wooden eyes

“I told you I could even charm a mermaid, Cinder.”

I know, technically the prompt is “Pirate” but I love to mix pirates with mermaids and Thorne and Cress fit the respective tropes so perfectly. LLC is more fond of merman!Thorne (and I will have a pic for that, too) but I personally enjoy mermaid!Cress because it fits her so well … and it’s fun to draw.  ^.^ So, be prepared for a few more pics for my Pirate/Mermaid-AU.

Hi my name is Richard Papen and my father is called Richard (that’s how I got my name), my hair is brown with dark brown and golden tips that reaches my mid-back and wooden brown eyes like a forest and a lot of people tell me I look like Oscar Wilde (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Henry Winter but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a writer but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a classicist, and I go to a liberal arts school called Hampden in England where I’m in the first year (I’m twenty-two). I’m poor (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly a tweed jacket. I love fancy clothes and I buy all my clothes from that kind of shops. For example today I was wearing my tweed jacket with matching beret and a oxford shoes. I was wearing no makeup, only a white foundation for my skincare. I was walking outside Hampden. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. The greek class of Julian were staring at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Robron headcanon #2

The night Aaron goes to prison, Robert doesn’t eat dinner with Chas and Liv. He doesn’t feel like he’s part of their family. Not anymore. Not now that Aaron is gone and isn’t coming back for a long time. Instead , he spends the evening in the barn, his legs tucked up to his chest, necking cheap cans of Aaron’s favourite beer. He doesn’t sleep in the bed he used to share with his fiancé. That’s their bed. Instead, in a druken and overly emotional state, he breaks into The Mill. There’s no bed in there yet, but the empty rooms and the smell of drying paint feels like home. Like the home they were planning to build together. He lies on the old wooden floorboards, shivering, his eyes misty with tears. The only thing keeping him warm is a black hoodie, wrapped around his shoulders. It smells like him.

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If someone brewed polyjuice potion with sasuke's hair would they be able to activate his sharingan? They will get injuries, such as with moody's wooden leg and eye, and hermione did comment on how bad Harry's eyesight was, so would it be replicated as well?

I would assume so?? I mean, eye color transfers, though possibly since the Sharingan relies on brain chemistry to alter the eye it would just have the potential to be the Sharingan, and not be evolved? I’m not entirely sure just how much the Polyjuice Potion actually changes, but I don’t think it’s on quite that level. 

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Died *smiles cheekily*

“You’ve abandoned all reason.”

“And you’ve lost your optimism and your sense of adventure.” Milo stared ahead as he rambled. “It died in you on that fateful day.”

Tobias went rigid, frozen by the chill of Milo’s words. Milo looked up at him only to see that his jaw was wooden, his blackish eyes ripe with anger.

Milo’s face dropped. “Apologies. I didn’t mean to prod at old wounds.”

White Noise (3/?)

Title: White Noise (3/?) [link]
Author: @noifsandsorbees
Rating: Teen
Word count: ~2,300
Notes: @tofutti-rice-dreamsicle​ and @campaignofmisinformation​ are wonderful, relentless betas and I owe them everything. 

update 2/16: barring a major burst of inspiration, it looks like this is the final part, which i’m not happy about, but i’m having trouble coming up with an ending that isn’t cliche af :(

Part one | Part two

It’s a trick of light, he thinks, the neon red of the Budweiser sign tinting his amber whiskey to perfectly match her hair. With his cheek cool against the wooden bar and his eyes glued to his shot glass, he commends himself for the hundredth time on his last-minute decision to leave his phone at home. He doesn’t want to check once again if she’d called him. He knows he’ll just be disappointed. 

The glass rattles as the stool next to him is filled. He lifts his head and shoots the liquor down his throat.

“Here I thought you’d be celebrating,” Skinner says, and even through Mulder’s drunken haze, he knows his once-again boss is exhausted.

“I am celebrating,” he responds and flags down the bartender for another drink. He tips the shot toward Skinner, “and it’s all thanks to you, Sir.”

