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me @ myself,,,,,, you failed,,,,,,,, i trusted you and you failed me like this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i thought you cared,,,,,,,,,, i thought you had my best interest at heart,,,,,,,, where,,,,,,,,,, where is any dirkjake reference in your lastest pic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, where is it marcia,,,,,,,,,,where is it

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I noticed you have a knack for house hold hacks and I have 2 questions, if you don't mind :) 1. Do you know of any objects/decor that makes noise for sleeping? I can't sleep in silence and I'll be putting my fan away soon and I also don't have a tv in my room so I'm not sure what else to use 2. Are drawer fragrances a thing? My dressers are wooden and if my clothes are in there for too long they get this weird wood, stale smell that I'm not sure how to avoid. Thanks in advance!

Oh man… I was born for this ask.

I too cannot fall asleep without some sort of white noise generator. I even sleep with a fan on during the winter because I have a hard time falling asleep without noise. I just throw a blanket over it so that it doesn’t blow cold air into my room.

However, there are lots of free “white noise” websites that you can play off of your computer for free that are essentially the same idea. Some of the more popular ones even have iphone apps. Check it:

Sound Generators

1. Simply Noise: If I’m in a hotel or staying over at a friend’s house, this is my go-to generator. Good ole white noise! The website also offers “pink” and “brown” noise, which are different in tambor. They have an app that you can download (also free).

2. Rainy Mood: Possibly the most famous “sound generator” website. It’s a virtual thunderstorm on a thirty minute loop. I personally don’t like this one, because of the loop- there’s a slight pause after the first thunderstorm ends and the next one begins. Super high quality and realistic, and they do have an instrumental tune of the day that you can choose to play over the storm.

3. Simply Rain: From the creators of “Simply Noise”. Simply Rain is highly adjustable (frequency of thunder, etc) and works the same way the sister site does. And no loop! Continuous noise! But it definitely does not sound as realistic as Rainy Mood. They have an app that you can download (also free).

4. Coffitivity: Maybe not the best for sleeping, but this is my favorite “get shit done” website. The creators believe that a certain amount of ambient background noise is helpful to stimulate your brain and get you working. These generators sound like you’re sitting in a college coffee house drinking a nitro cold brew. While not customizable, there are many different “coffee house” recordings for you to choose from.

5. August Ambience: I found this website last winter when I was longing for a little bit of summer. Literally sounds like your parent’s backyard during the summer complete with crickets, cicadas, and tree frogs. Not customizable, but so lovely to fall asleep to. This website is also on a loop, but I’m not sure how long it is.

6. Eco Sounds: I’ve been looking for a good sea generator for a long time, and this is the best one I’ve found so far. Fully customizable in terms of waves, water splash, and seagulls. Relaxing and wonderful, and it does have an app.

Good Smelling Things

1. Scented Beads: I’ve been preaching the word of scented beads for several years now, because they’re so dang cool. Just the look of them is amazing, and I find that they work better than other air fresheners. I would recommend that you avoid buying any Dollar Store scented beads (I’ve had bad experiences) and just spend a couple extra dollars and buy them on Amazon.

2. Pot Pourri: Pot Pourri are essentially dried petals, fake fruit, cinnamon sticks, etc that are lathered in oil and smell AMAZING. While a bit more pricey than some of these other options, I’m recommending them because you can buy a small bag and stash it inside your drawers to save space. They last about as long as typical air fresheners do, but these are somewhat DIY reusable. You can buy an oil of your choice and re-scent them and they’re good to go. 

3. Activated Charcoal: I have not personally used these, but a friend of mine swears by them. He boxes and apparently boxing gloves get pretty rank pretty fast, so he uses these things to control the odor. The more organic option: “Febreze contains 87 different chemicals such as neurotoxins, carcinogens, allergens and skin/eye/lung irritants! Shocked?Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifiers have 1 ingredient: Charcoal, packaged in a beautiful linen bag.This makes it natural, non-toxic, chemical & fragrance-free, reusable, sustainable and entirely “green”.”

4. Febreze: I know, I know. Toxic AF. But these small spaces air fresheners really work, and might be more suitable for sticking in a drawer with clothes. I’ve linked to Amazon, but you may be able to find them cheaper in your local grocery store.

Good luck!

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Your doing a fantastic job with getting through the requests so don't worry about it too much babe!!! And idk but do you think you can do some domestic yandere head cannons for mm crew? Maybe some dorky or funny ones idk

Thank you so much ily~!

Yes no problem! And thanks for your patience (。’▽’。)♡

(bit’o NSFW peppered in here)

◉ Yoosung

  • He’s not a morning person at all. He grumbles and groans when you try to wake him up and will often end up puling you back into bed with him for snuggles.
  • Sucker for the little things you do for him that make his life easier. Packing his lunch, bringing him coffee in the morning, keeping track of his glasses etc.
  • Jaehee let you borrow a Zen DVD once. Yoosung found it and got super jealous. He ended up telling off a confused Zen in the messenger, warning him to stay away from you.
  • He gets really sleepy after lunch time.
  • Has a really bad habit of throwing his dirty clothes on the floor next to the laundry basket instead of in the basket. It’s a problem.
  • When you’re out in public he has his arm around you or he’s holding your hand. He has to be touching you so people know you’re his.

