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Balcony Scene (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU): In which an impromptu performance of Shakespeare occurs at the foot of your stairs.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,558

A/N: @snugglebuck requested: Omg so I just say this prompt list and one of them was “i was on my balcony and you started loudly quoting romeo and juliet at me” and all I could think about was ALIL and Bucky doing this or like even when the reader is at the top of a staircase and like even better when he’s drunk or something. This takes place between “The Honeymoon Phase” and “Jealousy”

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - I can’t thank you enough for always editing my stuff for me. 

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After what felt like an endless day of classes, you decide to treat yourself to a night off. In order to fully enjoy yourself, you change into the coziest pajamas you can find and take all of your best snacks out of hiding. Once you’ve gotten everything you need in order, you close the door to your room and turn off the lights. The darkness adds to the overall movie theater atmosphere that you want to create for your night of Netflix and relaxation.

You’re halfway through your second movie when your door flies open. The bright light from the hallway is a shock to your system and you cover your eyes automatically, blindly searching for the space bar on your laptop to pause what you’re watching. “What?”

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I recolored a bunch of the wooden objects from the Parenthood gamepack in all 75 of WildlyMiniatureSandwich’s Sandwich palette colors. Each object has all colors in one package. Some of the darker colors (specifically in the naturals) come out really dark but sometimes on my computer stuff looks darker than it is. I’ll likely make a couple different variations for the coffee table later on. The top of the coffee table is a result of me messing around to get a different wood color.

Items included: Counter, Island Counter, Cabinet, Counter Sink, Medicine cabinet, bathroom cabinet, Such a square coffee table, Brohill bookshelf and dresser, bottomless dresser, Nightstand and No Mess Organizer counter.

Parenthood required



EA for the objects, @wildlyminiaturesandwich for the colors

Dirty Laundry

Prompt: can you do a one shot where the reader is Rick’s daughter (like early-mid twenties) but she’s really shy and Negan takes a liking to her. He constantly flirts with and compliments her and keeps making excuses to make more runs to Alexandria just so that he can see her. Maybe they eventually kiss in the end. Just pure fluff please. Thank you! – Requested by Anonymous

Pairing: Negan x You, Negan x Ricks!Daughter

Word Count: 2,424

Type: One shot.

Warnings: None

Rating: G

Notes: I struggled writing this, it literally took me like two weeks. But this is what I came up with, I hope it’s okay little nonnie. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to send me feedback. Anyways, happy reading y’all.

“Well hello kitten, fancy fucking seeing you here.” You hear the oh so familiar voice of Negan say, as he stands in your back yard watching you hang out the washing.

You turn to him, chewing on the inside of your lip. He had taken a liking to you over the past few weeks. Your first encounter with Negan was him trying to start a conversation with you in the kitchen and you fumbling on your words not being able to form a coherent sentence. You weren’t much for talking or interacting with others in general and you definitely weren’t keen on talking with the charismatic chatty villain. But luckily for you, a saviour had interrupted the encounter to show Negan something.

You could probably count the amount of words you had actually spoken to him on both your hands, but even though you showed no sign on increasing the word count he still felt the need to personally greet you every time he visited. Recently his visits had become more frequent, much to your father’s disapproval.

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critical role relationship week: day 2

(percy & gilmore, perc’ahlia)

(day 1: scanlan & cassandra)

“Gilmore, I… May I ask a favour of you?”

Gilmore looked up from the book he was reading - a welcome break, for he’d been reading for some time and he could feel the sting of a headache in his temples - to see Percival de Rolo stood in the doorway. Immediately he straightened up, thumbing a bookmark into place before flipping the cover shut in one smooth motion.

“That depends on the favour,” Gilmore said, drumming his fingers on the book’s cover as he looked Percival up and down. He frowned. “I’m not fighting another dragon,” he added, and that seemed to wring a laugh out of Percival.

“No, no more dragons,” he agreed, leaning one shoulder against the doorframe. “At least for now. You know what we’re like; I make no promises.” Something in his smile seemed to run tight as he spoke - indeed, they both knew very well Vox Machina’s penchant for rushing headlong into danger, and Gilmore knew more than he would have liked about how often it came back to bite them.

Satisfied that he wasn’t about to be asked to face down an ancient dragon again, Gilmore leaned forward, propping his elbows on the table to perch his chin upon his hands. “So? Your favour, then? Come now, I haven’t all day.”

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I won’t Apologize

Stefan x Reader

Summary: You save Stefan’s life, but he gets mad because you’re human and almost get yourself killed trying to save him. 

Requested by anon 

     The Salvatore house was quite, which was something that never happened. There was always some sort of conversation or fighting going on, but right now there was nothing. The silence worried you some, but you knew better than to jump to conclusions. You quickly made your way to Stefan's bedroom. You quickly flung open the door. You were half expecting Stefan to be sitting at his desk writing in his journal instead, the room was empty. “Stefan!” you called out in hopes that he would suddenly appear behind you. 

       You jumped when you heard a scream come from the basement. It sounded like Stefan. It had to be Stefan, but what was making him scream. You quickly scanned the room looking for any sharp wooden objects you could use to impale a possible vampire assailant. A broken chair leg looked like it would do the trick. You grabbed the chair and kicked the leg off. Your heart was pounding in your chest and you could feel every beat of it in your ears. If Stefan was in trouble you would have to be the one to save him because there didn’t seem to be anyone else around to do it. 

      You carefully made your way to the basement. as you got closer Stefan’s screams got louder. Every time you heard the slightest noise leave Stefan’s mouth you felt a horrible feeling in your gut. Listing to his screams was the worst thing you had ever had to do. You wanted badly to just run down there and kill his assailant, but you had to be careful or else you would get yourself killed. 

