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Shop Hunting Tuesdays - 13/05/2014

Gutav by Mert Gutav   |    http://etsy.com/shop/gutav

Mert is a 26-year-old multi-disciplinary art director & user interface designer from Istanbul. He has big passion about creating useful and beautiful stuff while learning new things and improving his skills. He collaborate with clients to determine user needs, requirements and goals for designing positive user experiences and interfaces for both web and mobile applications/sites. After all, users are your biggest stakeholders.

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POUR Coffee Brewer by iSkelter    |    Support on Kickstarter

Taste the difference everyday. Brew YOUR perfect cup of coffee. 

POUR is a countertop appliance created to enhance the taste buds of your home and office. Within a first few tries, you will master your perfect cup of coffee and become your own barista. 

The great thing about Pour Coffee Brewer is the ability to control each and every ingredient. Very easily, you can experiment with coffee to water ratios and find the exact flavor of coffee you prefer. Slowly pouring hot filtered water by hand over your coffee will result in the extraction of more flavor. Plus, the aroma produced is unparalleled. 

It’s a compact, single cup brewer that conveniently takes just a couple minutes to brew your own craft coffee. The design is constructed from pure, eco friendly bamboo and paired with a hand-made, stunning ceramic drip funnel. 

If you are a coffee enthusiast, enjoy craft coffee, or you simply just drink a cup of coffee every morning - then this brewing experience is made just for you.

Check more details and support the campaign on this link!

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Designer of the week - 16/06/2014

Shaun Hill   |    http://shaunhill.co.za

Shaun is a designer and illustrator based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is focused on typography, illustration, graphic design and character design. 

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K-1 Stationery Kit Design

K-1 means “Konstruktor-1”. The name was inspired by Soviet construction toys. K-1 is a construction set for a stationery and also It has modular system with a wide range of variations. Every kit part has it’s own unique function and colaborate with each other. For instance a little casket box could transform into phone stand. All kit parts are fitting together, so anyone can build their own stationary system and than modify and playing with it. The main basis element is a pencil case and other elements are adjusted to it. All set made of maple, white marble and copper.

Designed by Maxim Scherbakov

Absolutely beautiful laser engraved Tree of Life box, exquisite detail, made of Indian Rosewood, red velvet lined inside and pads on the bottom so it won’t scratch. Perfect for Altar, jewelry, crystals…

You can find it at www.esotericaroma.com  &  www.esotericaromas.etsy.com



Anti   |   http://anti.as

“THE BIRDS of Lars Beller Fjetland started out as leftover wood or ignored trash, but has been turned into desired pieces of «feel-good woodcraft». Each bird is slightly different, and its species is determined by the material collected. To follow up on the philosophy that trash is a misplaced resource, we made proposals where every element of the packaging will be made from recycled materials, together with the illustrative story of the bird´s «past life».

Anti is a multi-disciplinary agency offering creative solutions to clients from every part of the world. We believe in simplicity, storytelling and creating fans. If you start telling about your passions and believes it will create an authentic sharing of experiences and passion between client and brand.

Experiences recruits fans. Fans creates financial opportunities. With a growing competition of attention are the brands who can secure a strong concept with a correct visual signature tomorrows number one brands.

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Office Supplies by sparklypinkelephant featuring a dry erase ❤ liked on Polyvore

LEXON office accessory, 3,490 PHP / Beyond Object copper plate, 6,130 PHP / Wooden home decor, 800 PHP / Dot Bo dry erase, 705 PHP / Dot Bo office accessory, 800 PHP / Dot Bo file organizer, 3,300 PHP / Tech accessory, 895 PHP / Donkey Products - Wooden Notebook - I-Wood - My first Laptop, 2,070 PHP
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Day 6 - Ox Cart Factory and Zip Line

Hola Padres,

This morning we said our good-byes to our host families, packed our bag, and headed for San Carlos to Volcan Arenal.  On the way we stopped in a local artisan town, Sarchi, and toured a Ox Cart Factory.  Here artists spend hours building, carving, and painting traditional Costa Rica ox carts as well as other wooden products.  It was incredible to see them at work!

When we arrived in San Carlos we went immediately to the Zip line tour.  This was a time when many of our students faced their fear of heights and swung down eight zip line cables through the canopy.  The longest cable was over 2,000 ft! The views were breathtaking and the ride was exhilarating. We were able to get pictures of everyone on the Zip Line so stay tuned for more pictures!

Hasta Pronto 

Los Profes