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47/100 days of productivity

Finished my little list of books and podcasts! If anyone wants to recommend anything for me please let me know! There’s nothing I love more than finding new podcasts to cry over (looking at you King Falls)

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les amis aesthetics

Enjolras: Ordering black coffee and putting a ton of creamer in it. Bags under your eyes. Keeping your toothbrush in a glass. Going downhill on a bike. Having a sore neck after seeing a movie. Wearing the same clothes two days in a row. Climbing trees. Smelling like smoke after a bonfire. Burning your tongue on a hot drink because you couldn’t wait for it to cool. Abandoned buildings. Walking at night when no one else is around and it’s just you and the streetlights. 

Combeferre: Earl Gray tea. Worn paperbacks. Putting a pencil behind your ear and then forgetting it. Refusing to throw away old t-shirts because they’re comfy. Elbow patches. The feeling of cold water on your skin. Old mystery books. Calendars. Old wood. Being the one who reminds everyone about birthdays. Sleeping on the couch. Jazz music. Peppermint. The sunrise slowly lighting up the room. White hot chocolate. 

Courfeyrac: Buying friends birthday cards that are fifty percent glitter and fifty percent puns. Coffee table books. Halloween. Feeding ducks. Card games. Swimming in warm water. Old converse. Knitting. Colorful umbrellas. Playing the piano without sheet music. Laughing too hard to tell a joke. Staying up all night playing video games. Soccer. Giant burritos. Old noir detective movies. Swing dancing. 

Marius: Flannel. Mugs. The color orange. Pineapple on pizza. Translation apps. Not seeing the movie until you read the book first. Cartoon band aids. Self help books. Having a long-dead plant in the window. Chicken noodle soup. Atlas’s. Writing reminders on your hand. Glow in the dark star stickers. Coin collections. Queen Anne’s lace. Thank you cards that never get sent. Coffee creamer. Hot air balloons. The smell of pine. 

Joly: Moss. Old sci-fi movies. Stacks of textbooks. Ratty old sweatshirts. Novelty socks. The feeling of wet wood. Falling asleep to old jazz. Salt water taffy. Keeping your favorite books from when you were little even though they’re falling apart. Old watches. T-shirts with puns on them. Ocean breezes that are full of salt. Freckles. Vinyl records. Birthday cake.

Feuilly: Being lightheaded from sleeping in. Writing notes in books. Old motorcycles. Crossword puzzles. Rolling up the cuffs on your pants. Finding lost things in your pockets. Empty notebooks. Tree houses. Loud music coming from the garage. Coffee cake. The dirt and oil on your hands turning the water black when you wash your hands. Throwing coins into fountains. Sticky summer evenings. 

Grantaire: The eerie glow of the tv when it’s the only light in the room. Sore fingers from punching. Being the only person in the park when the weather is bad. The aftertaste of strong black coffee. Old clocks where the numbers flip over. The soft shade of green of the sunset after the oranges and pinks fade. Cold leftover takeout for breakfast. The sound of boots on gravel. Flecks of paint in your hair. Crossing your fingers. Worn out ballet shoes. Drawing little masterpieces on friends skin. 

Cosette: Scented lotions. Purple eyeliner. Mittens. Organized planners written in small neat handwriting. Dirt under your fingernails from gardening. Cooking for your friends. Yoga. Perfectly creased folded paper. Sidewalk chalk. Hair in your face. Green tea with honey in it. Ladybugs on fingertips. Ginger. The sound of windchimes. Ice skating. Big scarves. Lockets. Trees just starting to bud. 

Jehan: Tiny flowers in buttonholes. Naming houseplants. Pastel yellow. 2am walks. Light filtered through green leaves. Moonbeams. Rare candy. Intricate braids. Homemade tea. Going outside to stand in storms. Making wishes on falling stars. Rolling down grassy hills. Prisms. Dandelions. Ukuleles. Telling strangers they’re beautiful. The sound of yard sprinklers. Homemade quilts. Origami. Cloud watching. 

Eponine: Permanent bed head. Your lungs hurting after running. Cracking your knuckles. Classic rock. Black cats. Cold wind on your face. Sitting on the roof. Peppermint chapstick. Covering everything in stickers. Double knotted shoelaces. Lily pads. Open windows. Double fudge brownies. Band aids. Every noise you make echoing in a completely empty room. The cool side of the pillow. Stepping on crunchy leaves. 

Bahorel: Italian food. Ducking to get under doorways. Leaving food out for homeless animals. Fountain pens. Jiggling your leg. Diving into cold water. Thick knitted sweaters. Acoustic covers of pop songs. Grinding your teeth. Rock collections. Tattoos just “cause i thought it would look cool.” City skylines. Dark chocolate. Animal documentaries. Grandmas food. Running in the rain.

Bousset: Plaid. Seagulls. Wooden figurines. Journaling. Playing card games. Extra thick hot chocolate. Stories behind scars. Hiking. Getting up for a drink of water in the middle of the night. Giant dogs. Vanilla. The tiny lights of a distant city. The spray of cold water on you skin. Old brick buildings. Honeycombs. Autumn. Blueberry pie. The smell of fireworks.

The Types As Things I Can See In My Room

ESFP: Brightly coloured bikinis draping from a drawer, each with a different pattern and style, not a single one like another.

INFP: A wooden box full of journals, each with a different theme (such as song writing, poetry, to-do lists…)

ENTP: Several stains on a pure white duvet, caused by eating pizza in bed on numerous occasions.

ESTP: A skateboard under a bed, with exotic birds on it. Sometimes used to transport food or rubbish from one side of the room to the other.

ESFJ: A handmade Christmas card from a friend pinned to a cork board, doused in the friends perfume with a personalized drawing on the front and a special message inside.

INTP: A pile of clothes on the floor that ‘still smell okay’ that are likely to be worn again several more times before being washed.

ISTP: A bright red place-mat hanging off the side of a desk, being held down by cups and plates to be used as extra desk space.

ENFP: A fluro plastic bag completely filled to the brim with CDs and DVDs that bear special meaning.

ISTJ: A shelf of books organised in colour order, down to each specific shade.

ISFJ: A jar full of handwritten memories of things that happened the previous year, still not thrown out because ‘nostalgia!!’

ENFJ: A leafy green book full of old sketches describing feelings of the moment as well as hopes and aspirations.

ENTJ: A ready packed bag, filled with clothes, books, makeup, and other things  ‘just in case’.

ISFP: A sandy wood acoustic Ovation guitar on a stand with Pāua shell detailing, with a forest green dress draping off of it.

INFJ: An orange coloured berry & persimmon scented candle with a wooden lid, that hasn’t been lit yet due to a fear of it going to waste.

INTJ: An old curled schoolbook carefully filled out in black pen, with all of the answers ticked correct.

ESTJ: A bed with all the blankets, pillows, cushions and duvet matching in colour and fabric, red. 

11/23 ▪ Super fun travel journal and wooden pencils for Thanksgiving Break. It’s only been a day and I already feel so much more relaxed. I cannot believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving, this month has gone by so quickly!


DIY Wooden Journal | Sea Lemon (Re-Upload)