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omg can you please do the same domestic and pregnant s/o hcs but for bokuto, kuroo, oikawa, and semi? thankss!

Oh… My GOODNESS! It has taken me FOREVER to get back to you all! I am very VERY sorry for suddenly disappearing like I did! Work got to be too much, I went into a brief low part of my life, but now I’m back! And I hope my writings can live up to what they once were! Thank you for having me! 😊 – Admin Satori <3

Bokuto Kotarou

  • Living with Bokuto… It’s an adventure everyday. It’s my own headcanon that this boy has some form of ADD, so when you think all is calm and he’s finally settled for the night – there he goes AGAIN! So in short, the house is almost NEVER clean!!!
  • Pillow forts almost every. Goddamn. Day. This man child LOVES making blanket and pillow forts with you, babbling on and on about how “fuckin cool” it was gonna be once it was finished. Even if it looked like a pile of blankets in the end, he’d still fall in love with it and burrow under the blankets to watch a barrage of chick flicks, action films, and horror marathons with you.
  • If you even think you’re going to eat healthy – You’ve got another thing coming. Bokuto doesn’t “eat green”… He’s all about meat, sweets, and Volleyball… That’s it! You’ll have to PRY open his goddamn mouth and force a carrot in there for him to keep his perfect eyesight!
  • “NO!”
  • “Kou, I swear to GOD! You better eat your vegetables or I’m deflating all your volleyballs and hiding the pump!”
  • *grumbling followed by the shoveling of vegies into his mouth without tasting them*
  • Knowing Bokuto, he probably forgot to put on a condom – he gets WAY too excited when it comes to sex. Lmao. Now you have a wonderful addition to the family on the horizon.
  • Now we ALL know… Bokuto isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer more like a spoon than anything SO he’s not going to figure out you’re pregnant until you start showing… What a beautiful dummy he is
  • But once you finally tell him, whether it be the day you find out or a couple weeks before the due date lolol – he’s JITTERING with excitement!!!
  • “B-baby?? A small human? A small human I can teach about Volleyball? A brother or sister for HINATA??”
  • “Kou… Hinata is NOT our child.. He’s literally only 2 years younger than us.”
  • “But he’s my protégé… Don’t tell Sugawara-san that I adopted him…”
  • Although he is a bumbling dork, he’s a very attentive partner and keeps his eyes on you whenever the two of you step out of the house, and the moment he loses track of you, he’s calling you on the phone and sounding like a panicked kid lost in a superstore lol

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • This cat man isn’t THAT bad to live with. He’s pretty good at cleaning up after himself without making much a fuss about it (TSUKKI!!!!! Looking at you!!!!) But he does tend to leave a bit of messiness in the bedroom than one looking from the outside would think??? Doesn’t hang up his clothes… No matter how much you beg him!!! He’s more of the cook in the house rather than actual cleaning, but he does dabble in doing the laundry and vacuuming when he knows you’re too tired.
  • Sleeps late. ALL the time. Wakes up late for work more times than you’d like, but you’re glad he’s got a silver tongue and gets out of trouble whenever his boss catches him. Dumbass lolol. And it’s a GODSEND when he decides to use his tongue for other things ;P His stamina is crazy high and he will drag you back to him over and over until everything in the house/apartment is christened properly 😉
  • He will LITERALLY tease you ENDLESSLY on anything you mess up on… No mercy.
  • “So they have this firewall building application, and it helps you build your own firewall an-“
  • “OH! Really? That’s insane! I would have thought it’d help you build a house or even a fence or maybe a robotic cat- but a FIREWALL? I never would have guess, ____.”
  • “….” *deep sigh* SAAAME
  • The moment you find out you’re pregnant – He KNOWS. It’s almost like this guy can smell your pheromones change or something! Like as soon as you walk out of the bathroom, his hand is on your lower belly and his lips are against your forehead and you can’t tell if he’s saying sorry or if he’s feeling for the sign of life?????
  • It’s not really confirmed that you’re pregnant until you start getting morning sickness a few weeks later – But he’s right there with you, the whole time. Holding up your hair and rubbing your back, and you have to stop yourself from gross laughing when you notice his nose is plugged up with a wooden clothespin lmao
  • Even though it’s an unconfirmed ‘maybe baby’, that doesn’t stop him from telling his BrO!!!!
  • “So… Bo wants the baby named after him…”
  • “…. Whyyyyy?”
  • “Because he thinks he’s somehow part of it’s making because he set us up on that one date in high school when you told me I looked like a gross bum?”
  • “I did NOT! That’s what you told me when I introduced myself to you!” wtf Kuroo, nice intro
  • Cuddling with this man has never been more intense than when he knows you’re carrying his child. I mean, he’s a great cuddler – fuckin cat – but now there’s a central spiral point for him to curl into and you have to make sure you’re in the PUUURRRRRFECT position on the couch/in bed before he curls himself around your growing baby

