wooden clothes

I think there’s a 100 year old wooden clothes hanger in my house it belongs to some Franciszek (my surname here) its kind of fucked up. i think its my grand-grandpa who was an ułan supposedly

me @ myself,,,,,, you failed,,,,,,,, i trusted you and you failed me like this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i thought you cared,,,,,,,,,, i thought you had my best interest at heart,,,,,,,, where,,,,,,,,,, where is any dirkjake reference in your lastest pic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, where is it marcia,,,,,,,,,,where is it

MariChat May - Day 6: Game Night

First of all, I want to say that this is the prompt I wanted to write the most. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with it and I got so excited I made graphics to go with it to help you all visualise the game. I got so impatient writing this because I wanted to get to the punch line already!

Okay, I know they’re French and so they should be playing Scrabble in French and none of these words should intersect this way as a result. But I don’t speak a word of French so I can’t really do much about it this one time (I usually research French stuff or reference that everything is happening in French despite it being written in English, but this one was just…far too complicated for that.

Also, you have no idea the level of research that went into the rest of this. I do not play Scrabble. At all. I had to read the rules and check what letters a good player would be aiming to use, how many tiles you get etc… Then I had to find an image of a board and place the words on to make sure it was possible to fit them all on the way I wanted and try and relate the words I picked to puns of some kind… All while making sure they took turns in the correct order.

PS. Yes, that really is an accepted word in the Scrabble dictionary and yes, that is really what it means.

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The Bet

As Chat listened to the rules for Scrabble, he decided this was definitely going to be an easy win. Not necessarily an easy win at Scrabble, since he’d never played before and had absolutely no idea how to take advantage of all these double letter and triple word score squares, but Marinette was absolutely going to be more embarrassed than him before the night was done.

She’d taken his challenge stubbornly, insisting that she could hold it together under her parents incorrect teasing. She was so sure he’d be humiliated into silence before she was, she’d made that the penance for losing. Whoever lost could not talk for a whole hour. Couldn’t tease or defend against teasing. Oh yes, he was going to enjoy winning this one.

As soon as he’d arrived at her skylight, much earlier than usual, she’d told him to brace himself and accompanied him down to the main room. Once there her parents immediately moved from the counter where they were clearing away dinner dishes and setting up the board to greet him. Marinette’s maman had reached him first, her hands either side of his face, pulling him down to her level so she could place a kiss on each of his cheeks. As he was still spiralling from her casual familiarity with him, Marinette’s papa stepped in and gripped him in an enormous bear hug, which might have been painful from a man of his size, had Chat not been wearing his suit. He’d barely gotten a hello out to them before the teasing started, no mercy offered.

First of all, they’d ceased all attempts he made to call them M. Dupain and Mme Cheng, with a flick of a hand as they insisted he use their names. Sabine had implied they could be family in the not too distant future and said it was therefore unnecessary and downright silly to stay so formal. Chat’s face had burned a little, which was thankfully hidden by his mask, and Marinette had rolled her eyes behind her mothers back as he reminded them that Marinette and he were just friends.

“Suuure,” Tom had said with an exaggerated wink at him. Marinette had squirmed in place and blushed faintly and though she’d tried to do so discreetly, he’s noticed.

“Papa…” she’d whined.

“Why Princess, you’re not getting embarrassed already are you?” he’d smirked at her and delighted at the glare of determination she immediately threw at him.

“You wish Chaton.”

It hadn’t gotten any better from there for either of them, especially since Sabine loved to coo over their nicknames for one another, but he was surprisingly good at appearing to keep his cool despite the uncomfortable wriggling in his gut every time they alluded to something. Marinette however was looking more and more distressed as time wore on. And they hadn’t even started playing yet.

So now they had settled at the table, Chat a little awkwardly as he and Marinette had no choice but to sit at a table corner each to leave room for her parents on either side of the them. The table was only really meant for three after all, but they could make it work. Tom explained to him that they would all take a letter from the bag of tiles and try and see who got the letter closest to A in the alphabet; this would decide who went first. They each took a little wooden square from the cloth bag sitting in the middle of the board and Sabine won first turn with the letter B and a soft victorious smile. He watched as she and Marinette picked out seven tiles each and discreetly hid them on their angled stands before handing the bag on to him.

As Chat took his turn choosing his tiles he started to consider if there was any way he could tease Marinette himself to make sure he won. It would mean her parents would have a field day and he’d get some of the mocking too, but he was sure he could wait till he got home to hide his face in his pillow and relive every mortifying detail against his will before he finally fell asleep tonight. Plagg would cackle and quote them while he pretended not to hear.

He passed the bag on to Tom and waited whilst Sabine studied her tiles before she started to pour them all back into the bag and select new ones.

“You’re allowed to use a turn to swap tiles instead of putting down a word,” she explained to him, when she spotted his confused expression, “We all usually swap our tiles on our first turn before we start, but it’s up to you if you want to do the same.”

“The game is over if you swap your tiles two turns in a row though,” Tom added as an afterthought.

Marinette followed suit and swapped out her own tiles as well and, realising he couldn’t make anything with what he had anyway, Chat chose to do the same. Tom continued the trend and as he arranged his tiles on his stand, his eyes flicked to the two teenagers with a smirk.