       Your element of surprise went quickly out the window when you heard a man’s voice say,”Listen to the flutter of their heartbeat.” You froze right where you were afraid to move because now the man knew you were there, he probably even knew how close you were to him. Stefan growled at the man and you could hear him struggling against some restraints. 

          Besides the sound of Stefan's growls, it was quite. Stefan was not being hurt he was instead just trying to escape his restraints. You knew the man was coming for you, he had to be. You quickly backed yourself up against a wall so he couldn't come up from behind you. Your grip on the chair leg tightened and the amount of adrenalin in your body skyrocketed. 

          “Hello.” Without even thinking you plunged the chair leg into the man in front of you. It was a strange man you had never seen before. His skin was now turning grey, but you could still clearly see his features. He had bright green eyes and dark brown hair, he was older, no older than 40, and he had a scar running down his left cheek. 

         “Y/N!” Stefan yelled. You looked one last time at the strange man dying on the ground and then ran towards Stefan. 

            He was tied to a chair and had a wooden stake in both legs. Blood soaked his shirt and his forehead was drenched in sweat. “Stefan.” You said weakly. You got down on your knees in front of him and pulled the Stakes from his legs. You quickly untied his ropes and got him out of the chair.

         “You should have gone and got Damon.” Stefan croaked. You stopped and looked at him. 

          “by the time I found Damon’s ass, you would have been dead.” You said with anger in your voice. Part of you knew he would be angry with you for saving him, which was stupid on his part. 

        “You could have been killed, by that man.” His voice got louder and his grip on your shoulder tightened. 

            “And he could have killed you too, Stefan. Can’t you just say ‘thanks for saving my life Y/N, let’s go get some burgers or something’.” You said in a mocking tone. 

           “You should have got Damon.” He said once more. 

           “What Stefan are you upset that a human killed him and you couldn’t.” You looked him dead in the eye. You were mad now because he was being ridiculous. “Look I am not going to apologize for saving your life, so get over yourself.” 

       He groaned in defeat, but he didn’t say another word about the whole thing. 

        “Who was that man, Stefan.” You asked as you watched him take his shirt off. 

       “Just some new vampire that wanted revenge on Damon, but sadly Damon wasn’t here.” He sighed and headed towards his bathroom. 

       “Why is Damon never around when you need him?” You said laughing. 

Pokemon Offerings and Working With Them Masterpost

Here is a masterpost of items you can put on altars for offerings to pokemon or to work with their energy or with them as guides. This is by pokemon type and compiled from my personal grimoires

Originally posted by paralyzeheals


Offerings: matches, ashes, candles (especially red), tea lights, LED candles, lighters, charcoal, black salt, cooked foods, spicy things, hot sauce, pepper flakes, black pepper, peppercorn, images of fire and volcanoes, lava lamps, chocolate, hot chocolate, dark roast coffee, fire related herbs like cinnamon, basil, sunflowers, and oak; fire related crystals like amber, carnelian, diamond, and bloodstone; anything red or orange, images of fire pokemon

Correspondences: power, anger, passion and lust, energy, strength, love, purification, courage, competition, victory, destruction and the element of fire

Spell types: burning, smoke cleansing, candle spells, fire elemental; strength spells, courage spells, revenge curses/spells; love spells


Offerings: waters of all types (tap, rain, ocean, river, etc), sea salt, sea shells, beach sand, river dirt/sand, blue candles, ocean scented things (candles, lotion, sprays, etc), crab/crustacean shells, bath bombs and bath products, soap, spray bottles, images of the sea, lakes, rivers, rain, etc; pearls, anything blue, water related herbs like seaweed, lotus, cucumber, and aloe; water related crystals like aquamarine, lapis lazuli and sodalite; images of water pokemon or dive/net pokeballs

Correspondences: peace, tranquility, compassion, pure love (self-love), knowledge, purification and cleansing, emotions and emotional balance, and healing

Spell types: bath spells, spells using water, water elemental spells; cleansing, healing spells, tranquility/peace spells, self love spells


Offerings: living plants and succulents, leaves, grass, dried and fresh herbs, flowers and flower petals, natural scented incenses, oils and candles (like pine, clove, mint, forest, floral, etc), wooden objects, tree branches and bark, images of forests, meadows, and fields; fresh produce, foods containing vegetables and fruit, herbal teas, fresh water, watering cans, gardening tools, seeds and nuts, planting soil, green candles and tea lights, anything that is green and earthy colors, images of plant pokemon

Correspondences: prosperity, life, learning, youth, growth, the natural world, plants and plant magic, healing and health, luck, material gain and wealth

Spell types: herbal spells, teas, kitchen magick, garden magick, forest magick; healing spells, wealth and prosperity spells, luck spells, growth spells


Offerings: batteries, copper, wires, electronics, computers/tablets/phones/etc, cds, flash drives, yellow candles, energy drinks, sugar, storm and rainwater, sounds of rain and thunder, images of storms and lightning, LED candles, fairy lights/christmas lights, yellow things, lightning symbols, lemons and citrus, lemon balm, yellow flowers and plants, rice, yellow foods, sour foods and candies, trail mix, energy bars, motivational quotes and images, images of electric type pokemon

Correspondences: happiness, youth, energy, motivation, action, movement, change, power, and friendship

Spell types: storm magick/spells, motivational spells, happiness spells, friendship spells, charging and empowering spells, self-empowerment, energy work


Offerings: honey, sugar water, soda and sugary beverages, fruit, leaves and greenery, flowers (especially bee friendly ones), hives/wasp nests (safely collected of course), wax/bees wax, yellow and green candles, sweet flowery or fruity scents and oils, spider webs, woven things, braided threads, sewing supplies, quilt work, silk, green and yellow crystals, images of bug pokemon and/or net balls