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“Every little thing she does is magic"⭐️

Malfoy Manor

Requested by Anon

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x reader

‘Welcome to my home,’ Draco says opening the front door for me. I walk in and let my eyes slide through the entrance hall. A lot of stairs are visible when looking up, beautiful cold stone and dark lighting.

‘It’s.. not exactly homely, but-’

‘I love it,’ I say, turning my head to Draco and smile at him. He scratches the back of his neck and has a little worried look in his eyes. I slide my hand into his and squeeze for a moment, letting him know that I really do love it. He relaxes a bit and then smiles at me.

‘You need to see something,’ Draco says while his smile turns into a full on grin. I narrow my eyes for a moment, getting curious. He laughs softly and then takes me with him up the stairs, through a hallway and stops in front of two massive dark wooden doors.

‘Close your eyes,’ he says whereupon I look at him for a moment and then shut my eyes. I hear the creaking of the doors open and then I feel Draco’s cold hands in mine, carefully pulling me with him, inside of the room.

‘Can I look yet?’ As an answer I receive a kiss on my lips, which makes me blush lightly. I hear Draco’s footsteps whereupon I feel his arms wrap around my waist and his chin on my shoulder.

‘Now you can look.’

I open my eyes and the most beautiful thing in the world appears in front of me. It’s one big circular room – tower really – we’re standing in and every piece of wall is covered with books. There are stairs circling around the room, up to more books. The only bit that’s not covered with bookshelves is the fireplace with a huge window above it and two chairs in front of it. Apart from those things there are only books to find in this tower. It. Is. Beautiful.

‘I know how much you like to read.. so I thought you’d like it here,’ I hear Draco’s soft voice in my ear. I smile broadly and turn around to face him. Now I notice that even above the doors are bookshelves stuffed with books and books and books.

‘It’s amazing. I’ve never seen so many books in my entire life!’ I say excitedly and turn around again, sliding my gaze over the walls. I hear Draco’s chuckle and then feel his hand holding mine again.

‘It’s been in this house ever since it was built and my whole family has been adding books to the collection. Every book that one of my family members have read and found worth reading another time is in this library.’ I look back at his eyes and see he’s got a proud look on his face. ‘Once you live here and carry the name Malfoy, you can add books too, if you’d like.’ He realizes what he just said and looks back at my face.

‘I mean, if you’d want to, you know, live here and.. stuff.’ I laugh softly at his embarrassment. ‘I mean, I can understand if you wouldn’t want to live here it’s a bit cold and-’

I interrupt him by gently pushing my lips on his, caressing his lips with mine. I can feel him calm down and cup my cheek with one hand.

‘I love you.’

‘I love you too.’

Pregnancy Drabble #15

15. Mood Swings (full list)

22 weeks pregnant 

“So what should we do tonight?” His fingers trail up your bare thigh, the light in the room dims down. You’ve been in the house everyday for the past two weeks, Justin has been here some of the time but you’ve both been copped up in the house. “More movies and Chinese?” He suggests, your tongue skimming over your bottom lip.

“Maybe we should go out?” You fumble with the t-shirt of his you’re wearing, your eyes scanning his hazel eyes. “I’m tired of being in the house,” You turn in his lap, grabbing the remote from the wooden coffee table. His eyes scan yours, your fingers pressing down on the off button, dripping the room into complete silence. “We could go to dinner? Or a movie—or a club? You always want to go clubbing.” His head shakes, a sigh leaving your lips.

“Can we just stay in?” His bottom lips wiggles in a pout, his fingers tugging at the t-shirt. You get a nervous pit in your stomach, insecure thoughts running through your mind. Why doesn’t he wont to go out with you—is he ashamed of being seen with you now? You press your lips together looking down at your belly. Justin notices your wandering mind, his fingers grabbing your chin, your weary eyes avoiding his stare. “What’s wrong? You don’t just want to chill?”

