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10 drawing prompts to help you sketch outside the box.

1) Self portrait:  In a mirror with a washable pen, trace the lines of your face (on your face), or of one particular part (an eye, your mouth, etc.) Take note of things that you discover: the placement of under-eye bags, the curves in your nose, the line of your jaw. Recreate the line-art on paper. 

2) Poses and Posture: Draw stick figures in a variety of positions- dancing, jumping, leaning backwards, sitting forwards, etc. gradually fill in the bodies of these figures using a wooden model or online guide. It’s helpful to draw a line down the centre of your figures that runs through the nose, sternum, and pelvis. If your figure is twisted or bent, the line should be too. 

3) Doodle: Draw the silhouette of something you’re good at drawing. Then, draw the biggest circle that you can without going outside the lines of that silhouette. In the remaining space around the circle, draw the biggest circles that you can. Attempt to fill the entire space with circles. Each new circle creates room for several smaller ones, and eventually you will have spaces that are too small for new circles ( using a fineliner will reduce but not eliminate this problem). If you like, colour in the circles and spaces according to the coloration of the thing you drew the silhouette of. 

4) Creativity: Using an online guide, make a rough sketch of the proportions of a human face. Include lines for the nose, mouth, eyes, ears, and eyebrows. Then, instead of drawing a human face, try to draw one as alien as possible while still following the proportions you have sketched. Pay attention to shading and details such as eyelashes, lip-wrinkles, and facial blemishes. 

5) Hands: Go through a few magazines and cut out pictures of hands in as many different positions as possible to glue into your sketchbook. Using a pencil or erasable pen, trace over the key features of each hand. Pay close attention to the width of the hand, the length, and its connection to the wrist. Try to recreate these hands beside the pictures. Don’t focus on detail, instead, focus on making the position of the hand look as natural and fluid as possible.  

6) Perspective: with a pencil, draw a large square with a dot in the centre. Draw lines between the corners of the square, crossing over the dot in the centre. Attempt to draw the room you are sitting in by first drawing the largest objects, and later filling in details. Use the lines as guidelines for perspective: things closer to the dot will be further away, things closer to the edges of the square will be closest to you. An object that starts close and gets further away will seem like it is being ‘pulled’ into the centre by the dot, and will have lines of the same angles as those you have drawn. 

7) Animals: If you have a pet, try to sketch it as quickly as possible. Focus on forms and shapes, not on detail. When it moves, sketch its new position over top of the old one. If it moves to the right, sketch it again to the right. Allow your sketches to overlap. If you do not have a pet, this would be a great excuse to watch cute cat videos on youtube. 

8) Memory: It’s dangerous to rely on memory when drawing, especially if you haven’t trained your memory to recall forms and shapes before details. Generally, what we remember most about a scene is what we see as the most unusual. This is why some people are good at drawing eyes, but unable to draw the rest of the face. For this exercise, find a photograph you like in a magazine or newspaper, and give yourself 30 seconds to study it. Try to see shapes, not objects. Instead of seeing a cup, remember the shape of the cup and its position relevant to other objects. Then, try recreate the photograph from memory. This may take several tries, don’t be afraid to ‘cheat’ if you get stuck. 

9) Abstract: allow yourself to be filled with a specific emotion. Focus on that emotion, think about how it feels, the physical effect it has on your body. Try to draw that emotion coming out of you. It may be helpful to start by drawing a self-portrait of your facial expression while feeling the emotion, and letting yourself get carried away as you draw the components of your face that are most altered by that expression. Don’t try to preserve the first things you sketch, let them be covered and obscured as you add more details. 

