wooden journal

11/23 ▪ Super fun travel journal and wooden pencils for Thanksgiving Break. It’s only been a day and I already feel so much more relaxed. I cannot believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving, this month has gone by so quickly!

The Types As Things I Can See In My Room

ESFP: Brightly coloured bikinis draping from a drawer, each with a different pattern and style, not a single one like another.

INFP: A wooden box full of journals, each with a different theme (such as song writing, poetry, to-do lists…)

ENTP: Several stains on a pure white duvet, caused by eating pizza in bed on numerous occasions.

ESTP: A skateboard under a bed, with exotic birds on it. Sometimes used to transport food or rubbish from one side of the room to the other.

ESFJ: A handmade Christmas card from a friend pinned to a cork board, doused in the friends perfume with a personalized drawing on the front and a special message inside.

INTP: A pile of clothes on the floor that ‘still smell okay’ that are likely to be worn again several more times before being washed.

ISTP: A bright red place-mat hanging off the side of a desk, being held down by cups and plates to be used as extra desk space.

ENFP: A fluro plastic bag completely filled to the brim with CDs and DVDs that bear special meaning.

ISTJ: A shelf of books organised in colour order, down to each specific shade.

ISFJ: A jar full of handwritten memories of things that happened the previous year, still not thrown out because ‘nostalgia!!’

ENFJ: A leafy green book full of old sketches describing feelings of the moment as well as hopes and aspirations.

ENTJ: A ready packed bag, filled with clothes, books, makeup, and other things  ‘just in case’.

ISFP: A sandy wood acoustic Ovation guitar on a stand with Pāua shell detailing, with a forest green dress draping off of it.

INFJ: An orange coloured berry & persimmon scented candle with a wooden lid, that hasn’t been lit yet due to a fear of it going to waste.

INTJ: An old curled schoolbook carefully filled out in black pen, with all of the answers ticked correct.

ESTJ: A bed with all the blankets, pillows, cushions and duvet matching in colour and fabric, red.