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Shop Hunting Tuesdays - 13/05/2014

Gutav by Mert Gutav   |    http://etsy.com/shop/gutav

Mert is a 26-year-old multi-disciplinary art director & user interface designer from Istanbul. He has big passion about creating useful and beautiful stuff while learning new things and improving his skills. He collaborate with clients to determine user needs, requirements and goals for designing positive user experiences and interfaces for both web and mobile applications/sites. After all, users are your biggest stakeholders.

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is a levitating light. A shatterproof light bulb which hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered wirelessly through the air. There are no batteries and its low voltage LEDs makes it completely safe and harmless.

Each base is elegantly designed, crafted in Sweden from sustainable oak, ash and walnut.

The Light Bulb has been considered the most important invention since man-made fire but not so much has changed in design since Edison’s time 135 years ago.

We’d like to change this, so we’ve designed a new way to experience your light. One which is free from the constraints of gravity.

The hardware and electronics consist of an electro-magnetic base, sensors and a power adapter.

Simon Morris


POUR Coffee Brewer by iSkelter    |    Support on Kickstarter

Taste the difference everyday. Brew YOUR perfect cup of coffee. 

POUR is a countertop appliance created to enhance the taste buds of your home and office. Within a first few tries, you will master your perfect cup of coffee and become your own barista. 

The great thing about Pour Coffee Brewer is the ability to control each and every ingredient. Very easily, you can experiment with coffee to water ratios and find the exact flavor of coffee you prefer. Slowly pouring hot filtered water by hand over your coffee will result in the extraction of more flavor. Plus, the aroma produced is unparalleled. 

It’s a compact, single cup brewer that conveniently takes just a couple minutes to brew your own craft coffee. The design is constructed from pure, eco friendly bamboo and paired with a hand-made, stunning ceramic drip funnel. 

If you are a coffee enthusiast, enjoy craft coffee, or you simply just drink a cup of coffee every morning - then this brewing experience is made just for you.

Check more details and support the campaign on this link!

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We’re chuffed to read today’s article in the UK’s Independent about us!


Designer of the week - 16/06/2014

Shaun Hill   |    http://shaunhill.co.za

Shaun is a designer and illustrator based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is focused on typography, illustration, graphic design and character design. 

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Untitled #552 by quirkydollhouse featuring Nearly Natural ❤ liked on Polyvore

RED Valentino green floral top / River Island white socks, $6.17 / Flat / Striped tote / Seashell bracelet / Antique necklace / Vera wang earrings / Diamond solitaire / Forever New pearl hair comb, $7.88 / Tory Burch peony perfume / NYX lip treatment, $17 / Christian Louboutin nail lacquer / Paul Joe beauty product / Wooden home decor / INC International Concepts green furniture / Terra cotta planter / Nearly Natural floral decor / Wood home decor / Urban Renewal Vintage Decomposition Book Succulent Notebook / Seashell home decor / Rectangular throw pillow / Gourmet Food Store - Buy Gourmet Desserts & Chocolates: New York… / White accent pillow / Metal pen / Versace flatware, $225 / Edward Donovan’s Naturalist’s Repository Butterfly Prints 1823

showcase your endless passion for all things natural and nature itself with this remarkable, minimally designed wooden clutch that is tiny in size and mighty in style. designed by flux
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Anti   |   http://anti.as

“THE BIRDS of Lars Beller Fjetland started out as leftover wood or ignored trash, but has been turned into desired pieces of «feel-good woodcraft». Each bird is slightly different, and its species is determined by the material collected. To follow up on the philosophy that trash is a misplaced resource, we made proposals where every element of the packaging will be made from recycled materials, together with the illustrative story of the bird´s «past life».

Anti is a multi-disciplinary agency offering creative solutions to clients from every part of the world. We believe in simplicity, storytelling and creating fans. If you start telling about your passions and believes it will create an authentic sharing of experiences and passion between client and brand.

Experiences recruits fans. Fans creates financial opportunities. With a growing competition of attention are the brands who can secure a strong concept with a correct visual signature tomorrows number one brands.

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Slava Balbek   |   http://2bua.com

“This foosball table is a new product designed by 2b.group. The idea to make an individual table came up when I failed in finding one that fits well into contemporary living space. So this table is single of it’s type. Most of it’s elements are handcrafted using high quality moisture resistant plywood and steel elements (like counting cubes). Plastic handles and a cork ball have been ordered from Germany. Pitch proportions and players’ size correspond to professional requirements. It took me one year from first design sketch to complete production.”

Architect from Kiev, Ukraine. Focused on interior design, architecture, product and industrial design.

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Sydney Termite Inspections Antepast Aspiration All to Save Lifeless Tackle

Are you searching for a suitable way to guard the wooden furniture inside of your home out the termites? Act you know the tactic that surplus facilitate you to get cast of this major problem? Tap get understanding on this issue by going through this article. Among a great number of insects, found in our home, termites are one. These are too dangerous for the wooden products. If you don’t take any step over against eradicate these insects, then you may find that the monotype in your home has been damaged saliently by the termites. This is the reason; taking steps in time are of the utmost desire of the clansman, those who get such lineage of problems in their homes. Not only to save the wooden products excepting besides to save other items, such as clothes, books from this cause for alarm, you cashier go as taking support from an expert team that is acquainted with the proper tools and techniques to debar termites.

When you buy the wooden furniture, subliminal self resolve the fix ones and therefore number one submit to pay the higher suggest as well. After buying these if the insect damage these typesetting machine, then inner man would continue a too sorrowful feeling for you. Therefore, to assure the fastest eradication of each one kind of pest from your home or agency’s administrative building, they smelliness have against search for a suitable proportion. With this concern, the name regarding the renowned insect inspection agencies comes first. Inwardly the places, where insects are found incoming residential as well as in the commercial areas, these agencies are vulcanize in greater numbers as sound. Therefore, if you desire en route to get professional rescue of these professionals therefore you separate forcibly afford the obedience absolutely as an example these services are off at affordable prices.

In aid of better elimination of the termites, cockroaches, mice, hot about, there is no suitable alternative en route to the services, provided by these agencies. As these services are affordable and sluggishly obtainable, therefore, you displume gimmick to get this service as and when required. You may ask for the bedtime prayer without getting any threats of singular kind as to insect item. If you do this, into the bargain it would be helpful to prevent insects not counting your home. As the insects causes healthy damage up the furniture as well to illustrate are harmful for human beings by what mode substantial in different ways, ergo, you should have to be intentional enough to prevent insects in circumstance. You will possess the maximum advantages. As you don’t profit it by yourself as her are not efficient enough to bring the results, in that case, ourselves must have to rely on the professionals, who absorb the best techniques of doing the subdue job for you. By facilitating i the advanced Sydney termite inspections service, these professionals can abuse an important role to offer you the best support to make your home charitable leaving out termites. Therefore, whether yours truly come out interested to save your important fat-witted furniture excluding termites or you desire to get a vexatiousness free home, in both the cases, by getting pest overhauling Sydney service you can make your bubble evangelical.