Correspondences: mending, repair, transformation, growth, life lessons, change

Spell types: knot magic, woven or sewn, mending things, growth spells, accepting change spells; binding spells, curses related to paranoia and anxiety


Offerings: purple, indigo and yellow candles; purple, indigo and yellow items; divination tools like tarot cards, divining rods, pendulums, and scrying mirrors; books, writing tools and supplies, art supplies like paints, inks, etc; crystals related to divination and psychic work like amethyst, mugwort, tea and tea supplies, herbs for divination and psychic work like dandelion, fig and orange peels; incenses that relate to psychic and divination work, essential oils associated with psychic and divination work, images of stars, planets, the sky and nebulae; images of psychic pokemon

Correspondences: divination, psychic abilities/work, communication, self exploration, curiosity, knowledge, wisdom, meditation, focus/memory, creativity, inspiration, mysticism

Spell types: divination, psychic work, meditation, dream work, cosmic witchcraft, written or drawn spells, sigil work, creativity spells, inspiration spells, knowledge spells, memory spells, improving communication


Offerings: black pepper, obsidian, onyx and other black crystals; black candles, storm water and salt, images and representation of the moon and night sky; moonstone, moon water, garnet, herbs associated with cursing like nightshade, rosemary, and foxglove (use caution with poisonous plants), black soil, charcoal and ashes, black ink or paint, glow in the dark objects and items, images of dark type pokemon

Correspondences: the unknown, mysticism, the moon/night, invisibility, peace, silence, banishing, cunning; curses of all kinds

Spell types: banishing and warding, invisibility spells, curses of all kinds, moon and night related magic


Offerings: bones, graveyard dirt, apples, pomegranate, necromantic herbs like mugwort, mullein, mandrake and lavender; black and purple candles, skulls and imagery of skulls, crow feathers, dead plants and flowers, dried flowers/herbs, meat dishes, images of graveyards, blood, hematite, bloodstone, red wine, salt and black salt, iron, poisonous plants/herbs (use with caution), pendulum, tarot cards, ouija board, mirrors and scrying mirrors, images of ghost pokemon

Correspondences: death, endings, new beginnings, rebirth, renewal; sorrow, loss, fear

Spell types: spirit work, necromancy, ending things, cutting ties, unbinding, banishing; curses of all kinds, binding


Offerings: glitter, sweets, baked goods, fruit, honey, beauty products, lotions, bath bombs, candy, bows and ribbons, nail polish, flowers, flower scented incense and oils, perfumes, mirrors, pink and white candles, gold, jewelry, rose quartz, clear quartz, pink and white crystals, lace, floral print, clothing and accessories, images of the moon, glitter jars, arts and crafts supplies, himalayan pink salt, epsom salts, floral or fruit teas, sugar, molasses, images of friends and loved ones, cotton balls and soft things, beads, pearls, images of fairy pokemon

Correspondences: glamour, beauty, youth, grace, passion, self love, whimsy, wishes, fantasy, friendship and family

Spell types: kitchen magic (especially baking), cottage magic, glamour, mirror magic, bath spells; self love spells, beauty spells, happiness spells, friendship spells, bonding spells, wishes


Offerings: poisonous herbs and plants (use with caution); willow, elm, mugwort, purple candles, amethyst, tanzanite, any purple crystals, purple things, toxic stones and gemstones (use with caution), iron, needles and sharp things, slime and sludge, lava lamps or glitter lamps, black lights, glow in the dark objects, images of poison pokemon

Correspondences: endurance, survival, emotional balance and strength, patience; spite, cursing, chaos

Spell types: endurance spells, emotional balance spells; cursing of all sorts, hexes, poisoning relationships

Ground and Rock

Offerings: dirt and mud, earth related herbs like wheat, oats, and ash; breads and grains, rice, rocks and stones, crystals related to earth like jade, jet and sandstone; clay and pottery, root vegetables, potatoes, raw metals, sand, brown candles, salt, images of mountains, caves, and canyons; anything brown, images of ground/rock pokemon

Correspondences: strength, endurance, balance, stability, wealth, respect, humbleness, grounding, maturity

Spell types: burying things, grounding and centering; strength spells, wealth spells


Offerings: ice water, melted snow, snowflake symbols/items, images of winter and snow, winter clothes, blankets, hats, scarves, mittens, blue and white candles, clear and white gemstones like clear and milky quartz, white glitter, silver, pine needles, pine cones, pine incense/oils, anything related to winter, the winter solstice or winter holidays, deer antlers, images of ice pokemon

Correspondences: isolation, shelter, serenity, beauty, grace, snow/winter magic, meditation, sleep, rebirth, new discoveries, cleansing, purification, protection

Spell types: invisibility, cleansing, cottage magic, serenity and peace spells, beauty spells, sleep spells, bringing new things into one’s life, protection spells; binding, freezing others


Offerings: incense, bells, feathers, imagery of clouds and sky, pinwheels, wind chimes, instruments, music, poetry, light fabrics, cotton, dandelion fluff/seeds, yellow, blue and white candles; headphones, ipods/radios, kites, air related herbs like lemongrass, mistletoe and lavender; air related crystals like fluorite, turquoise and mica; stamps and envelopes, art supplies, books, writing supplies, cameras, photos and drawings, divination tools like tarot cards and pendulums, mirrors, glass, wand, broom/besom, ribbons and string, soft things, bird’s nests, branches of bendy trees, images of flying type pokemon

Correspondences: weather, air element, flight, freedom, music, happiness, joy, divination, travel, discovery, communication, adventures

Spell types: divination, art and written spells, song and music spells, incense spells, weather magic, wind calling, air elemental spells, flying spells, inspiration spells, creativity spells, travel spells, communication spells