“Are you sure you’re both comfortable like that?” he asked, referring to their positions at the corners of the counter-top, “It might be tight but I’m sure you could both fit against that side of the counter. Not that you’d really mind being so close together, I’m sure.”

Marinette spluttered and his own stomach flipped but he pushed down the feeling to give her a smug look, knowing he was in the lead now after a noise like that.

She glared at him and he grinned, turning to watch as Sabine started to rearrange her new tiles, a smile lighting up her face as she did so.

“It’s okay dears, you know we’re just teasing,” said Sabine as she placed the word PACIFY  vertically on the board, the Y (which he noted was worth four points) sitting on the central star spot to give her a double word score.

Marinette groaned. “I forgot to mention,” she told him, “they like to try and relate their words to whatever they’re doing or saying. She’s trying to make us relax again so…pacify,” she gestured at the wooden letters now staring at him on the board.

“So…it’s like a pun,” he said, grinning wider. This was definitely a way to play he could get behind. Marinette only groaned louder as her parents both grinned along with him.

“Oh come on Princess,” he said, glancing at his tiles, “Take that bad attitude and…begone.”

He placed the word AWAY on the board, using Sabine’s Y before replenishing his tiles.

“I hate you all,” Marinette said, grabbing a croissant to chew on as she placed the letters R, E and A beneath the first A he used to make AREA.

“You can’t hate us honey,” her father added, “we made all your snacks remember?” He used the R in Marinette’s word to spell out BAKER across the far left of the board.

It continued on in this way for a while, Marinette groaning each time one of them made a pun. Sabine made a reference to Chat’s cat-like behaviour and placed down the word BOX while asking if he had any attachment to them like his name-sake. Marinette glared particularly badly at him as he placed all of his tiles on the board to make the word PRINCESS, with a little help from Tom rearranging the wooden pieces for him until he saw it. He grinned as she blushed at her mothers giggled comment about “sweet nicknames” again, and he managed to overlook his own embarrassment because he appeared to be winning their bet.

Marinette turned BOX into MATCHBOX and Tom placed MISFITS while telling them they were an odd couple but perfect for each other. They both flushed red at that one and Marinette whined at her father to stop. “Aye, aye Captain,” Sabine snickered as she added ABOARD to the game.

Chat looked over his tiles, face still far too warm for his liking. It had become close between them again and neither one was winning anymore. He was perhaps, slightly in the lead but there was a long way to go before the evening was over and he was starting to react badly to some of the teasing comments before he could stop himself.

Trying not to dwell on it, he glared at his seven tiles as he realised he couldn’t make anything from what he had. He glanced up pathetically at Tom, who took pity on him and held out his hand for the letter stand. Chat lifted it across the table, careful not to let Marinette see his letters, where the larger man studied the wooden pieces for a moment before handing them back with a defeated look.

“Looks like you need to miss a turn while you swap out your tiles,” he told him apologetically.

Chat grumbled but did as suggested, arranging his new letters, G, I, F, L, two R’s and Z on the stand. He glared at the board as Marinette grumbled about just wanting “the game over already” and assembled the word END.

“That’s a pun! We’re getting through to her!” Tom shouted, laughing and pumping his fist. His daughter grumbled in response, replenishing her tiles before dropping her chin onto her hand, pouting in a way Chat found more adorable than he wanted to admit. He glanced back at the board as Tom placed his tiles, even more determined to focus on his next move now to rid himself of that confusing thought.

“That’s not a word!” Marinette started screeching at her father, “You’re cheating Papa!” He looked at Tom’s latest move.

“Zas?” he asked. He was pretty sure she was right; that wasn’t a word.

“Read it and weep!” smirked Tom, presenting them with the Scrabble dictionary, opened to the entry for ZAS.

“Slang,” he read aloud, “The shortened version of PIZZAS.”

“That shouldn’t count!” Marinette continued to screech beside him. His brow furrowed. It really didn’t seem fair to use slang.

“It’s in the dictionary, so it counts,” Tom finished smugly, “That’s twenty-two points because it’s a double letter square.” Even Sabine was glaring at him at this point.

“Have you been reading the Z’s again dear?” she accused him before turning to Chat, “This is how he’s so good you know. He reads the sections for the high scoring letters, like some kind of illness.” She smirked suddenly as she looked at her wooden tiles. “You could almost say it’s like a cancer.”

She picked up her tiles as she finished speaking and placed the word MELANOMA on the board, a blank square in place of the E.

“Yes!” she said as Marinette put her face in her hands, “You see dear, we can make every word have a meaning. There’s nothing that can be placed on this board that we won’t turn into something funny.”

Chat blanched as he heard her words. He was gawking between the board and his tiles in horror as he realised there was a truly excellent word he could play, but that he would seriously regret the consequences if he did, based on what Sabine had just announced to them all.

He stared at the wooden letters again, hand in his hair, determined to find something different. He’d just missed his last turn to swap his tiles so he couldn’t do the same again or the game would be over. There had to be something he could do. Maybe -

“You need a hand, son?” Tom asked, and suddenly Chat was very aware that all three members of the Dupain-Cheng family were scrutinising him closely.

“NO!” he yelled and immediately slapped his hand across his mouth to contain any further suspicious outbursts.