Oikawa Tooru

  • Okay the Oikawa the fangirls see and the Oikawa you live with are TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!!! Famous Oikawa is put together and clean and prissy – Domestic Oikawa is sleepy eyed, slouching, and crazy alien theorist lmao … They both complain about the same amount hahaha
  • Oikawa is ALL about the cuddles! He loves when you run your fingers through his hair and hold him close. Having you be that sweet with him makes him forget about his worries, his knee, and the fact him and Iwa aren’t going to the same college muahaha suffer those who are still crying about it
  • He’s generally pretty messy… He rarely cleans up after himself in private, and it’s almost like you’re taking care of a whining toddler who can’t peel himself from your leg. Almost. And He’s NOT ALLOWED IN THE KITCHEN!!!! Last time he was in there, he accidentally set fire to boiling water????? Of course, he’s very sorry about it, and he tries to trick you into letting him make something for you when you’re sick, but you know all his tactics and always get him to do something else to save your home
  • “_____-chan~ You’re not feeling well! Let me make you some soup or something.. My mom used to make me this yummy milk bread and it’d make me feel 300% better in just a few minutes… I just can’t remember if it’s flour or sugar that I use-“
  • “No no no, Tooru.. It’s okay… Just come over here and hold me… I know you can make me feel 400% better.”
  • “Oh~? ____-chan! So naughty and forward!” As if that’s not something you use on him EVERY time you’re sick?? Lmao
  • He only finds out your pregnant because Iwaizumi notices it first. Of course, the boys best friend is ALWAYS over and hanging out with you two, and it doesn’t take long for Iwa to notice that you’ve gotten a little bit bigger and fuller – he even notices the pregnancy pillow you’ve left on the couch.
  • “So… ____-san… What’s with the pregnancy pillow?”
  • “Iwa-chan! That’s not a pregnancy pillow, ___-chan got it for my knee when it’s feeling sore!”
  • “….” Fuck….
  • Needless to say, Iwa gives Oikawa the rundown of what to look for in your symptoms, and because you weren’t exactly hiding it from him, Oikawa brings it up with you not long after! He’s upset at first that you didn’t immediately tell him what was going on, but after your explaining that you didn’t want your pregnancy to interfere with his school and his career, he feels kind of guilty that he’s made you feel like you were on the back burner
  • But once he knows… He’s ALL over social media, the newspaper, fuck even the news station! Bragging about how he got his beautiful girlfriend/wife pregnant and how beautiful the baby would be especially with is gorgeous genes! Iwa has had to punch him in the gut a few times to get him to shut up lmao

Semi Eita

Now this boy is kind of a wild card for me.. I’ve never written anything for him and I’m assuming he’s Nega-Suga so forgive me if he’s not what you think he’d be

  • Semi is a good mix of being organized, but messy. He’s very good at picking up after himself but then finding a way to just place the mess in a different area… so really you don’t know what he’s ‘cleaning’ other than that one space in your apartment/house
  • The two of you are so in tune with thinking about the other, that there’s not a lot of need for words or what the other wants – it’s kind of just inferred and assumed… Not badly though – Meaning, he knows EXACTLY what time you’re getting hungry, and you know the immediate moment Satori gives him a migraine lmao
  • Surprisingly, he’s very very touchy. He loves to have physical contact with you in some form or the other. Whether it’s holding hands at dinner on the table, or it’s having his head on your lap watching tv on the couch – or having his head buried between your thighs in the bedroom 😉
  • Everything is pretty calm with him, every now and then he’ll have a sudden burst of anger and frustration, but you can calm him down pretty easily without getting him too much more riled up.
  • “God Dammit! Fuckin… cold shower… stupid… pipes…”
  • “Eita? Deep breaths, sweetheart.” Complete nonchalant lmao
  • *deep breaths to chill* “Yeah, yeah… I know…”
  • But when you come to him and tell him you’re pregnant… It’s like all that frustration and anger rolls off his shoulders and he’s a completely different person! Sure, he still grumbles and curses about the dumbest things here and there, but it’s 95% less than it used to be.
  • “Look, ____, I know you ‘need’ this, but do you really think we need this stupid trinket for a baby that’s not even born yet? Won’t it be…”
  • “Eita~! Don’t be so pessimistic! The baby is going to love this!”
  • “…. Damn thing won’t even be here for another 6 months…” *mumbling/grumbling under his breath*
  • He’s even more attentive to your needs now that you’re bearing his child, and his hands are even more on you, rubbing your belly, running through your hair, standing directly behind you while you’re cooking or doing laundry. He feels if he’s more physical with you and more nurturing to your needs, that the baby inside will feel his love even if he doesn’t express it overly once the baby is born

Tbh… I imagine Semi as being a less hot head version of Kacchan from My Hero Academia!! lmao

When the breathing forgets to breathe and the shoulders forget to let go. When even the grocery store aisles swallow you and the sky too aloof won’t wink at you.

