybe a spot where I can set up some amps! And oh, man, if you could fit a motorcycle in here, I bet Jackie would freak when I told her! She’s really into that skating stuff, but I bet a motorcycle would-“

Princess Butterfly smiled. “Alright, Diaz, hold on, I have this.” Holding the wand aloft, she began speaking the words as they appeared in her head-but almost immediately, she could tell something had gone wrong.

Mystic Room Suck Transform!”

Almost immediately, a black portal appeared in the center of the room. Objects throughout the room began shooting through the portal, and Princess Butterfly was nearly knocked off her feet by the onrush of wind. Grabbing onto the shocked Diaz, she latched onto the doorframe and pulled them both through, slamming the door behind them.

Before she could catch her breath, Diaz was already standing and shouting. “Suck? SUCK? Why was the word suck in that spell?!”

Princess Butterfly could barely respond. She hadn’t meant for it to come out that way-of course she didn’t-but she couldn’t find the words to defend herself. Instead, she merely stood up and began walking down the stairs.

“Hey! I’m not done… wait, where are you going.”

“I’m leaving!” Princess Butterfly shot back. “If you’re going to be here, then I’ll just find someplace else to stay!”

“Wait, Princess-“

Ignoring the boy behind her, and filled with rage and embarrassment, Princess Butterfly marched right out the door, and slammed it back shut with her wand the moment before Diaz could reach it. Grinning slightly at the loud wooden THUNK, Princess Butterfly continued right down the driveway and didn’t look back.


Diaz had messed up, and he knew it.

He’d known right from the second he saw the Princess’ face that she hadn’t meant to destroy his room, and he’d exploded at her anyway. Between that and his cheerful abandonment of her earlier in the day, and he wouldn’t have blamed her if she hated him. And, for the most part, he’d earned it.

Sailing on his bike through the warm autumn night, Diaz continually looked for any sight of the Princess and her poofy blue dress. It had already been several hours since she’d disappeared, and he was slowly giving up hope-but he knew that, even if she was magic, she was still lost and alone in an unfamiliar place. And, though he hated to admit it, he would have never have been able to forgive herself if she became lost or injured because of him.

Then, he spotted the golden crown of Hamburger Monarch.

Peddling as fast as he could, he was rewarded by the relieving sight of Princess Butterfly, standing right in the middle of the drive-thru lane, shouting at the ordering window.

“I have said it once and I’ll say it again, I demand to speak to the sovereign of this realm!”

“Ma’am, please, this is a drive-thru.”

“Princess!” Diaz shouted, waving with an outstretched hand.

Startled, Princess Butterfly turned and immediately buried her hand in her face.

“Hey, wait, wait, I just want to say something.” Diaz said as he rolled to a stop, and hopped off his bike. “Look, I know I was being a jerk before, and it’s not your fault. You didn’t have a choice to live with me, and heck, I bet you didn’t even have a choice to come here.”

Princess Butterfly looked up, and suddenly stared at something behind him. “Uh, Diaz-“

“And I get it, that’s not fair. So look, I don’t know how long you’re gonna be here, but I’ve got some other places I can stay until then. You seem like a nice person, and I don’t want you to-“


“Get hurt because of something dumb that I said, since-“


Finally getting the hint, Diaz turned around and found himself looking straight into a menagerie of horrors. About a half-dozen monsters were arrayed in a semi-circle in front of him, all surrounding what appeared to be some kind of diminutive bird… thing.

“Well, Princess Star Butterfly, we meet again!” the creature chuckled. “You may have escaped Saint Olga’s, but you won’t escape my clutches this time.”

“Woah, hey, hey, what’s going on here?” Diaz said, raising his arms. “You guys all know each other?”

“That’s Ludo!” Princess Butterfly exclaimed. “He’s after my wand!”

“And you guys are like, monsters and stuff?” Diaz asked, walking over to one of the hideous creatures before him. “What are you, like a deer… guy?”