Offerings: bread, cooked meals, rice, quinoa, potatoes, blankets and pillows, home related tools and ‘knick knacks’, images of friends and family, wool, brown and white candles, kitchen tools and cooking supplies, cleaning supplies and tools, besom and brooms, warm scented candles and incense, brown and white crystals and stones, toys, postcards and letters from loved ones, baby powder, tissues and tissue paper, candy and cookies, candy and cookie tins/boxes, images of normal type pokemon

Correspondences: the home and hearth, family, friends, peace, content, nostalgia, memories, comfort, cleansing, warding, protection especially of the family and home

Spell types: cottage magic, kitchen magic, family related magic, friendship spells, protection spells, memory spells, comfort and calming spells, warding


Offerings: trophies, sports equipment, outdoor gear, red candles, strong incense and oils, chalk, healthy foods, foods high in protein, vitamins, epsom salts, crystals and herbs associated with power, images of fighting types

Correspondences: strength, power, victory, overcoming foes/tragedies; aggression, anger

Spell types: strength spells, power spells, competition related spells; curses relating to revenger or anger


Offerings: metals of all kinds, nails, tools, metal containers and objects, gray, silver and gold candles; gray, silver and gold colored objects; chains, wires, tacks, and images of steel type pokemon

Correspondences: defense, protection, endurance, invincibility, self-assurance, self-empowerment, warding

Spell types: protection spells of all types, warding


Offerings: cloves, cinnamon, bay laurel, sage, pepper, allspice, sunstone, carnelian, jasper, onyx, obsidian, amber, citrine, glass and glass objects, nuts, meats/high protein meals, beans, wines and alcohol, lanterns and candles, colors of red and purple, depictions of dragons and dragon related objects, dragon scales or dragon scaled items, dice, fantasy novels and books, images of dragon pokemon

Correspondences: dragons, power, nobility, respect, motivation, travel, mysticism, seeking the truth, loyalty

Spell types: draconic magic; strength and power spells, respect spells, self empowerment spells, motivation spells, loyalty spells, learning and discovery related spells


UWO by Woven

Unidentified Wooden Object is a playful reference to its “unidentified” function without any recognizable structural sign how to use it. People curious to climb in and experience the atmosphere tend to use it to relax, chat and drink, while the children love to just madly run around.


Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Warnings: Cussing

Word Count: 1,226 (I’m not sorry)

Cariña - Dear or Darling

Tag List: @the-a-ham @philipandlaurens

You were doing your usual, sitting and doing your grueling work on your computer, when the door opened.

“Cariña?” Lin called. “I’m home!”

An smile crept on your face, as it always did when your boyfriend came home from work. You sat up and yelled “I’m in the living room!”

He pranced in, grinning and holding a large wooden object. You looked at him quizzically. “What’s that?” You pointed at the object. “It’s for you!” he smiled like a giddy child and held it out to you.

You took it carefully and inspected it. It was a large book, carved and put together beautifully. Looking at Lin and raising an eye brow, you said “What is it?” his brown eyes sparkled. “Well, look at it!”

The cover was carved with a title at the top in swirling letters. “The Perfect Fit”. In the middle, two detached pieces of wood shaped like a Yin Yang sign were there, one had a picture of you carved into it, the other a picture of him. In between the two was carved “A story of two people who fit perfectly together.” You looked at Lin, then tried to turn the page and found you could not. “No, no, it’s a puzzle!” Lin chuckled. He put a hand on the piece that had your face on it, and you looked at him for a moment before putting your hand on the other one. You pushed it and it moved, Lin pushed his, so that they came together, and a click could be heard.

You turned the page.

On one side, there was more writing. You inspected it.

“Once upon a time, there was an awkward young Latino boy and a beautiful girl with [eye color] eyes. She was energetic and kind, he was nerdy and whimsical.” You giggled lightly.

“One warm Spring morning, the two were walking to school when they bumped into each other, causing them to drop their books. They apologized at the same time, helped each other gather their things, and when they walked away they both hoped they’d see each other again.”

On the opposite page, there was two half circles with knobs. You tentatively turned the first knob and where the half circles ended there was an array of characters and things. You smiled when you saw the familiar one, a little ghost, and you remembered that when you’d met, he’d been wearing a shirt of Casper the ghost. Reaching for the second knob, you stopped it on another familiar object, heels. You’d been wearing heels that day. Never again.

A click, and you looked up at Lin. His eyes were wide and he looked at you expectantly. There was a sense of something in his eyes. Anxiety? Fear? You turned the page.

It was titled “The Journey”. Your eyes flitted over the writing and you couldn’t help but smile like a dork.

“The girl went to school and noticed that awkward but dashingly handsome boy being bullied every day. He was called names, pushed, shut in lockers, and thrown in trash cans. One day she couldn’t take it anymore and spoke up against the bullies for him. This started their friendship.

In college they were dorm roomies and stayed close through everything. Bad relationships, breakups, family loss, you name it. They were constantly there for each other, but neither realized they were slowly falling in love.

When they were 20 hey got into a play in theater together, and both were cast in the lead roles. Their first kiss was scripted, but that’s when he realized he loved her. He finally mustered up the courage to ask her out a month later, right after their performance of the play. She said yes.”

On the other page, there was a little car and a bunch of grooves for it to drive through. As you moved the tiny Chevy, little landmarks swung up. The theater where you had your first kiss, the building  you had your first date on top of overlooking the stars, and it ended at one of your fondest memories, the time when you snuck away in Lin’s car and drove all the way to Florida and played on the beach two days before your exams started. When you reached the end, there was a click. You turned the page.

This one was titled “Little Ankle” and read:

“The two went to Florida at a time that was pretty inconvenient. But they came back not only happy, but with a new companion.