He watched, terrified, as Tom and Sabine shared a look which obviously conveyed something he wasn’t privy to and Tom reached across Marinette to pick up his tile stand. Chat briefly considered stopping him but he knew that would be futile. He could only hope Tom somehow didn’t see what he could see amongst his letters.

Tom looked at the letters for a minute or so, before he looked at the board and at that moment Chat could practically feel the revelation wash over the man. The larger man started to rearrange the letters on the stand, leaving a couple of gaps between some and pushed one off to the far side to mark it as unimportant. He smirked a little, then grinned before practically exploding in a rumbling laugh.

Chat’s entire face bloomed a bright rosy colour as Tom began to place his tiles on the board for him and he buried his face in his arms on top of the tabletop when Sabine’s giggles joined in with Tom’s booming guffaws.

He whined audibly and risked lifting his head enough to reveal one eye, glancing up at Marinette. Despite a small dusting of pink across her cheeks, she seemed to find the whole thing more amusing than humiliating. A small smile played across her face.

She looked up from the board where her father had finally finished placing the word GIRLFRIEND, the first I intersecting with his word PRINCESS from earlier. As she glanced at him, he groaned with unease and flushed redder than he had ever thought possible.

“Well, Chaton,” she said, bopping his nose with her index finger, “Looks like I win our bet.”

“Of Love and Agony,” (1/1)

Summary: His tongue was cruel in more ways than one.

Notes: This was inspired by a very NSFW sketch that appeared on my dash. It is also DO-era filth, which means it is incredibly sad. So be aware going into this, it’s probably the darkest thing I have written or will write. Thanks to the bae, @abbadons-little-witch! Also tagging @captainwiley, by request. xo Also on Ao3, as always.

I have lost myself in the sea many times
with my ear full of freshly cut flowers,
with my tongue full of love and agony.
– Federico García Lorca

+ He surrenders in an unknowable moment between her thighs; but he won’t realize he’s lost until it’s too late, the strange, salty taste of her an intimate, uncanny premonition of the blood in his mouth.

“I knew,” she’ll whisper days, weeks, months later, their skin warm and damp in the light of a grey, early dawn, “I knew.”

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I’m tired and my head is hurting, so I have no intention of cleaning these up. 
I talked about the most common type of residential structures in Hallowbranch territory before, but I never got around to drawing them. 
That’s remedied now.
Primarily underground houses with thatched or earth covered roofs. They aren’t entirely level with the ground in most cases and the slight overhang of the eaves shelter openings that allow for extra ventilation (since windows are not an option). The floor is packed dirt with a central firepit for cooking/heating. The main ‘living’ areas are raised platforms, typically two-three foot high, that are adjacent to the walls. The beds, too, are raised and blocked in, complete with canopy (wooden or cloth). In this one, I put some shelving in the back to block in a pantry area, but not every house would have that - Some may have smaller cold cellars dug into the mounds around the home or outside of it. The same can be said for the sort-of-closet/storage area in the front.
This is just a standard reference for a medium size dwelling, so a lot could be rearranged depending on who was living in it.


I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 3

I’m sorry if this isn’t the best or it’s a tad bit slow going. Writing for Negan is intimidating, as I’ve said before and I’ve come down with quite a bad cold, so I’m pretty loopy from cold medicine.

Summary: You get put in charge of washing clothes for the wives, you get into a fight with Amber and Negan dishes out some punishment.


“Time to get the fuck up!” There was a loud punding from the outside of the door, followed by a voice that wasn’t Negan’s.
“Are you decent?”

“Yes!” You called back in a raspy tone, trying to wipe the sleep from your eyes. The door opened and Simon entered and stood firmly in the doorway, not coming any closer. This must have been another rule placed by Negan.

“Time to get to work.” He said dully, he was holding what looked like clothes in his hands, “Come get these and put them on. Pretty sure you wanna get out of those dirty rags you’re in.” You were wearing a plain long-sleeved shirt and jeans and they were dirty. You got on your feet and took the clothes from him.
“Thanks, Simon.”

“Sure. Just hurry up, there’s a lot of work to do today.”

“Where’s Negan?” You weren’t even sure why you were asking him or why you cared.

Simone sighed, “He’s out on a run with some of the Saviors.”

You nodded and Simon turned and closed the door behind him. You changed into the fresh clothes which were jeans and a flannel shirt. It was flattering on you and hugged your curves and I think was a plus, because you were fond of flannel anyway. You slipped on your old leather boots and walked out the room where Simon was waiting outside, “Finally, now C'mon, I gotta show you what you’re doing today before I go back to my post.”

You followed him outside where many people were out working, you could see some men and women tending to a small garden in the middle of the sanctuary and men in the back of a panel van unloading lots of weapons. It seemed like Negan really did have an army and you started to feel sorry for anyone who crossed him, from what you had seen already, he really was a man of his word. He wouldn’t hesitate to make your life a living hell, or hesitate to bash your head in. Simon walked you over to the wives, you let out a low groan as to not be heard, they were going through plastic baskets with clothes in them.
Simon turned to you, “The boss said to put you in charge of laundry today.”

You crossed you arms, “I told him I didn’t want this kind of job.”

