wooden clothes


You wake up and it’s Christmas morning. Just like any kid, you rush out to the family room to find tons of presents under the tree. But the two that catch your eye is that huge penny farthing with a gigantic red bow on it, which sits right next to the tree, and the automata monkey sitting directly in front of the tree.

Giorno greets you with a ‘Merry Christmas’ as he sits up from the couch. He was waiting for this moment when you would wake up, but insists that you have his spot on the couch. The Don decides to bring the automata closer to you so that you could get a better view, and then he starts to crank the musical contraption. 

“Now watch closely, Jojo. This one’s special.”

You swear it was magic, but you’re too mesmerized by a live dancing monkey to even question it. But as the music from the wooden box slowly faded, so did the animated creature revert back into its original wooden and cloth form.

DIY Clothing Pin Cable Tidy:

viа “This Is Knockout”

What you’ll need: two wooden clothes pegs, all-purpose glue, washi tape in colours or patterns of your choice, and your headphones.

Step 1: Get your pegs right.
Step 2: Start taping.
Step 3: Glue it together.
Step 4: You’re pretty much there, you just need to add your headphones.

Chased by the Hunter, Saved by the Wolves ||closed||


When he woke early one morning, when the dew still dotted the glass on his window and the sun had barely peeked through the trees, he had no idea the life as he knew it would change forever in a few short hours. He sat up in bed, stretched his arms widely and slid onto the floor of the quaint and small wooden cabin. His clothes lay over the worn wooden chair next to the even more worn wooden desk and he was quick to change from his night clothes into his greet tunic, laced with brown leather straps and black trousers which tucked into his boots.

The door creaked as he opened it into the modest main room of the home, where Ada stood tirelessly at the cast iron stove, the smell of rabbit stew filling the air. Helden was nowhere to be found.

“Morning, child,” The blonde-haired elf greeted pleasantly. Noticing his attire, she remarked, “Leaving already?”

He nodded, with a small smile. “I saw a thicket of berry bushes about a mile away yesterday when me and Helden were out gathering wood. I figured I’d go pick some.”

Ada frowned a bit. “Alright. Just don’t go too far.” She said, concern on her voice. “I’ll save you some food for when you get back.”

She leaned over and kissed his head, earning a smile, before he grabbed his rucksack and headed out, through the small farm’s fields and into the woods.

He would never see Ada or Helden again.


The shout of the afternoon drunkards was only silence by the god-awful screeching of a fiddle and tone-deafness of a pub singer in the corner. Gornan chugged at his beer as he waited for his client to arrive. It wasn’t an easy life, being a spy. One needed to cut through all the drivel and dregs of normal, everyday conversation about crop tending and which king had seized what power to find the really good stuff. But he was confident he had found something worth a heavy price.

He finally saw his client enter. He never discovered his name. Names were not important to him as long as he got paid. He flagged the scruffed, travel worn man down, sliding the half-empty bottle of cheap ale across to him.

“Got a nice lil bit o’ new for ye,” He slurred, halfway there to being an afternoon drunk himself. “A lil birdie told me tha’ our friends out in t’e Hunt are mighty restless these passed few days. Stormin through a forest nearby, lookin’ for somethin’. Or rather, someone.” He baited his hook, now all he had to do was wait for the bite.

sylvain-tolbert  asked:

40. Does your OC have any guilty pleasures they enjoy? Hobbies, past times, music, etc that they wouldn’t want known by others? (Your choice of character!)

Y'asmina peeked inside the small room, squinting to make sure there weren’t any young clan children hiding amidst her collection of pillows and drapes that adorned her compact sleeping chambers. Save for the flickering light of the candle on her low table, the room lay still and silent. She slipped inside, tying the drapes that served as a door to the hooks in the frame, effectively blocking out the outside.

Tentatively, she meandered over to the small wooden chest where her clothes were folded neatly, digging all the way to the bottom of the two tidy piles stacked within the box. The gentle chimes of metal against metal were muffled by linen and cotton until her treasure was pulled free. The coin belt was simple, sporting only a single dangling line of circular copper adornments interacted with dark wood beads. Unimpressive as it was, she still smiled at the sight of it, the memory of her brother leaving it on her bed for her birthday rising to the front of her thoughts.

Her ears flicked and swiveled slightly, making a final check for anyone who might be eavesdropping. When silence greeted her, Mina carefully tied the coin belt around the lowest point of her hips, smoothing the beads and bits of metal down against her upper thighs.

She knew she wasn’t very skilled at this. On worse days, she’d get too depressed and simply take the trinket off at this point. But this day, it had been a good one. She’d drain the last of her pride in favor of fueling her imagination in the dark of her room, the candlelight and the clinking applause of the belt around her hips as she danced.

The Hero of the Wilds [starter with futari-no-kenshi]


Fleet Admiral Serma was busy overseeing the Spear of Hope project with some of their new Phase-Smith allies.  The single largest vessel known to the Empire outside of Forerunner ships, the Spear of Hope was meant to be the ultimate warship.

However, while Serma was watching the Protoss work with the Empire’s engineers, she heard a strange noise.  When she investigated it, she saw a young man wearing some rather plain clothing, a wooden shield, a basic bow, some arrows, a sword, and what looked to be a tablet of some kind.

However, the face was what told Serma who this person was.  It was none other than…”Link?” Serma asked.  “I’m surprised to see you here.  I am Fleet Admiral Serma, and I command the Terra Hope Defense Fleet.  Tell me, how did you get here on this space station?”

