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Carved Wooden Gope Board

Gope boards are carved wooden tablets made by groups in the Gulf of Papua. They represent ancestral spirits who protect members of the clan from bad luck, sickness, and death. This particular board from the museum’s hidden collection is from Morigio Island. The photographic scale in the image is about 8 inches long. It was photographed in the diagonal in order to best show the board’s details.

Deb Harding is a collection manager in Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s Section of Anthropology. She frequently blogs and shares pieces of the museum’s hidden anthropology collection, which is home to over 100,000 ethnological and historical specimens and 1.5 million archaeological artifacts.


Rongorongo Tablets from Easter Island

No one knows the meaning of the symbols carved into these 25 ancient wooden tablets found on Easter Island. The pictographs seem to be arranged in patterns, such as a genetic code, calendar, or incantation.

The Queens Festival

Gail: “also Thanks for that Tablet. I can’t wait to put it up in my room.”

Merick: “of course, for now Ill use it as example of what I’ll do for people.”

Gail: “alright, I hope you get to use them all. Good Luck” with that she walked away.

“and Maybe while I get what you want perhaps we can chat. I do look forward to making some new friends, and meeting the ones I know already.”




so Just ask if you want something and, You’ll get a Random flower pot OR a wooden Tablet with a Carving Based on your Characters Appearance

Roman Tablet Recording the Sale of the Slave Girl Victoria, Dated 19th May,  274 AD

A wooden tabula with and handwritten ink text recording the sale of a ten-year-old slave girl; a rare and exceptional legal document, providing a fascinating insight into the functioning of Roman society and its economy. The contract follows standard Roman legal formulae.

Translated as “On May 19th, AD 274. Apertius Florus buys from Masuna, son of Masincthanis, the Egyptian-Garamantican girl ++MG/AM who lives at Auluemi Maior, who from now on is called Victoria, 10 years old, for 31 thousand denarii. (…) Masuna said that he received and has this sum from Apertius Florus. … He has (the girl?) on May 29th …”,

Hakuouki Headcanon #4

Do you remember Nagakura is a math teacher in Hakuouki SSL

Well you can make a reference about this in Hakuouki :D

During Edo period there are sangaku which are Japanese geometrical problems or theorems on wooden tablets. 

They were placed as offerings at Shinto shrines or Buddhist temples by members of all social class. They were used as offerings to the kami and Buddha, as riddles to people or as displays of the solutions to questions. 

I don’t think Shinpachi can resolve all the riddles but I can completely imagine him try to find the solution when he went ahead a Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple. After a night at Yoshiwara or Shimabara or anytime…it amuses him :D (and Harada and Heisuke troll him as they do with his passion for reading eh eh eh)

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(AskAlchemiyu) Uuyg&Jep@Merrick: The Mimikiyu waved over to Merrick, though unlike their last meeting he had a Baltoy floating close behind him. "Hello good sir! I believe you know my companion already?" Said the baltoy, gesturing to Uuyg. "He'd like a wood carving!" The Baltoy looked to Uuyg and Uuyg dropped a dragonite skull on the counter! "For trade, If not satisfactory we can provide other goods!"

Merick stood back from his stall in shock, an entire skull for a wooden tablet. Either way he was happy to have his 1st customer. “a-a Dragonite skull? w-wow that sure is something. I’ll be happy with this Trade.” he grabbed the skull, nodded to the two with a smile, he put the skull to his side and began carving with his Sharpened fingers, making dents for the gems and looking at the two from time to time making conversation. “there we are, now I hope you don’t mind but I thought about adding a little bit of you into it.” he said looking to the Baltoy


“I was thinking the other day,” began Yali, “about how you probably get through a ton of notebooks. So!” with a flourish, she produced a little wooden tablet from her jacket, paired with a length of metal that looked suspiciously like a repurposed sculpting tool.

“It’s a tabula rasa.” she added “There’s plates of soft wax inside: you can write whatever you like on them, and when you’re finished, you can smooth out the wax and use it again!”

Roman Stylus and Ligula , 2nd-3rd Century AD

A tapering bronze round-section stylus with baluster and angled scraper; secured by a length of chain to an equal-arm cross plaque and a triangular hooked ligula.

A stylus was a metal pen used for scratching words into wax on wooden tablets. A ligula was an  instrument with a narrow cup-shaped scoop, which may have been used as a medical probe, an ear scoop or for picking up small quantities of ointment.




School Grade: 5th (10 years old)

This character was formerly written 檢, a combination of 木 wood and 僉 a Chinese-only character meaning whole/all. In compounds 僉 often lends connotations of things like combine, examine, discuss, etc. Here it means “examine,” which together with 木 (representing wooden tablets on which records were kept) gives “examine wooden records.” It ihas since come to mean “investigate” in a broad sense. In its current form 僉 has been simplified to 㑒.

Six Roman stili and a wooden stilus tablet, 1st-2nd century, London. At the British Museum, London.

The stili were used to write on wax-surfaced tablets, few of which have survived.
The letter on the wooden writing tablet has been translated:
‘Rufus, son of Callisunus, greetings to Epillicus and all his fellows. I believe you know that I am very well. If you have made the list, please send it. See that you do everything carefully so as to extract the last coin from that girl…’

just a quick drabble where blaine discovers just how much he loves taking care of sick!kurt (and coming to terms that he might be a bit of a pervert)

R, dubcon (kurt is kinda out of it and blaine’s having very unchaste thoughts)

thanks to kris for her help <3

“Honey? Where are you? Why aren’t you here?”

Blaine doesn’t fail to catch the whiny undertone in Kurt’s voice. “Coming,” he calls cheerfully, reaching for the small wooden tablet - stacked with a steaming pot of tea, lemon-flavored throat lozenges, and a tube of VapoRub.

He quickly heads back to their bedroom.

Kurt’s already waiting there for him, eyes and nose still looking red and puffy, and hair tousled and sticking to all sides of Kurt’s head. Of course, Blaine would never think about telling Kurt this, not when he feels so awful, but he thinks it’s utterly adorable.

“You were gone,” Kurt croaks out, sniffling a little. “You promised to stay.”

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