“Well, that’s not my problem.” Simon snapped. The wives shot you all yet another nasty look and Amber’s was more intense than anyone, she really didn’t like you. “You’re gonna be doing laundry for the girls. That’s just what he said, now just do it. I gotta get going.” Simon walked away and left you to fend for yourselves against the 4 angry women.
Amber picked up one of the baskets and walked over to you, shoving the basket into your arms, you grabbed it tightening your fist around the handles, she was really starting to test you now.
“These are our things that need to be washed. The washtub is here.” She said smartly, pointing behind her to a metal tub filled with water. She gave you a less than sincere smile, “Try to make it quick, huh? I’ve got time with Daddy tonight.“ She flipped her blonde hair and walked away with the other 3 wives trailing behind her.

You walked over to the tub and slammed the basket down. That mother fucker. He knew the wives despised you and knew that you despised this type of work and he put you on it anyway. You dunked some clothes into the freezing water and lathered them in a bar of soap and began washing them, but making sure all the while to do a half-ass job. Fuck Amber, bragging about spending time with Negan as if you cared (you didn’t care… right?) as if Negan even gave an actual fuck about her. You’d have a talk with him about this job when you saw him, you weren’t gonna do this again.

After an hour you were done, you hung the clothes on a line that hanged between two wooden poles. The “clothes” weren’t much of anything, they consisted of mostly lingerie and a few pairs of jeans. You could see Amber and her group approaching you, you bit down firmly into your tongue and she inspected the clothes on the line.
“You need to redo all of these.” She demanded, putting her hands on her boney hips. What the fuck did Negan see in her? She was a twig and didn’t even have a pretty face.

“Excuse me?” You glared at her, placing a pair of jeans over the line.

“You obviously didn’t do any of these right, bitch.”

“Bitch?” You asked and threw the jeans you were holding down on the ground and stomped them into the dirt.
Amber grabbed your hair and yanked you down, but you had experience in fighting and quickly swept her leg out from under her. The other females all gasped as Amber fell and you straddled her and grabbed a handful of her hair and punched her square in the nose. The other wives began screaming for help and you punched Amber again, getting your frustration out. You could hear men beginning to yell and could hear the footsteps rushing towards you, but you didn’t care. Big arms wrapped around your midsection and pulled you off of her effortlessly. You could see the blood pouring out her nostril as she sat up holding her head, she tried kicking at your feet and you kicked back. You had a taste for blood now and you wanted to hurt her.

“Enough! Fucking stop it!” You heard Negan bellow in an angry tone as he was still hanging onto you. SHIT. You knew you were in trouble now. The wives helped Amber off the ground and she was still staring at you, while they held her back.
“Fucking take her to the fucking infirmary.” Negan ordered. He grabbed you by the back of your flannel shirt and started dragging you towards the building from lastnight.
“Let me fucking go!” You screamed. Everyone was standing around now, watching the drama unfold.

“What in the holy fuck are you fuckers staring at? Get back to fucking work!” Negan shouted, getting even more angry. Everyone quickly dispersed and went back to their job, you tried getting out of his grip as you inched closer to the building, but it was no use. He led you inside the same office and pushed you back against the desk.
“What the fuck happened out there?” He demanded, slamming Lucille onto the desk, making you jump.

“She has been riding my ass ever since I got here, she touched me first.” You protested, crossing your arms.

He was gritting his teeth, but also seemed to be holding back a smile, even though you could still feel the anger radiating off of him. “Well, I got to admit, darlin’ there’s nothing fucking hotter than seeing you handle yourself that way. But I did say that there are punishments around here.” He was talking his belt off now. Your eyes began to widen as you backed up into the desk.
“So, bend over the desk. Now.” He folded the belt over in his hands.


He grabbed your hair and spun you around forcing you to slump over the desk with your face only inches away from Lucille. He placed a hand firmly on your back, “You dont scare easy, do you? You need to be taught a fucking lesson, maybe 10 whacks will teach you, huh?” You didn’t say anything.
“I’ll take that as a yes, now this can go two ways- Either you can fucking count as I dish them out or I can keep going until you do count.” Before you could react you felt a hard smack as the leather belt hit your backside, and even though your pants were on it still stung as if it had hit bare flesh, you let out a small yelp, and he put more pressure on your back with his hand.
“Are you gonna count?” He said in his gruff tone.“

You could feel tears welling up in your eyes, "Yes.” you answered bluntly.

“Good fucking girl.” He smacked you a second time, “I don’t here you fucking counting.”


“Good.” Another hard smack. It was already hurting like a bitch. “Three.” tears were running down your cheeks now, but at the same time, you could feel your arousal growing. He finally got to ten and you felt relief, but wanted more all the same.
“Good girl. Maybe that’ll fucking straighten you out.. For now.” He put his belt back into the loops of his pants and buckled it. You slowly rose off the desk with your backside on fire, wiping the tears out of your face before he had the chance to see them.
You turned to face him, he licked his lips. God he was fucking hot.
“Are you gonna behave now?”

“Yes.” No.

“Good girl.” He moved a strand of hair out of your face, his gloved finger brushing your cheek, your skin tingled at his touch.
“I don’t so much mind the shit with Amber. But your back talk is what really got you the spanking, darlin.’” You nodded back. You were glad he didn’t mind, because the way you saw it, you were gonna have to kill her if she kept up her shit.
“But goddamn, doll..” He shook his head looking at your body, and running a hand through his beard, “You look might fucking fine in that outfit and a sweet ass to boot.” He let out a breathe, picking up Lucille.