“—We’ve been ‘chilling’ for the past two weeks,” You mutter under your breath, his forehead crinkling in confusion. “Do you not want to be seen with me or something Justin because that’s fu—“

Wait what babe why would you think that?” He interrupts you, a deep breath leaving your lips.

“I just I don’t know, we haven’t went out anywhere lately,” You mumble quietly, his thumb brushing against your cheek.

“Babe no—I just noticed how sick you’ve been lately I didn’t want to drag you out anywhere,” He explains, relief washing over you. “I love you, I would never be ashamed of my wife,” A grin curls on heart-shaped lips, a small smile appearing on yours. You feel dumb for even thinking for a second that he would be but you couldn’t help it—the hormones were getting to you.

“I love you,” You say, his eyes instantly twinkling with lust, you lean in pressing your lips against his in a peck, his hand cupping your cheek. He presses chaste kisses against your lips many times, a giggle leaving your lips, “Can you order the Chinese I’m hungry,”

He chuckles, “Alright baby,”

Game of Thrones Imagine

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Prompt: Giving Cersei a broken nose for tormenting seven-year old Tyrion and getting away with it because you’re the daughter of a very important Lord. Mehehe. Hope you have fun writing this!

You awake very early that day, your nerves keeping you from falling into another peaceful slumber. You rushed down the stairs to the dining room where your father awaited. Panting, you stood outside the huge doors, resting your hands against the cool wooden doors. Closing your eyes you counted to ten in an attempt to still your heart hammering inside your chest. You knew exactly what awaited behind the door. A few days before, your father had summoned you to give you wonderful news…or so he had said. He informed you that the richest house in all the seven kingdoms was going to come and visit your family’s lands in a few days’ time. The news had shocked you quite a bit for you had heard of the Lannister family…especially the youngest child…the monster who killed his mother. Your imagination was running wild, conjuring all kinds of images of the supposed devil-like dwarf!
You opened your eyes once more and with a deep breath, opened the doors that lead to the dining room. Your eyes immediately landed on the small boy that stood next to two blonde and regal looking youngsters. He did not fit the awful descriptions or rumours you had heard! He looked so innocent…how on earth could he have killed his mother? You stepped next to your father and when the introductions were being made you couldn’t stop smiling at the young boy.

