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A team from the University of Cumbria have produced a floating house which can be transported worldwide to any lake or waterway. The designs are flexible, so it can be produced in varying sizes and according to different requirements. Completely self-sufficient, the house can be fitted with a solar-powered motor.

Original source: Dezeen Magazine


Word Count: 1.1k

Pairing: Kyungsoo/Reader 

Genre: Angst

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” 

The wooden panels creak softly as you step inside the silent studio. The white walls give the room a heavenly glow, but it’s nothing compared to the radiance of the scattered canvases. Along every side of the room, line various paintings. Some unfinished, and some only with a single stroke of medium. You love every single one of them. 

The floors are speckled with year-old stains from oil paints, charcoal, and cold coffee. You wonder how the walls still lay untouched. 

A lone easel sits in the center of the room, its legs buried by crumbled paper, paint tubes, and broken brushes. You walk over and sit on the wooden stool next to the stand. Your eyes are drawn to his latest work. You admire the vibrant colors and wonder how he does it. It’s just a base layer of blues and whites, but a strange warmth envelopes your heart. 

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Cipea Villa is a holiday residence designed by Sanaksenaho Architects as part of the CIPEA exhibit in 2012, China. The architect’s aim for the villa was to create harmony between the structure and surrounding nature, an example of this being the reflection of the villa on the surface of the lake. Every interior surface is cladded with local cherry wood, creating a warm, smooth and organic atmosphere. 

Images taken by phtographer Tuomas Uusheimo

Chapter 1

Jude dips the tip of the needle in black ink, pokes Nick’s arm a few times, then dips it in ink again, then pokes his again.

“Could you get that?” Nick asks as I dip the needle in ink once again. Jude rolls her eyes at him. He is the laziest person alive.

“Nick, I am literally in the middle of tatting you” she says, a slight sass on her voice “But yes, I could” she gets up and removes the rubber gloves covering her hands, being extremely careful not to move any of the instruments laying on the table.

They were both currently sitting on Nicholas’ dining table, having a beer and giving him a stick n’ poke tattoo. Nick’s dining room was a hipster’s dream: Wooden furniture, a small side table that held a few candles and a record player, a shelf that seemed to be about to fall due the amount of records stacking on it, and a couple of plants to give a bit of green to the room. All of this held together by the tapestry Nick used as a table cloth, a souvenir from his trip to India.

She makes her way through Nick’s apartment and opens the door to reveal a tall, broad figure. She smiles at the stranger (although she knew he was one of Nick’s friends) and moves her body from the doorway.

The man was wearing a black coat, black skinny jeans and a pair of dark ankle boots. He had his hair messily styled and his jaw was covered by some stubble. Jude couldn’t help but think he was quite attractive.

“You must be Harry, right? Nicks on the dining room” she nods towards the inside of the apartment.

“Yeah, thank you” he says as he makes his way inside “I’m sorry, I think we haven’t met before” he looks at her with curious eyes.

He didn’t think she was especially pretty at first. Sure, she was good looking, but Harry spent way too much time in an environment that was filled with models and good looking people. However, he thought she had a really nice style. Her curls were taken away from her face in a ponytail, she was wearing a white oversized V-neck t-shirt that allowed a black lace bralette to be visible, red A-line skirt and a pair of old-skool Vans. She also had really nice eyes, a shade he hadn’t seen before, or he didn’t remember to have.

“Oh, right” she lightly laughs at herself “I’m Jude, Nick’s friend, I’m just tattooing him” she smiles and closes the door, making her way back to the dining table where Nick sat, arm still spread in the same position it was a few moments ago as he checked his phone. He looks up and smiles at Harry.

“Well hello there” he giggles “It’s been a hot minute, I must say; sorry I didn’t warn you about Jude being here, you could’ve put a bit more effort on your looks mate” he jokes and Harry raises his eyebrows at him.

“Thanks for the compliment mate” his eyes make their way to Jude “I’m sorry, I thought we were just going to have a chill” he says as he takes his coat off, revealing a yellow sweater (that Jude thought reminded her of a Van Gogh painting) and taking a seat besides Nick, right across of Jude’s seat on the table.

“We are having a chill, Nick just wanted to get a new tattoo and so he called me” she shrugs “You want a beer?” Harry nods and she quickly paces inside the kitchen, getting a beer bottle out of the fridge, not bothering to take a glass since she thought the occasion was too casual for it.

“Man, show some hospitality” Harry jokes after he’s thanked Jude for the beer, opening with the bottle opener laying on the table “You got your friend doing everything” Jude takes a seat as Nick just grins and shrugs.

“She practically lives here, it’s whatever” He rolls his eyes “Anyway, what do you want to listen to?” he asks while opening Spotify.

Jude puts the rubber gloves back on and takes the needle back, cleaning the tip and dipping it on ink again. Harry looks at her actions with curious eyes, following every move her hands make, looking at her while she pokes Nick’s arm with the ink. Nick plays some Snarky Puppy after he gets no answer from any of them.

“Jude here is an amateur stick n’ poke artist” Nick explains “I was just bored and called her to do some of her magic on me” Jude lifts her gaze for a second and smiles at the compliment.

“It’s nothing” she says, returning her attention to the design she’s making “just a hobby”.