You both left the room and you re-washed the clothes and hung them up, ignoring the pain everytime you took a step. There was something about that man that infuriated you and turned you on all at the same time.


You wake up and it’s Christmas morning. Just like any kid, you rush out to the family room to find tons of presents under the tree. But the two that catch your eye is that huge penny farthing with a gigantic red bow on it, which sits right next to the tree, and the automata monkey sitting directly in front of the tree.

Giorno greets you with a ‘Merry Christmas’ as he sits up from the couch. He was waiting for this moment when you would wake up, but insists that you have his spot on the couch. The Don decides to bring the automata closer to you so that you could get a better view, and then he starts to crank the musical contraption. 

“Now watch closely, Jojo. This one’s special.”

You swear it was magic, but you’re too mesmerized by a live dancing monkey to even question it. But as the music from the wooden box slowly faded, so did the animated creature revert back into its original wooden and cloth form.

DIY Clothing Pin Cable Tidy:

viа “This Is Knockout”

What you’ll need: two wooden clothes pegs, all-purpose glue, washi tape in colours or patterns of your choice, and your headphones.

Step 1: Get your pegs right.
Step 2: Start taping.
Step 3: Glue it together.
Step 4: You’re pretty much there, you just need to add your headphones.

Baby Girl (part one)

Originally posted by itssamforyou

This is set after 12.02.
Summary: Mary comes back from Heaven and learns more about her sons than she ever thought she’d know.
Pairing: Dean x Reader.
Warning: nothing.

Mary smiled as Sam and Dean showed her where everything was. They led her through the library, the kitchen and bathroom, their make shift living room and the bedrooms. They even showed her the storage room, garage and the dungeon. It immediately felt like home to her.

Dean smiled as he led her to the room right next to his, “well, this is yours, mom.” Mary stepped in and smiled. It was small and quaint, but she loved it. “Thank you, Dean.” He kissed her on the cheek before walking down the hall to finish the pie he left in the kitchen.

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Manolo Sanchez - Traje de Luces

A Traje de Luces (Suit of Lights) is traditional bullfighter’s clothing worn in the bullring. The gold or silver trims and sequins reflect strongly in the sunlight, hence the name.
They are custom made to the person wearing it. Like a tattoo, the different patterns and designs embroidered into it could be something meaningful to them, or mean nothing at all.

Manolo’s was made to match the guitar Maria gave him.
I did my best to transfer what his outfit would look like from a wooden piece to real clothes. 

Gothic Gardens

What you need to know: Herb, a friendly wizard botanist, creates magical plants in a underground laboratory built off his cottage. Some of his spell went awry and was killed. Now his plants roam freely, spreading across the country side.

Premise: Fields of stinging grass, stiff meter tall stalks of barb grass begins sweeping farmstead and villages, overtaking crops and stinging the locals like whips, becoming a general nuisance.

Local authorities are hiring adventures to destroy X square meters of stinging grass for X gold. Plus a bonus if the infestation is wiped out and a second bonus if they discover the source.

Each field of grass should be given one large sum of hit points and one attack per player it can reach doing no more than whip damage. For added excitement, the plant can be poisonous dealing extra damage, stat damage or paralysis.

Pushing back the field, players will eventfully come across a stone cottage overgrown with more stinging grass. Most of the walls are crumbles and the ceiling is all but gone, torn away by the grass. Wooden splinters, shreds of cloth, pieces of pottery, a skeleton , a key and a 2x2 meter black iron trap door in the floor can be found within the grass throughout the cottage. Force a few search rolls in order to find skeleton and key.
Note: The skeleton is Herb, long since dead.
The trap door is locked and the key in the cottage will open it leading to room 1.

1 - a spiral staircase of polished black stone descends almost twenty feet. The walls, ceiling and floor are covered in stinging grass.

  • A - the players must cut their way through the grass to reach the bottom of the stairs.

  • B - two purple clay pots are shattered and broken at the bottom the stairs near a black iron door. All the stinging grass roots lead to two bundles by the pots.
    Note: This is the source of the stinging grass. They were once small plants but without Herb to trim them, they grew across the countryside.

  • C - the door is locked, but opens with the key found in the cottage.

2 - the room is constructed of shiny black stone. A black iron door is built on the back walls, two purple pedestals stand by the door with a gargoyle perched on each one. One holds a key, one holds a dagger.

  • A - upon inspection of the door, players find it is a solid sheet of metal except for a small slit in the center.
    Note: There is a hidden panel in the door with a lock that needs the key from the gargoyle to open. If the players use the dagger on the slit, the gargoyles animate and attack.

3 - a corridor of shiny black stone with gargoyle faces carved into the rock. The hall ends in a door of shiny black iron. The ceiling is a dome of purple frosted glass with streams of light coming through.
Note: if players break the glass, they will only find a stone ceiling enchanted with continual light on the other side.
Rose bushes line the wall down the corridor, they rustle and move as players pass them.

  • A - if players interact with rose bushes and get too close, the thorny branches will lash out to puncture the players’ flesh.
  • The rose bushes drink blood and absorb con when they have a successful hit, increase the damage and amount of con loss to scale with the power of the group.
  • A key to the door is hidden in the bushes. No longer controlled by Herb, the bushes now attack anyone.

