wooden stairs

Only the little one remains

After a long and… unbelievable night, Nathaten found himself climbing the stairs at his familiar home of Addlewood. The old wooden stairs creaked and groaned under the weight of the armored man. His hand steadying himself on the railing as he ascended higher and higher. His only true goal at this moment was to see his little Niece sleeping. As he reached the top and ventured down the hall his boots echoed off the walls of the house. He was used to the house being a quiet retreat, but this evening the silence was like an illness, causing his stomach to turn with each step.

He finally reached the room that housed the little child and softly turned the knob. He leaned forward and let move just his head into the room, checking to see if Hope was actually sleeping. Being sure that she was, he pushed the door open and quietly stepped inside. He slowly positioned himself near the bed and let his hand rest on one of the wooden bed posts. His eyes rested on Hope sleeping soundly holding onto her stuffed bear she had named Wolf. The moonlight creeped in through the window and illuminated half of the room in an eerie shadow. In a corner of the room a candle softly lit the other portion of the room. Nate could only assume the child could not sleep in the dark.

He slipped a glove off his hand and leaned down to softly run it through her hair. As he did his emotions got the best of him and he was flooded with thoughts of the possible outcomes to tonight’s events. What would happen if they were unable to find those missing, or worse they did find them but what they found was unspeakable. He felt a tear roll down his cheek followed quickly by another. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he leaned down to pant soft kiss on the child’s cheek. He stood upright and captured a few more memories of her sleeping before he turned and left the room, softly closing the door behind him.

He continued down the hall to his own suite but what was the point. He was drain, both physically and emotionally but his mind would not allow him to rest, of that he was certain. He entered his room and quickly found a chair that would allow his body to collapse. He sat there, staring off into the corner of his room. No sight or sound was actually registering to him. He simply replayed the radio conversations he had heard and was part of over in his mind. It was like a broken record that continued to play only each time it skipped the volume and speed increased until it became a jumbled mix of words unable for anyone to comprehend.



Hide Out House in Los Angeles

Acclaimed Taiwanese artist James Jean lives and works inside a beautiful contemporary space called “Hide Out” that is located close to Little Osaka in Los Angeles, California. Dan Brunn Architecture redesigned the house, which was originally created by Frank Gehry back in the 1970s. The minimalist abode features a large metal pivot door, wooden stairs, a spacious living room and a kitchen, as well as a library that draws design cues from a traditional Japanese tea room. 

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Good wood - I only need one image to show the epic beauty that is this staircase in the Aarhus Town Hall by Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller. The floors are lined in bog oak (oak from thousand year-old tress dug out of swamps and dried very slowly). This wood is nearly fossilised and extremely strong and heavy, featuring a deep chocolate colour that gives this interior it’s seductive, enduring quality. Stunning.

Give You What You Like [Stiles Lacrosse Week]

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Word Count: 2, 781

Warnings: nsfw, very sinful + daddy kink 

A/N: So this is my fic for Stiles Lacrosse Week for @sarcasticallystilinski and @rememberstilinski, this would have been posted earlier but i’ve been super busy, but it’s finally here. 

listen to this song on repeat !!

I scurry to the bed, grabbing my phone and unlocking it as quickly as possible, noticing I had a text from Scott to tell me he was on his way over. I smile at the text before going onto Stiles’ contact. I twiddle my thumbs over the screen of my phone, furiously typing an apology to my boyfriend.

Me: sorry i couldn’t make it to the game baby, lydia texted me the scores! I’m so proud of you baby well done! Xx

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have you ever been in love? - reggie mantle

word count: 2.328 (oops)

warnings: swearing, i mention death like once

plot: a quiz about love makes reggie think about you

a/n: plot was inspired by this . i wanted to write something short and cute and now it’s 3am and i wrote this long ass thing

part 2

“Alright, class,” The teacher spoke up, grabbing everyone’s attention. “Hence today is Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d give you all a short, small quiz!”

The announcement was met with a collective groan.

“It’s not that kind of quiz.” The teacher began handing out papers, a smile on their face. “It’s about love and even though it won’t get graded, try to answer the question seriously, don’t joke around.”

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Good wood - this beautiful house was designed to blend into the hillside in Carmel valley, California, and they’ve done a great job of it. A grand central staircase runs through the heart of the house and it’s surrounded by lovely open spaces giving it an airy feel. The Santa Lucia Preserve Residence by San Francisco architects Sagan Piechota Architecture.