Little Tobillo came running up to them on the beach cold, wet, and covered in sand. A helpless puppy with nowhere to go. They took her in and named her Tobillo because she liked to nip their ankles. They thought she was a boy at first but by the time they found out it was too late to change her name. Tobi it was and Tobi it would stay.”

On the opposite page was a circle with you on one side and Lin on the other, cut down the middle. You glanced at Lin and then separated the two to reveal Tobillo walking in between the two. You giggled and turned the page.

“Perfect Two” was the title, and you read on.

“Now you’re  probably wondering what the fuck I’m doing. Have patience, love, and let me tell the story.

Now, they’re getting older. Not really settling, because everyone knows they’ll probably never settle down. But calming, a bit. He does movies and theater. she does work from home and the occasional theater role. They’ve been dating for going on 7 years. Are they really perfect for each other? No one knows.”

You frowned a bit and looked at the opposite page. It was an eyelet and a moving piece of wood. You looked at him. He was fidgeting in his seat and you could see he was shaking. “Go on.” He coaxed quietly. “Open it.”

You pried your eyes off of him, mind ablaze with questions, and turned the page.

The little compartment opened to reveal a beautiful ring with a sparkling diamond staring you in the face. You began to shake, and slowly picked it up, looking it over. Finally, you looked a Lin. But he wasn’t there, he was on one knee on the floor, his brown eyes sparkling despite his shaking hands.

“[full name], I’ve loved you since we bumped into each other, and ever since. I’ve never stopped loving you and I never will. You’ve stayed with me through thick and thin and that makes me so happy. I know I can always rely on you for anything, and I know for sure that I want you to be my wife. What do you say?”

You didn’t bother wiping the huge tears streaming down your face, you just stared at him, ring clutched in between your fingers, and watched as his face started to fall. You immediately enveloped him in a huge hug, now sobbing into his shoulder. After a few minutes, you pulled away and looked at his face. He had tears on his face and in his eyes, which you wiped away with your thumb. You thought for a good minute, just looking at him as more tears fell from both of your eyes.

Finally, you spoke.

“Of course I’ll marry you, you fucking dork.”

Inspired by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Srw9gXDa24g

Case Study {Part I}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Time for yet another series! This time, we’re indulging in my ultimate fave, Bodhi Rook. This is the complete opposite of my Mobster! Cassian AU, so I hope you all enjoy reading!)

Detective! Bodhi x Reader

Plot Summary: John MacArthur was found dead in his home on March 3rd, 2017. His family, especially his wife and sister in law, are emotionally distressed. His neighbor is strangely nonchalant, a former prostitute has been demanding child support, and the weapon is nowhere to be found. New LAPD detective Bodhi Rook has been assigned to this murder, and has been paired up with you, one of the division’s finest. Try not to let your emotions hinder the case, detective.

You got out of your car, jogging past the sirens and showing off your badge to the officers guarding the house. You ducked under the police tape and into the house, spotting Jyn taking pictures of the crime for the forensics department.

You sighed when you looked at the text from Cassian earlier. A new case.

A man was found dead in his home.

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Salt and Bleed

Dean Winchester imagine based on the prompt:

“It’s my duty and obligation to protect you, remember?”

Walking into the derelict house, rock salt loaded shotgun wielded, you move between the two brothers, Sam behind while Dean leads the way.

The three of you were currently hunting a particularly nasty spirit, one that had spent many years dwelling on how cruel and unfair life had treated him, during his time alive of course. That, combined with the fact that the said man found his demise at the hands of his cheating, abusive wife, created a very ruthless and relentless ghost. How fun.

Hearing a rattle to the side of you, you yank Dean down by his jacket, an object just about skimming over you and smashing against the wall. Slowly rising back up, you look behind, smiling at a seemingly uninjured Sam.

“Right, the bones should be under the floorboard somewhere, could be any room.” Dean starts, the three of you gathered in the hallway of the creaking house. “I’ll take upstairs. Let’s find them, salt and burn this son of a bitch and get the hell out of here.”

“Yes, boss.” you tease, throwing a fake salute at the older Winchester. He glares at you, though humour dances in his eyes. He nods at the two of you, his footsteps desending upstairs as you and Sam walk into the living room, you heading left into the kitchen.

You can hear a crying dog in the distance, shaking your head at the fact it’s been left outside on this cold, dark night. You run your fingers across the counter tops, disturbing a thick layer of dust that jumps up, sneezes erupting from you in response.

“Jesus.” you choke, your nose tingling as you step around the room, sweeping your feet across the floor in search of a singularly different floorboard. “I haven’t seen this much dust since I cleaned Dean’s room.”

Sam chuckles from one of the other rooms, a smirk on your face as you head into a smaller room, a squeal erupting from your lips as a massive spider crawls out from its hiding place, your heart beating a thousand times a minute.

A flicker of light shoots by you, you spinning around as you see the figure of Thomas Geller in front of you, the deep welts on his pale flesh causing you to widen your eyes. Flying into action, you pull the trigger of the shotgun, the spirit disappearing temporarily as a reaction to the salt.

“Think I got something!” you hear Dean yell, heading out of the room as you hear Sam descend up the wooden stairs, chuckling at how heavy he is on his feet.

Just as you go to leave the front room, a high pitch squealing fills your ears, the sound so excruciating that it causes you to drop your weapon, your hands rushing to shelter your eardrums.

With your defenses down, you don’t see the cabinet being pushed across the room, the wooden weight crashing against you and securing you against the wall. You scream out in agony as you feel something sink into your thigh, liquid seeping out of your leg and soaking your skin at an alarmingly fast pace.

“(Y/N)!” The shouts of your boyfriend find their way through the ringing in your ears, your body getting weaker as you continue to be drained out of the puncture in your skin. You feel the cabinet lose its power, you slumping to the floor as the wooden object is moved, a blurry Dean coming into vision.