◉ Jumin

  • He likes to be up with the sunrise. He usually sits with Elizabeth 3rd in his lap, drinking coffee and watching the sky through the windows.
  • He loves the way you look when you first wake up. It’s a weakness of his and he’s been late to work many times as a result of pulling you into the shower or attacking you in the bed sheets for morning sex. He says it helps him be more productive for the day.
  • Doesn’t want you sending selfies in the messenger, he doesn’t want anyone else looking at you.
  • Commissioned a giant painting of you sitting with Elizabeth 3rd in your lap. It’s his prized possession and hangs on the common room wall where everyone can see.
  • He’s very particular about little details. He uses walnut wooden hangers for his clothes. His closet is color coordinated and separated by fabric type. His bath products are set in a particular order and place. He likes things organized so he doesn’t waste his precious time fiddling around looking for stuff.
  • Very protective of you at the RFA parties. So much so that he makes it almost impossible for you to host and talk to guests. Him and Zen often fight when he accuses Zen of looking at you too long.

◉ Zen

  • He’s most active at night. He stays up practicing lines, trying his best to be quiet so he doesn’t wake you.
  • Constantly bringing you fresh flowers. You always have a gorgeous bouquet or two around the house, and the minute it starts wilting he brings another home to replace it.
  • He can’t start his day without a shower.
  • He has a strict beauty regiment. Every morning and night he washes, scrubs, tones, moisturizes. On the weekends you both do a face mask together while watching a movie.
  • Will post selfies of you two, but always with the warning that you’re taken and they better do nothing more than admire the photo.
  • He is ready to fight anyone that hits on you while you’re in public. He can’t really control himself and won’t stand for someone disrespecting your relationship.
  • He’s actually very good at keeping his things organized. He’s constantly cycling through clothes, throwing out the old stuff to make room for new

◉ Jaehee

  • Morning person, afternoon person, night person. This girl is at her best 24/7 and you don’t know how she does it.
  • She is fueled by coffee and wine. She wakes up before you in the morning and brews coffee for you both. She’ll bring it into the bedroom and place it on the night stand before giving you a kiss and leaving for work.
  • She gets through the day knowing that you’ll be waiting for her with a glass of wine ready.
  • She has a very minimalist style, so her place isn’t too hard to keep clean. The one room she pays extra attention to is her collection room. It holds all of her DVDs, posters and memorabilia of Zens career. She dusts and straightens in there every other day.
  • She’s terrible at keeping plants alive because she’s so busy all the time. She wishes she were better because she likes them and the brightness they bring to a room.
  • Her place always smells like baked goods and she’s constantly experimenting with new recipes.
  • Very protective of you, but isn’t as straightforward about it. If you’re going out with friends she’ll try to make it known that she doesn’t ike it in a round-a-bout way.
    • “You barely know them, MC. I’m a little suspicious as to why they’re asking you to go out at this hour.”
    • “Hm, I just got a new DVD and I was really hoping we’d watch it together tonight…”

◉ Saeyoung

  • He really doesn’t follow a normal routine. He sleeps when he’s tired and doesn’t care when or where.
  • Likes to walk around the house in just his boxers. Clothes constrict the flow of his creative juices!
  • If he stays awake through the night, he will make you breakfast and bring it to you in bed. His cooking is not great. But it gets better each time. The first breakfast he made, you lost count of how many pieces of egg shell you chewed.
  • It is sweet when he cooks, but he leaves the kitchen a mess. He’s not very good at picking up after himself. He picks his clothes from a pile on the floor and often leaves the cap off of the toothpaste.
  • If he ever steps away from you in public he won’t take his eyes off of you. If anyone approaches he will zip back and wrap himself around you. He will interrupt the conversation just to assert dominance and then give you a kiss.
  • He’s very fond of ‘lazy days.’ You just spend the whole day together in bed, alternating between napping, cuddling, having sex, and talking.
  • Always asks you to cut his hair, he thinks you do it best.

◉ V

  • He’s up with the sun, but he usually doesn’t leave the bed. He will pull you in close-even if you’re still sleeping-and just lay there relaxing.
  • Once you both are up, he is a stickler about having the bed made. He washes his sheets often and has very soft blankets.
  • His place is very textural. He likes colors and soft fabrics.
  • Of course he gets jealous of someone starts talking to you or making advances. He is a nice guy though and tries not to let it show too much or be too confrontational. He will wrap his arm around you and try to play it off.
    • “Haha, careful buddy. If you keep sweet talking her she might forget she’s dating me,” he’d laugh.
  • He leaves post-its for you all over the apartment. “I love you, have a good day!” “You’re beautiful, my darling!” etc.
  • Enjoys showering at night before he slips into bed. Enjoys it even more if you join him.
  • He has a lot of plants at his place. The kitchen is filled with succulents, he thinks they’re beautiful.
  • Cleans regularly. He’s not a neat freak but he prefers things look nice and tidy. He has a lot of books and he often dusts them.