It had been a few months since you had last seen Tyrion Lannister and today was the day that you had been waiting for…today the Lannisters were due to visit your family palace as they had been invited to your father’s birthday celebration. You smiled as you recalled all the hours you spent at night reading Tyrion’s letters and how many more hours you would spend composing letters of your own. Ever since their first visit years before, you and the youngest Lannister had become thick as thieves. He was the one you would tell first about the new young lad you were fantasising about, and you were the one he would open his heart to about all the troubles he had with his family…especially with that witch Cersei. You felt anger bubbled up inside of you when you thought of that strumpet. The things she would do to her little brother made you see red. Your hands curled into a fist when you remembered of the letter Tyrion had sent you a few days before their departure from Castle Rock where he mentioned the black bruise he had around his left eye, that was given to him by Cersei as he would not shut up about the new book he had received from you.
A knock on the door brought you back to reality. You quickly made your way to the door to see who was knocking. You found one of the servants waiting on the other side, red faced and with beads of sweat dripping down from her forehead. “My lady, the Lannisters have arrived and your father requests your presence downstairs” she croaked, her voice sore. You nodded and followed the servant down the steps of the marbled stairs.
You walked down the corridor, down the vast hall where all the guest were to be gathered. As soon as you stepped through the gigantic doors, the voices stopped and everyone turned to look at you. Smiling, you made your way into the hall to where your father stood.
“Ah Lady Y/N what a pleasure it is to see you” Tywin Lannister said taking your extended hand into his and kissed it. “You have grown into quite a beautiful young lady” he complimented which caused your cheeks to turn red.
“Thank you my lord” was your reply, which was followed by a curtsey. Your eyes looked to his left and you saw Jamie and Cersei Lannister standing a few feet away, they whispering into each other’s ears and giggling. You turned your attention once more to Tywin Lannister and asked: “I beg your pardon my lord but I cannot seem to find your youngest son Tyrion…is he here?”
“Yes he is…he was here mere seconds ago…why don’t you go and ask Cersei and Jamie if they saw him” he responded. With a nod and a thank you to Tywin, you made your way to where the other two Lannister children were.
“Excuse me I was just wondering if you have by any chance seen Tyrion around?” you asked, forcing a smile on your lips.
“Oh look Jamie if it isn’t Tyrion’s lady friend…can I ask why a pretty lady like yourself is interested in my little beast of a brother…oh wait I know the answer to that one you’re just another one of those filthy thieves who is only interested in that little monster because you want our gold”
You felt anger surge into you once more and you tried your best to calm down, not wanting to cause a scene on your father’s special day. “I will ask once again…where is Tyrion?” you growled, no longer interested in looking polite in front of the hag that had just insulted you.
“Try the stone gardens I hear that’s where monsters like to go after they’ve had a good and proper beating” Cersei spat.
Enraged by the thought of Cersei hurting her little brother once more your hand curled into a fist and bam…your knuckles connect to her nose and a sickening crunch resounded across the room making everyone looking at your direction. Gasps filled the air and suddenly all the faces in the room looked at you in horror. That did not stop the feeling of euphoria that you felt within you! You wanted to do that for a very long time and now the opportunity had finally arrived. You looked down at the varmint who was sobbing whilst clutching her nose, trying to stop the blood that was gushing like a fountain. Her eyes rose to meet your own and you’d never seen such a look of horror and terror into those dark eyes of hers. A feeling of euphoria arose in your chest when you saw the way she looked at you. That ought to teach her to quit picking on her brother you thought
“Y/N! May I please talk to you in private!” your father’s voice brought you back to reality.
You followed your father out of the crowed, stuffy room and out into the cool corridor. You fixed your gaze on the floor as you dared not to look into your father’s eyes, for you knew that he would certainly not be happy with the behaviour you just displayed.
“Why did you do that?” he asked, not wanting to waste time and get to the point immediately.
“She hurt her brother again” you said, finally looking up to meet his gaze. “It is not fair that she gets to beat him up just because he’s younger and cannot defend himself”
With a sigh your father pulled you into an embrace. “I know that it is not fair but it does not mean that you can beat her up….although I cannot say she did not deserve it”
You gasped and pulled away to look at your father who was smiling.
“So that means you’re not mad at me?” you asked, hoping that the answer would be yes.
“Let’s just say I would have preferred if you did that after the celebration banquet was over. Now come on let’s go find Tyrion…I’m sure he would love to hear would happened to his sister.”

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I feel it coming | Evansson

Green eyes were staring at the lake, all the way from the balcony of side of the lodge she had rented to spend two days with her boyfriend. The balcony where she was standing at was decorated with a rustic but elegant style. There was a rounded wooden table that held flowers in the middle, and the rest of the place was lit with candles - she wished she could take credit for that. But she had have a lot of help from the lodge’s staff. They had the perfect view of Lake Placid, and the moon was glistening beautifully against the water. Everything seemed like one of those romantic movies she would refuse to watch. “What do you think?” She questioned, as she looked over her shoulder when she felt Chris’s presence on the balcony again. “For someone who hates Valentine’s Day, I think I’m liking this one.” Scarlett chuckle, while keeping a hand on the wooden rail and her eyes still focused on the view ahead of her. @capevans

Ideal Girl AU: Jimin

Lol this is going to sound so weird, but can you guys write about an au involving the boy’s ideal types?? The storyline can be anything you want and I was thinking that one admin writes about one girl or something? Love this blog~ Thanks ♡

Here you go, anonnie~ (taking this over from Minnie unnie) Hope you enjoy!!~ The girl is loosely based on THIS post, and you can read other scenarios in this series HERE

- Devi :D

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imperfect perfection

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“Not just any old herbs and dried goods, mind you.”