10) Practice: It’s always good to practice drawing objects, I find it most helpful to draw from photographs. Dedicate a page in your book to drawing objects that you feel represent you, or are otherwise close to your heart/ identity. Like music? Try drawing piano keys. Like fashion? Draw a few of your outfits draped over the bed. Try to fill the page with these drawings, making use of every inch of space available. 

there’s a clothing store in town
  • it’s a small cute shop with a big front window and two wooden mannequins modeling dusty, floor-sweeping gowns on the other side of the glass
  • the shopkeeper repositions them every night. she must, because they are standing differently each morning you walk past them. their hands out as though adjusting each other’s straps or fixing their hair or smoothing their skirts
    • once you remarked to the shopkeeper as she brushed the snow from her front step that you’d never seen mannequins that could be repositioned so many ways, and she gave you a smile that was not quite a smile at all even as you saw amusement in her eyes
    • maybe you should feel more distrustful, but you only feel a sort of vague friendliness with the models, their wooden hands always entwined
  • the store’s name is written in gold on the door but no one can quite make it out among the swirls of the script it’s written in. you’ve never asked the shopkeeper. you’re not sure why
    • those not-quite-smiles are distracting. it’s hard to drag your eyes away from her until she looks away first
  • it’s a store for fancy clothes, probably. you never come out the door feeling like you managed to look at everything on the hangers, and despite the clear glass of the front window the clothes you can see beyond it are always slightly blurred
    • when you go inside the shopkeeper draws your attention to something in particular, a floating scarf or an elegant blue dress, something that keeps you from paying too close attention to anything else
    • it’s almost embarrassing how well she knows what you’ll like. you wonder or maybe you hope that she notices what you’re wearing when you past in the mornings
  • you haven’t bought too many things there, but you wear the scarf almost everyday. it’s light and settles on your shoulders like a snow drift, cool enough to wear even in the summer, but sometimes when you put it on in the winter its softness warms you like a kiss on your cheek
  • it’s possible the shopkeeper makes everything she sells. there are always bolts of fabric cluttering the counter and she embroiders flowers on the hems of the skirts while you browse the shelves
    • you asked her once how she thinks of designs and she only not-quite-smiled and said it wasn’t all that interesting
    • “i just make the things people want”
    • sometimes you have to think about this memory for a moment. did she say “want” or “need”?
  • she lives in the second story above the shop. sometimes when you are walking home later than usual and the store is closed you’ll see her bedroom window lit up, the fuzzy edge of her silhouette against the glass as she continues her embroidery in the window seat
    • you feel compelled to pause and look for just a moment, head tilted up, breath fogging in the cold air, the softness of your scarf brushing your cheek
    • you’re not looking at the mannequins but you feel like they might be looking at you with knowing not-quite smiles, hands still entwined
    • you’re not sure if you’re thinking “i want” or “i need” but it feels good and full and soft regardless
  • you have to get home before it’s completely dark. you keep walking, winter air swirling around you, flakes of snow catching in your hair and melting on your scarf. the flowers on the hem of your blue dress seem to wink like stars as you leave.

Visual history of Thomas the tank engine’s design.

  1. The original wooden model Rev. Wilbert Awdry made for his son. It’s loosely based on the LNER J50 class. He made it sometime in the early 1940s, a few years before the first Railway Series book, Three Railway Engines (1945).
  2. Rev. Awdry’s first illustration of Thomas.
  3. Reginald Payne’s illustration of Thomas from the Railway Series Vol. 2: Thomas the Tank Engine, published in 1946. Payne reimagined Thomas as an LB&SCR E2 class.
  4. Rev. Awdry’s scale model of Thomas, built for his home layout sometime after 1970. This model and others Rev. Awdry built are preserved at the Talyllyn Railway in Wales, a preserved narrow gauge railway Rev. Awdry helped promote and volunteered at.
  5. The original model built for the television series, which premiered in 1984. It’s a custom-built design, and faces were cast in resin. As only the eyes could move, the face was swapped to a different expression between shots. The design more closely resembles the illustration rather than the locomotive Thomas is based on.
  6. The new model for Thomas, built for the movie Thomas and the Magic Railroad, 2000. This one is made mostly from brass, has newly recast face masks, and brighter eyes.
  7. The updated Thomas model with a CGI-rendered face, from season 12, 2008. In this experimental season, models and CGI animation by Nitrogen Studios were mixed together, with people, animals, and the characters’ faces being animated.
  8. Full CGI render, used since the show went full CGI in 2009. It includes a number of minor visual touches to make him more resemble a real locomotive, like a proper cab interior, underworkings, etc.
Imagine making a present for Gibbs.

