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cloak-of-persephone  asked:

Could you please recommend some folk metal songs?🌿

Hello there! I would be so happy to recommend some folk metal songs to you. I love talking about music! I have a lot of folk metal songs that I love. I’m going to recommend you all my favs! Sorry if this list is lengthy. Also, some songs/bands may drift into sub-genres such as melodic death metal, viking metal, pirate metal and similar sub-genres, but they’ll be listed just because if you like folk metal, you’ll probably like these songs too. Again, sorry for how lengthy this list will be! I’ll list by band.

~ Suden Joiku
~ Wooden Pints
~ With Trees
~ Spirit of the Forest
~ Vesilahden Veräjillä
~ Tuli Kokko
~ Pine Woods
~ Mettänpeiton Valtiaalle
~ Old Tale
~ Mother Earth
~ Paljon On Koskessa Kiviä
~ Ryyppäjäiset
~ Kunnia

~ Treacherous Gods
~ Eternal Wait
~ Token of Time
~ One More Magic Potion
~ Heathen Horde
~ Unsung Heroes
~ Burning Leaves
~ Old Man
~ Blood Is The Price Of Glory
~ Raised By The Sword
~ Ahti
~ Lai Lai Hei
~ Twilight Tavern

~ Inis Mona
~ Calling the Rain
~ Neverland
~ Druid
~ Helvetios
~ Uis Elveti

~ En Mäktig Här
~ Midnattens Widunder
~ Solsagan
~ Korpens Saga
~ Den Frusna Munnen
~ Eliytres
~ Blodnatt
~ Ur Djupet
~ Slagbroder

~ Land of Hope and Glory
~ To Holmgard and Beyond
~ One More
~ A Portage to the Unknown
~ Miklagard Overture
~ The Messenger
~ Battle Metal

~ Starchild
~ Battle Against Time
~ Land of Snow and Sorrow
~ Sons of Winter and Stars
~ Winter Madness
~ Beautiful Death

~ Mead from Hell
~ Magnetic North
~ Back Through Time
~ Over the Seas
~ Shipwrecked

~ Heathen Foray
~ Vanadis
~ Walhall
~ Where His Ravens Fly

~ Liki Bessmertnykh Bogov
~ Odna
~ Skål
~ Goi, Rode, Goi
~ Kolo Navi

There are many, many more bands but I stopped the list there because the list was getting pretty lengthy. Hope you enjoy the music! Thanks for the ask!


Treehouse, Atlanta, USA by Peter Bahouth

Architect Peter Bahouth built a series of houses in the trees connected by wooden bridges in Atlanta. Inspired by his love for nature and his childhood memories of boyhood treehouses, environmentalist Peter Bahouth created this grown-up fort in his Atlanta backyard. The three rooms of this treehouse have been named ‘Mind,’ ‘Body’ and ‘Spirit’ by its owner. A suspension bridge connects the living room to the bedroom that includes a platform bed which slides out for a better view of the tree canopy.

Photography: Lindsay Appel

Widow Ghosts -

Nightmare Death Syndrome is a phenomenon that has been reported in Thailand, where men have been apparently killed in their sleep by spirits known as Widow Ghosts. The deaths caused a widespread panic in northeastern Thailand in 1990. Many outbreaks of Widow Ghosts have been reported in several villages in Thailand over the years. Men who were young and perfectly healthy would either die in their sleep or suddenly drop dead in the streets. 

It is believed that Widow Ghosts are the spirits of particularly sexual women who met violent deaths. They are on the hunt for husbands and they will kill men in order to take their souls as husbands in the afterlife. There has also been worry that when the Widow Ghosts have enough husbands that they will start seeking female companions as well. 

Since the ghosts only attack men, some young men in Thailand take to wearing lipstick and nail polish during Widow Ghost outbreaks to try to deter the spirits. Hanging wooden penises around a man’s neck or next to him while he sleeps is also believed to ward off the spirits. The residents of Ban Thung Nang Oak proudly built a giant communal phallus in order to get rid of a Widow Ghost problem.