◉ Saeran

  • Do not try and wake him up in the morning. It’s useless.
  • He sleeps in his boxers.
  • Usually tossing around, tangled in the sheets until around 10/11am when he decides to wake up.
  • He’s not a very uncleanly person, but he has a habit of leaving his dirty clothes on the bathroom floor.
  • Your apartment has a lot of photos of you two kissing or smiling together while at the beach or park. He doesn’t smile for anyone else in pictures, though.
  • Freezer has several tubs of different ice cream. He’ll try to sneak eat some before dinner and hope you don’t catch him.
  • Very vocal if someone starts hitting on you or talking to you. He really doesn’t care who it is, and sometimes it was a harmless conversation but he cant help himself. He’ll literally just walk up to the both of you and tell him to “fuck off” with a scowl before looping his arm around your shoulders and dragging you off.
  • You have had sex everywhere in your apartment. He’s a fan of doing it outside the bedroom. He gets this sly look and snickers to you if Zen or Saeyoung, really any of the RFA, come over and sit in “that spot” on the couch etc.
  • Likes to help you cook. He’s actually not too bad at it. And when dinner is finished he always does the dishes and asks you to relax, giving you a kiss to thank you for the meal. 
Awry Expectations

PAIRING: reader x cersei lannister


REQUESTED: nah fam

PROMPT: cersei has done many things in hopes to protect her loved ones, but sometimes her schemes are not thoroughly processed which comes with dire consequences.

WARNINGS: femslash (i’m going to stop putting that as a warning because we live in 2017), the story came out better in my head.

Cersei stepped into the prison room ― an exact replica of the Tyrell siblings’ dungeon. The condition inside was almost a carbon copy as well.

Droplets of water dripped slowly from the miniature window, bringing runoff from yesterday’s rain. A sliver of sunlight poured through the room, barely lighting up the smallest fraction of the compact space. It smelled like utter shit, mingling with the repulsive body odor that rivaled against a decaying carcass. It was not as bad Loras’s stench since he has been there longer. Nonetheless, it was completely nauseating.

Somewhat ragged breaths softly sounded from the farthest corner of the room. Cersei’s eyesight darted toward the noise where it landed on a body. The figure was curled up in a fetal position. Squinting, she could see the body shiver due to the cool air and equally frigid concrete ground. Cersei already visited Margaery which meant this cell could only belong to one other person.


It was no secret that many believed Cersei to be callous to others, unconcerned with their well being unless they proved to be a valuable asset to her intricate stratagems. The Queen Mother would go to great lengths to destroy her enemies in order to protect House Lannister. And everyone who agreed with those statements was absolutely right.

That’s exactly what drove her to seek the High Sparrow and his cult. She did not care for their radical ways because they were on her side. All she needed to do was to express false worry and as quick as lightning, Margaery and Loras were imprisoned for their sins. And with that, one of her greatest enemies were crumbling at the hands of the Old Gods and the New. It was such a joyous occasion when the news hit Cersei. There was nothing more she wanted to do than to celebrate with you, her secret lover.

However, if she has foreseen future events, there would have been an immediate termination of the Sparrows. Nothing could have prepared her for when she heard of your incarceration.

What made it all worse was the concern you expressed to her before she met with the High Sparrow. As you laid in her arms all those nights ago, you felt a terrible churn of your stomach when Cersei spoke about her idea. And no matter how much you attempted to talk her out of it, Cersei never relented. Once she had her mind set on something, it was near impossible to change it. And now, as she looked at your frail body, she regretted it with every ounce of her.

Feeling vulnerable was a hated emotion. Cersei mastered the art of poker faces and facades. She learned after Joffrey and her father’s death, that enemies will do their best to see House Lannister perish. She no longer cried in public or showed any emotion in order to hide her true thoughts. Which is why her secret relationship with you worked perfectly. There was never any public meetings. To the citizen’s knowledge, the Queen Mother did not have any cognizance about your existence. But behind closed doors, she read you like a book. Understanding every thought, emotion, and desires you had. The way she pleasured you were beyond words, surpassing an experience you had with anyone before her. She kept everything she knew about you close to her heart because unlike Jaime, you stuck by her side. She cherished you and vowed to protect you.

Cersei wished she took your words and concern under consideration since she valued your opinions. After all, half of her schemes were conducted by you. But she was blind. Too caught up in her revenge on Margaery to realize that you would be imprisoned for the same reasons as Loras ― for breaking the laws between Gods and Men.

