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Chuck - Flexible Wooden Bookshelf

Flexible furniture might be one of the best inventions for urban dwellers who are strapped for sufficient living space. If, on top of being an urban dweller, you are also a bookworm and need a bookshelf that will accommodate your growing collection of books look no further than Chuck flexible wooden bookshelf designed by a German designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn of Hafriko.

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I've been thinking a lot about Gladio going to a library and falling in kove with the girl that works there so if you still accepting requests I would be really glad if you did :D

I felt the only way I could write this was to make an OC. I hope that’s chill :o

This was a really cute idea and I thought on it a lot. So I hope it’s worth the wait and thought. Thanks for the request anon!

Yay Innocent Gladio stories. I really like flustered Gladio. It’s a rarity and I enjoy it. Yes. 

Also I couldn’t help but add a gif hehe <3

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The Librarian

Isabelle was there just like always. She stood before the one of the many wooden bookshelves, organizing them carefully. It was the time of day that she would clean up after the various kids that visited the library throughout the afternoon, completely ruining the organization of the dewey decimal system. It never angered her, nor did it ever annoy her. Isabelle always did her job with a grin on her red painted lips.

Her white buttoned up shirt covered her olive toned arms. Her long raven hair was pulled into a tight ponytail that rested up the top of her head. Her black pencil skirt reach the mid section of her short, thin legs. Her thick black framed glasses rested on her nose while her brown eyes scanned the numerous book spines displayed on the bookshelf. Despite the black heels she wore on her feet, she still was unable to reach the two top shelves of the towering wooden book case.

Gladio peeked up from his book and smiled to himself as he watched her. Reading at the library had become as much as a distraction as reading at home. While at home, he had Iris constantly poking at him and chatting… Isabelle made him drool like a hungry dog.

He’d become a regular visiter to the library over the past few month…

Gladiolus Amicitia has been labeled as a “ladies man” since his mid-teenaged years. He went from girl after girl. Only several times has he found a woman willing to start a serious relationship with. Of course, such relationships never lasted.

When he first set eyes on Isabelle, however…

He knew he was in trouble.

He wanted her. Not for a single night. Not for a physical fling. He wanted her to be his just as much as he wanted to be hers. She was intelligent, sweet… dorky in the most adorable way. She shared similar interests with Gladio in his selection of books.

They would sit and talk for hours. Even after the library was shut off to the public.

Every time he approached the library, he swore to himself he would ask Isabelle out on a date. Unexpectedly, when the appropriate time came, he chickened out.

That came as a major shock to Gladio. He was always so smooth with his words. He never got nervous around other women while asking them out for a date. But there was something about Isabelle that made Gladio weak in the knees.

“The big guy’s got it bad,” Noctis would tease, each and every time Gladio would bring up Isabelle into conversation… which happens more often than usual.

Now he sat stationary at his usual seat, watching Isabelle sort through the books with a light smile on her lips. She loved what she did and had no issue showing it. Gladiolus found that most attractive…

Gladio studied her carefully as Isabelle picked up a particular book off of her cart. Her smile vanished, a sudden distraught expression painting over her pretty features. With an audible sigh, she got on her tip toes.

Even in her high heeled shoes she stood steady, reaching up for one of the shelves that just laid out of her reach with no luck. “Ugh!” She grunted, stretching her self to her limit. She lowered her self back onto her heels, standing flat on the ground. Completely disgruntled, she stared down at the hardcover book. Gladio could easily tell she was devising a plan.

Her chocolate brown eyes searched for a near by chair.

That’s when Gladio got to his feet.

He devised a plan of his own.

“Need some help?” Gladiolus said in a voice only louder than a whisper as he approached her. Numerous people still dwelled inside the library. He knew if he spoke any louder, he would only elicit a scolding hush from Isabelle, who would then shoot him a wink and a grin

Isabelle’s smile up at the burly man as he approached her. “That would be very nice,” she sighed in relief. “I wish this library would invest in ladders. Or taller librarians,” she giggled.  “Have you considered a career in book keeping? You’ve definitely got the legs for it,” she stopped her sentence suddenly, her dark toned face flushing of her normal color. “That came out very… wrong.”