Harry smiles at her “It’s turning out really nice” he then looks at her forearms, uncovered as she’s rolled her shirt’s sleeves “did you make those?” he wonders, looking through the tattoos on her arms.

She shakes her head “Just some of them, the big ones aren’t” she dips the needle back in the ink.

“I like them” Harry takes a sip from his beer “Where are you from, by the way?”

“I live next door” she answers.

“No, I mean where are you really from” he repeats.

“Man, you don’t ask that!” Nick laughs, taking a sip from his beer himself “Like, you just don’t ask that to people with an accent”

Jude chuckles “It’s cool Nick, I guess it just hasn’t faded yet” her eyes  give Harry a reassuring look “I’m from South America, I live here because of Uni” she explains. Harry nods and mumbles a quick “cool”.

Nick chats up with Harry as Jude finishes the tattoo, asking him about his life and whatnot, just having a laugh. As soon as she’s done, she cleans up the tattoo and wraps it in plastic foil, reminding him of the after-care of it.

“It’s sick Ju, thanks!” he says after he’s had a better look at it, making her smile.

“So, how’d you two meet?” Harry wonders again, growing curious of Jude as the time goes by.

As she’s paid more attention to her, she seems to get more beautiful to his eyes. He’s noticed how her olive skin compliments her green eyes and how her cheekbones have a healthy glow. He can’t stop himself from staring at her mouth for way too long, her full lips catching his attention.

“She lives next door and one night she came knocking at my door at 2 am because we were having a karaoke party and were too noisy” he explains “she ended up staying, getting drunk as well and singing with us until 5 am” he laughs as he remembers “and now she’s kind of my little sister” Nick says caringly, a side of him Harry hadn’t seen so often.

She nods “What can I say, karaoke is the way to my heart.” 

The night goes on as the three young people chat the time away, Harry showing a growing interest in Jude, asking her more about her and her former life. She answers happily but tries to make Nick a part of the conversation as well, but he was way too entertained giving Harry knowing looks, as he was quite aware of how his friend had gotten a slight crush on the girl.

Jude didn’t seem to notice, her Latino roots making her friendly and open by nature, so she just kept asking questions back.

“Stop harassing her man!” Nick laughs, as he tipsily interrupts Harry, as the curly boy keeps shooting Jude questions “I thought you were coming to see me, at least show some fake interest on me!” Harry and Jude laugh at how naturally needy Nick is.

“Sorry, sorry” Harry lifts his hands, looking back at his friend “was just trying to make a new friend, I apologize”.

By now it already was half past midnight, so Jude gets up as she yawns. She smiles sleepily at the two guys and gives Nicholas a hug “I’m going to get going, it’s been a long day and I’m tired”. She quickly grabs her instrument from the table and round it to make her way to Harry, giving him a small hug as well “It was really nice to meet you, Harry, I’ll see you around”. He smiles at her and mumbles a quick goodbye.

The petite brunette makes her way out of the apartment, and as soon as the door has closed Harry looks at Nick. He wants to let him know how into Jude he is. He wants to tell him to set the two of them up. He wants to tell him how cool he thinks she is, because, she makes handmade tattoos man, that’s so cool. She has an accent. He wants to let Nick know how all he wants is to listen to her talk all night long. But he also wants Nick to think he’s cool so he says nothing.

Nick raises an eyebrow and he smirks “So…?” he wonders, already very much aware of Harry’s impression towards Jude “What’d you think about Jude?”

“She’s cool, very nice girl” Harry looks away from him, pretty sure his eyes are sparkling like he was some sort of teenage boy. How embarrassing.

“I saw the way you were looking at her, mate! I even got a bit jealous” Nick teases.

“She has a really exotic beauty, she is attractive, yes” Harry sips from his beer, a new bottle that he’s opened a few minutes before “very interesting as well” he nods.

“How long has it been since you’ve been on a date?” Nicholas pushes, really determined to get his two friends together. Harry notices is intentions and lets his guard down, afraid of fucking it up and letting Nick think he’s not interested. Plus, he knew that Nick was better than anyone to act as a cupid.

“Way too long” he said “You think I should ask Jude out?” Nick laughs and Harry really feels like a teenager now, kind of embarrassed of his crush on a girl he’s met barely two hours ago.

“You should, you totally have a crush on her” Nick says “but not just yet, she’s a bit intense so I think I should invite the both of you over again so you can keep getting to know each other, but with, like, less pressure” Harry is a bit disappointed but also knows Nick is right. He is acting purely out of impulsiveness.

“Cool, you do that, thanks mate” Harry smiles softly, then checks the time on his phone “I think I should get going as well, you seem tired” he gets up and gives Nick a hug “As always, a pleasure”.

As he is making his way out the apartment, Nick calls him up “Make sure you have time for Saturday night, pizza night with Jude, alright?” he nods, smiling. That’s just three days away.


House Riihi by OOPEAA Architects is situated in Finland, and uses minimal scandinavian design to produce a functional and warm yet beautiful home among the trees. A modern twist on a traditional Finnish farm, three buildings are arranged to protect a courtyard from wintry gusts.

Source: Dezeen Magazine


Cross-Stitch house, designed by FMD Architects, uses the repetition of simple wooden structures  to produce a minimal yet beautiful home. In the daytime light is let in in wide beams, and in the evening the house glows, creating a warm, cosy atmosphere. 

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Source: Dezeen