You were a rather promiscuous woman before you secretly courted Cersei. You never hid your like for both genders. You were even a frequent patron at Littlefinger’s brothel. Before the Sparrows abusive authority on the capital, nothing could stop your sexual endeavors with women.

It was heartbreaking for Cersei to see the once fiery light to her life beaten to a silent doll.

“Have they bathe you? Fed you?” Cersei spoke, her voice bouncing off the stone walls. She was unsure for what to speak about since she indirectly caused this.

You did not speak, simply staring at the wall in front of you while your body shook at the sudden draftiness of the room. Cersei watched you in silence. It was strange. For as long as she has known you, you were always talking. Energetic yet intelligent women that were sly in her motives.

Many moments passed. Cersei had taken a seat and basked in the uncomfortable atmosphere that you started. She missed you terribly. After several sleepless nights caused by your absence, she urgently had to visit you even though it would raise questions. Deep down she knew you did not want her company but she was selfish. She thought of herself which is why you were imprisoned in the first place.

“Are you happy?” You whispered. It came out croaky since your mouth hadn’t tasted water in days. You weren’t even sure when you had last eaten. The Septa that regularly came to beat you and recite the Faith book at you rarely gave you a proper meal or drink.

Cersei’s eyebrow raised in question even though she knew you would not look at her to see her expression. “And what would I be happy about?”

“You won. The Tyrells are slowly dying at your hands. You should be celebrating with a grand feast and the finest wines.”

Cersei shook her head, her long golden locks bouncing with her movement. “I win once you are released.”

“Tell me,” You continued, ignoring her words. “Was it all worth it? Worth allowing your only true ally to be banished like scum?”

“My love ―”

“Get out.” You said firmly, but all it came out as was a sob. “Get out now. I don’t want to ever see you again.”

Your words pierced her heart. Her composure was slipping. She promised you long ago that nothing would ever harm you. And yet, it ended up being herself that caused all the pain. But she would not cry. To honor that, she stood up and turned her back to you.

“I will stop at nothing to get you released, to end the Sparrows control over this city. But I need to know if you will still stand by my side despite this obstacle.” Her composed tone cracked at the end, signaling her pain at the situation

It was never said but you knew the real meaning behind her words. She wanted to know if you still love her. Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t. You received months worth of abuse just in a matter of a week. And no matter how much you claimed to repent every sin, you were deemed ‘not ready’ by the High Sparrow. The only way you would truly be free was in the form of atonement. Just the idea terrified you.

However, no matter the circumstances, you loved Cersei. She was a true lover, the embodiment of the perfect specimen. All the deeds she had done was to teach her enemies her family is supreme. No one loved their family more than she did and the Gods were testing her loyalty to those she cherishes. You knew when she said she was going to get you out, she meant it.

Cersei took your contemplative moment as a negative sign. She abruptly and swiftly walked towards the wooden door, her lavish clothes swaying behind her. She reached the door and yanked it open with anger. Anger at herself. But she stopped once she heard you speak.

“I love you.” Your voice did not waver then because you meant it. “I have always loved you, but I don’t think I can forgive you. Not at the moment.”

Cersei looked back at you, finally meeting your precious eyes, the one she spent many nights staring into. She saw you stagger to your feet, pressing your hand on the walls to keep yourself upright. After some trouble, Cersei walked towards you and caught you just before you were about to fall.

The breath was knocked right out of you. You stared up at Cersei with your mouth parted, your eyes concentrating solely on her lips. An idea popped into your mind and you went for it, despite the risk of being caught.

Hurridly pressing a desperate kiss to her lips, you savored the plumpness of her small pout. She covered your lips in an equally frenzied kiss.

You might not forgive her now, but in the future, you would. It would take time to heal until then.

“Of Love and Agony,” (1/1)

Summary: His tongue was cruel in more ways than one.

Notes: This was inspired by a very NSFW sketch that appeared on my dash. It is also DO-era filth, which means it is incredibly sad. So be aware going into this, it’s probably the darkest thing I have written or will write. Thanks to the bae, @abbadons-little-witch! Also tagging @captainwiley, by request. xo Also on Ao3, as always.

I have lost myself in the sea many times
with my ear full of freshly cut flowers,
with my tongue full of love and agony.
– Federico García Lorca

+ He surrenders in an unknowable moment between her thighs; but he won’t realize he’s lost until it’s too late, the strange, salty taste of her an intimate, uncanny premonition of the blood in his mouth.

“I knew,” she’ll whisper days, weeks, months later, their skin warm and damp in the light of a grey, early dawn, “I knew.”

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Eddie’s back in the Closet

(Reddie Fic) [Fluffy]

“Ah there you are Richie!” Bill exclaimed, clearly annoyed that he had to look for Richie in his own house, after all the last person he had gone looking for who didn’t answer was Beverly and she had been taken by the demon clown Pennywise leading them all into the sewers.

“Sup Big Bill?” Richie said cooly, feigning surprise at the lanky boy’s appearance to distract him while Eddie made himself busy burying himself in Richie’s old clothes. “What brings you to my humble abode this fine afternoon?”

