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“It’s not a raunchy book!”

So so so!!!

My Antigone Funn wig arrived today and my gosh did I have funn! I’ve sewn some more wefts into it to make it thicker and more unruly and I love it!!
I have so many photos but I thought I would shorten it to 4 photos for now!

Got everything to make her dress too! So exciting!

Can I act miserable all day at comic con? Check back in May to find out!

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Can you do a drabble for Jily with number 23 or 29 I can't pick? Thank you!

“at it like bunnies”

#23: “The skirt is supposed to be short.”

modern muggle au <3

“The skirt is supposed to be this short.” Lily says, indignant.

Marlene just sniggers. “I didn’t say anything.”

“Your eyebrows did.” Lily inspects herself in the mirror one more time and then turns to face her friend and housemate.

“You look great, can we go now?” Marlene asks, finishing off the bottle of wine in her hand in one take.

“Is she ready?” Mary pops her head around the door, looking hopeful. Lily frowns at both of them. “Aw, don’t be like that Lils, you’ve been an hour.”

“We’re prinking!”

“No, you’re primping.” Marlene just manages to dodge the cushion Lily throws at her.

“Fine then, let’s go.” Lily grabs her bag and pulls Marlene up from the bed.

“She’s ready!” Mary yells as they head downstairs, and the responding cheer from the kitchen makes Lily frown again.

Marlene slings a comforting arm around her shoulder. “We love you really.”

If this was a normal night, Lily would have been ready a long time ago. As it stands though, it’s a fancy dress night and she has a plan. So she accepts the teasing from her friends as they do one last shot and then leave, heading towards the pub, because she knows it will all be worth it.

Except it’s not, not immediately anyway. The first pub, their usual, is packed full of other uni students in fancy dress, all in varying degrees of effort. A pack of boys have stretched their student budget to buy banana outfits whilst, next to them, two girls are wearing black dresses with wooden placards around their next, informing Lily they’ve been arrested for public disturbance. Tegan scowls when she sees them, because she too has opted for the jailbird look but, unlike them, has gone full out.

Mary, barely a ladybug with a red dress and some wings, orders the first round. It helps Lily ignore the fact that the reason she’s wearing her ridiculous get up isn’t in the pub. It does not help her ignore the two leering freshers, Thing 1 and Thing 2, who are clearly making bets about which one of them can get her number. Leering was to be expected though and, like the teasing, Lily takes it because it will be worth it, no one’s got the guts up yet to actually approach her and because in an outfit like hers, she can’t say she wouldn’t stare either.

It had been Marlene’s idea, and Lily had agreed both because she was desperate and because she’d known she’d look good. And she does. The skirt, as short as humanely possible without showing her arse, and the heels, too high for her own good, make her legs look endless. It’s a look that could kill.

It’s also a look, apparently, which boosts her alcohol tolerance and self assurance. So, by the time they reach a club, despite the several rounds of shots and jaeger bombs, she manages to get passed the bouncers without stumbling once. They dance for what feels like hours, Lily spinning with Mary and Tegan and almost breaking her ankle when she drops to the floor during Low with Gemma. Marlene vanishes and returns with a boy, yelling to the girls that he’s got a party at his house.

They go and Lily has almost forgotten why she is wearing what she’s wearing. Then she steps into the boy’s living room and she remembers.

He’s dancing on the other side of the room, with Sirius, of course, and he looks beautiful. Maybe it’s the disco lighting. Maybe it’s the leather jacket he’s wearing. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s in love with him. Whatever it is, he’s never looked fitter and Lily almost runs out of the room before he can get a chance to see her.

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Let’s Dance(Part One)

A/N! Hey hi there it’s A.Ham and if i'm correct, this is the first imagine that I’m posting on this account! This will be a series, so i hope you like it!

Word Count: 1,756

Warning: Bad Language

Part One, Part Two

“How does a bastard, orphan…” Leslie’s voice entranced you as you eagerly rubbed your hands together. Excitement shot through you like a bullet between the ribs as a grin spread upon your face. A soft hand grazed your shoulder, lingering for a moment before you were enveloped in an affirming hug.

“We’ve got this, let’s make them proud!” Jasmine Cephas-Jones chirped quietly, releasing you. She walked to her spot on stage, and you followed soon after.

It had been months of long and strenuous work., But it was all worth it. The second you stepped onto the stage, you put your heart and soul into the production. Before you had realized it, act one was over.


As you dropped to the cool wooden floor of your dressing room, the cool wood made contact with your hot face, and you practically moaned in relief.. A small snicker caught your ear and you glanced up, Lin-Manuel Miranda catching your eye. He was standing against the doorframe, his hand outstretched. He had on his act two costume, his hair slicked back against his head.

“Hey, Y/N. Are you coming to the after party later tonight?” He inquired sweetly, his slightly raspy and adorably scratchy voice filled the almost empty dressing room. You took his hand and climbed to your feet, brushing your costume off. The clock in the corner caught your eye, and you gasped how soon it was already.

“Maybe, but I have to get changed right now. I’ll get back to you!” You spoke quickly, the words hastily tripping off of your tongue. You slammed the door shut, remorse washing over you.


You pulled your costume off and carefully hung it up, cool air washing over your sticky skin. Goosebumps formed along your arms and you rubbed them away. You wiped residual sweat off your skin before before putting on your act two outfit. Walking into the hall, you decided to refill your bottle of water. Passing by the dressing room that  Daveed and Oak resided in at the moment, a distinct duet filled the air around the room.

“A dazzling place I never knew~” Oak’s voice carried into the surrounding area, mixing with Daveed’s voice. You couldn’t help but hum along, leaning against the doorframe. Your arms were crossed and your gaze lingered on Oak for a moment too long. Daveed noticed your presence and immediately stopped singing. The two men glared at you in embarrassment and closed the door abruptly, effectively shutting you out.

Rolling your eyes, you walked over to where Jasmine was sitting on the couch. You took your seat next to your best friend, the other putting her phone away.

“You are coming, right?” she chuckled, curiosity peeking through her usually calm exterior. Her fingers ran through her long, curly hair. God, you wished you had hair like that. “Everyone else is going, and I want you to come with us!”

You groaned before replying, trying to find a reason to get out of it. “Do you think Ant is gonna ask you out tonight? Maybe you should spend some time with him instead. You both really like each other and it’s about time you got together.”

“No, no! I wanna hang out with you, Y/N. It’s gonna be amazing!” She looked at you pleadingly. Ugh you could never say no to her puppy eyes.

You slowly nodded your head, the idea growing on you slowly as you looked to the window. The snow was falling insanely quickly, but the show must go on. The stage manager notified you and Jasmine that it was five to places. You skipped over to your spot for act two, and  you took a sip of water. Your glance was caught again on Oak, who was standing there quietly. His whole demeanor had changed. His usual calm and playful aura was replaced by that of seriousness.

