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The prompt for responding-“This story is almost a think experiment. So today, I’d like you to think if any other fairy tales could be told in reverse and end up changing everything.”

First of all, I love the reversal of the Cinderella story in this. I don’t want to mention more because this one will be spoiler-free, but I loved it. The story aside, I feel like most stories would at least be intriguing in reverse. For example, The Little Mermaid (Disney version) in reverse would have a princess just wanting to live under the sea. Flipping the tale (pun not intended) for most stories gives you a story of freedom and independence. That’s part of why I like this so much. I’m personally not a big fan of the classic Cinderella story because she just sits there and waits for life to happen. Being kind has its place and you should love your enemies, but waiting for a fairy godmother is not the best life strategy.


Speaking on Linear temporal supremacy and outdated future modalities at Re-Present-Ing: Freedom, Fiction, and Science by Humans panel presented by Sothis | #blackquantumfuturism #afrofuturism #spacetimecollapse (at Wooden Shoe Books and Records)

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