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Good wood - ok so this one’s a bit random but I kinda love it all the same. The ‘Cloud House’ in Springfield, Missouri, by Matthew Mazzotta is a cabin with rainwater flowing from the cloud above to recreate the soothing sound of rain on a tin roof, allowing you a little escape from the everyday, anyday.

Finding themselves at the center of a mutinous plot, Captain Eruaias and his lover Castorien must face the consequences of indulging in their desires over the wants of their crew. Betrayal forces their ship ashore where they must survive not only their treasonous shipmates, but also a new threat: a rival pirate gang. Injured in the wreck, Eru has to rely on the skilled sword of his first mate to fend off both foe and despair. Unable to trust anyone but each other, they must find a way off the island, and fast, before the pressure threatens to penetrate the hull of their love. Can the two of them rise to the challenge and harden themselves against the choppy waters ahead? Or will this be their final act of plunder? Tensions and passions run high in this next thrilling installment…

Wooden Paradise

Wooden Paradise II: Tides of Passion

I need several wooden dollhouses for an installation piece. And so, I solicit dollhouse donations.

If you have one, I will trade you a unique monoprint of the dollhouse and send updates of the sculpture you helped make happen.
Please email if you are interested! Camilla.a.taylor@gmail.com


Gazing on Identity / Menewarang Identitas by FX Harsono (胡丰文). 2016.

A founding member of of Indonesia’s Gerakan Seni Rupa Baru (New Art Movement), Javanese-Chinese contemporary artist FX Harsono is widely recognized for his performance and installation art as a response to the former dictatorial Suharto regime and subsequent violence against Indonesia’s Chinese minority. Into the 21st century, Harsono’s primary focus has shifted from critique of politics to exploration of identity within the Chinese-Indonesian community.

Gazing on Identity is Harsono’s most recent solo exhibition that examines the controversy of Chinese identity documents and the suspicion that surrounds them. The exhibit’s components range from installations of wooden blocks, digital prints, and LED lights to traditional drawings and oil on canvas. These varying mediums are unified under the theme of juxtaposing documented identity with cultural identity.

“For the Chinese, although they were born in Indonesia, they are still considered as migrant. Apart from Indonesian Citizenship certificate, they must also have other documents, where this regulation is not applied to ‘real’ Indonesians. The dichotomy of real-migrant, free-bonded, is presented in this work.” -FX Harsono.

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Tailor made wooden stables by Scotts of Thrapston
Via Flickr:
Scotts manufactures and installs wooden stables, tailor made to your requirements.

(Phan) Muse and Model

Summary: Dan and Phil are art students in college. And sometimes, art students need to help each other out. Phan, AU!College,

Word Count: 3285

A/N: This is set in a UK College – meaning students are 16/17 when they start and leave at 18/19 upon completing a two year A Level course. First year is AS Levels and second is a continuation of what you took last year, to complete a full A Level. Upon completing College, you go to University. Also I based the art department and the actual course content on the one in my college, as it’s familiar to me and I can write about it more. Other colleges may do it slightly differently. Also I made Phil 17 in this fanfic and Dan is 18. Just because plot wanted it.

Let me know what you think of this :)

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Glitch In The Matrix Stories #19

Doppelganger Incident When I Was 10

Okay here’s some back ground: When I was in 5th grade, they had these jobs that you got to pick out, and I was the “Bathroom Monitor”. Basically you got to waste 15 minutes of class by sitting outside of the bathroom next to the water fountain before recess. The bathrooms are on the main hallway, so they’re right there as you walk into the schools main entrance. The main entrance has a security camera to see who’s at the door when the buzzer goes off to unlock door. There’re benches about 5 feet away from the door and are in camera view.

So I’m sitting there doing my very important job, and I see my friend, we’ll call her Maya, outside on the benches that are just outside of the school. I’m really confused because she wasn’t at school that day. So I get a bit closer to the door, she’s wearing one of her normal outfits- bright green pants and a tight white shirt with a cartoon-ish dinosaur on it. I remember because it was one of her favorite outfits. She’s holding her flip phone, literally everything is identical about this person to my friend Maya. 

I get a bit closer, I’m honestly weirded the hell out. She seems to take notice to me and she looks at me and waves a bit, and I get this sudden feeling of dread wash over me. I break out into a cold sweat and I check the clock, and thank god it was time for me to go to recess. I race back to class, looking back, she was still watching me and sitting there.

I tell my teacher about the incident and I ask to look in the front of the building. We both check, and no one is there, my teacher offers to check the security tape, and no one was in them. We even call Maya’s mom, and Maya was sick with the stomach flu all day and was on the couch.

I honestly still get a really gross feeling from this. I never knew what a doppelganger was until 2 years after that. Plus, I was ten, and I don’t think I was hallucinating or anything.