“C-class project, don’t y-you remember?” Bill sighed, shaking the plastic bag full of art supplies for emphasis.

“Oh yea, just leave them over there!” Richie gestured to a spot next to his bed.

“Where’s Eddie?” Bill enquired, eager to get this project over and done with so he could head down to Stan’s house. “I could’ve sworn I saw you two leaving the school together!”

Suddenly the doors of the closet swung open dramatically as Eddie fell out, both arms (cast and no cast) flailing and lungs heaving. He landed with a “thump!” on the waxed wooden floor. Clothes were spilled on floor, decoration the brown with greens and blues and yellows. As Eddie climbed to his feet he looked apologetically at Richie explaining, “It *wheeze* was really dusty in there and *wheeze* my asthma acted up and I didn’t have my *wheeze* inhaler”

Before Richie could come up with a clever lie to cover up why exactly Eddie was in his closet Bill bursted out with hysterical laughter.

“Hahaha! Guys, if you were doing something important,” he smirked and winked “you could have just told me to leave first!” He was relishing the deliciousness of being the one swooping in on two lovebirds caught in the act instead of vice versa.

“It’s not what you think it is!” Richie and Eddie retorted in unison, voices meshing together and resonating with one another.

Bill rocked even harder with laughter and grabbed at his sides. As he calmed himself down, wiping tears from his eyes, he began to stroll out of Richie’s room.

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow, please keep all activities to today ,thank you very much, and enjoy the rest of your day!” He called cheerfully as he descended the steps, his words gradually losing volume as he left the Tozier residence.

“Phew!” Richie breathed relived the entire debacle was finally over.

Eddie punched him playfully in the shoulder but was evidently relieved Bill hadn’t elaborated on what exactly they were doing.

“Now then, where were we?” Richie said slyly, looking at Eddie with a mischievous glint in his eyes.
“Uhh… you were being an absolute sucker at kissing, that’s what!” Eddie shot back, all smiles at his clever jab.

“Ouch… well I can’t be any good without any practice now can I?” said Richie.

“I do believe we’ll get very good at it soon enough…” Eddie hinted playfully, all traces of his asthma gone.

[Part 4/4]

Author’s note: Thank you for reading my fanfic! I put in a lot of time into this one to try to make it flow better and be lighter than my other long one, hope you enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated! I would like to thank @stanleybby for giving me the prompt for this fanfic it was really good and cured my writer’s block! That’s all for now, see you all next time!


I’m tired and my head is hurting, so I have no intention of cleaning these up. 
I talked about the most common type of residential structures in Hallowbranch territory before, but I never got around to drawing them. 
That’s remedied now.
Primarily underground houses with thatched or earth covered roofs. They aren’t entirely level with the ground in most cases and the slight overhang of the eaves shelter openings that allow for extra ventilation (since windows are not an option). The floor is packed dirt with a central firepit for cooking/heating. The main ‘living’ areas are raised platforms, typically two-three foot high, that are adjacent to the walls. The beds, too, are raised and blocked in, complete with canopy (wooden or cloth). In this one, I put some shelving in the back to block in a pantry area, but not every house would have that - Some may have smaller cold cellars dug into the mounds around the home or outside of it. The same can be said for the sort-of-closet/storage area in the front.
This is just a standard reference for a medium size dwelling, so a lot could be rearranged depending on who was living in it.

“Hidden Gems”

Relationships: Katsuki Bakugou/Uraraka Ochako; Katsuki Bakugou and Uraraka Ochako 

Characters: Katsuki Bakugou, Uraraka Ochako

Rating: G

Word Count: 1015

Inktober Prompt 1 - Searching

Summary: When Ochako can’t find a certain item, a certain someone knocks on her door.

A/N: So apparently I can’t do summaries either ahahaha but this year I decided to participate in a writer’s inktober and I wanted to wait until November to share my writings with you all so I’m finally posting them now! I really tried to challenge myself by writing smaller things and I guess I somewhat succeeded but who knows. I hope you like this small drabble I did of these two! I know it’s not long or has much of a story but I hope it’s still cute!

Read on Ao3 ; Read on FF.net 


“Where did It go, where did it go, where did it go, WHERE DID IT GO!?” Ochako chanted over and over, desperation filling her voice as she threw her room inside out, causing objects to reach the ceiling as she discovered places that were initially a mystery to her. “Where could it have gone!?” she began to call out, speaking out her thoughts so her mind could be tracked in one way to find the missing gem that used to reside in her pockets.

 Before moving to UA, her family gave her a golden locket that was passed down from her many great grandmothers that was crest by golden gems that brought out the family name. It was a priceless heirloom that resided within the family that was known to bring good fortune to those who carried it’s name. It’s heaviness in Ochako’s pocket is what got through the UA exams, what got her through the tests that the hours of studying could never stick. The weight in her pocket got her through her toughest ordeals and the emptiness of it gone grew a spark of panic within her heart, electrifying the nerves that zapped in quick succession in her mind.

