wooden owls

Escape; pt. 2

Reader x Jungkook // (???)!AU // 7092 words

Summary: Everyone has a number over their heads that says how useful they are to society from 0-100. You have a number ‘4’. You leave the city for some peace but you meet your cocky neighbor who seems to get on your nerves.

Genre: Fluff?

Y/L/N refers to your last name/family name

A/N: This chapter’s a little long because uni starts in a few days and I’ll probably be too busy then to write anything. I… don’t really know what I’ve done to this au hahaha. I hope you guys like it?
p.s: Guys, can I just say for like the 100th time that I’m so glad you guys enjoyed the first chapter and that quite a few of you left such sweet comments like idk it really made my week. Also, Happy Early Birthday, Jeon Jungkook!

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Jungkook spends just about every weekend at his cabin now. He even goes to his cabin mid-week if he has the time. He finds it easier to think while being surrounded with nature but it isn’t just that. Whenever he’s up here in the woods, he feels like he has the chance to truly be himself. There’s always light conversation between the both of you whenever you see each other while taking a walk or chilling by the lake. He treasures these moments the most. He never has to think twice about what he has to say because you never judged him. He didn’t know how but you suddenly became his confidant, the person he would turn to whenever something was bothering him.

That’s not to say the both of you would always converse that way. The both of you would bicker like kindergartners from time to time. He’s not quite sure how it started but suddenly the two of you were always trying to one-up each other. It ranged from knowing the answers to random facts to the ability of somersaulting into the lake. Sometimes, Jungkook would think that this “competition” was getting out of hand but he couldn’t stand losing to you because you’d never shut up about it whenever you won.

He tells himself he only spends so much time at the cabin because it enables him to wind down and do better at work but he knows that isn’t the case. He knows he loves coming up to his cabin because he gets to see you chase Buster around for misbehaving or hear you groaning aloud whenever you had to clean up your front lawn or maybe you know just seeing you was enough for him. He was uncomfortable with the warmth he felt growing in his heart whenever he spent time with you but it was starting to become something he could no longer seem to ignore.

You were putting the final touches on a wooden owl figurine that a lady had asked for at the farmer’s market last weekend when you hear the shuffling of footsteps.

“Y/N, you know if you don’t want Buster anymore, I’ll have him.” Jungkook says as he cradles Buster in his arms.

“Ugh, did he sneak into your backyard again? I’m so sorry, Jungkook.” Buster leaps from Jungkook’s arms to find his way next to you.

“You know you should really pay more attention to him, you horrible owner,” He says as he browses around your living room, looking at all your finished woodcarving pieces. “Wow, Y/N this is amazing!” Jungkook exclaims as he picks up a medium-sized figurine of a Roman God.

“Thank you,” You reply shyly. “Also, I give Buster plenty of attention okay but a girl’s gotta make some money you know? You understand that, don’t you buddy?” You say while looking at Buster. He immediately leaps up onto your lap and curls up towards you. You think about how Buster won’t be able to do this by the time next year comes around because he’s growing way too fast for your liking.

Jungkook continues to lounge around, his finger occasionally grazing the pieces that were on display. He seemed to be deep in thought when suddenly he speaks up.

“Do you think you could make a dove for me?”

“Sure, a medium-sized one? It’ll cost about—“

“Hold up. I am your favourite neighbour. Surely you could give it to me for free.”

“You are my only neighbour.”

“Exactly, therefore I am your favourite neighbour.”

“That’s some horribly flawed logic. Sure, I’ll give it to you for free if you hand over one of those million-dollar apps that you own for free.”

“That’s hardly a fair trade.”

“But, I’m your favourite neighbour.”

“Touché. Do I at least get a neighbour discount?”


“Wow, you drive a hard bargain but a wooden dove at full price, I’ll take it.”