“My name is-“

“HIS name isn’t important right now!” Ludo shouted. “What’s important is-“

“Hey there, buddy, just relax!” Diaz said, resting his hand on the confused deer-creature’s shoulder. Twenty feet away, Princess Butterfly was practically dancing with confusion and anticipation, but Diaz put her out of his mind. “Why can’t we all be friends? I mean, I just met this girl, there’s nothing saying I can’t help you get that wand.”

Princess Butterfly looked like she’d been shot. “Diaz, what are you saying?!”

“REALLY?” Ludo said, and began walking forward. “You know, we could always use some extra muscle on our team, and-“

Before he could finish, Diaz swung his foot forward as quickly as he could. Connecting his foot solidly with Ludo’s chest, he sent the monster flying straight through the take-out window of the neighboring restaurant.

Before any of the other monsters could react, Diaz reached into his pocket and wrapped his hand around a pair of gleaming gold-plated brass knuckles. Twisting around, he sucker-punched the deer-creature as hard as he could, sending the creature down and wheezing.

But the deer-creature was just one monster-and it didn’t take long for the rest to come to their senses. Rapidly, the monsters began to surround Diaz, and then slowly closed in.

“Run for it, Princess!” Diaz shouted, glancing nervously at the approaching creatures. “I’ll hold these jerks off!”

Almost too quietly to here, Princess Butterfly replied “I’m not running anymore.”

A second later, one of the monsters-some kind of overgrown frog-leaped at Diaz, only to be caught in midair by a pink blast and sent flying into the pavement a dozen yards away.

Shocked, Diaz turned to Butterfly, still clutching her smoking wand. “You can fight with that thing?”

Grinning, Princess Butterfly nodded.

Smiling from ear to ear, Diaz turned back towards the now clearly nervous monsters, and cracked his knuckles. “Well then Princess, let’s dance.

The fight, as it was, ended shockingly quickly. The monsters were tough, there was no doubt about it-but between Diaz’s honed street-fighting skills and the Princess’ mystical wand, it wasn’t long before the assembled monsters had found themselves groaning and lying face down in the broken pavement of the ruined Hamburger Monarch parking lot.

Breathing heavily, Diaz watched as the monsters slowly crawled away, escaping through some strange portal. Then, without warning, he felt a gentle hand upon his shoulder.

“Diaz… thanks for the help back there.” Princess Butterfly said. “I really mean it.”

“Aw, it was no sweat.” Diaz replied. “Those guys weren’t even that tough. And besides, it was your wand doing most of the work. I couldn’t believe that thing!”

Princess Butterfly nodded graciously. “Well, you certainly weren’t letting up any slack with that weapon of yours.”

“Oh, you mean this?” Diaz lifted up the gold knuckles. “Cool, huh? I lifted them off some kid heading to Karate practice.”

Princess Butterfly laughed, shaking her head disapprovingly. “Diaz, you’re such a… ruffian!”

Diaz smirked. “Well, pardon me, my gracious, perfect Princess.”

Princess Butterfly flinched involuntarily, then laughed again. “Well, I suppose we should head home.”

“We? Oh, so you can stand me, now?”

“I suppose you’ve proven your more… admirable qualities.” Princess Butterfly replied. “Perhaps I may even make a model citizen out of you!”

“Pff, please. Hang out with me, and you’ll be helping to bring down civilized society in no time.”

Princess Butterfly looked up at the night sky, and began walking back in the direction of home. “I suppose we’ll have to see.”

Diaz paused for a moment before skipping forward to follow. “I suppose we shall.”

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Caption: “An IC wooden caboose trails an Iowa-bound freight at 21st street.”


Photo by Bill Raia

I Missed You (NSFW Manorian Fic)

Because I saw the post @saessenach contributed to with MANORIAN KINK

Couldn’t resist

None of the characters used are mine. All copyright of Sarah J. Maas.


Manon sighed as she walked up the wooden stairs, leaving a trail of her armour behind her as she ascended. She was exhausted. With new witch members wanting to join the Wastes, which she ruled, she hadn’t had a chance to be with herself. Or her boyfriend, especially.