Gladio felt his heart flutter against his chest.

Damn. This girl had him wrapped around her finger… without even really doing anything.  He didn’t know if he was enjoying such a feeling or not…

He chuckled lowly. “It’s alright,” he assured. “What can I do for you?”

“This book is supposed to get on that shelf up there,” she pointed upward, gesturing to the second shelf from the very top. “In between 887.6 and 888.1,” she explained, offering the book out to Gladio.

It was time for his plan to come to flourishing.

“I have a better idea,” he gentle tapped the book backward, deeper into the young librarian’s grasp.

She looked up to Gladio curiously. “What’s that?” She questioned enthusiastically, hugging the hardcover book to her chest.

“I’ll give you lift,” he offered.

Isabelle smiled. “If you think that will work better! How can I say no to you, Mister Amicitia?” She turned to face the bookshelf, the color in cheeks still slightly flushed at the sound of his offer.

Gladio gingerly wrapped his arms around the petite woman’s waist. He took a quick second to inhale her scent or strawberries… admiring the comforting heat that radiated off her. Not wanting to seem too suspicious with his touch, he lifted her upward, finally allowing her to be face to face with the shelf she so desired to reach. 

Her small, skinny figure made her easy to lift. He held her upward without a wavering movement. “Got it!” She called down to him, cuing him to lower her back to the thin carpeted floor.

Gladio did as instructed, secretly wishing his hands wouldn’t have to leave the lady he was so infatuated with.

Her heeled shoes hit the carpet with a muffled click, but to Gladio’s surprise, she didn’t leave his grasp.

Gladio opened his lips to say something, but stopped suddenly as he watched Isabelle spin around in his arms. “Thank you for your help Gladio,” she smiled sincerely.

His calloused hands slowly left her body, leaving a lingering touch to her waist, covered by her modest pencil skirt.

“Anytime, Is,” he nodded, addressing her by the nickname he had given her over the several long months in which they got to know each other better.

Isabelle gulped, leaving an awkward silence between the two. Even though the silence lasted only matter of mere moments, it felt as if the quiet stabbed daggers in to both the man and woman standing before each other. “Listen,” Isabelle cleared her throat. “I’d… really like to thank you for all the times you’ve helped me out in the library,” she smiled sheepishly. “Not to mention coming to visit me every week. I know you’re a busy man… and I really appreciate you coming to the library,” her dark eyes averted to the floor. She clasped her hands together, beginning to fidget with her thumbs nervously. “Would you be opposed to me buying you a nice dinner tonight once I close?”

A feeling of a joyful surprise filled Gladiolus’s stomach. “I’d love to go out with you, but I couldn’t let a lady pay for me,” he smirked happily.

“How about splitting the bill?” She tried to compromise.

“Not happening, Is. I think I’d much rather take you out on a proper date. I’m buying,” he felt his usual confidence return to his aide.

Isabelle shyly put her lip. “I still can’t bring myself to say no to you, Mister Amicitia,” she smiled. “That sounds lovely.”

Slytherin Things (Part Two)

Wooden bookshelves filled with old books, the smell of rain, candles protruding from every available space, fineliners, wooden desks, jewelry hanging off driftwood attached to the walls, expensive rugs and bedsheets, fashionable scarves, boots under the bed, hollowed-out books with forbidden spells on notepads inside…

The Eye of the Storm - Benedict x reader

A/N: This came out way more angsty than I anticipated, but I hope you guys enjoy it :) I’ve suffered from panic attacks in the past, so I hope this expresses how truly terrible it is…
I’m trying to work on my requests in a steady rhythm, and the goal is to post one story, like, at least every two days, but I guess we’ll see what happens… Thanks for all the love, everyone! You guys rock ;D