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ffs why is it so complicated, you know the first time they show that scene in the bus John actually looks uncomfortable at the woman, yes he runs his fingers through his hair but that’s about it, he doesn’t look flirtatiously at her, he doesn’t smirk smugly it is an awkward smile and then before getting off the bus he gives her a side eye that is anything but “I wanna fuck you“ when he gets off the bus he doesn’t turn over smirking …. but the second time they show that gross scene she bites her lip and he also smirks? and when he gets out he turns around with a smile. Okay anyway, seems I need to highlight all the differences between the two scenes because it’s not only about the newspaper, they are TOTALLY different, JOHN is totally different. And now I am totally not sure which one of the scenes is actually real. The normal John or the OOC John. But, there might be an explanation to it. I’ll get to it.

SCENE 1 - awkward smile, no smug smirk

he gives her no cheeky look here at all

he doesn’t turn around with a smirk here (a gif would be better here but never mind) he looks perplexed at most

SCENE 2 - smug cheeky smirk, the same one actually he flashes before texting the woman from the kitchen

he doesn’t immediately forget about her here, he turns around, remembering her, smiling

One of them must be fake. I just don’t know what is this with this scene and which narrative it is being a part of.

Now here’s the thing that hit me yesterday with Ella

Sian Brooke was credit “Elizabeth“ in this episode. But as I said already, that name doesn’t mean anything on this show. Mary and John used “Beth“ as a code, someone who doesn’t exist, Mary ELIZABETH Morstan doesn’t exist either, she stole that name. But there is E anyway. And that number, as I said already, yes, as someone else pointed out the first part is a fake TV number. But 552, if you transform it into letters, the way it would be on the old phones, you can spell LLA with it, that would turn it into ELLA. Now I freaked out yesterday because wtf John and Ella but no… her voice saying “you [Sherlock] have been having dreams, recurring dreams“ can be heard while there is still John on screen… John whose pupils are so dilated… why?

Anyway, then once the scene cuts to Ella (weird sound effects going on there) (note: ALSO, the transition effect used between the John at the graveyard scene and this scene above is the same one that was used in the beginning showing the montage with the baby.)

The clock in Ella’s office, which we can’t see, tick for 59th time the moment Sherlock says ‘John’ and when you can also hear a heartbeat, now I still might be wrong about this but I counted twice, it is definitely one of the gay numbers. Also, it is worth to mention that 59 is also the number of the bus stop. And, Culverton’s billboard is never visible the first time, in the not OOC John scene, not even a hint iirc.

And of course, the damn wooden owl (“night owl?“) in Ella’s weird office.

Maybe it truly means that none of it is a cheap lame primitive plot development but really Sherlock’s weird recurring dream. Maybe that’s why you can combine E+LLA and get Ella, maybe that’s why there is an owl in her office maybe those are the hints that the cheating scenes ARE NOT REAL but a product of Sherlock’s imagination. And the soundtrack is named that way only because on the surface it really looks like cheating. But the scenes in the bedroom are ALSO different, Mary says a different thing. So HOPEFULLY the fake scenes are the second ones we’ve been shown and the woman’s reflection in the window on the plane? Yes, idk who brought that up first but Sherlock is sleeping or at least he is deep in his mind palace and maybe he has already saw the woman before and for whatever reason he is dreaming about John cheating with her. And maybe John really wasn’t about to tell Mary about cheating, maybe that wasn’t real either because their damn house is still looking all WRONG. 

TAB Moriarty was right. Of course it doesn’t make sense, it’s not real.

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My alter devoted to Lilith. Currently her offering dish is filled with sigil ashes and black moon Lilith water. Permanently on her alter are a black cat, a small wooden owl, and a ring that looks like a snake. She enjoys most red & black things, and darker colours. I charge my crystal ball on this alter so that Lilith may speak with me more directly.