Snorting Allie briefly stood up to order another drink or two, seeing as the Wyvern’s Tail didn’t have servers. Once the mugs were gathered in her hands, she’d offer one to Alanna and kept the other for herself. Taking another slow draw from the wooden tankard. Eyeing the woman cautiously for a moment before shrugging.

“I run an apothecary, and I also do stitch work. So a make shift doctor if you will. What of you? You don’t strike me as just a business woman.”

                                                 [ @agent-athena ]

His phone buzzed on the table, and you watched once again as he picked it up and used him thumb to type in his password. His face was illuminated by the bright screen, and a grin etched its way onto his lips as he typed away. His food long forgotten as he continued a conversation that seemed to be much more important a date with you.

You stabbed at the piece of chicken breast sitting on your plate, as you stared the madhed potato accompanying it on the china. A breathy laugh left his mouth as he sent back another message, and smiled widely. Your mind was wracking. Who on earth could it be? The boys wouldn’t make him smile like that. His sister most certainly wouldn’t. And his mum? Possibly not. You could narrow it down to Nadine, but she was probably busy doing her modelling. You just wanted to know who it was.

As he placed his phone back on the wooden table, his eyes wandered up and met yours. His smile faltering as he took in your expression. “What’s the long face for, babe? Is the chicken not cooked right?” He wondered, as he reached for his wine glass and placed the rim on his lips. The slurping sound of him making people stare.

“Harry, do you have to drink like that? For goodness sake, you’re 21 years old” You hissed, as he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “And nothing is wrong with the chicken. It’s you. Who are you texting? You haven’t put that phone down all night. I’m starting to think you should go on a date with whoever is on the other side of the conversation!” You grunted, and held the fork to your lips, taking the piece of chicken from the metal.

“Woah. Woah. I’m texting Niall. We’re writing a new song together, babe. Just exchanging ideas” He smiled, as he placed the glass down on the table and took your hand in his. “I’d much rather be on a date with my beautiful and lovely girlfrend, than my annoying band mate” He chuckled, as you rolled your eyes and sent him a soft smile.

“I’m sorry… I get why now. I thought you were texting someone else” You whispered, as he chuckled and shook his head.

“Nope. Just Niall” He stated, too quickly for your liking, and picked his fork back up. “Are you fancying a pudding? I am. I’m thinking Rocky Road Sundae. What do you think?” Harry wondered, as you nodded and took another bite from your chicken. “Yeah? I’ll be sure to ask for extra chocolate sauce. Just for you” He winked, making a blush appear on your cheeks.

“Are you sure you aren’t just wanting some more sauce? I like it, don’t get me wrong. But, you have a slight addiction to it” You giggled, as you caught him staring at you plate. “Do you want some, or something?” You laughed as his eyes widened and he nodded sheepishly.

“You love chocolate sauce. It’s for you. I promise” He winked, as he watched you cut up some chicken and hold it up to his mouth. “Smells good, don’t it?” He chuckled as he wrapped his lips around the meat and chewed lightly. He hummed in delight as he closed his eyes and covered his mouth as he ate. “That is so good. S'gonna be my order next time” He chuckled, as he pushed his empty plate from in front of him.

“Was the pie good? It looked nice. Like what your mum makes” You grinned, watching his face light up into a smile. His hands patted at his belly softly as he inwardly burped and immediately covered his mouth. “Harry Styles!” You gasped, as he laughed loudly and blushed.

“I can’t help it. It’s the wine. Does something to me” He chuckled, as he pushed his chair away from the table. “M'juat going for a wee. I’ll be back, okay? Don’t ditch me” He winked, and turned on his heel, before looking over his shoulder. “Oh, order the sundae when he comes for the order” Harry added, before he waltzed down the array of tables and into the mens toilet.