“Break a leg!” You mouthed, and he glanced at you, flashing his dazzling smile.  He walked onto the stage like rehearsed hundreds of times before this, reciting his lines with beautiful precision.

You were snapped out of your trance as he walked on stage, and you followed after.


As Pippa ended the show, you felt tears pool in the corners of your eyes. Curtain call had always been your favorite, as you got to see the raw emotion from the crowd in front of you. Your hand was held by Oak. His warmth radiated through you, like you were holding hands with a space heater.


Afterwards, you got changed into your normal street clothes. It was the best part of your night, usually. As much as you adored the costumes, they were a pain in the ass.

In the main area, there was a chorus of laughter and excitement. They were setting up the karaoke machine. Scanning the quickly forming crowd, you found Jasmine standing at the makeshift bar next to Anthony.

Behind you the stage door opened and shut quickly as people left before it got too bad outside. You shrugged, making your way through the crowd to Anthony and Jasmine. You stood next to Jasmine awkwardly, not wanting to interrupt them. They seemed to be hitting it off well, and you didn’t want to ruin it, so you sat there quietly for a while. You pulled out your phone, texting your brother, Oliver.

A shadow blocked the light from your face and you glanced up to see Oak standing in front of you, towering over you. He was a good foot taller and it was intimidating, to say the least. He was wearing a big, loose sweater, but his great form still showed.

“Karaoke?” He asked eagerly, his eyes full of hope and something you couldn’t quite read. He motioned towards the machine, people pooling money in piles. Daveed appeared at Oak’s side, the two clearly singing together.

Making your way over to the pile of money, you put the contents of your wallet into the pile that said ‘Ant and Jas’ in Lin’s chaotic handwriting. Writing your name on the paper next to it, you sat on the couch. The pounding music tapered to silence and people began singing with excitement.

The hour quickly flew by as you watched your beloved friends sing, clapping when they all finished with impossibly high scores. Finally, it was your turn. You turned on your favorite song and closed your eyes, taking a deep breath.

Your heart pumped in your ears deafeningly. You wiped your palms on the fabric of your pants, glancing around at the group of people in a blurred haze. Your eyes met Oak’s for a brief second and he flashed you a smile and thumbs up instantly.

As the final notes left your lips, you decided to turn to look at the screen behind you. As your eyes flickered over the devastatingly low score, you frowned. You had the lowest score of everyone. Disappointment washed over you but you pushed it out.


As you walked back to your dressing room, you grabbed your purse and walked down the stairs. You pressed against the door, dismayed when it didn’t budge in the slightest. A smile tugging at your lips, you walked to Javi’s room. Inside, he was sitting with Oak and Daveed, immersed in conversation. You took a seat across from them, getting concerned looks from all three.

“What is it, Y/N?” Javi questioned, sipping a cup of cafecito.

You explained the situation briefly, clapping your hands together as you watched the others. Daveed and Oak exchanged glances between each other, Daveed standing up.

“It’s gonna be a long night. We’re snowed in. Any of you wanna help me tell the others?” Daveed’s voice broke the tense silence, you nodding swiftly and following after.

The information about being snowed in was a mix of responses, most anxious, others mad, and others gleeful. Jazzy and Anthony followed you into Javi’s dressing room, where some of the other main cast was congregating again, taking their usual spots in the room.

You took a seat next to Oak, who had put on another sweater. Relaxing into the couch, you stretched out a bit, his warmth radiating. It seemed like it was going to be a fun night, hanging out and joking with your friends. But within moments of sitting down, the power went out.

It was deafeningly silent for a moment as everyone adjusted to the darkness. Just great, you were snowed in without power. You pulled out your phone, fumbling for the flashlight built in. You stood up with it on, others following suit as you looked around for a physical flashlight.

Noticing one on top of the cabinet, you quickly grabbed it, shutting your phone off. Oak spoke up from his spot in the corner. “So, uh, the power’s out, what’re we doing now?”

There was a chorus of chaos and unease as you sat back down next to Oak, leaning onto your friend. You snuggled into his side, a toned arm going around your shoulders as you mumbled quietly. “I dunno, but I’m cold.”

You hadn’t brought a jacket, thinking it would just be the party for a short bit then going home to your warm apartment. Nobody had expected the snow.

“Here,” Oak hummed softly. “Wear one of my sweaters for now.” He sat up, disconnecting himself from you and pulling a layer off, handing it to you. “Feel free to give it back whenever, Y/N”

You gratefully slipped the layer on, basking in the residual heat of Oak’s. It smelled like his cologne. The scent mingled with yours and a smile grew on your face as you snuggled back onto him. “Thanks, Oak” You mumbled.

It was like a little slice of heaven, resting there in the comfortable quiet. Of course, it didn’t last long as Andrew Chappelle, your close friend, burst into the room, sitting next to you as he spoke excitedly. “Honey we’re playing truth or dare in the other room and we just need you! C’mon, let’s go!”

His eyes were full of joy as he beamed,pulling you up before you could say no. You playfully jumped onto his back and the two of you riding towards Jonathan Groff’s dressing room. There was a circle of your fellow ensemble members, looking at you expectantly, greeting you.

You jumped at the sound of an awkward cough behind you, realizing that Oak had followed the two of you, waving awkwardly. “Got room for one more?” He inquired softly. To your joy he was happily welcomed. He sat next to you, Andrew on the other side.

TIme flew by quickly as you all played the simple game, most people doing particularly embarrassing things or admitting their broadway crush. When it was Andrew’s turn, he turned to you, a sly look on his face. “Y/N, queen. Truth or dare?”

You hesitated, afraid of what he was going to do. You answered slowly, the words tripping off of your tongue. “Truth..?”

He propped his head up with his hands, throwing a glance to a curious Oak. “Hmmm… if you had to fuck any of us in the room, who would it be?”

Fuck. Nothing was sacred to that man, which you loved usually. Glancing around, you pretended not to know who you would choose, shrugging. “Hmm… Probably Jon.” You said, motioning to Jon Rua who was sitting in the corner quietly on his phone. “I gotta admit, that hair is pretty damn nice.” You crawled across the circle, ruffling his hair playfully. He looked up, smiling. He winked suggestively at you, and you giggled, taking a permanent spot next to him. You pressed a kiss to his cheek to really sell the act, settling down.

Oak felt a heaviness in his heart, jealousy pulling at his insides.

Dear God.

FIGHTER (Part 4)

Originally posted by ftyoonmin

“Please be okay..please, please be okay.” 