“Dean…” you manage to force out, your eyes threatening to close as you feel yourself get lifted up, Dean carrying you in his arms and out of the house, Sam rushing behind.

“C'mon baby, stay with me.” Dean begs, his voice sounding like it’s getting further and further away as you feel the cushion of the Impala under your body, Dean sliding into the backseat beside you. “Don’t you dare close your eyes, (Y/N).”

Though, no matter how hard you try to fight, it’s a worthless battle, your heavy lids falling shut as darkness envelopes you.

As your eyes flutter open, all you can think of is how dry your throat is, and how achy your leg is. Your eyes flicker around the room, taking in the white walls and the monitors, the strong smell of disinfectant slithering up your nose. The sight of Dean, mouth open and head back as he sleeps, makes your heart swell, a loving smile working it’s way onto your lips.

You know you shouldn’t be here. The police could catch wind of this at any time, and all three of you were wanted. Panicking, you try to sit up, the small rattle disturbing your sleeping boyfriend, his eyes shooting open as he takes you in. Smiling sheepishly, you try to wave at him, your eyes widening in alarm as you see the giant needle sticking out of your hand.

“Hey, sweetheart.” His voice is like heaven to you, like your favourite melody. You could listen to it all day.

“Hi.” Your voice barely comes out, Dean pouring you a cup of water and passing it to you, the icy liquid hydrating your throat.

“We shouldn’t be here Dean, especially you.” you scold him, your gaze flickering to the door, expecting a dozen of feds to come pouring in at any time. “Where’s Sam? You two need to get the hell-”

“Take it easy there, darlin’.” he chuckles, standing up out of the chair to place a loving kiss to your lips, your fingertips nestling in his hair, tugging at the locks. He hums against you, begrudgingly pulling away before he pecks the tip of your nose.

“We’re off the radar, got a friend to get us in and keep it all under wraps.” he explains, you leaning back against the bed slightly, your senses still on high alert. “I had to bring you in, baby. The amount of blood you lost-”

He looks down at his lap, his voice trailing of as you see him reliving the events that took place. Leaning across, you place your hand on his thigh, not wanting to see him upset. “Hey, I’m okay, Dean. You saved me.”

Unshed tears glisten in his eyes as he looks up at you, his hand grabbing your own as he places a kiss on your palm. You graze your fingertips over his cheek, him nestling into your touch. “It’s my duty and obligation to protect you, remember?”

You nod in response, bringing his face to yours and kissing him once more, knowing that no matter how hard the job can be, as long as you’ve got each other - not forgetting Sam - it’ll all be worth it.

“Wait,” you say, pulling away but keeping his face in your palm, “My blood didn’t stain baby, did it?”

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A/N - I hope you guys liked this!❤ I’m going to be alternating between SOA and SPN I think! Or maybe a couple SOA and then SPN. Thanks for all your support on my last Dean imagine, it meant the world! Love to you all ❤ xxx


Kwaidan : Objects  no.2

This work is produced by looking at waste materials and old wood pieces from my point of view as “kwaidan”.

Kwaidan isn’t just a horror element.
I think that kwaidan should be expressed more diversely.                            
In the world sense of kwaidan there was the beauty of the darkness peculiar to Japan.And it was expressed through the filter of kwaidan the sense of beauty of Japan.I was influenced by it as a Japanese.
This work presents the beauty of kwaidan.
A beautiful sense of Japan created antiques in time.
This wooden box has a sense of “wabi-sabi/侘寂” that exists in Japan from long ago.It has a new kwaidan sense.
Kwaidan is a collection of various elements, resulting in the ambience of the landscape.And the soul dwells there.

If you want to know the detail contact us.


Please tell me your feeling.


Interest- Clint Barton

Originally posted by mayawolf

Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader

Characters: Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark

Warnings: N/A

Request: @shellywelly221 Could you do a Clint one shot where you love each other and your best friends so you don’t want to ruin it but tony does something to trick you into telling each other? Love you 😘 

Word Count: 859

Author: Charlotte

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It's Only a Matter of Time

Prompt: REQUESTED BY ANON: Hamilsquad x reader where reader has a miscarriage

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader

TW: miscarriage, sobbing, feelings, mourning, loss, losing a child, pain, LOTS OF PAIN

A/N: I struggled on this piece a bit. I wanted to do my best to portray the feelings of loss related to this topic. I know that everyone deals with this differently. I did enjoy writing it though, and I hope you enjoy reading it! Thank you to the anon who requested it! Also, thank you to everyone for the love and support! I love y'all! If you want me to tag something, please let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work! Please Enjoy!

Word Count: 1053

The walls were painted in a pretty pink and white scheme. The pink was pastel-you had insisted. You didn’t want to think of Thomas Jefferson every time you went into the room. The floors were a warm, golden wood. There were a few shag carpets, alternating between pink and white that scattered through the rooms. There was a deep, padded window seat with blankets piled high. In the corner was a chest, filled to the brim with plush toys like bunnies, turtles, and lions. In the opposite corner was a rocking chair with a quilt slung over it. The wood matched the wood of the chest and the floor. The quilt was a rainbow of fabric. There were night lights shaped like castles plugged into the wall, which gave off dim, multicolored lights once the sun went down. Against one wall, there was a changing table stocked to the brim with supplies, meticulously planned. And against the opposite, light pink wall, was a crib. The wooden crib matched the rest of the wooden objects, the accents matched the room. A mobile of ducks hung over it, occasionally turning. Your boys had thought of everything when you had designed the room. You didn’t want your baby to want a single thing.