Requested by anon: Benedict x reader. The reader is scared of thunder due to an abusive past. She calls Benedict just wanting to hear his voice. Not knowing he’s coming home already. Can they have a basset hound as well please. Xx

Word count: 1879
Warnings: mentions of physical, verbal and psychological abuse

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moodboard ->> ravenclaw 

a warm ravenclaw aesthetic for the space between the pages of a familiar book, the shelter offered by wooden bookshelves, the mottled patterns of old wooden desks beneath notebooks, the sweetness of hot chocolate on cold days, the dusty smell of boxes of ancient artifacts and mementos, the smell of old books, and the warmth of fresh coffee fuelling late-night study sessions

Library date with Junmyeon for Suho day! -T✨

The sounds of book pages turning occasionally cut through the quiet atmosphere of the library. The smell of books filled the room; a scent that had grown to comfort me.

I had been coming to this library weekly. It provided a comfort while Junmyeon was gone. The tall, wooden bookshelves cradled me as I leaned against them to choose where I would visit on that specific day. The presence of others made me feel less alone.

When he got back, he begged for me to take him to the library that I had spoken so highly of. I immediately complied.

We walked through aisles, fingers laced. He handed me books that I was too short to reach myself. He asked me to read poems from certain books out loud.

“I like hearing your voice. I like being able to hear it in person instead of a phone speaker,” he smiled at me when I asked why he had me reading poems I know that he knew by heart.

Junmyeon leaned against a shelf, watching me adamantly as I explained why the book that I was holding was worth him reading. He chuckled when I was shushed by several other occupants of the library when my excitement bubbled over and I gushed a bit too loud about the book.

“You’re adorable,” he said as he lowered the book I was hiding my blushing cheeks behind.

“I missed you.” I whispered as I sat next to him against a shelf. I rested my head against his shoulder as I opened to a page of the book I was holding. I had this page memorized. I had been anticipating reading it to him since he got back.

“love is more thicker than forget
more thinner than recall
more seldom than a wave is wet
more frequent than to fail

it is most mad and moonly
and less it shall unbe
than all the sea which only
is deeper than the sea

love is less always than to win
less never than alive
less bigger than the least begin
less littler than forgive

it is most sane and sunly
and more it cannot die
than all the sky which only
is higher than the sky”

“e.e. cummings. Beautiful choice.” He kissed my forehead and asked me to read more to him.

So I did.

House Aesthetics II
  • GRYFFINDOR: splattered paint, standing atop a skyscraper & staring down to the streets below, trembling hands, ashes, arms open wide, drumming your fingers on the table, feet thrumming on the pavement, raucous chuckles, speeding down the highway at 3 am, last-minute one way flight, screaming at a rock concert, toes off the edge of the high diving board, arm wrapped around your waist
  • RAVENCLAW: shaky breaths, wooden bookshelves, chewing your pencil when deep in thought, dust, tilted glasses, picnics at parks with delicate quilts, skirt twirls, little flourishes, open windows, light bulbs near burning out, spiral staircases, the clean flip of a page, a deep breath before launching into a speech, dry jokes with killer punchlines, messy scrawls & illegible signatures, a tug of your hand
  • HUFFLEPUFF: soft smiles, flowers winding through braided hair, eyes like the sun, long grass, socks sliding across wood floors, the warm aroma of cookies in the oven, a bouquet of flowers, tumbling down a hill, skylights, grass stains on white shirts, slow dancing, trampolines, dirt-coated fingers, lollipops, leaning one’s head on another’s shoulder, round sunglasses, bright pink lips, fairy lights, elbows interlocked
  • SLYTHERIN: Black holes, perfect high ponytails, dark lips & dark thoughts, arms folded across chest, the clicks of boots down the stone corridor, narrowed eyes, the snap of a finger, spilled ink on crisp paper, flickering lights, hands on hips, liquid movements filled with grace, one-liners drowning in sarcasm, darkened hallways, a hint of perfume, a quick glance away only when you look, flirtatious smiles oozing confidence, a tap on your shoulder

Submitted by: Anonymous 

Warnings: Inferring sad themes 

Reader’s P.O.V

Sam and Dean were sitting in the library, books sprawled across the table and papers scattered everywhere. They had been reading for ages trying to source some information on this monster they were hunting. I had given up hours ago when the words just started to merge together, not making sense anymore. Researching wasn’t my favourite part of the job, I was more into the practical stuff. Dean got up from the table and walked over to one of the wooden bookshelves, tracing his finger over the spines of the books seeming to be looking for one in particular. His eyebrows creased as he was unsuccessful in his attempts. I spoke up.