The man’s voice was distant but you detected sadness and worry in his tone. Not able to open your eyes yet, you concentrated on the feeling of fingers running through your hair and the heavy aching feeling in your body. You recognized his voice at least; Wonho, the gorgeous guy you met not so long ago. The last thing you could remember was running with Wonho down a tunnel, hearing loud gun shots and feeling terrified for your life. 

‘Am I dead?’ 

You thought to yourself before trying to open your eyes. The first thing you noticed was that you had absolutely no clue where you were. It was a plain camel brown room with a few pictures of himself and what could have been his friends on the walls, a floor length mirror, a simple wooden dressing table and some book shelves. Laying on an unfamiliar bed, you were feeling groggy; hoping to god you weren’t being held captive. 

“Oh thank god you’re awake!” 

Wonho cried in relief. He was sitting on the edge of the bed with red rimmed eyes  like he’d been crying. As you opened your mouth to speak, you noticed the lack of moisture in your mouth, making your throat feel like a desert. 

“I need some water.” 

You croaked, slowly sitting up on the bed. Instantly, Wonho jumped up and ran to get you some. Shortly, he returned with a pint glass of water in his hand and a sorry expression on his face. The cold water felt like heaven as it trickled down your throat, helping you get your voice back. 

“What happened?” 

You asked, needing an explanation to stop you from feeling like you were going insane. Wonho sighed deeply, his head falling in to his hands in a sense of despair. 

“You fainted when we were running away. I picked you up and carried you here, to my place. We’re on the other side of the wall now…” 

Nodding your head slowly, it all seemed to be coming back to you. Suddenly, he grabbed your hands, his puppy dog eyes tearing up before droplets began to fall from his eyes. 

“I’m so sorry (Y/N). I should have fucking left you alone. I’ve put you in so much danger and now you can’t go back home because they’re waiting for us to try and sneak back in and I can’t let you get hurt, I just can’t!” 

Wonho balled, feeling immensely guilty for the situation he had put you in but for some reason, you didn’t really care about not being able to go home, all you cared about was making Wonho happy again. It felt like a stab to your heart to see him cry. Although you didn’t know what your status was like with Wonho, you couldn’t resist throwing your arms around him. 

“Hey now, don’t be upset. It’s okay, honestly, it’s okay.” 

You uttered softly, running your hand up and down his back to try and calm him. 

“I’ll figure out a way to get you home I promise! I won’t let you get hurt!” 

You let out a little smile with the way he was so insistent on not letting you get hurt. 

“I know, I know. Please don’t cry Wonho. I have nothing waiting for me at home anyway.” 

Wonho wiped away his tears with his sleeve and nodded his head. 

“Sorry. I just feel…protective over you. When you fainted…I could have had a heart attack. Damn, if anything happened to you I don’t know what I’d do.” 

After a few sweet moments of hugging him, he finally put on a brave face, looking at you with such warmth and care. You noticed how you might be starting to smell in the clothes you’d been wearing for almost two days, your hands trying to smooth out the creases of your shirt so you didn’t look ugly to him. 

“Oh yeah, we’ll probably need to get you some more clothes and some essentials. I’ve never lived alone before, I only have one tooth brush.” 

Wonho smiled widely, his eyes twinkling. You hadn’t thought of it as living together but you certainly didn’t dislike the idea. Being cute and attentive, he wrote down your clothes size and all the things you’d need to stay with him. Bringing up feminine hygiene products definitely wasn’t easy. Both of your cheeks blushed bright red and they blushed even more when he had to ask for your bra size. When he left to go to the store, you fell back on the soft bed, sprawling out and stretching your limbs, thinking about the idea of living with a guy; it wasn’t something you were used to either. Although you were worried and scared about how or if you were ever going to return home, the prospect of living with Wonho was exciting, new and fresh. Through the danger, you hoped there were great times to come.

That evening, you were sitting downstairs with Wonho, watching a comedy on the small TV that he had. Wonho didn’t have a lot but you noticed that what he did have, he didn’t mind sharing with you at all. The clothes he had bought you were basic and all neutral colours like grey, black and nude. He explained that he was afraid to buy you colourful things in case it brought more attention to you. However, he did buy you something colourful which you were confused about. It was a blonde wig with a hot pink ombre. 

“Wear this if you ever need to go outside. A lot of people have different hair colours here. It’s the only way we can really express ourselves.” 

He instructed. It explained the colourful hair he rocked so well. Suddenly, Wonho’s front door swung open and you heard loud, enthusiastic voices. You grabbed on to Wonho’s arm, expecting the worst when he chuckled at you. 

“Relax, they’re my friends.” 

He eased your worry and soon enough, Jooheon, Minhyuk, I.M, Hyungwon, Kihyun and Shownu were introducing themselves to you and shaking your hand. The guys were so fun and bursting with energy, it was infectious. You couldn’t help but giggle around them; you understood why Wonho liked them so much. 

“Damn boy, you said she was beautiful but you didn’t say she was this beautiful!” 

Jooheon said to Wonho, making Wonho playfully hit him in the stomach.

“Yah! Don’t embarrass me, you’re supposed to be my friend!” 

Wonho replied, pouting with his plump, soft lips. 

‘Does Wonho really think I’m beautiful?’ 

You thought, hoping it was true. The way Wonho seemed so embarrassed hinted that he really did tell his friends you were beautiful. Wonho’s friends visiting really did seem to cheer him up. His smile and the sound of his laughter gave you a great sense of relief and it calmed you from the stressful couple of days you’d had. 

“But Wonho! I’m not tired!” 

You whined as he set up an air mattress on the floor in his room to sleep in, giving the bed to you. He told you that he wanted to be near you at all times in case something happened during the night. 

“But I’m very tired so go to sleep. You need to rest.” 

He replied. You could see the sleepiness in his eyes. He looked so cute when he was tired. 

“But Wonho! Can’t we stay awake for just a…” 

You were stopped by Wonho placing his finger softly upon your lips. Though he was tired, he still gazed so deep in to your eyes with the same sparkle he always had. Your heart began to race, adrenaline pumping through your body as his lips started to move closer to yours. Parting your lips, you prepared them for the kiss you thought you were going to get. You wanted to throw your arms around him and his him so hard your lips would get sore but as his lips got closer and his gaze got more seductive, he changed his mind and placed a sweet, long kiss on your forehead. 

“Sleep jagiya.” 

Grubby Hands [a Jimmy Darling imagine]

Warning: harassment

Request: Can i ask an imagine? About jimmy darling? That dandy harassing his girlfriend and he protects her

a/n: send help i’m so stuffed up

Watching your boyfriend, Jimmy, is the highlight of your day. How he performs; with such emotion, dedication, amazes you. The way he laughs when he juggles and the sound of his voice is enough to put the sun and moon to shame.

With your hands held together, you sit in the wooden chairs; dress balled underneath you. You hold your chin up as Jimmy practices; a smile on your face. You can listen to him sing all day.