 Soundings of ancestors began to ring in her ear as Ochako ripped through her pockets again, disappointment filled her eyes to see only the coins of Yen that had been left from a previous purchase. Even scavenging through her stained and dirty fabrics came up with nothing and tears began to quicker in the corner of her eye as she felt her heart go down deep into a despair of hopelessness. Words of discouragement began to fill themselves in the cervices of her brain and her muscles tightened under the pulsating amount of quirk use as she gravitated and degravited items, causing a small crash of sounds as they flopped onto the wooden floor. With clothes piled on top of each other and cracks found in favorite mugs, the room began to reflect the horrific and distorted look Ochako had on her face and the stages of grief began to roll in her mind as she determined the item lost forever.

 With whimpers escaping her lips and buds of water reaching the tips of her eyes, it took her a second to realize that there were heavy knocks pounding against her door. Slowly turning her body towards, an internal debate occurred if she should open it or not. There were positives and consequences to either side and possibly staying silent could be one of her better options. However, it seemed futile as a gruff voice accompanied the loud poundings on her door, completely shaking it on its hinges as demands were needing to be met. Surrendering to the man behind the door, Ochako allowed breaths to be inhaled deeply into her lungs, filling up the nerves with fresh air before she removed all emotions from her eyes and plastered her usual smile on her face.

 Leaping over the fallen objects strewn across the floor, she grabbed onto the door handle and gave one last breath of intoxicated feelings before she slowly slid it down and greeted the man at the door. “Hey! What’s-“

 However, her words were silenced as her eyes caught onto the object dangling in front of her chocolate eyes, reflecting against her irises as she felt herself becoming mesmerized by the familiarity of the gems. Time froze for Ochako and everything except the object became blurry as her eyes focused in on the object that had been a treasure within in her life.

 “Hey, this is fucking yours, isn’t it??” Katsuki growled out as he continued to dangle it in her face, eventually then shoving it into her hand so the responsibility could be transferred over. “I fucking found it in the gym floor after you were throwing yourself in there earlier. Fucking, if you’re going to shove shit in your pocket, you better be fucking careful with it.” He lectured to her, though annoyance defiled his tongue as he noticed that she wasn’t even paying attention to the words that were coming from his mouth. Her mind seemed lost and that only boiled Katsuki’s irritation even more. “Oi, are you even fucking listening or are you lost in your own fucking mind?” He snapped at her, getting his chest more dominantly close to her.

 Yet, a small tinge of regret crossed across his face as he noticed the tears flowing down Ochako’s face, her eyes creasing as her mouth shaped itself into a disgusting mold of drool and whimpers. Within her hands, she twisted the locket within her fingers, allowing her paws on the tips of her fingers to reminisce against the memories the locket had been through and the time it traveled. With ease, she opened the locket and burst more into a heap of a relieved mess as she saw the image of her late great grandmother, the memory of the stories attached to the photograph ruminating in her mind as she vividly saw the image of her as a child seeing it for the first time. Just as she opened it, her fingers slowly closed it, allowing the small click to give reassurance of her action.

 After a few seconds, she snapped her head away from the treasure buried in her hand and zoomed into Katsuki for a hug, winding her arms around the bulk of chest as she buried her face into the cervix of his shoulder, allowing to fit into the hole that was meant for her and her alone. Weeps escaped from the holes of her face as she continued to grip onto him tighter, repeating her voice of gratitude over and over as Katsuki’s hand tried to shove her off, curses of invaded space conflicting against her hearty attitude. However, after seeing for a bit that his efforts were futile, he just let go of the tenseness built in his muscles and allowed Ochako to release the emotions rooted inside of her, deciding to save his questions and yells for another time.

Baby Girl (part one)

Originally posted by itssamforyou

This is set after 12.02.
Summary: Mary comes back from Heaven and learns more about her sons than she ever thought she’d know.
Pairing: Dean x Reader.
Warning: nothing.

Mary smiled as Sam and Dean showed her where everything was. They led her through the library, the kitchen and bathroom, their make shift living room and the bedrooms. They even showed her the storage room, garage and the dungeon. It immediately felt like home to her.

Dean smiled as he led her to the room right next to his, “well, this is yours, mom.” Mary stepped in and smiled. It was small and quaint, but she loved it. “Thank you, Dean.” He kissed her on the cheek before walking down the hall to finish the pie he left in the kitchen.

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Manolo Sanchez - Traje de Luces

A Traje de Luces (Suit of Lights) is traditional bullfighter’s clothing worn in the bullring. The gold or silver trims and sequins reflect strongly in the sunlight, hence the name.
They are custom made to the person wearing it. Like a tattoo, the different patterns and designs embroidered into it could be something meaningful to them, or mean nothing at all.

Manolo’s was made to match the guitar Maria gave him.
I did my best to transfer what his outfit would look like from a wooden piece to real clothes. 