If Link observed Serma, he’d see that Serma was quite tall, standing about six and a half feet tall and with a very noticeably muscular build, moreso than most Gerudo in fact.  Her outfit was clearly a modern navy commander outfit with a pointed hat, but there were no sleeves to the uniform.

If you are bored of your drab crib and want to pimp it up a bit, you might want to go for the tumblr room style. With a little time and effort you can easy give your rooms a tumblr vibe on fleek without breaking the bank.

String lights

String lights are a tumblr staple. You can place them over your bed, mirror or even sporadically around your room to heighten the ambience. If you are an instagram addict, print out some of your favourite photos and hang them from string lights with wooden clothes pins to make a string collage. You can easily find string lights at any home decor store or buy them from your local electrical store on the cheap.

Collage wall

Dedicate one entire wall of your room to creating your very own masterpiece. Put up whatever you want, be it your personal photos, pictures cut from magazines, posters of your favourite band or even original pieces of artwork you’ve created. You can cut out letters from magazines to spell out lyrics of your favourite song or a quote you like. The sky is the limit, well actually the edges of your wall, so go nuts!


Just like a women is incomplete without her accessories, a room is incomplete without a few knickknacks. Deck up your room with souvenirs you collected on your trips and little trinkets. You can also make a beautiful dream-catcher and hang it above your bed, because aren’t we all afraid of nightmares. Steal some mason jars from the kitchen and use it as a flower vase or to store pens or nail polishes.

things ghost!ramsay would probably do out of boredom in winterfell after his death:

-move the battle’s corpses and body parts in random places in the castle like under people’s beds or under the blankets,inside the bathtubs or even hanging from the ceilings

-make kitchen cutlery float causing heart attacks to servants and cooks (when he doesnt pin them to wooden doors by the clothes with said knives)

-make heavy armor and battle items fall down the stairs during the nights for the sake of waking the whole castle up and causing insomnia and exhaustion in people

-put animal’s severed heads in front of people’s chambers every morning

-throw doors and windows open during snowstorms so that everyone can enjoy the wonders of winter

-hide food and various supplies until they rot so he can enjoy watching people starve during the winter

-cut an inch of jon’s hair each night until he goes completely crazy because he absolutely can’t think of any reason for his hair to get shorter every day

Pretty Kitty

Hiccup would probably never regain the memories. He’d been so young when it had started, and the strange concoctions made his head light and fuzzy. He wouldn’t recall being babysat by Mildew once his mother had disappeared, wouldn’t be able to summon the image of the man brewing all sorts of strange things and mixing them in with his bottle. He could remember a smell, though, an acrid, thick sort of stench that he would be reminded of whenever he accidentally drank sour milk.

Of course, lost memories aside, it was very clear what the outcome had been. When he turned fourteen, something in Hiccup’s body.. Changed. It was something that had been working through his system, his very DNA, for years, though he of course had no way of knowing. When the results manifested themselves physically, Hiccup had three days of agonizing pain to endure before he could bare to so much as sit up from his hard, unforgiving wooden bed. His clothes, which had become far too itchy and unbearable to wear, lay scattered on the floor around him.

With surprising grace, Hiccup found himself tentatively padding over to the dresser, wherein laid his small hand mirror that he had traded for months ago. He had barely opened the drawer before he jumped back a few metres, a rattling sound escaping his throat. Taking a few moments to calm himself, Hiccup carefully crept forward again, peeking in to the drawer. He pulled the mirror out for a better view, and marvelled at what he saw.

Staring back at him with inquisitive eyes was a young boy. His upper lip was just a bit too big for his face, a few freckles dotting the skin. His nose twitched every now and then. Atop his head sat two curved, fluffy ears, which were just a shade darker than his hair. As Hiccup opened his mouth to say hello, the boy did too, displaying a row of sharpened little teeth.

Something soft brushed against Hiccup’s leg, and he twitched, twisting about to get a look at it.

A tail. A long, curving, perfectly smooth tail, that matched the shade of the ears of the boy in the mirror.

Oh. Oh.

Hiccup pondered this development for a few moments, his subconscious remarking that he was oddly calm for all this, before he decided with a little nod of his head that this was quite cool. After all, none of the other Vikings had this. Maybe he could be special for once! The thought delighted him, and with it in mind, he pranced down the stairs to find his father.

Stoick, sadly, did not agree. The day was a blur as Hiccup found himself being thrown in a closet after being shouted at by his father, the teen cum kitten yowling sadly as he tried to scratch at the door. He lost track of the hours he spent in there, until he was finally released. Before he could race away to his bedroom, he was caught by his ear and dragged to the door. Hiccup followed his father numbly, only trying once to pull away before realizing that was a rather painful idea.

When the small boat came into view, Hiccup’s steps stuttered. When he tried to resist, he was shoved so hard he toppled into the little vessel headfirst. He whimpered and mewled and cried and yowled, begging his father not to send him away, but his pleas fell on uncaring ears. The large man spat out that he was a curse, an omen from the gods, before shoving his only son off the shore of his home, uncaring if he washed up on some other beach or off the edge of the Earth itself.

And that was how Hiccup found himself curled up below one of the small benches of the boat, tail curled around himself to try and conserve heat. He was naked and scared and could only pray that the gods have mercy and give him a swift death.