“Like watching the freaks I see?” A man with two curls gelled on his forehead sits next to you. He wears a white suit and a red ascot tied around his tanned neck. Dandy. You remember Jimmy warning you about him.

Shifting uncomfortably, you avoid his gaze. “They aren’t freaks. They’re just different.” You mutter, scowling. Freak; you hate that word.

Dandy smirks, scooting closer towards you, “Are they really though?” He pouts, twirling a strand of your hair in between his fingers. It’s making you extremely uncomfortable. “Tell me, what is-” he strokes your cheek and you squirm. “a pretty little thing such as yourself doing here; at a freak show?” He asks; face centimeters from yours, breath dancing against your skin.

You try pushing him away by hitting his chest. It doesn’t work though because he’s plant firmly. “Please stop.” You whine, squeezing your eyelids closed. Honestly, Dandy is a perv; Jimmy was right.

“Hey! Keep your grubby hands of my girl!” Jimmy’s voice rings through the speakers. Sighing, Dandy whips his head to the stage; hand still on your cheek, smirking when he moves his other hand to your thigh.

Testing Jimmy is not a good idea. When he sees you squirm, attempting to get away, he loses it. His whole face goes red and he jumps off stage, knocking over the microphone in the process. “Are you stupid?! She doesn’t want a creep like you touching her!” He shouts, stomping over and grabbing Dandy’s hand off your thigh; forcing him up.

Before the proper boy can respond, a claw-like hand formed in a fist collides with his jaw; over and over again. You stand, “Jimmy! Jimmy! I think that’s enough! Stop! You’re gonna get in trouble!” You chant, grabbing his bicep and pulling him. It doesn’t do much; thanks to his tall frame.

But he does stop. He stands; blood inked on his white t-shirt that’s underneath the blue jean button down. “Don’t touch my girl again, Dandy!” He points with a long breath before turning to you. “Come on babydoll…” Jimmy slings an arm around your shoulders, leading you out of the tent to his trailer.

“Thank you, Jimmy.” You mumble against his shirt; inhaling his scent.

He places a kiss to the crown of your head, “You’re my girl. I gotta protect my girl.” He grins. Oh, Jimmy.

Secret Saviour

Pairing(s): Phan with a smidgen of kickthestickz

Word Count: 4211

Summary: Fluff / Angst / High School AU oneshot.  Phil is the repeat victim of homophobia from PJ, Chris and Dan, and his life could not get much worse. Each punch feels the same as the last, and just as Phil gets into the routine of being the bullies’ victim, someone speaks out and a glimmer of light is shed on his otherwise dark world. Curious, Phil wants to find out who this person is…

Warnings: Bullying, homophobia, angst, not-quite-smut-but-may-be-uncomfortable-for-some-readers, a fair amount of fluff

A/N: So this is my first fic please be gentle. In no way does this reflect a realistic relationship bcos I wouldn’t be a single pringle if it did. Also, don’t read on an empty stomach. Enjoy! Btw year seven = 11/12 years old.

*Phil’s POV*

Hastily, I darted across my overcrowded tutor room. Not today. Not today of all days. Brushing my fringe over my face, I pulled a battered book out of my galaxy-patterned bag. 

“Look at sweet little Phil on his birthday. Shall we give him a present at break?" 

The mocking tones rang in my ears as I memories of the pain flashed through my mind, the bruises littering my body suddenly aching intensely.

I looked up nervously to see PJ, Chris, and Dan in front of me, with huge smirks tattooed on their faces.

"Sit down kids and shut up I need to do the register” their tutor, Mr Fursen muttered, his cold voice filled with boredom.

I thanked the heavens that they had to sit down, and that I wouldn’t go through what I nicknamed the pre-torture. Now to wait until break…


I learned ages ago I couldn’t hide. As soon as my second lesson, Geography, was over, PJ would drag me to the toilets where I would be beaten to a pulp by his gang. Almost everyday. Some days I would get away with nothing, some days I would barely be able to stumble home, wincing in agony with every tiny step.

I thought about this as I felt the bony hand slap me on the face. 

“Pay attention to us you faggot,” Chris shouted as he kicked me in the gut again. I snapped back into reality, the new bruises suddenly becoming more apparent and painful to me. 

“Look at him. One of nature’s monsters,” PJ whispered in my ear, before yanking it, and kicking me in the balls, causing me to bend over in anguish.

‘Only two more years’, I thought to myself hopelessly. 'It will end one day.’

~Year Seven~

“And how can I say this and mean it? I’m gay.”

Everyone stared at me. And I instantly regretted it. Why did I think that an inspirational, if not slightly awkward speech about homosexuality in English would be a good idea? Suddenly, doubt darted around my mind, before the first mention of 'faggot’ hit me. Oh, and a water bottle.

That was the day PJ started to bully me. I knew him and his two gang members could be horrible people, but I never thought I would end up as their victim. Chris was the worst; every punch stung ten times more when he threw them. In a way, I’m kinda glad Dan combats that with lighter, more infrequent abuse. I still fucking hate them all. What was their problem?

~January 31st~

It seemed the same as usual. I turned up to tutor as normal for the pre-torture, the usual mocking tones trying to burn holes in my mind, and was dragged off to the toilets for the usual 'punishment’ after my second lesson. Except this time, after I had been kicked a few times by them, I heard a voice. Soft, smooth, nothing like I had ever heard before.

“Leave the guy alone. He’s not worth it.”

Whoever it was, it stopped the bullies in their tracks, and they ran away, not making a sound, just leaving me there in pain. However, when I looked up, nobody was there. 

But whoever they were they had just saved me from the injury.

Since then, the bullying got less painful, shorter, more often interrupted. Almost everyday, I heard the same sweet tone retaliating against them, as though offering a metaphorical hand to help me up out of the situation. Still, however, I have never seen this person. He always manages to disappear before I can see him. 

You do not understand how much I yearn to discover who this beautiful person is. I mean, I don’t know if they are physically beautiful or anything but looks don’t count. All I care about is that his mind and thoughts are beautiful.

Every night since the first time I heard him, I have dreamed about him. In every dream, I can never see him. In every dream, I can only hear him. The sweet, soft, articulate tone of his voice was all I needed though. For once I felt as though someone in the world cared.

And I fucking cared that someone cared.

~14th February~

That’s when it started.

That morning, I awoke to the gentle vibration of my phone on my bedside table. On the screen, a set of numbers greeted me. At first, I couldn’t work out why numbers were on my screen, and then as my mind switched on I noticed that it said “(unknown number)”.

'You dumbass’, I thought to myself.

I opened the message to be greeted by a collection of letters.

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Flush your worries away,

Ps. I love you x”

Confused, I reread the text.