(I know it’s a bit early for Christmas but here in Australia we have this thing called Christmas in July so… technically, I think it’s okay for a Christmas story haha)

ALSO: You can put this into the format you usually make for imagines, I just wasn’t sure how to submit it and besides it’s very vague… you could probably write it better!

Gibbs walks into the SquadRoom with his coffee.

“What’s this?” He asks, looking at a little wooden model sitting on his desk.

“A boat?” You answer, confused.

“No I mean, what’s it doing here?”

“It’s a Christmas present.” You say.

“You should spend less time shopping and more time working.”

“Why do you assume I bought it?”

“Where else would you get it?”

“I made it…” You say, as Gibbs turns to you. “For you.”

Gibbs turns back to the boat with a little smile on his face.

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Happy International Beer Day!

This ancient Egyptian model brewery was made for a tomb so that production of beer could continue in the afterlife.

It was believed that part of a person’s soul, the Ka, would remain in their tomb, while another part would travel to the ‘Field of Reeds’, an idealized version of Egypt ruled over by Osiris, god of the dead. Painted wooden models were placed in the tomb to provide for the Ka for eternity.

Normal couple stuff

i’m late but here’s eijiroctober days 1-4: with dogs, hair, training, with bakugou

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There isn’t a lot of time for leisure now that they’re pro heroes. Not that Bakugou’s ever been particularly keen on the whole going on dates business, participating primarily to please Kirishima (which, naturally, pleases him), but he can appreciate the benefit of detaching from their daily routines for a spell, especially now that they’re so hectic – all-they’ve-ever-wanted satisfying, but nonetheless hectic. Kirishima, hopeless romantic that he is, is still the designated planner, picking locations and activities and blabbering about it for weeks – sometimes months – in advance, to ensure they’re both as hyped up as possible for it. Bakugou figures out how to squeeze it between their other obligations (he already handles most of their scheduling, and paperwork, and overall bureaucratic responsibilities). They actually spend most of their down time at home: watching movies, playing video games, Kirishima listening to Bakugou read one of his books, Kirishima teaching Bakugou the DIY fascination of the season (he’s gone through model kits, wooden animals, crocheting, face painting, nail art, so on and so forth), getting extremely competitive over card games (Kirishima’s the resident card shark,but Bakugou still beats him usually), quietly indulging in each other’s presence, being flirty and cuddly and sappy. When they do go out, though, it’s usually to a restaurant or museum, one of Bakugou’s hiking trails, the local aquarium where all the children inevitably crowd around Kirishima to hear his awesome marine life facts (though, really, they’re there to gawk at the Unbreakable Red Riot), a playing field (their favorite being baseball). Normal couple stuff, as Kirishima’s fond of calling it, of reminding Bakugou the importance of. Gives them the chance to act like civilians for a while, pretend their lives are that uncomplicated.

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i care about marcus a lot and so does james.

when james focuses back on photography and hangs up the helmet, marcus takes over as guardian. kara and him race across the sky and maggie and alex take him on their shooting range dates sometimes. he always cheats with the most nonchalant expression and maggie is not amused. he even cheats at pool. at that point maggie takes him by the shoulders and asks,”is nothing sacred to you?” which he just shrugs at her and goes over to m’gann’s side.

m’gann lets him hang around the bar, but only when she’s there and he’s only served juice. alex takes to drinking juice whenever he’s around and makes a whole show of how good it is, which maggie laughs at.

he turns out very artistic. he always has a camera and sketch pad on him. sometimes james will come home to marcus, kara, and their entire apartment covered in paint. kara’s a bit jealous of his powers because he can effortlessly move their wooden figure models around into any position he wants.

at first, marcus thinks winn is lame, but when winn starts to tutor him in science, he discovers how much he actually loves it. winn helps him with all his school projects because everyone else is pretty useless. he starts to talk about it with alex and she is so completely offended that he never went to her and that he assumed she wouldn’t know anything about it. again, maggie laughs and this time calls her a nerd. winn and marcus prank james a lot, always spurred on by maggie.

marcus used to hate when lena would visit kara because he would always feel uncomfortable around her and have to hide away in his room. one day, he comes down for food and he catches lena mid ramble about something nerdy and watches as kara just nods along, her face portraying how lost she was. that night, he searches her work up online and that’s when he starts looking up to her.

j’onn is kind of distant and awkward, but marcus finds he likes it.

they’re a big happy family.