• • • •

His phone buzzed and lit up again a few seconds after he left the table, the vibrations making your eyes go straight to the screen. You couldn’t help but reach forward and pick it up, reading the preview message. The number was shown, so you hadn’t any idea on who the person was. As you slid your thumb across the screen, you quickly typed in his password. He made sure you knew it in case of emergencies.

‘Last night was good! We should hang out again, H. xx’

You felt your chest tighten as you continued to read the messages. The ones from Harry had made soft tears fall from your cheeks. He had another girl on the side. He was cheating. How could he be so calm and collected? How could he lie to you?

'I had a great time! I know a great little restaurant we can go to. It’s peaceful and we won’t be intruded by fans. xx’

'You know your London places, Harry. I trust it’s a nice restaurant? Not some cheap and tacky one you took us to one time? xx’

Your vision blurred as you stopped reading. Your eyes stung and tears were dribbling down your cheeks as you used the back of the napkin to wipe then away. How could he continue to text the girl he was cheating with, when he was on a date with you? You felt anger pulse through your veins as you stood up.

“Hey… Are we leaving? Did you pay a- Is that my phone?” He hissed, as he pointed at the black iPhone in your hand. “Where you snooping through my phone?” He asked, his voice loud and his accent more prominent. People were beginning to stare as he walked closer to you, his eyes ablaze as he stared at you. “Why the fuck were you snooping through my phone?!”

You gulped and wiped your eyes, slamming the phone on the table and grabbing your coat. “You’re cheating on me. I don’t want to be with someone who’s cheating” You muttered, as you walked down the aisle between the tables. He gripped your wrist, and pulled you back. His grip tight on your joint. “Let go of me. Don’t touch me with those disgusting hands. You probably touched her last night. I hope she was fucking worth it, you dirty, cheating pig!” You hissed, yanking your arm from his hold and storming put the restaurant.

• • • •

Harry arrived home shotly after the taxi had dropped you off. He found you in the bedroom, in a pair of lacey underwear which you’d brought for that night. He sighed as he toed off his brown boots and placed them on the shoe rack in the wardrobe.

“It’s not what you think…” He whispered, and his voice was raw. It was scratchy and weak and almost inaudible. You knew he’d been crying and you felt horrible for causing the scene in public. You hated making him cry, but his lies has caused you enough pain. “Please… Listen to me” He whispered, as he held onto your bare shoulders. Your hands gripped at the baggy t-shirt you wore to bed; the one he’d given you a few years back.

“I’m not in the mood, Harry. I’ll sleep in the spare room tonight. I just need some space, okay?” You muttered, as you shuffled from his grip and slid the shirt over your head. “I’m going to stay at Liam’s and Soph’s for the weekend so I’ll be out of the way” You added, and you could hear his heart break in the silence around you. It killed you, to walk out the room and hear a soft sob leave his lips.

“.. It was Glenne. Jeff’s missus” He cried out, as you stopped in the middle of the landing hallway. “Remember when I said I was going out with mates last night? We didn’t go out to meet girls. I went out with Jeff and Glenne. To catch up” He whispered, as he stepped out into the chilly hallway. “I was going to ask you tonight if you wanted to come and join us for dinner tomorrow night…” He added, his head lifting as he looked at you with tear-filled eyes.

“Oh… Harry. I’m so sorry… I overreacted. I feel so stupid” You muttered, walking over to his hunched up figure and enveloping him into your arms. His head dropped to your shoulder as he sobbed against your neck, his arms holding you tightly. Scared he was going to lose you if he let you go. “I should’ve let you explain. I’m sorry… I’m a crap girlfriend right now, aren’t I?” You sighed, feeling his head shake from side to side.

“Of course not… I should have asked you before, babe. It’s okay” He muttered, his lips grazing your neck. “You’re not a crap girlfriend. Okay? You’ll be a crap girlfriend if you don’t come and cuddle with me, though. In our bed. In our room” He grinned, lifting his head from your shoulder and looked down at you. His lips curved into a smile.

“Come on, then. I need a good ole’ cuddle with my favourite man…”