  • B - door is locked and needs to be picked to open or the players need to find the key.

4 - this room is a giant haze maze of purple rose bushes.
Note: draw a bunch of lines with one entrance and end, make it as long or as short as you wish, you can add extra gargoyles roaming the maze. but have a minimum of five dead ends.
The ceiling is a dome of purple frosted glass with streams of light coming through.
Note: if players break the glass, they will only find a stone ceiling enchanted with continual light on the other side.

  • A - if the player cut through the maze, the bushes will get one attack per player that passes - you can add more if you like
  • If the players stay in the center of the path, the bushes cannot reach them.

  • B - there will be five dead ends that lead to a purple marble pedestal with a golem perched on top, holding a key
  • Players can remove the key, and carved on the handle is a symbol, one for each key: Seeds, rain, sun, flower, fruit tree. This order will matter at door C.

  • C - the maze ends at a black iron door with a giant carved gargoyle head in the center. His mouth is open and contains five locks.
  • Players must use the keys in the right order to open the door: Seeds, rain, sun, flower, fruit tree.
  • If they players use the wrong combo, the gargoyle head will bite down the player’s arm. It can do an attack role, let the player role DEX or a save etc. to escape, it’s your choice. For added effect, the gargoyle’s eyes can shoot out lightning bolts when the wrong sequence is used for X D6 lightning damage.
  • The correct sequence opens the door to room 5.

5 - a corridor of shiny black stone leads to a door of shiny black iron. Five one meter tall purple clay pots line the wall and inside, a human-size Venus fly trap. The ceiling is a dome of purple frosted glass with streams of light coming through.
Note: if players break the glass, they will only find a stone ceiling enchanted with continual light on the other side.

  • A - the Venus fly traps are all intelligent and willing to speak to the players
  • Inside their bellies is where Herb hides his treasure, which won’t be noticeable to the players at first, the plants have the ability to regurgitate the treasure at will - treasure can be gold, magic weapons, gems, scrolls, etc.
  • First plant: is evil and wants to eat the players, it will be the first to tell the players of treasures in its gut and asks them to remove them since they hurt. If any player puts their arm in its mouth, it will attack.
    Note: use any animal stats for the Venus fly traps and re-skin. I suggest dog, bear, wolf as good examples.
  • Second plant: is indifferent to everything and is willing to give up its treasure in a fair trade.
  • Third plant: is loyal, kind and helpful, but does not want to give its treasure up till proved Herb is dead.
  • Fourth plant: is childlike, very talkative and curios about everything the players do. It can be coerced or easily convinced to give up its treasure.
  • Fifth plant: is quiet and rarely speaks, but is skittish and scared of most things, including the players. A simple threat will make it give up its treasures.
  • The plants can know as much or as little about this place and whats beyond as you want.
  • They all have fond memories of Herb and speak of him as a king man, who wanted to give plants a chance to speak and act for themselves, instead of being butchered and cut down by man’s hands.

  • B - hidden behind a stone in the wall is a lever which opens the door leading to room 6

6 - a corridor of shiny black stone, barely noticeable under layers of roots and vines. Thick vegetation blocks the path further. The ceiling is a dome of purple frosted glass covered in vines and branches with streams of light almost blocked completely.
Note: if players break the glass, they will only find a stone ceiling enchanted with continual light on the other side.

  • A - if players attack the branches or vines, the plants bleed blood and loud moans can be heard from beyond the curtains of foliage.
  • B - past a few layers of vines is room 7

7 - a room of shiny black stone, bearly noticeable under layers of roots and vines. Thick vegetation blocks the path further The ceiling is a dome of purple frosted glass covered in vines and branches with streams of light almost blocked completely.
In the center of the chamber is a 1 meter tall 5 meter wide basin where all the roots, branches and vines stem from. They form a giant humanoid face that can move and mimic real facial feature.
The floor is littered with broken tables and shattered glass and stained blue, red, purple with the residue of old potions.

  • A - the vines forming a face speak when players enter the room. You can also have the players hear its voice in their heads.
  • It has no name nor wants one and never refers to itself.
    Example: “Once herb stopped coming down, hunger took over, only the potions could take away thirst, but those strange concoctions Herb spent so long working on, do not help creating intelligent oneness with plants beyond the laboratory, now all speaks as if one.”

  • In short, the plant no longer able to receive sustenance, drank the potions mutating and giving it psychic power to speak with plants. It prompted the stinging grass to grow to find people to come down here, so he could eat them.
  • The plant may spend time talking to players as it sizes the group up and may even try to trick them into spreading out so it can take on only a few at a time.
  • When it does attack, its psychic abilities play little role in the battle as it can only speak with plants. However, each round its many limbs will strangle and grapple with the players - add extra attacks for level scaling purposes. You can also give it extra abilities like acidic sap, poisonous spores, etc.
  • Once killed the players can shift through its remains and find a few potions it did not drink, hidden in its branches.

End: a few possible twists are druids, ranger order finds out what is going on and take offense to what is happening and blames the players for the plants. The druids/rangers can side with the plants believing they should have a voice and become angered we destroyed so many, maybe even hunting the party down across entire nations as the words spread, the players wiped out a race. The psychic plant may have mutated more plants outside the lab that continue to attack and fight the party for killing the main plant, or its seeds have across the land become a huge problem later on like an army of trees or millions of thorny tumble weeds like the movie Critters.