Credits to: AlexanderThePumpkin

I Didn’t Say Anything

Back when I was in high school, me and some friends went to one of our friend’s house as it was her birthday. So we were just having fun outside, taking pictures, playing games, normal random stuff when one of the neighbor of our friend who lives at the house just across from her came home. She was at least in her 40′s, a little large but not fat, and walks with a very bad limp. 

We saw her at first from afar walking towards her home but none of us paid too much heed. When she was a little closer, someone suddenly said in a loud and mean voice something like “Look at that old lady! Look at how she walks!” To which the old lady responded with some words that I don’t remember. 

I looked at my friends, trying to placate whoever said that as it was really mean. To my utter shock, they were all looking at ME. I tried scolding one of my friends as i thought that it was him. However, they all said that it was me. I tried explaining to them that it wasn’t me and I was just chewing on my plastic cup.reading, but they all remained firm that I was the one who spoke. I could tell that they were serious because some of them actually got mad at me. 

To this day, 4 years after, I asked some of them if they remember the incident and if they were just pranking me but they all swore that it was me.

Credits to: shadeslayer0930

Three Of Us Remember This, So What Happened?

So a little backstory first; I live with my parents, two of my siblings, and my boyfriend. We have a pantry in our kitchen which is usually stocked pretty full of food (boxed, canned, etc). There are two sets of cabinets, one on top and one on bottom. This particular glitch involves the top set of cabinets.

Since we moved into this house, we have always had problems with the weight of the pantry items causing the shelves to fall. My dad has reinforced those shelves with more brackets and even changed the original plastic ones to metal ones. Even after reinforcing the shelves, they have collapsed from the weight. We’ve moved stuff around so that there are no heavy cans or products on the upper shelves, but still they would fall. 

So last summer, my dad finally decided enough was enough and bought 2in x 12in wooden strips to bolt to the under sides of the shelves so that they would be reinforced enough and they wouldn’t collapse any more. My mom and I were both present when my dad was installing the strips and were very happy with the results. We hadn’t had any problems with the shelves falling since then.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, my little brother and I are taking all of the food out of the pantry (we get ants here every summer and they invade every inch of the kitchen that they can reach) when I notice that the brackets under the second shelf are slipping out. I say, “Good thing Dad put those wood strips here to hold the shelf up” when I go to reach for the one closest to me, and realize that it’s not there. I have a “WTF” moment and start looking under the shelves for the other strips. They aren’t there. I ask my brother if he remembers my dad installing them, and he just shrugs at me. 

“Okay…” I say. So out of curiosity, I decide to check the lower set of cabinets. We’ve never had a problem with those shelves falling, so there would have been no reason to install them there. I stick my head in the cabinet and boom - there are the wooden strips I remember my dad installing - only they weren’t where I remember him putting them.

My parents get home from work a few hours later and my mom starts helping me with dinner. I go to open the cabinet (out of habit, because I wasn’t used to nothing being in there) when I bring up the subject of the wooden strips. She clearly remembers my dad installing them, too. Not one to just believe me, she opens the cabinet and sticks her head in to see for herself. She was just as confused as I was that they weren’t there. 

Just then, my dad walks in the kitchen. She and I start asking him about the wooden strips, and I ask him which set of cabinets he installed them in. Immediately he walks up to the upper pantry cabinet and opens it up. He says he put them in here because he was sick of the shelves falling all the time. Before he can look around, my mom tells him that they aren’t there. 

He says, “what do you mean they aren’t there?”, as he’s looking for them. And I say, “there are some in the lower cabinet but not in that one." He says, "why would I have put them in the there?” And I reply, “good question!” He proceeds to look in the lower cabinet and says, “well that’s dumb!”

We all remember him installing wooden strips in the top cabinet, yet they aren’t there; they’re in a cabinet that never needed them, and that we never had any issues with. After telling my boyfriend about the recent issue with the cabinets, he says that he remembers me telling him about my dad installing those wooden strips last year (he also remembers the shelves falling).

We have been talking about it ever since I came across it two weeks ago and don’t know what to make of it. What happened? How did the three of us (that were present for the installation) remember this wrong?

Credits to: robinsparklesbitch


Leave the paint job to no one (even yourself) and stack wood on your walls.

I liked Northeast Spyhouse Coffee’s rustic modern interior reclaimed wood walls the moment I saw them. The neat, smooth wooden horizontal layers of wood stretched across the coffee shop and seemed to have created an illusion of extra room space. Wood is a great wall accent and gives off a calm earthy tone that can go with any style.

Here are several pictures of wood walls for inspiration. One bedroom expanded its wall by adding wood to the ceiling. The vertical wood placement extends room height and space. One bathroom looks like it installed a wooden vanity. One living room’s dark wall offsets light wood flooring. The geometric-stacked wood style on walls is unique and adds depth and volume to a room. We highly recommend you build a wall of reclaimed, salvage, and/or barn wood for the most authenticity.

- Yolei