Skin Shoes Comes Out...with a sort-of fic!


Filling a request from 🐝anon in which reader and Connor go to art school (maybe scad b/c bees!!) and have life drawing sex

It’s freshman year, and you met Connor in your orientation group a couple months ago. He was snarking under his breath about some stupid tour or presentation and you heard him and giggled a little, and when he heard that he turned to see you and thought “damn, they’re fuckin cute.”

He kept snarking and you joined in, because a lot of it really is stupid, and by the end of the day you two have smoked a joint together and become buds™ because he didn’t think enough of himself to believe you’d ever see him in a romantic or sexual way.

Fast forward a few months, and you two are in life drawing class together. You both missed a class and need to make up the drawings, so you offer to pose for each other. Nbd, people do this in art school all the time (srsly) and after all, that’s what buds™ are for.

You meet up in his room while his roommate has class, both a little nervous, and decide y'all need to get bake-ed before you get naked.

Once you’re both good and high you play a game of rock, paper, scissors to pick who models first: spoiler alert, it’s you.

You strip shyly and ask Connor how he wants you to pose, but he’s too flustered to explain it well, so he ends up kind of positioning you himself, like you’re one of those wooden models artists use.

His hands are soft but shaking, and you pretend not to notice.

He finally gets you how he wants you and starts his 30 minute sketch. He’s using charcoal because he’s a black-loving edgelord.

He has you sit on his bed with your legs in a sort of 4 shape and starts blocking in your basic shapes- the curve of your waist, the tilt of your shoulders, the swell of your breasts. Your eyes meet and you feel yourself flush as you look away.

“No moving,” he says. You aren’t the only one who’s red.


He keeps drawing. Your eyes dart around the room, expertly avoiding his. Look at the floor, the ceiling, the…bulge in his pants? Was that always there?

Something must show on your face, because he asks what’s wrong.

“Nothing! Nothing’s wrong!”

Connor’s not convinced. “Do you need a stretch break? Honestly, y/n, you don’t have to do this.. I could just take a reference photo..” He stops immediately, wide eyes get wide and gaping mouth. “I mean- not for- I wouldn’t…Jesus, put me out of my misery…”

He’s so flustered, and it’s fucking adorable. You decide to have a some fun with that.

“So you wanna take dirty pictures of me, Murphy?” you ask, raising an eyebrow but otherwise staying still.

“What? No!” he splutters.

“No? Don’t like what you see? Because that bulge in your pants tells a different story.”

His expression resembles a demented goldfish. You uncross your legs and spread them, stretching out the stiff muscles. Connor drops his charcoal, and it shatters as it hits the floor.

“Y'know, with a picture you could see me like this whenever you w-”

“Ok, I get it! Connor got a boner while you were modeling! Gross! God, this was a stupid idea, I don’t even know what I was thinking. Sure, Con, you can keep it cool with y/n sitting naked in your bed! Fuckin idiot.” He’s running his hands through his hair and pulling at it a little.

“It’s not gross.”


“It’s not gross. It’s…flattering.”

“My dick getting hard is flattering?” You nod. “…Prove it.”

You stand up and start walking toward Connor. “Shit, y/n, I didn’t mean you- you don’t have to-”

“I know, Con. I want to. I’ve wanted to since orientation.” You’re in his space now, your nudity a stark contrast to his pants and long sleeves.

“But I thought you..why didn’t you say something?” You shrug.

“I didn’t think you were interested.” He grabs your hand and slowly brings it toward his clothed cock, watching your face for any signs of distress, hissing when you finally make contact.

“I’m very interested.”

His cock is long and hard under your hand as you palm him through his pants. “So you wouldn’t mind if…” you trail off as your lips slowly get closer to his. He can’t take it anymore. He pulls you into a fierce, passionate kiss, one that speaks of pent up longing, and you kiss back until you run out of breath. He trails kisses down your neck and starts grinding into your hand when you moan.

