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jamesandlilyaredead  asked:

Congrats on your writing anniversary! You're a rockstar. Do you think you could probably do “I make coffee cup art and I drew you yesterday I’m sorry did I make this weird you’re just really cute okay?” AU for bellarke? With just like.... loads and loads of fluff? Smother me fluff. I am ready for it. <3 <3 <3

<33 Thanks for the prompt! I hope you feel sufficiently buried in fluff, because I SURE TRIED.


Bellamy is not really that into the whole hipster coffee shop thing.

He’d be fine with staying home to make his own coffee, except there are too many distractions in his apartment for him to do the things he needs to do– clutter that demands to be tidied, a TV that demands to be watched, a cat that demands to be given attention. And it’s the cat that’s hardest to say no to, because most of the time she prefers to pretend she wants nothing to do with him.

And he’d be fine with Starbucks, or Costa, or any other big-name chain, except they’re so expensive. The Drip Shop may be far too hipster for his tastes, but it’s right around the corner from his place and he can afford to go there as much as he needs to get his grading done without breaking the bank.

So he can put up with the minimalist decor and the baristas with wooden bowties and edgy haircuts. He can live with that, can be amused instead of annoyed by it, like Ron Swanson at Grain ‘n Simple– enjoying the flannel-clad patrons in their natural habitat.

There is one thing, however, he enjoys unironically: the art.

The stuff on the walls rotates to showcase local talent, which is cool, he guesses. But the chalkboards are done by one of the baristas (his favorite, according to Octavia, though he pretends that isn’t true), and they’re always awesome– clever puns, cool designs that make him wonder how he’s even the same species when he can barely draw a stick figure.

They were actually what drew him in to check the place out that first time. She’d drawn on one of those sidewalk signs a map of their neighborhood, with a banner that said ‘coffee’ over The Drip Shop. The awesome part was that she’d filled the rest of the map with legitimately cool drawings of different dragons, another banner reading, ‘here be dragons (best not to take your chances)’.

He’d laughed and headed inside, and once he saw the prices, there was no going back.

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