Regardless, I hope you have fun and see you again.

Chased by the Hunter, Saved by the Wolves ||closed||


When he woke early one morning, when the dew still dotted the glass on his window and the sun had barely peeked through the trees, he had no idea the life as he knew it would change forever in a few short hours. He sat up in bed, stretched his arms widely and slid onto the floor of the quaint and small wooden cabin. His clothes lay over the worn wooden chair next to the even more worn wooden desk and he was quick to change from his night clothes into his greet tunic, laced with brown leather straps and black trousers which tucked into his boots.

The door creaked as he opened it into the modest main room of the home, where Ada stood tirelessly at the cast iron stove, the smell of rabbit stew filling the air. Helden was nowhere to be found.

“Morning, child,” The blonde-haired elf greeted pleasantly. Noticing his attire, she remarked, “Leaving already?”

He nodded, with a small smile. “I saw a thicket of berry bushes about a mile away yesterday when me and Helden were out gathering wood. I figured I’d go pick some.”

Ada frowned a bit. “Alright. Just don’t go too far.” She said, concern on her voice. “I’ll save you some food for when you get back.”

She leaned over and kissed his head, earning a smile, before he grabbed his rucksack and headed out, through the small farm’s fields and into the woods.

He would never see Ada or Helden again.


The shout of the afternoon drunkards was only silence by the god-awful screeching of a fiddle and tone-deafness of a pub singer in the corner. Gornan chugged at his beer as he waited for his client to arrive. It wasn’t an easy life, being a spy. One needed to cut through all the drivel and dregs of normal, everyday conversation about crop tending and which king had seized what power to find the really good stuff. But he was confident he had found something worth a heavy price.

He finally saw his client enter. He never discovered his name. Names were not important to him as long as he got paid. He flagged the scruffed, travel worn man down, sliding the half-empty bottle of cheap ale across to him.

“Got a nice lil bit o’ new for ye,” He slurred, halfway there to being an afternoon drunk himself. “A lil birdie told me tha’ our friends out in t’e Hunt are mighty restless these passed few days. Stormin through a forest nearby, lookin’ for somethin’. Or rather, someone.” He baited his hook, now all he had to do was wait for the bite.

It’s Curiosity (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang So) Pt. 2ish

Type: Fluff

Part 1 (kinda): Here

Request: Also I was wondering if I could request something that you can add to something your are already working on; if not it’s fine. A Wang So scenario where his wife sees him acting more depressed than usually and she asks him about it. He doesn’t want to tell her but he does, he said he overheard people talking about him and his scar. His wife shows him how much she loves his scar, and how is shouldn’t care what other people think. Something to think about! -Wang So anon 🎀

Note: instead of adding it I just did another part for it kinda lol

“Somethings got So sad” you spoke as you sat with Wook and Won, they followed your eyes and were confused by your words. “He looks like he normally does” Won tells you “what? You must be blind” you mumble. Your hands clenched your skirt tightly before you got up “So!” you call as you rush to catch up to him. “She’s mad for that man” Wook speaks as he watches your form disappear from his view. 

“So!” you call again as you trip which instantly made him stop and head over to you “are you alright?” he asks as he helps you up. He realized your hands were slightly blood “you clumsy girl” he mumbles as he holds your hands “what is wrong?” you asked him “you hurt yourself we have to take you to see the doctor” he spoke as you held your ground. He pulled harder but you only stepped roughly two steps forward. “Y/N-” he starts “why are you so sad?” you asked him “I’m not” he sighs “ya! I know you are I can see what others can’t” you say as he gives you a solid look.

“People were talking about how I am and what I look like” he whispers it was his only weakness it seemed was the harsh words of others about things he couldn’t help. You gave him a look “So” you whispered back as you quickly wrap your arms around him. “You’re perfect to me” you say into his chest lightly “you always say that” he tells you “it’s because I mean it” you promise as a smile comes to your face. “What?” he asks lightly excited by your smile “I know exactly how to cheer you up” you say making him blush as you tug him along.


“This isn’t what I thought you were meaning” he informs as you undo the strings of his top “I said I was going to show you how perfect you are” you say. “If we get caught we will be in trouble or talked about more than we already are” he says as you grab his jaw and bring him in for a kiss to shut him up. “I put a lot of thought into this” you pout as he sighs mumbling about how it took you only seconds to decide this before stepping forward. You smiled as you watch him slowly step into the hot waters of the spring and you get in after him. “We’re not supposed to bathe together at least not here” he whispers as he looks at you. 

You reach forward grabbing the strings of his mask and undo them, he remained frozen as you fully take it off of him and sit it on the wooden floor beside his clothes. Your hands quickly moved to his chest as you felt the scars that were on his torso ”do you know what these make you?” you ask him while he remains quiet “they make you my warrior” you say leaning down and kissing one of them lightly before moving to the next. Once you were sure you kissed each your hands moved onto his face as you touched his scar tracing it with the pad of your thumb “and this makes you my Wang So” you say as he lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. 

His hands cupped yours as he pulls you into a heavy kiss forgetting where you two were or what brought you two to this point. You loved him with a burning passion, defended him when everyone would be rude to him, you made him feel perfect with his imperfections. He pulled away resting his forehead against yours and almost instantly you giggled from his actions. “I think this is the first bold thing you’ve done since we’ve married” you joke “we should head back to our room” he tells you, you could hear a hint in his tone. “Oh my, my prince is bold tonight” you say wiggling your brows.