Hang out the laundry slowly like the very act is medicine. Wooden clothespins cool and sane in fingertips attached to nervous hands.

It’s not exactly that I’m afraid it’s just that I’m afraid I’m not exactly. When things explode and landslide or let’s say a perfect storm. What does a perfect storm do. Storm into perfect or am I wishful.

Very Special

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for @auggusst + @patriciaprice1992|| iSetting: a tavern and stable in a boring hick town I made up || Genre: SUPER FLUFF, humor, romance, angst if you follow canon, which I don’t here. || Inspiration songs: “Very Special” (It’s old school  - JLo sampled it on “All I Have” ) + Angel By Your Side”|| More Kili and Fili fics || Fanfic Masterlist

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Do you have any glenn rhee headcannons?

  • Carol wasn’t lying: Glenn is the best tucker-inner in the group. His skill ranges from a basic military style tuck, to swaddling babies and grown adults, to rolling someone up in a blanket like a taquito. He swaddled Lori once, and she claimed it was the best sleep she’d had in years.
  • To lighten the atmosphere during the first winter on the road, Glenn found a whole booklet of temporary tattoos. They were superhero themed, and he had a knack for sticking them on someone when they were distracted so they didn’t realize it until later. He used up all of the comic book “wham!” tattoos on Beth’s forehead, and there were nearly 15 of them.
  • He is a master at finishing a song. Anytime someone gets part of a song stuck in their head and can’t think of the rest, they just have to sing what they know around him and he’ll finish it…with gusto.
  • For a while, there was a kid at the prison who had a speech impediment and always called Glenn “Gin.” For a month straight, everybody referred to him as Gin, and then Maggie, by association, got nicknamed “Tonic.” Cue a chorus of “Here comes Gin and Tonic!”
  • Glenn grabbed Carl’s Grimes family picture before leaving the prison.
  • When someone complains (not valid complaints or concerns, just pointless whining), Glenn will whip out the pocket watch, look at it dramatically, and state that it’s “half past idgaf o’clock!” (He actually pronounces it. “id-gaf.”)
  • Glenn and Maggie have done the “pizza delivery man and the customer who can’t pay” bedroom roleplay many times.
  • After a really good supply haul, Glenn used conditioner on his hair for the first time. Maggie was beside herself laughing at his dreamy expression as he ran his fingers through his fluffy, soft hair.
  • He still has the shirt that he was wearing the day that they fled the Greene farm. It has a lot of horizontal lines across the back where they have measured Carl’s growth spurts against him. Glenn can’t wear it anymore since he broadened out, and Carl is too tall to measure against the shirt anymore anyway, but he keeps it for sentimental value.
  • Most of Carl’s clothes are hand-me-downs from Glenn.
  • He is TERRIBLE at Pictionary. Holy god, terrible.
  • “Glenn, what is that supposed to be?! A pyramid? With a…with a star on top! Egypt! Ancient Egypt! Wait…is that a star or an eyeball? Illuminati? The Illuminati!”
  • “…It’s a windmill.”
  • “WHAT THE FU—“
  • When he laughs too hard, he snorts.
  • He once sneezed himself awake from a nap, and Michonne had to straight up leave the room because it was the most adorable thing she’d ever seen.
  • He is awesome with kids but clueless with babies. If a baby cries, he will flatly mimic their crying noise as he holds them out like a bomb about to blow. Ironically, this confuses Judith so much that she stops crying.
  • Instead of the old roadtrip game where you have to call out if you see a yellow car or something similar, Glenn and Beth invented “Boards.” If they pass a building with boarded up windows, whoever sees it first has to pinch the other and call out “boards!”
  • Sasha brought back a sleeve of plastic shot glasses that look like tiny red Solo cups, and they took turns fucking with Daryl by replacing all of his drinks with the tiny cups.
  • Glenn jumps into piles of leaves yelling “cannonball!”
  • Glenn and Tara have an inside joke about the word “cloud.” Nobody knows what the joke is or why it’s so funny, but if anybody mentions the clouds in the sky, they lose their collective shit.
  • Glenn has been known to fill pillowcases with packing peanuts and hide around a corner, smacking any unsuspecting victim who walks around said corner. This is usually accompanied by Carol and Michonne sitting on a nearby porch and watching.
  • He and Carl invented a game where people take a wooden clothespin and stick it somewhere on their bodies. Whoever tolerates the pinch the longest wins. This is also how Rick ended up with a bruised armpit for two weeks.
  • Glenn and Enid sucking helium and heckling passersby from the porch. At one point Enid hid in a bush and convinced Eugene that the garden gnome was possessed and speaking to him. The only thing that gave her away was Glenn’s high pitched cackling and rolling on the steps.
  • He plays Connect the Dots with the freckles on Maggie’s body using his finger, drawing out constellations and coming up with funny names for them.
A plea for destruction