“Flush you worries away”

Could this be the mystery voice? Could this be the person I have been waiting to discover for weeks now? Could this be the day I- 

'No.’ I thought to myself. 'Lets not get too far ahead of myself.’

Placing my phone back down on the wooden cabinet, I quickly dressed for school, well aware that I had overslept. Today was going to be a long day.

As I walked to school that day, I couldn’t help but repeat the poem over and over in my head again. 

“Flush away your worries.”

“Ps. I love you x”

However, the more I thought about it, the more I realised it could just be a prank. Nobody likes me, how couldn’t this just be a sick joke that someone has staged to try and make me feel as though someone loves me, when they don’t really? Firstly, how would someone I don’t know have my phone number? And secondly, nobody else is gay according to them. Nobody can love me right? Unless it was one of those younger girls who don’t know about the English incident or want to love me gay or not.

Deep in thought, I didn’t realise who I had walked into.

“Watch where you’re going…” Dan spat, not even looking behind him.

I attempted to apologise, flustered by the moment, but I was interrupted.

“Fucking hell dude learn some manners,” Dan continued to shout as he turned around to face me. Frankly, I must have looked quite surprised at the sudden outburst. He paused for a second before continuing to walk briskly along the uneven path. 

“Why didn’t you punch me?” I asked inquisitively. He had the perfect chance and the perfect excuse.

Dan just ignored me, picking up his walking pace, leaving me shocked and confused. A thirst for answers suddenly overcame me, and I jogged up to his side.

“Seriously, why didn’t you?” I asked curiously.

“It not that you’re not worth it. I just don’t wan-”. Dan pushed me towards the side.

“Fuck off faggot,” he yelled in my face. 

“Good going mate, serves that son of a bitch right. There’s no place in this society for useless defects like him.” PJ chimed in from around the corner, addressing Dan.

“I’m sorry Phil,” Dan whispered under his breath, as he kicked my legs, forcing me to move quicker, eventually breaking out into a run. I was bewildered by what had just happened, but I had felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time. 

Someone cared. Dan cared. 

Daniel Howell, my bully for years, cared.

And suddenly I no longer wanted to find out who my secret hero was.

But still doubt burrowed in the back of my mind. Could this just be a joke to gain my trust and destroy it again in an instant?


Unsurprisingly, I spent most of my break time locked in a cubicle with the bullies, who made sure I got extra punishment today as nobody loved me. 

“Who loves Phil?” Chris chanted.

“No-bo-dy,” PJ would reply, punching me in the ribs with every syllable. 

“What is he?” Chris chanted again.

“F-A-G-G-O-T” PJ replied again, kicking me once for every letter. 

And them he and again. His voice penetrated the room as it softly lifted my soul up.

“Leave him alone. Fuck off.”

Hopelessly, I raised my head again, only to see nobody. As usual. I guess this secret hero doesn’t really love me as they would stay, wouldn’t they?

As I stood up, my hand caught on the chain. Losing my balance, I accidentally pulled it sharply, causing a piece of paper shaped like a love heart to flutter down to the grimy tiles.

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Your next clue is in tutor,

Ps. I love you”

Sinking to the floor, I reread the message. Did I really want to know who my secret hero was? It seemed so real but so unreal at the same time.


Again, as usual, I swept my raven-coloured hair over my eyes, and pulled the battered book out of my worn bag. I must have read it thousands of times, but I never got bored of it. What was it about, you ask?

It was about two homosexual guys in a relationship. Boring, to most people, I know, but it reassured me in life. Made me feel less 'broken’.

As I opened the fragile pages, another love heart slid gently out.

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

By where we met earlier,

Ps. I love you”

Slowly, I turned the note over. 

“Kiss me when you know x”

I had it figured out. No doubt. 

So I stood up. I walked across the classroom. 

And I kissed a surprised Dan. 

Most of the class watched in confusion, some jeering, some clapping. Among the crowd, I could hear murmurs of 'faggot’, but I blocked them out in the bliss of the moment. I was impressed by my courage, impressed by my confidence, impressed by the moment. 

Well, Mr Fursen wasn’t impressed to say the least. And that’s how I got my first detention.


I sat there, daydreaming about the perfection of the kiss. Every so often, Mr Fursen would glance over at me to signal that I should be working, but I don’t think he was that bothered - he’s the laziest person I’ve ever known to be completely frank.

In my head I replayed every second, breaking it down, realising the importance and perfection of each and every moment.

Second one: I stood up from my chair, with it scraping noisily across the floor, meaning everyone turned to stare at me. I didn’t care.

Second two: I started my brisk stroll across the classroom. At this point pretty much everyone but one or two students and Mr Fursen were staring at me, wondering why all of a sudden I had made such a bold move after the years I have spent cowering behind my emo hairstyle. I didn’t care that their eyes burned into my head. I only had one thing on my mind.

Second three: My heart began to race at a page faster than that of hundreds of horses galloping at once.

Second four: I had reached Dan’s desk, where he sat with Chris and PJ. Both of their eyes bore into mine, but Dan continued reading unaware of my presence. I suddenly felt as though my life had been building up to this moment - the moment I could freely love someone. Everyone stared. Including Mr Fursen.

Second five: I used my index finger to lift Dan’s chin so that I could kiss his soft, tender, pink lips. I gave him only about ¾ of a second before I started to lean in quickly. Chris and PJ stared in their homophobic horror. And the beginnings of a scream started to leak from Mr Fursen’s mouth.

Second six: this was the moment his delicate lips touched mine. At first, Dan seemed a bit shocked and confused, but I don’t blame him. Anyone who was suddenly being kissed would be. I could feel everyone holding their breath at the sudden moment.

Second seven: Dan accepted the kiss. And he kissed me back. My heart did that little thing where it flutters and skips a beat. I had never felt so happy and alive in my entire life. All I wanted to do was to let our lips caress each other now, letting our love fuel our worlds. I guess I probably knew, thinking of it, who this could have been the whole time. Logically, it would have to have been one of the bullies. No one else was in the cubicle - no one else knew. And who else could prise them away from their prey? I thought over this as I let these moments of love engulf me. And this is where all hell broke loose. People shouted and jeered, reminding me that I was 'a useless faggot’. On the other hand, people clapped, cheering. I really wish there was less homophobia nowadays. In this moment, Mr Fursen shouted at me to announce I had detention. And we pulled away, gazing into each other’s eyes, realising our blossoming love.

“You’re excused Phil. Don’t let me catch you kissing boys again. It’s wrong.” Mr Fursen interrupted sharply, and with more volume than I could ever imagine coming from him.

My body suddenly felt as though it was on fire. How dare he call it wrong.

“Excuse me, but homosexuals are perfectly normal people. We were born this way. So I suggest you f-” I retorted, before I was cut off.