Manon had missed him. The whole week she was away, she missed him more than she thought she would. Being taught to never feel for the slightest things growing up, actually feeling something was something foreign to Manon.

She open the door to her and Dorian’s bedroom quietly, shutting it just the same. She quickly jumped into the bath that she speedily prepared and changed into one of Dorian’s older tunics that he had given her.

Because you keep stealing my new tunics that I actually need, he reasoned with her as he gave her a mountain of his old tunics.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! May I request a scenario of Ravus and his female s/o's first kiss?

A/N: Of course! Thanks for being the first request of this new blog. The location is based on a nature preserve called Lake Katherine, in case you wanted to set the mood with some images. It’s a pretty romantic place. I bring my GF there all the time.

Ravus arrived at your door a few minutes early. You had been on a few dates with him already, and felt comfortable enough with him that when he had requested a more private activity for the evening you could accept without hesitation. You opened the door. He greeted you with a smile and held out his arm to escort you to his car.

“What scheme did you brew up for our date?” you asked. He had a habit of creating intricate plans. Whether its dinner or a night out, there was always something to surprise you.

Scheme?” he chuckled. “I’ve decided on something a bit simpler this time.”

Apparently something “simpler” was a forest trail wrapping around a lake. You took time on the stroll, making small talk and watching ducks, geese, and swans seemingly glide through the water which reflected the setting sun. All this time such a beautiful place was so close to where you lived and you had no idea.

At parts the trail drifted away from the lake, following along a small stream instead. You, having had no idea this is what Ravus had had planned, weren’t wearing shoes that were exactly comfortable for walking in. That being said, when you saw a wooden bench along this trail, you took the opportunity to sit down. He sat down next to you, taking your hand in his and stroking your knuckles with his thumb. 

“Are you enjoying yourself, (y/n)?” he asked.

“It’s not hard to enjoy time spent with you,” you respond. You’re too busy watching a pair of ducks coming out of the rocky stream in front of you to notice his smile. You feel his knuckles gently slide down your cheek, and you turned to face him.

“We could make a habit of coming here,” he suggested.

You smiled and leaned closer to him. “I’d like that.”

He caressed your cheek yet again, slowly drawing nearer to you. His eyes met yours. He subtly licked his lips, and you found yourself gazing at them. Without realizing it, the two of you had grown closer and closer. The scent of his cologne struck you harder and harder with every inhale. Your heart raced as you felt his breath against your face, and you froze as he gingerly grabbed you by the back of your neck. Finally, closing the gap between you, your lips made contact with his, warmth flooding through your face. He was gentle and reserved, almost as though he was holding back. You pressed harder against his lips, and he seemingly gave in. You started to pull away, but he lightly bit your bottom lip to pull you back in for another few glorious drawn-out seconds. He placed yet another kiss on your nose before drawing away himself, and you leaned against his shoulder.

“Could we make a habit of that, too?” you asked.

“I wouldn’t mind,” he admitted. “We should get back before- ah!”

One of the ducks you were watching had decided that Ravus looked comfortable and that she was now going to lay on your boyfriend’s lap. You couldn’t help but chuckle at his exasperated look. 

“We’re leaving once this bird decides to move,” he sighed.

Neighbor!Calum (Part 4)

PART 1// PART 2// PART 3


You held his hand hoping for the best. You saw his eyes drift from your eyes to your mouth then back up again.

“What do you mean?” he stutters, almost like he can’t believe it.

You giggle and lead him inside, shutting the door behind you.

“It’s just, I’ve always been scared of the dark.”

 Well, it was half-true.

Calum smiles, tucking a stray strand of your hair behind you ear.

“How cute.” He says, looking at your mouth again and letting his hand drop back to his side.

“Come on, follow me.” You  whisper, ascending the  rickety wooden stairs as he trailed behind you carefully, making sure his footsteps  didn’t sound. You wouldn’t want your mom to wake up and find you taking a boy home. She would go absolutely ballistic.

You opened your door silently and stepped aside to let Calum in, waiting for him to enter before gently closing and locking the door behind him.