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Skyeward AU: The librarian 

aka the one where I refuse to introduce Skye as ‘Daisy’

He stops his stride. With his shoulders back, a hand clenching a small torn note and a jacket the colour of bark, he scans the library. He inhales the air. A curve twitches on his lips but he doesn’t smile. The smell of books and the wooden scent of the bookshelves. He loves it. 

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Library // Newt Scamander

Request from anon: Newt, pre fantastic beasts

O.W.L.’s were coming up in just a few weeks and you really needed to study. You were Seeker for the {insert house} Quidditch Team, so you were usually practicing, and when you weren’t practicing, you were eating or sleeping, which left little time to prepare for your studies. You’d expressed a bit of concern about this to your friend Newt, and he’d suggested the two of you study together in the library.

So as you walked along the first floor looking for the inner left corridor that would take you to the library, you thought of your exams. Charms and Transfiguration would be easy for you, but Potions and Divination would prove to be challenging.

Before long you arrive at your destination and find yourself surrounded by thousands of books. Besides Madam Pince, there are only about three people in the library, which is to be expected, as {rival house} and {rival house} are having a Quidditch game, and most people are out watching it.

There are study tables nestled throughout red-carpeted rooms criss-crossed and walled with full bookshelves. Polished wooden catwalks overlook most rooms here, some with stained-glass windows, and the entire complex is housed in the lower section of the Astronomy Tower. Walking through the aisles of books, you see your friend Newt. 

“Hey Newt!” You call out, probably a bit too loud for a library as Madam Pince gives you a warning look.

“Oh, hello Y/N…” He replies, his left hand fiddling with a button on his robe anxiously.

The two of you study for about an hour, him helping you with Divination and you helping him with Charms. Currently, he was helping you with Tasseomancy, also known as the study of tea leaves.

“Okay Y/N, see if you can interpret this one,” Newt said as he handed you a cup of tea leaves.

Inside, there was what appeared to be a heart. You peer over into your textbook to see what it means, and at the bottom of the page is a sentence in Newt’s handwriting that says  A heart  -  I like you.

A thousand emotions flash through your head, surprise mostly, before you say, “I like you too.”


this was kind of random mostly bc i didn’t really have a description… if you request something please give some detail so i can make the imagine more specific. we’ve got like three requests in our ask box so we might not get to yours right away, but we’ll probably get it done within 48 hours of you requesting.


Revolution - Chapter 8  (Epilogue)

Birds sang beautifully, chorused by the laughter of curious, happy children. Nezumi felt drunk with the scent of wildwood flowers; the gentle summer breeze caressed them tenderly and Shion’s smile was as dazzling as the sun.

Warm and beautiful and alive.

Six years have passed after Nezumi’s departure. Even though the progress of the Restructural Committee is like an untamed wave of changes and improvements, some people are unsatisfied and more than tired Shion thinks he has failed. Will he ever be able to look in these beautiful grey eyes again? Or will his guilt consume him?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, you can read the story on

AO3 | FF.net | or right here!

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

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Homecoming [Klaine] PG

6.01/6.02 reaction fic.  Home is where the heart is.  Blaine doesn’t know where to go in the wake of the break up with Kurt, so he goes to the one place that will always have a piece of his heart: Dalton.
~1,300 words
Also available on ffnet and AO3.

Blaine stares at the placard on his desk for a moment, one hand cradling a pen loosely as a slow smile curls his lips. 

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