“That will earn you another detention if you’re not careful Phillip.” Mr Fursen warned. I shut up. I wasn’t risking another hour of boredom.

~After detention~

As I strolled though the gates of the school, and down the road, I noticed a distinct pink piece of paper on the pavement where me and Dan had unexpectedly met earlier. Picking it up, I read the words.

“That was the best kiss I’ve ever had,

And seeing you in detention made me sad,

Feel free to come over to mine,

Heyworth Street, number 59,

Roses are red, violets are blue,

Phil Lester, fuck, I’m in love with you x”

My heart melted at this cheesy poem. Dan was so thoughtful, and a little shit like me didn’t deserve this sort of treatment. Slowly, I pulled out my phone.

“Hi mum, I’ll explain later, but long story short in gay, and I’m going to my boyfriends rn. Sorry I didn’t tell you the whole homo thing before but I hope you understand. Px”

I hit the send button.

And I strolled round the corner to Heyworth Street.

*Dan’s POV*

I only hung out with Chris and PJ as they were cool and I was scared I would be picked on if I was my true self. You see, nobody understands quite what it’s like to be bisexual, and as a group we are treated as though we are either confused, or just don’t exist. And I had always been terrified of saying. But the second I lay my eyes on his adorable face, with raven-coloured hair and cyan eyes, I knew I was hopelessly, madly in love.

But things weren’t that simple.

As he made the best/worst decision ever. He came out to the entire class. And I wanted to face palm as I knew what would happen next. But I didn’t know how bad it would get.

And I swear I would have stopped it if I hadn’t had been so selfish. I wanted to stand up against them for ages, but I was scared I would become a victim too, and I didn’t want to suffer the pain Phil suffered.

I was a horrible human.

But then one fateful day I spoke. And I told them to leave him alone. And to my shock, they actually did. I don’t know why, but they did. They did. And suddenly it started to become routine to stop it. But I didn’t want to show my face as I was too ashamed of what I had done. So whenever they left, I left too.

And as you well know by now, I decided to make a valentines trail for him to lead him to me. I felt horrible that morning hurting him to save him from PJ and Chris, but I knew my kicks would be nothing compared to theirs. 

But most of all I did not expect him to work it out so quickly. Before I knew it, my heart was catapulted into joy as Phil quickly leaned in to kiss me during tutor, sending me into a world of excitement and burning love. I never knew he was such a good kisser, and I was disappointed the moment only lasted for a second. And it tore me in two when he got sent to detention for it.

But now I am here, hoping he will come. There are a multitude of differing scenarios that could occur. He could walk past the note, he could get lost, he could not care. But these were banished when the knock came. I opened the door and pushed us both out into the cold, hands grabbing desperately at each other, as I pushed him against the wall in a deep kiss. 

“Thanks for letting me in,” Phil chuckled.

*Phil’s POV*

As soon as the door opened, I was pushed out by Dan and pinned against the wall in a passionate kiss. Suddenly, I felt the world fade in the moment, and I couldn’t resist grabbing Dan’s waist and pulling him in closer to deepen the kiss, before breaking apart, breathing heavily with adrenaline.

“Thanks for letting me in,” I joked, chucking softly.

Dan suddenly blushed, and, taking my hand, guided me indoors. As he closed the door behind us, he pulled me into a warm, loving hug. 

“Danny look at what I drew today!" 

A younger boy toddled along the hallway, carrying a picture of… Well, I’m not sure what it was of.

"Come here bro, it looks amazing.” Dan exclaimed, as he picked Lucas up and swung him in the air much to the younger’s excitement.

“Can I see?” I asked, as I bent down to take a closer look at the drawing. Dan knelt down next to me, clasping my cold hand in his warm one, and resting his head gently on my shoulder.

“It’s amazing,” I said, as Lucas dropped the drawing and ran towards us, hugging us, confused as to why we were so close.

“You never cease to amaze me bro,” Dan chuckled as we hugged Lucas back.

“Lucas, tea’s ready! Dan, yours is later!” a female voice called from a room.

“Fancy meeting my mum?” Dan asked, nudging me playfully.

“Hell yeah,” I replied, anxious to meet Dan’s mum, but shaking in fear of her reaction.

~In the Kitchen~

“Mum there’s something I have to tell you,” Dan started, picking up my hand and intertwining our fingers. “I have a boyfriend.” I could feel his heart beating, racing, and I could tell this was the first time he had come out to her. I could see him readjust his fringe nervously so that it covered one eye, and hung low over his tanned face.

“Aww sweetie I’m so proud of you!” she exclaimed as she turned around and hugged us both. “What’s your name?” she asked me enthusiastically, as she turned back around to give Lucas his food.

“I’m Phil. Nice to meet you Mrs Howell” I replied nervously. I was never great at speaking with other’s parents, even those who I had known for a long time.

“Me and Phil are going up to my room now…” Dan trailed off dragging me up the stairs. “I know she can be a bit overwhelming,” he told me, as he guided me to the end of the upstairs corridor.

Collapsing on his bed, I let my eyes follow him around the room as he threw his blazer, tie and jumper over a chest of drawers. Suddenly, he lunged at me, giggling softly, as he knocked me back onto the comfortable pillow. 

“Let me take some of that off for you,” he whispered gently into my ear.

Slowly, he lifted my blazer over my arms, before lifting my jumper carefully over my head, never breaking precious eye contact. He then brushed his fingers over my neck, and he undid my tie, unbuttoning the top button of my shirt.

*Dan’s POV*

As soon as I unbuttoned the top button of Phil’s shirt, he rolled over onto me, pinning me down to the sheets, as he planted kisses along my cheeks and neck. After, he then leaned in and joined out lips, quenching our thirst for love. As the kiss deepened, I ran my tongue along his bottom lip, causing him to moan with content, and I slipped it into his mouth. I could feel his entering mine, and I felt as happy as I ever could be. Suddenly, I felt his hands travel up the bottom of my shirt, gently feeling my skin as I slipped my hands into the back pockets of his jeans, cupping his butt.

“Boys, what would you like for tea?” a voice called, approaching the door.

*Phil’s POV* 

I jumped up, buttoning the top button of my shirt rapidly, before I straightened my hair, dashing to the door. Holding it slightly ajar, I peered out to see Dan’s mum strolling towards the room unaware of her disturbance.

“Anything, I don’t mind? I’m not a fussy eater as long as there’s no cheese,” I spoke nervously, not wanting her to come in. She couldn’t see the evidence of what had just happened; she couldn’t see Dan in the loved-up state he was in. 

“Okay sweetie, how about pizza? Or does that have too much cheese?” she asked, prolonging the conversation much to my annoyance.

“No I love pizza,” I commented, forcing a convincing smile.

“Okay pudding. Are you alright? You seem a bit flustered?” she analysed, causing me to become paralysed to the spot. 