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Sometimes I forget you exist but lately I’ve been thinking much more of you. The sun had just set and it doesn’t make me sad anymore. Is life treating you any better? I hope you’re treating yourself better. How’s that boy you used to kiss in the backyard of your poetry? Does he still look at you and make the lions in your ribcage roar? It worries me how well you’re holding up so far. Do you still write? I remember the way you subconsciously run your thumb across paper cuts when you’re nervous. Please tell me you’ve gotten rid of that wooden owl clock that ticks dreadfully loud. You know it doesn’t really calm your nerves. Do you remember the people who asked you why? You told them it was because people are easier to love when they are dead. Are people easier to love where you are?
—  MJL, A Letter to my Future Self
Shades and Shadows closed rp


Wisque woke to a strange dream, not being able to piece it together as it quickly fluttered from her mind, she got up and prepaid Pumpkin his breakfast. Pumpkin rubbed up against her wooden owl legs yowling as his food was made. After she places his food and let him eat she watered her herbs and plants before getting dressed out of her sleeping wear. Wisque then went for a walk along the softly lite paths of waterfall to a little waterfall. She was checking on some small patches of glowing moss as Pumpkin practices his hunting skills on little moths. 


@justgreenenough is a person who abused me, cheated on me, and fed me to the wolves to save himself. I cannot tag him because our communication is blocked.
His name is Joshua Thomas Veliz.
He is a convicted felon.
He has been arrested upward of 6 times.
Half of those instances have been for violent offenses. The rest for drug-related issues, including when he was selling drugs from his parents’ basement for several years into his upper 20’s.

Tonight, after two days of compromising and saying we’d like to make it work, one of the multiple men he had been talking to on dating apps started liking all my photos of my dog and my ex-fiancé.

When I say cheating, I should clarify. Apparently it’s not considered cheating by all when you’re pretending to be a girl and catfishing for straight men to jerk off for you on camera while you type/talk them off. But when you start sucking strangers’ dicks, I’m not sure how you can escape calling it cheating. Either way, we are talking legitimately 100+ men in a two year period who got his sexual attention when we had clearly established that this was not acceptable in our relationship.

He cracked my skull twice, resulting in two surgeries. He completely shattered my eye socket one of those times. Broken ribs. Dragged me in a car after scattering my belongings all over a public parking lot and trying to leave me there with it 100 miles from home. Smashed drywall. Broken windows. He even smashed the wooden hand-carved owl wind chime that hung above my crib as a child. Pulled the cord out of my headphones. Shredded multiple t-shirts and jackets.

I contracted two STD’s because of him. He likes to claim we contracted them together. Because when your financial security depends on opening your relationship sexually or being homeless, you’ll likely choose being abused, diseased, and heeding your fear of punishment.

Today, I stop being silent to keep a monster comfortable.
I am not afraid any longer.

Please do not follow this person.
Please do not speak with him.
Please do not entertain his lies and sociopathy that I fell for.

In fact, please feel free to share this post.
Because abuse is not okay.
Because abusers will not ever stop.
Because abuse is addictive, even being abused.
Because abuse is easily deniable.
Because abuse can happen to men.
Because abuse will always exist.
There will always be someone who needs help out. And getting out is so much harder than you can possibly imagine.

No more.

anonymous asked:

one time twenty years ago my mom made an offhand comment about liking some frog statue and she's spent the last 2 decades being gifted frog figurines and amassing a very large collection of frogs against her will. so tell me, do you ever regret coming up with lovelace the owl?

TBH anon I was already collecting owls. My mum decided one day that

a) Owls were going to be the next big interior decoration thing
b) I should collect owls

It turns out a) was correct and b) I couldn’t do anything about, so now I involuntarily collect owls. Like seriously – perhaps her most famous gift to me is Prowly, but I also own an owl humidifer (from her), owl-patterned throw pillows and antimacassars for my couch (also from her), two wooden owl figurines (picked out for me as part of my inheritance from Mama Tickey, by Mum), at least one tote bag with owls on it, and – when I bowed to the inevitable – a collectible vinyl owl sculpture named Milky Bliss (the model on the left) (purchased by me, now keeping the wooden owls company).

I mean, for the love of God, I don’t need any more owls, don’t feel obliged to send me any. But I was already well on my way to being crazy owl guy before Lovelace. You can probably blame Lovelace on my mother. God knows I blame everything else on her. :D