He smiled at your goofiness before grabbing your hand and tugged you out of the water tugging you along wanting to get back home as fast as you two could. “Wait” you call stopping him in his tracks as you leave his grip and rush over grabbing his mask and top. “Don’t leave evidence” you say as he smiles “are you ready now?” he asks holding out his hand out before you put his shirt in his hand “it might be cold” you tell him as he slides it on. He reaches for the mask but you shake your head and hold it away from him. “Take me to our room now” you order holding your hand out as he takes it quickly.


The Vampire Chronicles: the Musicians

Nicolas de Lenfent, the Divine Violinist
“All a misunderstanding, my love”,
he said. Acid on the tongue. The blood sweat had broken out again, and his eyes glistened as if they were wet. “It was to hurt others, don’t you see, the violin playing, to anger them, to secure for me an island where they could not rule. They would watch my ruin, unable to do anything about it.”

The Vampire Antoine, the nameless musician from the first book
"It was as if he’d waked from a dream, and for years the violin was his instrument, and he even played for money at mortal gatherings, and managed to become a gentleman again, with clean linen and a small apartment with paintings, a brass clock, and a wooden closet of fine clothes. But all that had come to nothing. He felt loneliness, despair. The world seemed empty of monsters like himself.”

The Vampire Sybelle, Armand’s golden girl
“Sybelle is not insane. She is nowhere near it, and I fancy that I understand her perfectly. Sybelle is obsessed with one thing, and that is playing the piano. From the first time she laid her hands on the keys she has wanted nothing else.”

Scarlet's Cosplay Wing Tutorial (quick version)

How to make wings that look like this

Step 1 - The Base

A corset is what actually attaches the wings to the body.

The front looks like this

The back looks like this

The weight is held on the torso, not the shoulders. The straps on the shoulders are to keep the top close to your neck. I used a corset I just happened to have but it wouldn’t be to hard to make. Use strong fabric and eye rivets. 

Part 2 - Wing Structure

The “bones” inside the wings look like this

That “T” on the left is sewn directly onto the corset (see the pictures above). These measurement are what I used to make my wings, they may be wrong for you.

Before you make wings out of wood, make yourself a model out of pins and straws, like this

This will help you figure out the engineering and it’s tricky because in most of the configurations you make, the wings won’t close all the way or they’ll open very strangely.

The materials used are a light strong wood (go shop around your hardware store) and blots with nuts. 

The bolts are not smooth, they have the screw grooves all the way down to help them not fall out of the wood if the bolt falls off. After you get them together for the final time, tighten snuggly and glue into place.

Part 3 - Feathers

I’m not going to tell you how to paint them because you’re a big boy/girl/cosplayer who can figure it out for yourself, just look at the actual feathers you’re trying to emulate and copy them. Just remember that there should be a difference between the primary and secondary, like so

a. Attaching feathers to the wing structure.

To imitate bird skin and give realistic movement, glue fabric to the parts of the wing where the feathers attach. I didn’t get a good picture of this stage, but you can see part of it here.

This is going to be loose and messy, but it will all be covered. Give yourself enough fabric to attach all feathers to, but not so much that it gets in your way. WARNING: open and close your wings constantly while figuring out where to glue so you don’t accidentally glue in the wrong place and hinder wing movement. Here’s an idea (and the worst graphic I’ve made in my life, sorry)

Red - wooden structure

purple - skin cloth

green - safe places to glue

b. 4 types of feathers

1. “The long one”

2. primary flight feathers

3. secondary flight feathers

4. tops

1. “The long one”

This feather folds over the top of the wing and connects the front and back together. It also holds up all the primaries.

The wooden structure inside (red) does not extend to the full length of the wing.

Therefore this one is going to need its own wooden dowel (green) to give it structure.

Hot glue the dowel to the feather and to the existing wing structure.

Here’s a picture showing how this feather folds over the top and has a dowel down its length.

2. Primary flight feathers

Primary flight feathers cannot just hang from the skin fabric because of the weird angle at which they have to sit. Therefore you have to give them structure by gluing something down the back of them, I used a long straight wire. Glue your structure directly opposite of the spine you painted, not in the center of the feather. Attach the feathers to the skin fabric (under the “long feather”) at the top and to each other to make a nice fan/wing shape.

blue - attachment, normally sewn

3. Secondary Flight Feathers

You will need to make many different lengths of these (the ones where the red structure cross are much shorter than the ones that meet the primaries or get close to your back)

These are easy compared to the ones you’ve just done. They require no structure and just need to be sewn onto the skin fabric on the top. Be careful about keeping the bottom even as you go along and make sure they overlap nicely. Sew or glue the feathers together where there are awkward gaps. Don’t be afraid to use lots of glue. Just…make it work.

4. Tops

This is about what the tops of your wings look like now.

To make it look nice and cover all your connections make little feathers to fold over the top. I found this weird shape worked best. 

It can then fold over the top and look like it’s hanging down straight.

here’s the top of the wing with a bunch of them together.

And that’s about it! Message me (noreallyimjustheretofollow) if you have any questions.