DIY Clothing Pin Cable Tidy:

viа “This Is Knockout”

What you’ll need: two wooden clothes pegs, all-purpose glue, washi tape in colours or patterns of your choice, and your headphones.

Step 1: Get your pegs right.
Step 2: Start taping.
Step 3: Glue it together.
Step 4: You’re pretty much there, you just need to add your headphones.


You wake up and it’s Christmas morning. Just like any kid, you rush out to the family room to find tons of presents under the tree. But the two that catch your eye is that huge penny farthing with a gigantic red bow on it, which sits right next to the tree, and the automata monkey sitting directly in front of the tree.

Giorno greets you with a ‘Merry Christmas’ as he sits up from the couch. He was waiting for this moment when you would wake up, but insists that you have his spot on the couch. The Don decides to bring the automata closer to you so that you could get a better view, and then he starts to crank the musical contraption. 

“Now watch closely, Jojo. This one’s special.”

You swear it was magic, but you’re too mesmerized by a live dancing monkey to even question it. But as the music from the wooden box slowly faded, so did the animated creature revert back into its original wooden and cloth form.

Gothic Gardens

What you need to know: Herb, a friendly wizard botanist, creates magical plants in a underground laboratory built off his cottage. Some of his spell went awry and was killed. Now his plants roam freely, spreading across the country side.

Premise: Fields of stinging grass, stiff meter tall stalks of barb grass begins sweeping farmstead and villages, overtaking crops and stinging the locals like whips, becoming a general nuisance.

Local authorities are hiring adventures to destroy X square meters of stinging grass for X gold. Plus a bonus if the infestation is wiped out and a second bonus if they discover the source.

Each field of grass should be given one large sum of hit points and one attack per player it can reach doing no more than whip damage. For added excitement, the plant can be poisonous dealing extra damage, stat damage or paralysis.

Pushing back the field, players will eventfully come across a stone cottage overgrown with more stinging grass. Most of the walls are crumbles and the ceiling is all but gone, torn away by the grass. Wooden splinters, shreds of cloth, pieces of pottery, a skeleton , a key and a 2x2 meter black iron trap door in the floor can be found within the grass throughout the cottage. Force a few search rolls in order to find skeleton and key.
Note: The skeleton is Herb, long since dead.
The trap door is locked and the key in the cottage will open it leading to room 1.

1 - a spiral staircase of polished black stone descends almost twenty feet. The walls, ceiling and floor are covered in stinging grass.

  • A - the players must cut their way through the grass to reach the bottom of the stairs.

  • B - two purple clay pots are shattered and broken at the bottom the stairs near a black iron door. All the stinging grass roots lead to two bundles by the pots.
    Note: This is the source of the stinging grass. They were once small plants but without Herb to trim them, they grew across the countryside.

  • C - the door is locked, but opens with the key found in the cottage.

2 - the room is constructed of shiny black stone. A black iron door is built on the back walls, two purple pedestals stand by the door with a gargoyle perched on each one. One holds a key, one holds a dagger.

  • A - upon inspection of the door, players find it is a solid sheet of metal except for a small slit in the center.
    Note: There is a hidden panel in the door with a lock that needs the key from the gargoyle to open. If the players use the dagger on the slit, the gargoyles animate and attack.

3 - a corridor of shiny black stone with gargoyle faces carved into the rock. The hall ends in a door of shiny black iron. The ceiling is a dome of purple frosted glass with streams of light coming through.
Note: if players break the glass, they will only find a stone ceiling enchanted with continual light on the other side.
Rose bushes line the wall down the corridor, they rustle and move as players pass them.

  • A - if players interact with rose bushes and get too close, the thorny branches will lash out to puncture the players’ flesh.
  • The rose bushes drink blood and absorb con when they have a successful hit, increase the damage and amount of con loss to scale with the power of the group.
  • A key to the door is hidden in the bushes. No longer controlled by Herb, the bushes now attack anyone.

  • B - door is locked and needs to be picked to open or the players need to find the key.

4 - this room is a giant haze maze of purple rose bushes.
Note: draw a bunch of lines with one entrance and end, make it as long or as short as you wish, you can add extra gargoyles roaming the maze. but have a minimum of five dead ends.
The ceiling is a dome of purple frosted glass with streams of light coming through.
Note: if players break the glass, they will only find a stone ceiling enchanted with continual light on the other side.

  • A - if the player cut through the maze, the bushes will get one attack per player that passes - you can add more if you like
  • If the players stay in the center of the path, the bushes cannot reach them.

  • B - there will be five dead ends that lead to a purple marble pedestal with a golem perched on top, holding a key
  • Players can remove the key, and carved on the handle is a symbol, one for each key: Seeds, rain, sun, flower, fruit tree. This order will matter at door C.