Hello tumblr world, I’m a 34 yo man and this is my testament to the greatest Woman on the planet and how much i desire to be Hers. To be used for Her amusement and desires. I’ve always been submissive and I’ve enjoyed being used by powerful, dominant Women. Recently i made a call on niteflirt that changed my life, for better or worse to be determined. I called the amazing Miss Ten, and it was great. It’s always hard to judge exactly what a Domme thinks of a lowly submissive, but She seemed to enjoy the call, which was very encouraging to me:)

My first call to Miss Ten was on a Tuesday night, I had been out for a couple drinks with some co-workers. Upon returning home I was feeling extra submissive and craving some pain. I had recently tried niteflirt for the first time, although with not much success. After searching through some Femdom listings I saw it, Miss Tens listing. Her first interest listed was CBT, and She proclaimed that She wanted a real, hardcore session. I decided to try and deliver from my end and called Her. Immediately I could tell that She is very naturally Dominant. She was in control with such little effort, and such great ease. She asked what I had for cbt, I had lots of wooden clothespins(She prefers plastic), some icy hot, hot sauce, mouthwash and needles. I spent the next twenty minutes or so smacking my balls and my dick, applying clothespins all over my body, and hitting them off. It was inTENse for sure. She likes to ask what your pain level is from 1-10, I suppose this may be how She got her name because you will get to 10. I was given a small break from abusing my genitals, just to cover my finger first in mouthwash and then hot sauce, shoving it up my ass after each dip. I was almost out of time and money so she made sure to have me hurry and shove a needle through the head of my dick, something I had never done to myself before. My call ended with me short of breath from the pain, and the most addictive, sadistic laugh from the other end. To say that I was hooked would be a mild understatement. I was shaking, in tears, and on cloud nine all in one.

A couple weeks passed, and i was desperately craving more abuse. I had gotten a candle at Tens request, and gotten all of my torture implements ready. I also made sure I had more time so that She could use Her magic without time constraints. This time was a Friday night as well so I had more recovery time. As soon as I called She remember me from the last time, and I can’t explain the way I shivered when She said my name right away. She immediately got down to business, putting clothespins all over my body, and then pouring hot wax all over my dick. I had two pins on each lip and one on my tongue. I was drooling all over myself, smacking and ripping dried wax and clothespins from my cock and balls. Also I had bound my balls tightly with rubber bands, which eventually became extremely painful, making it hard to concentrate on anything else. This time i was made to shove two needles through the head of my dick. By the time I was done with this I was crying, shaking and dizzy. I think She could tell, because She slowly had me do a few things, writing on my stomach just above my cock “Thank You Miss Ten :)” with a red permanent marker. I then slowly pulled/smacked/ripped more clothespins off my cock and balls, and then reapplying some more. Somewhere in there was icy hot and hot sauce used as lube to jerk off with. The end of the call was a little blurry for me, I remember Her having me lay down, and as best I can remember I was crying and begged Her to let me stop. I’m a little ashamed about this because She deserves the best and I feel like quitting isn’t the best, but I think I was past 10 up to 11 or 12, I finally hit the wall. She gave me some after call instructions, take some pics and then to clean myself up and lay down. I remember cleaning all the blood from the head of my dick, and then laying on my bed smiling from ear to ear. Addiction had set in.

I’m here today on tumblr to state that I’m addicted to Miss Ten, I crave Her and the abuse and control She gives me. As i type this I’m covered in clothespins, that I know will hurt even more when I take them off. I will thank Miss Ten after each one is removed, and hope and pray that I will be worthy enough to be used by Her more, increasing in frequency and intensity, until I’m completely used up. This is real, this is serious, this is my plea for destruction Miss Ten. Please use me for whatever I may be worth to You. Thank You Miss Ten, you are the greatest.