wooden dreams


A team from the University of Cumbria have produced a floating house which can be transported worldwide to any lake or waterway. The designs are flexible, so it can be produced in varying sizes and according to different requirements. Completely self-sufficient, the house can be fitted with a solar-powered motor.

Original source: Dezeen Magazine


Cipea Villa is a holiday residence designed by Sanaksenaho Architects as part of the CIPEA exhibit in 2012, China. The architect’s aim for the villa was to create harmony between the structure and surrounding nature, an example of this being the reflection of the villa on the surface of the lake. Every interior surface is cladded with local cherry wood, creating a warm, smooth and organic atmosphere. 

Images taken by phtographer Tuomas Uusheimo


House Riihi by OOPEAA Architects is situated in Finland, and uses minimal scandinavian design to produce a functional and warm yet beautiful home among the trees. A modern twist on a traditional Finnish farm, three buildings are arranged to protect a courtyard from wintry gusts.

Source: Dezeen Magazine


If I ever could afford my dream house, these would be some elements I definitly must have. 

I love the iron spiralstaircase and the huge library, open spaces and wooden floors but Im also fascinated by used and worn marble floors and big panoramic windows. Oh, and that pot filler is definitly usefull and beutiful! I love that kitchen! 

Oh, and of course, the chandelier! Gorgeous!