You didn’t decorate the room for a girl-you didn’t know the sex of the baby at the time-you just thought the color pink was really nice and comforting. You didn’t care what gender they were, you just knew they’d grow up liking the color pink. You had already named the baby Jacquelyn, and you were calling them Lenny. You had all been so excited to meet the new addition to the family, despite the fact that it was still early in the pregnancy.

You were sitting in the rocking chair, rocking back and forth with the bundle in your arms. You smiled down at it, readjusting the blankets and gently running your fingers over the soft bundle. You hummed quietly as you rocked, not wanting to wake it up. You had started lightly singing Complainte de la Butte, as it had already been decided that your baby would know French, Spanish, and English. Your boys had been excited to teach them their languages. When you finished Complainte de la Butte, you switched over to your favorite lullaby, Lullabye, by Billy Joel. You started to cry as you rocked, but you kept the wailing to a minimum so not as to wake it up.

“Someday we’ll all be gone, but lullabies go on and on…” your sobbing got harsher, and you clutched the blankets to your chest. “They-they never die,” you couldn’t get it, you were choking on the ending of the lullaby.

“Y/N?” A gentle voice asked from the doorway, but you didn’t look up. You just wanted to be alone. You just wanted to cry alone. You didn’t want them to see you like this. But of course, they would never leave you alone.

“‘Ey, Y/N,” the man crouched down in front of you and cupped your tear stained cheek. You slowly opened your eyes and looked up at Lafayette, and he had a pained look in his eyes. 
“I’m sorry, Laf,” you choked out. You had stopped rocking, but you sill hugged your bundle to you.

“Shh, mon ange,” he crooned, and he pulled you out of the rocking chair and into his arms. “It’s not your fault. Please don’t blame yourself. You heard what the doctor said… sometimes, these things just happen.”

“He’s wrong!” You didn’t care about waking the baby anymore. You held the bundle in one arm and shoved him away from you, furious. “I should’ve been a better mother! I… I should’ve been more careful! It’s my fault!” You sniffled and wiped your eyes on your sleeve. “But I wasn’t… and all we have left is… is this!” You let the bundle fall from your arms and onto the floor. A toy lion rolled out of the loose blankets, and you crumpled. Laf moved to grab you, but you cringed away, your face scrunched up in misery.

When you had gone to the bathroom and found blood, you knew it was bad. You didn’t feel off. Sure, you’d had some cramping that day, but it was normal. Your boys took you to the emergency room, and you saw your doctor… He had explained what had happened… He had said something about a hostile womb, and that it’s not uncommon… but he was replaced by a full roar in your ears. Your boys had cried, but you just stared at the man while his mouth moved, unable to feel.

Your body shook with sobs, and Laf finally pulled you into his arms, holding you to him. You could feel him crying too, earth shattering sobbing from the both of you. How did people deal with this? How did they come back from this? There was no coming back from this, you decided. It was always going to be there. Always looming.

“It’s not your fault, Y/n,” Laf cried into your hair, and you clutched at his shirt. “We don’t blame you. It’s not your fault. I promise. Please, don’t blame yourself. We’ll make it through this, we’re ‘ere with you, d'accord?”

You cried harder, but said nothing.

“Y/N? Laf?” You heard footsteps down the hall, and Alex came in, followed by John and Herc. They had been out shopping. You’d spent the last few days in the nursery, refusing to leave. They decided not to force you, and they left Laf to make sure you were okay. When they saw you, they immediately rushed to your side, a cluster of limbs and sniffling. They had lost a child, too.

“I miss them,” you strangled out, and Laf kissed the top of your head.

“I do, too,” Herc whispered from behind you.

“My little Lenny…” your voice broke on their name, and you began to sob again. No one said anything, for they were probably crying too. You all just stayed there in each other’s arms, crying, mourning. You were dealing with the unimaginable. You were surviving. Nothing would replace Lenny in your heart, but over time, maybe the loss wouldn’t hurt so much. It was only a matter of time. And you had time.

The Olympics

Summary: In which Bucky is the only one willing to watch the Olympics with you.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,124

A/N: The Olympics have taken over my life and Bucky owns my heart so this is the best of both worlds in my book. 

@avengerstories - you’re my favorite, thank you for always editing things for me :)

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“Steve, come watch the Olympics with me.”

“Sorry Y/N,” he apologizes, continuing the tedious process of wrapping his hands. When he looks at you, he appears almost grateful to have an excuse not to join you. “I’ve gotta train. That punching bag is calling my name.”

Your eyes narrow into slits when you say, “You’re the worst.”

“Sam,” you call, knocking on his door. When he doesn’t answer, you begin banging your hand even harder against the wooden object.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” he huffs, making you smile triumphantly. When he pulls the door open, he is dressed in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. “What do you want from me?”

“Come watch the Olympics with me.”

“You made me get out of bed to ask me that?” He asks incredulously. “What’s the point of watching the Olympics when you live with a bunch of superheroes?”

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Love Letter from: Kyoya Ootori

[Tamaki Suoh]  [Kaoru Hitachiin]  [Haruhi Fujioka]   [Takashi Morinozuka]   [Hikaru Hitachiin]  [Kasanoda Ritsu]


I used to believe that I would live out the rest of my life, never knowing what it felt like to look at someone and want what was best for them, and to have them look at me and feel them same. I resigned myself to knowing that my future would be loveless, and that it would end in a marriage to a stranger that would seem more like an alliance. I figured that I would allow myself to be a puppet to my father’s wishes, letting him pull the strings until I had climbed so far up them that I could rip them from his hands. Until now, I had never realized just how lonely that seems, just how lonely I was.