“Yeah, he just stubbed his toe,” a soft voice came from behind me. Dan took one of my hands, intertwining our fingers, looking at his mum over my shoulder. His touch made me relax, and made me seem more natural. I noted how he made sure to stay behind me; did I really make him feel that strongly? “Pizza would be great mum,” he added, smiling to signal the conversation was over.

“Pizza it is then!” she announced enthusiastically, turning on her heels and disappearing down the corridor. 

As I swept the door closed, Dan grabbed my wrists and pushed me against the wall, kissing along my neck, before rejoining our lips. Everything faded from the world for a few precious moments, where all I could focus on was the warmth of Dan’s body against my own. Struggling against his hands, I deepened the kiss, letting my tongue slip into his mouth. Suddenly, the moment was shattered by the vibration of my phone noisily on the bedside table.

“Go see what it is baby,” Dan whispered, reluctant to let go of Phil, but eventually releasing his wrists.

Heart beating, I picked up my phone.

“Hi Phil pumpkin :) I don’t mind that you’re gay and honestly I’m glad you have a boyfriend. I was worried you were lonely lately as you never bring anyone home. Have fun, but not too much X”

“My mums fine with us!” I exclaimed, as I turned around, hugging Dan tightly. As the hug loosened, I twisted his more apparent curls around my fingers, stroking his cheek gently. Sadly, he looked down at the floor.

“What’s wrong?” I asked worriedly. It killed me to see Dan like this.

“It’s PJ and Chris. I never liked them and I only went around with them out of fear. But they’re going to hurt us both now…” Dan muttered, sighing and letting a tear roll down his tanned cheek. 

“There’s always something we can do. It’s not like they have a right to pry into our love life. Anyway, they seem scared of you anyway if you can get them to stop bullying me,” I whispered softly.

“Do you really want to know why they bullied you?” Dan asked, looking straight into my eyes, his chocolate brown irises facing my ocean blue eyes. Gently, I nodded.

“They are both gay and they’re in a relationship. They bullied because they were scared of people finding out and doing the same to them. And as I found out they said I had to ally with them or be bullied too. So I chose the first option, and promised to keep my mouth shut. But I don’t think even that will stop them…” he sniffled, burying his head into my shoulder, wrapping his arms around my neck.

“I won’t let them hurt you, my hero,” I replied. And I knew I wouldn’t. 

“Pizza’s ready!” Dans mum called. Laughing, I wiped away the tears from Dan’s eyes, before kissing him gently on the lips and taking his hand as we walked out of the room and down the corridor.

“I’m glad, that of all the people it could have been, you were my secret saviour,” I whispered.


maxi dress, wooden platforms and a floral crown are kinda my definition of summer. i even went braless like a true hippie! ….thank you gravity for not being too hard on me so far. XD

dress: asos
sandals: schutz
jewelry: forever21, asos, random noname
floral crown: asos….?? i guess. >__<

The Deadbeat Dads Society ~ Ao3~

Summary: Lucas’s absentee Dad comes to visit and he enlists Maya to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Pairing: Lucaya. Past Rucas

Warnings: reference to child neglect and abandonment. Unbeted. 


Maya was a founding member of the Deadbeat Dads Society.

After all it took a special kind of man to abandon his wife and toddler and beg for money when his daughter tracked him down, fifteen years later.  That type of thing was lifetime membership material.

Her club had been a lonely one until Lucas had joined their school. It had taken him a while to share the gory details of his parents’ divorce, but considering his father’s string of affairs with vastly younger women and that one humiliating, public sex scandal, Maya couldn’t really blame him for keeping mum.

For a few years, Lucas had split his time between both parents. He flew between Texas and New York often enough to exchange Christmas cards with the air hostesses. It was hard, but it might have worked if his Dad hadn’t been such a flake; the man forgot about birthdays and graduations and picking his son up from the airport. Despite what the songs said, loving someone didn’t solve problems, it didn’t make things simpler or easier.

Maya had been the one Lucas talked to when he’d finally decided to stop visiting Texas and in return, Maya had recruited him to help find her absentee dad a year later. Lucas had driven her to all the way to Ohio and later, he’d held her as she’d cried bitter, angry tears after her dad rejected her again.

Despite shared membership to their exclusive club, Maya and Lucas hadn’t talked for a while. Not since Lucas and Riley’s on-off- on relationship had ground to a definitive halt, eight months ago. For all Riley’s and Lucas’s attempts to remain friends, battle lines had been drawn, and Maya hadn’t been on Lucas’s side. Riley and Lucas were amicable enough now; Riley had stumbled into a relationship with Charlie Gardner and Lucas had dated a string of cheerleaders, but things were never the same as they had been. Their group never really recovered. Maya saw Lucas in the canteen and they exchanged pleasantries in the hallway but she didn’t think she could call herself his friend anymore.

It was a surprise then when Maya found Lucas waiting at her locker the Friday before Christmas.

“Maya, I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend.”


“I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend, just for one day,” Lucas repeated, running a hand over his face. There were purple circles pressed like bruises under his eyes and his jaw was thinner, sharper than Maya remembered. “Look, I know this is weird –”

“Just a bit.”

“– but my dad’s coming to visit and I told him I have a girlfriend. He wants to meet her.”

A sharp reply curled across Maya’s tongue, but she bit it back at the last minute. Maya knew Lucas had stopped visiting Texas a few years ago, she could only guess that his dad visiting New York was a mending of bridges, of sorts.

Maya licked her lips carefully; they were peeling from the constant movement between the freezing outdoors and heated buildings.  “Why did you say you had a girlfriend?”

Lucas ran his hands through his hair, “I wasn’t lying when I told him and he’s got this new wife. She’s only a few years older than us. I dunno, I guess I thought if he saw her next to my girlfriend, he’d be embarrassed or something.” Lucas laughed, the sound like a dull bell, “Stupid, no?”

Maya shrugged. It was a stupid idea, but Lucas didn’t look like he needed to hear that right now.

“Why don’t you ask Missy, she’d love to be your girlfriend?” Maya heaved her bag over her shoulder. “Or Riley? I know you guys broke up, but she’d be great at this. Better than me.”

“No. Not Riley,” Lucas said quickly, wincing. “I guess I just remembered those times we helped each other out with Dad stuff. I haven’t told anyone else he’s coming… You know what, never mind. I’ll say my girlfriend’s sick or something.” He waved at Maya and turned around, “It was good talking to you, Maya.”

Maya watched him walk away, her eyes lingering on the broad slump of his shoulders and the way his hair curled at the nape of his neck. Maya wasn’t Lucas’s friend anymore; he was her best friend’s ex. She didn’t owe him anything.  Maya cursed.