  • C - the maze ends at a black iron door with a giant carved gargoyle head in the center. His mouth is open and contains five locks.
  • Players must use the keys in the right order to open the door: Seeds, rain, sun, flower, fruit tree.
  • If they players use the wrong combo, the gargoyle head will bite down the player’s arm. It can do an attack role, let the player role DEX or a save etc. to escape, it’s your choice. For added effect, the gargoyle’s eyes can shoot out lightning bolts when the wrong sequence is used for X D6 lightning damage.
  • The correct sequence opens the door to room 5.

5 - a corridor of shiny black stone leads to a door of shiny black iron. Five one meter tall purple clay pots line the wall and inside, a human-size Venus fly trap. The ceiling is a dome of purple frosted glass with streams of light coming through.
Note: if players break the glass, they will only find a stone ceiling enchanted with continual light on the other side.

  • A - the Venus fly traps are all intelligent and willing to speak to the players
  • Inside their bellies is where Herb hides his treasure, which won’t be noticeable to the players at first, the plants have the ability to regurgitate the treasure at will - treasure can be gold, magic weapons, gems, scrolls, etc.
  • First plant: is evil and wants to eat the players, it will be the first to tell the players of treasures in its gut and asks them to remove them since they hurt. If any player puts their arm in its mouth, it will attack.
    Note: use any animal stats for the Venus fly traps and re-skin. I suggest dog, bear, wolf as good examples.
  • Second plant: is indifferent to everything and is willing to give up its treasure in a fair trade.
  • Third plant: is loyal, kind and helpful, but does not want to give its treasure up till proved Herb is dead.
  • Fourth plant: is childlike, very talkative and curios about everything the players do. It can be coerced or easily convinced to give up its treasure.
  • Fifth plant: is quiet and rarely speaks, but is skittish and scared of most things, including the players. A simple threat will make it give up its treasures.
  • The plants can know as much or as little about this place and whats beyond as you want.
  • They all have fond memories of Herb and speak of him as a king man, who wanted to give plants a chance to speak and act for themselves, instead of being butchered and cut down by man’s hands.

  • B - hidden behind a stone in the wall is a lever which opens the door leading to room 6

6 - a corridor of shiny black stone, barely noticeable under layers of roots and vines. Thick vegetation blocks the path further. The ceiling is a dome of purple frosted glass covered in vines and branches with streams of light almost blocked completely.
Note: if players break the glass, they will only find a stone ceiling enchanted with continual light on the other side.

  • A - if players attack the branches or vines, the plants bleed blood and loud moans can be heard from beyond the curtains of foliage.
  • B - past a few layers of vines is room 7

7 - a room of shiny black stone, bearly noticeable under layers of roots and vines. Thick vegetation blocks the path further The ceiling is a dome of purple frosted glass covered in vines and branches with streams of light almost blocked completely.
In the center of the chamber is a 1 meter tall 5 meter wide basin where all the roots, branches and vines stem from. They form a giant humanoid face that can move and mimic real facial feature.
The floor is littered with broken tables and shattered glass and stained blue, red, purple with the residue of old potions.

  • A - the vines forming a face speak when players enter the room. You can also have the players hear its voice in their heads.
  • It has no name nor wants one and never refers to itself.
    Example: “Once herb stopped coming down, hunger took over, only the potions could take away thirst, but those strange concoctions Herb spent so long working on, do not help creating intelligent oneness with plants beyond the laboratory, now all speaks as if one.”

  • In short, the plant no longer able to receive sustenance, drank the potions mutating and giving it psychic power to speak with plants. It prompted the stinging grass to grow to find people to come down here, so he could eat them.
  • The plant may spend time talking to players as it sizes the group up and may even try to trick them into spreading out so it can take on only a few at a time.
  • When it does attack, its psychic abilities play little role in the battle as it can only speak with plants. However, each round its many limbs will strangle and grapple with the players - add extra attacks for level scaling purposes. You can also give it extra abilities like acidic sap, poisonous spores, etc.
  • Once killed the players can shift through its remains and find a few potions it did not drink, hidden in its branches.

End: a few possible twists are druids, ranger order finds out what is going on and take offense to what is happening and blames the players for the plants. The druids/rangers can side with the plants believing they should have a voice and become angered we destroyed so many, maybe even hunting the party down across entire nations as the words spread, the players wiped out a race. The psychic plant may have mutated more plants outside the lab that continue to attack and fight the party for killing the main plant, or its seeds have across the land become a huge problem later on like an army of trees or millions of thorny tumble weeds like the movie Critters.

Regardless, I hope you have fun and see you again.

Thimble 2화

I don’t believe I managed to write it, but at the same time, if I didn’t the story would drive me crazy. More notes below. A lot of them.

1화  3화

“Your grace” you say eyes fixated somewhere above his shoulder. “Your servant should be there where her work is the most useful. Where she belongs to. Just like a piece on a baduk board.”

It’s a proper answer. The one you learn to give from young age. And it gives you immense pleasure to see Crown Prince’s eye twitch. You managed annoy him while staying polite.

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