I still remember meeting you for the first time. I remember clearly how you looked, and how you spoke to me with that smile on your face. You looked at me with such curiosity, such an odd interest in me instead of my heritage, that even now it takes me aback. You asked so many questions, wanted so many answers. I had never had anyone try so hard to get so close to me, not without a reason. By the second week I would have sworn you were my own personal demon, sent straight to me from the devil himself. Never have I had to fight my own heart so much, restrain it and tie it up for fear it would ruin me. To be blunt, I hated you. You had warmed my heart, and I didn’t know if I would ever be able to freeze it again.

It seems strange now, to think how cold I had gotten before meeting you. My world had been without color, like an old photograph gone wrong. I had numbed myself to end the pain, separated my heart from my brain to become nothing but some sort of political robot. I had become my father’s puppet. A wooden object made to bend and dance to whatever the puppeteer wished. I had been living in winter, never knowing the thawing warmth of spring. You were the sun to start the thaw.

I know I’m not the lover I should be. I hate the thought that I may not be around when you need me, yet I know that it is true. I work more than I see you, and to my disgust I have turned you down more times than I care to admit for that same reason. Yet still you stay. You stand beside me when I’m certain I will turn around and find myself alone in the barren wasteland I’ve made for myself. Even when I work myself to the point of no return from desperation, when I snap at you out of frustration, you are still so patient with me. You deserve so much more. You deserve the world and every star afterward, not the third son. Not the last in line. Not the last choice. I had never been more wrong, when I first met you; you are my angel sent from heaven, and it turns out, I am the demon to drag you down.

I know even now, I’m still cold to you, but I promise, your very touch brings a flush to my cheeks. Your gaze starts my skin on fire, and each time you kiss me; I’m certain I will wake up in a hospital. I love you. Of all the uncertainties in my life you are my constant. You have brought summer to my frozen heart. You grew flowers where there once was frost, and have given me color where once all was lost. You deserve so much more than I, but I will do all I can to give you it. I know I’m not the best at expressing my feelings, but I’ll say it now while I still have the courage from writing this letter. I love you.


Kyoya Ootori

anonymous asked:

Can you spoil your new fic?

My back slammed into the wooden doors, the object swinging open and bouncing loudly off the wall, soon shut again as his foot curled around the side, kicking it closed. I let my legs unwrap from around his waist and he stepped back, sliding the heavy lock across the door and running a glove-clad hand through his tousled mop of hair.

He pulled at the fingers of his gloves, placing them neatly on the side, eyes locked on my bottom lip, the one clamped between my teeth, his eyes dark and drawing a pool of arousal to swirl in my core. Lifting the heavy armour plate over his head he let it clink against the floor as he dropped it, chainmail under-armour rattling noisily in the silence of the room.

I stepped closer, fingers playing with the belt around his waist and letting that come away, loose worn, thick material hugging his legs. I let my hands trail up his thighs, looking up to meet his eyes through my lashes and he swallowed thickly, hands finding the hem of his metal vesting. I jumped slightly as the chain cover-up hit the floor. Followed by his undershirts and my nails dug into the muscles on the back of his hands, a harsh hiss leaving his lips.

“Come on, beautiful. I’d love to have those lips wrapped around me again. Just in case I don’t get to come back tomorrow, I’d love to get a little bit of heaven in the form of your mouth before I go to hell for the things I’ll do to you tonight.” He rasped, and I nodded, smirking slightly as his calloused hands pulled my hair up into a makeshift bun, hands holding my head tightly.

My fingers pulled nimbly at the strings holding the material up, once they were undone, falling down to his knees. His cock sprung free, slapping against the defined muscles of his stomach and I wasted no time licking a stripe along the underside of his shaft, nibbling along his hip bones and sucking marks into his dirty skin.

When he tugged at my hair I knew he’d had enough teasing, a threatening but desperate growl leaving his lips and I wrapped my fingers around him nimbly. My lips wrapped around the leaking head of his cock, his hips not hesitating in pushing forwards, hands holding my head tight.

He kept going until he was buried in my throat, my moans and gags vibrating against him and tears lacing my eyes as he fucked into my mouth, pleading grunts and pleasured mewls. I hollowed my cheeks and his breathing hitched, cock pulsing as his grip tightened, before spurts of hot-cum shot down my throat, coating my tongue and chin as he pulled back, leaving me to pant and lick myself clean.

He hooked hands under my arms, pulling me to my feet and crashing his lips against mine, the salty taste of himself still on my tongue and his grip was bruising, hands frantically trying to pull up the skirt of my apron, tugging it over my head and dropping it in a crumpled heap to the cold stone. He stepped back, eyes flitting over the simple white lace that hang on my body.

The cold air in the room swept over my body, nipples hardening and his gaze directed to them, one rapid stride being taken until he was pushing me against the wall, head ducked and hot, wet match latching onto my breast through the underdress. My hands threaded into his hair as one of his other hands pushed up underneath, running along my soaked thighs and gathering my arousal.

“You’re practically dripping? Is that all for me?” He whispered, licking along my throat and into my mouth as I groaned filthily.

“Of course it is, always for you.” I panted, breathy whimpers as I rolled my core down onto his hand, his fingers swirling around softly before pushing into me, pumping slowly.

“I’m going to wreck you tonight, beautiful, you won’t even be able to come and see me rising the horses with how much you’re going to be riding me tonight.” He grinned wickedly, pushing a third finger into me and curling them beautifully, rubbing against the spot only he knew how to reach and his other hand closed over my mouth, muffling my screams as I came all over his fingers.

Coming down from my high, I lifted my head from the wall, prying my eyes open and trying to calm my breathing as he sucked on his fingers cheekily. I pushed the straps down over my shoulders, dropping the silk to the floor and clasping my hands in front of myself. He let his whiskey eyes gaze along my body, darkening to a deep brown, pupils brown and he licked his lips, hand closing around his cock as he jerked at it quickly.

“You’re going to be ruined by the end of the night, and this whole damn castle is going to hear you screaming my name.”