wooden table

lee-bunnii  asked:

drunk headcannons for your choice of retainers, hoshidan or nohrian?


  • He’s losing clothes so fast, except for the flower crown he somehow acquired (he never comes with it)
  • Still stupidly smart and witty drunk and it annoys everybody
  • Also ends up horny which is another problem atop of the others  
  • Such a happy, naked witty drunk


  • She talks even slower, starts slurring her words
  • Falls asleep somewhere too early in the party and wakes up to finish the tail end of it
  • You think she’s a good listener but she forgot you were there and has been staring at the faces in the wooden grooves of the table for the last thirty minutes
  • Unsurprisingly breaks things throughout the night


  • Rockefeller drunk because suddenly nothing is too costly
  • Buys a round for everybody (that’s when you know it starts) then gets into a fight, fits a make out in there
  • Makes an Irish exit after all that fiasco because he just randomly (drunkenly) decides he’s done
  • Somehow makes it home and hates himself when he’s sober again


  • It’s a bit hard to notice he’s getting drunk, one of the signs is he giggles at everything
  • Becomes about 33% more honest and about 42% more of a flirt
  • He is the one that disappears and comes back with more food that obviously hadn’t been at the party before (it’s why he had to go get it)
  • Remains coherent enough to make any situation happening at least marginally worse than it would have otherwise been