“Wait!” She called and ran to catch up to him. “You’re paying for dinner.”

Lucas sighed in relief and he smiled down at her, “Of course.”

“And don’t let my size fool you,” Maya continued, falling into step with him easily, “they once kicked me out of the All-you-can-eat-crab-house.”

“You always were a menace at buffets.”

Maya shrugged philosophically, “It’s one of my many endearing qualities.”


Maya was only half dressed when Lucas arrived.

He knocked on her front door and Maya answered it, feeling a strange longing for the days Lucas would just appear outside her window with a bag of fast food and a smile.

“Come on in, I’m nearly finished.” Maya gestured to the small living room vaguely, “make yourself at home.”

“Is your mom in?” Lucas asked, sitting primly on the edge of the couch.

“No,” Maya said, wandering back into her bedroom, “She’s working night shifts again, trying to get more money for Christmas.”

“Oh, right.” Lucas mumbled and Maya felt herself bristle at his awkwardness.

Lucas’s family was stinking rich and for all his good qualities, he sometimes got weird when Maya reminded him that her family most definitely wasn’t. There had been a time when he’d tried to sneakily buy things for her; books and art supplies she had wanted, but couldn’t afford, had appeared in her locker or ‘he’d found them on offer’. Maya had been furious, humiliated, when she’d realised what he’d been doing.

Tugging a dress over her head, Maya turned to look at herself in the mirror. A knot had worked its way between her eyebrows and she rubbed at her forehead distractedly. Finally, Maya took a deep breath and made herself go back into the living room.

“I’m ready.”

Lucas glanced up at the sound of her voice. His mouth dropped a little, eyes wide. “You, er, you look nice.” He stuttered.

Maya rolled her eyes, “With compliments like that my head will soon be too big to fit through the doorway.” She slung her bag over her shoulder and gestured towards the door, “coming?”

“Oh, yeah. Right.” Lucas stumbled after her. For an athlete, he was awful clumsy.

“You do look really pretty.”  Lucas tried again as they made their way downstairs.

“Better.” Maya said approvingly.

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Olivia + Carey

The girl moved with the sound of the music filling the bar, mostly drunk by this point. This was the best part of coming to the bars, wherever she ended up - she didn’t need money. These guys jumped at the chance to but her drinks. And with long tanned legs, wavy blonde hair, sparking blue eyes, and lips made for pouting, why wouldn’t they? Olivia knew she was attractive, she knew she was sexy. And sometimes after a night like tonight where she was sure to hook up with some random person she hardly knew, she would probably hate that a little in the morning. But right now she didn’t care. Boots thudding on the wooden floor, her dress, made to look like a red flannel button up, just coming past her mid thigh, Olivia walked to the bar, sitting on one of the stools, smiling at a green-eyed man a few people down as he caught her eye. He was definitely cute, the cutest by far in the bar tonight. She held up her empty glass, hoping to give him an invitation to come talk to her.

100 Ways to say “I Love You” pt. 2/34

4. Destiel + “Come here. Let me fix it” Featuring Parent!Destiel

It’s a hectic Thursday morning in the Winchester-Novak household. Dean is trying to make sandwiches for himself, Cas and their three adopted children. Cas is frustrated that Lily won’t get her shoes on for school and that Elliott is still half in his pyjamas.

There’s ten minutes until the bus gets to the end of their road and if they miss it, Dean will drive them on his way to work. Finally all three of the kids are by the door on time and ready to go. Elliott, being the oldest, makes sure that his two younger siblings get to their school.

“Dean… I’m leaving in a moment.” Dean turns round from where he’s finishing off putting his and Cas’ lunches together to see him fiddling with his blue tie, scowling at the mirror. He hands Cas a lunch box and he puts it in his bag for work before returning to the mirror.

“Come here. Let me fix it.” Cas just huffs and turns to Dean, how he’s remained so calm is beyond him but he just smiles as he sorts out his tie, completing it with a goodbye kiss, hands lingering at the knot. “There you go. I’ll see you later.” One last kiss and Cas has left the house leaving Dean to pack up his last few things and leave for the garage.

4. Destiel + “I’ll walk you home.” Featuring College!Destiel

Cas’ twenty second birthday had him down at the roadhouse for drinks with Dean and some of his other friends. They’d been drinking since five that evening and it was nearing last orders at the bar so Dean had bought the final round.

“Soooo, shall we head ed home?” Cas slurred, standing up from his chair and wobbling slightly. He squinted around the table. Dean picked up Cas’ glasses and placed them back on his face.

“Here you go dude.” Dean was decidedly more sober than Cas, and did a much better job at handling his drink.

“Les go ome. Yeah?” Cas patted Dean on the shoulder, albeit harshly. Dean just shook his head.

“I’ll walk you home.”

“’Mmm a big guy now, Dean.” He told him, pouting but grabbing onto Dean’s arm all the same.

“Yeah, I get that, but I’m still walking you home, it’s midnight and dark and you’re fucking drunk dude.”

“Fiiiiine.” He whined and Dean led him from the bar saying goodbye to their friends with Cas awkwardly waving to no one in particular.

5. Destiel + “Have a good day at work.” Featuring University!Cas and Mechanic!Dean

It was simple really, how Dean and Castiel had settled into an apple pie life after college. Castiel had gone on to university, studying English Language while Dean had got a job at one of the car garages close to their flat but they settled. Cas had even bought them their own crockery and cutlery set which all matched after two weeks of using their combined stuff.

Dean was often up and off for work before Cas even thought to get out of bed and to his lectures but this morning he was up with a pot of coffee in hand when Dean stumbled, bleary eyed into their kitchenette.

“Morning.” Cas said.

“What’re you doing up?”

“I don’t know. Seeing you off for work.”

“Uh huh, first time for everything I suppose.” Dean smiled at him and leaned in for a kiss which Cas greatly accepted.

“Ah, the coffee pot is hot.” Cas told him, breaking the kiss and setting the pot on the side before pouring two mugs full of coffee and sat at their small wooden table.

Dean was already dressed so just needed to finish his coffee before heading to the garage. “Thanks for the coffee, Cas.” Dean said with another kiss and went to leave their third floor flat.

“Have a good day at work.” Cas told him and watched as he shut the door behind him.

Prince!Michael Pt. 10


This is a submitted series by a writer who wished to stay anonymous, so I will be transferring their submissions to text posts yay! I just wanted to make it known that this work is not mine, and all credits go to the original author that decided to submit their series to my blog. Enjoy!

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Title: Confirmation

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 1, 198

Warnings: None!

Description: In which Phil gets a well-anticipated phone call bearing good news and becomes absolutely speechless. It takes quite a while for Dan to get the news out of him.

Author’s Note: Kinda the opposite from the last one, if I can say so myself, and it might’ve been written purposely that way. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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