“Welcome to my humble abode.” You declared, plopping down on the bed, arms  crossed behind your head  as you sunk into the soft mattress.

“Wow.” Calum looked around in awe at the room around him. You had religiously decided to decorate your room with numerous band posters and other artists you loved.  On a corkboard were some pictures of you and your friends, along with concert tickets and movie stubs.  Around the room were also some beanbag chairs you got quite cheap from stores down the street and numerous books and movies you had read and watched over the years lined the shelves. You room was normally quite messy, but you liked it that way. It has a nice live-in feel, and you always liked how you could express yourself with it.  Calum seemed to like it as he plopped down on the bed beside you, mouth still agape.

“This is amazing.” He says leaning back and looking at you.

You smile and nod your head. “Truly one of my only achievements.”

He laughs and looks at you fondly. His brown eyes full of light and love, drifting back down to your mouth before looking back away, pretending to be interested in a tv show poster you had newly tacked on your bedroom wall.

“Why do you keep looking at my mouth?”  You murmur, leaning over to touch his arm gently. You felt him shiver at your touch.

“What do you mean?” he  says , looking at your mouth again before looking back up.

“You just did it!”

“No, I didn’t.”

“I swear I  saw you.”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about.” He says, shaking his head and looking at your mouth again.

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Lava and Ice

Characters: Yoongi x Taehyung

Word Count: 1,370

Genre: Fluff

Note: A very special thanks to @mrsmon for requesting this scenario. And also for inspiring and helping me to start writing again. This is my first drabble and I hope you enjoy it!

Yoongi crossed the street in a brisk fashion, eager to make it back to the dorm to escape this freezing weather. The sun’s rays were still young as they descended through the morning sky, shining beams of light onto the path in front of him. The glistening snow crunched beneath his feet and his warm breath met the cold air, rising up as clouds that trailed wistfully behind him. A small, crumpled paper bag was dangled lazily in his left hand as he took his free hand to tighten his scarf closer to his face.

This was the first day off that Yoongi was given in months, and he swore if anything, he would get a full eight hours of sleep before getting on his laptop to spend the rest of the day tinkering with music. But instead he found himself rising before the sun had come up, woken by the sounds of constant coughing and sniffling coming from the adjacent room. Turns out Taehyung’s cold had gotten worse overnight, and the moment Yoongi entered the room to check up on him, Taehyung relentlessly pestered Yoongi, trying to convince him to go to the pharmacy and pick up some medication. None of the other members were at the dorm, so he had no other choice but to bundle up and go out in the frozen streets of Seoul, all to go pick up some medicine for the brat probably still resting in his nice warm bed.

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anonymous asked:

emma and killian + early morning pillow talk about the moment they knew they loved each other which may or may not lead to lazy romantic sex

A/N: So, this prompt has been sitting in my inbox for a while (sorry, anon!) and I’m trying desperately to work through all my current prompts (keep them coming, please!) Anyway, I thought this was super cute and wanted to brush up on my smut skills. I ventured a little away from the aforementioned conversation, instead focusing on post-darkness Emma, seeking out the light in her quiet moments with Killian. Enjoy!

There were still speckles of dirt caked to his shoulder, sprinkled down his skin in the dips in the muscle of his arm. Little blotches tattooed to him, a reminder of what they’d survived. What they’d fought through in the cold, dark night. How far away the battles were with him tucked up in bed, the warmth of their bodies meeting and melting into the cool sheets.

Curses and darkness and evil things had tried desperately, time and time again, to rip them apart. To tear the light out of their hearts, to break them and scatter their love on the wind. But they fought— Christ, how they fought. Clinging to the flicker of hope that kindled inside of them.

The night had been long and cold. Temperatures in Storybrooke dipping below freezing, the heavy air frosting the tips of her hair and numbing her toes in her boots as the Charming Family had trudged through the thick wood. Her own darkness had since been defeated, but that didn’t stop other creatures from crawling out of the quagmire and terrorizing the town. Monsters, it seemed, would always somehow be lurking in the shadows.

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