“Yeah?” he asks.

“Mm.” Your grip on his cock gets firmer. He tries to stifle a moan.

You pull back a bit. “I’m naked,” you say.

He laughs, not unkindly, and says “No shit.”

You swat his shoulder. “I was going to say you should join me, but if you’re gonna be difficult…”

“I’ll be good!” it comes out muffled as he briefly gets stuck stripping his shirt. “See? Getting naked! Best behavior.” He’s teasing, but he isn’t. You unbutton his pants and give his dick a light squeeze over his boxer briefs.

“Good. Now these,” you say as you push down his pants. As they fall to his ankles you pull Connor in for another searing kiss, moving your free hand from his chest to his long hair. You give a light, experimental tug and feel his cock twitch in your hand through his underwear. He moans louder this time, and you smile into the kiss.

“What?” he asks. He’s panting slightly.

“Connor Murphy, you kinky little shit!”

He grins. “Guilty.”

“And here I was thinking you’d be good for me,” you tease, trailing your lips down his neck, down his chest, down his stomach. He giggles lightly when you tongue his belly button. It’s fucking adorable.

“So good,” he promises while you work your way into his underwear. You run your fingers through his pubic hair with one hand and grab his ass with the other, inching the fabric down further. Your hand accidentally bumps against his cock and Connor whimpers. “Please.”

“Please what?” You smile into his belly, your chin grazing the tip of his dick if he moves just so.

“Please, let me fuck you.”

This was…unexpected. You’d hoped but never believed you’d be in a position to have sex with Connor, and definitely not when HE was the one asking YOU.

“Y/n?” he says, breathy and desperate.

“Yeah, Connor?” you look up from kneeling in front of him.

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous.”

You stand up abruptly.


“Get on the bed, Connor.”


You finally pull his underwear down. His hard cock bounces slightly in the air, and the look on his face tells you that his patience is wearing thin.

“Get on the bed, Connor.” He moves to comply, pulling you with him with hungry kisses and a hand on your ass. You’re so wet from seeing him like this, being wanted like this. You push him down to the bed and straddle his lap, just inches from where he wants you.

“Y/n!” Connor whines, “Fuck, y/n, I need you…Please…Fuck…” You kiss him mid-whimper and slowly, loosely give his cock a test stroke. His back arches up off the bed on the downstroke when his foreskin moves to fully expose his wet tip. (Don’t @me I like that hc) You use your free hand to push him back down by the shoulders.

“Be good!” He keens desperately. You set a rhythm with your strokes, holding him down and kissing his temple, neck, clavicle, nipples, listening for the place that gets the best reaction…until you stop. Drop his dick. Get off his lap. He sits up.

“Y/n? Is everything ok?”

“Did I say you could move?” He quickly lies back down. “Good. I’m just looking for a condom.”

“Other drawer.”

“Gotcha.” The box is new. “Getting laid a lot, I see.” He flushes.

“Hasn’t been anyone else I really want to fuck,” he mumbles.

A shiver shoots down your spine. Connor holds back a moan as you roll the condom down his length. You take his hands and put them above his head.

“I can’t hold you down for this part, but don’t move,” you tell him. He nods. You slowly sink his sheathed cock into your wet core as you lower yourself back down into his lap. You can see his hands twitching to touch you and once you’re fully seated on his cock you decide to put the poor boy out of his misery.

“You can move now.”

Instantly his hands shoot up. One palms your breast. The other starts rubbing circles on your clit, and you begin to ride him in earnest.

“Fuck, y/n…” he moans, and you don’t think your name has ever sounded sexier. His hips pick up on your rhythm and thrust weakly to meet you, hitting a spot within you that makes you see stars.

“Shit, Con, do that again.”

A wicked grin appears on his face. “What? This?” He thrusts again. And again. And again, while the fingers on your clit get faster. You feel something building within you until it snaps. Your hips buck erratically as you come, moaning. He moves a few more times, getting louder and louder, eyes squeezing shut, keening your name as he comes.

You pull off of him and take care of the condom, then cuddle into his side with a sweet kiss.

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