(wooden) diamond (shaped) ring. Need better finish but I’m very happy. This is what I had on my mind for quite sometime. (木製の)ダイアモンド(形)リング。 結構前から、あったらかわいいかも…と思っていたものをつくってみました。 まだ仕上げをしなければいけませんが、結構気に入っています。

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These clever clockwork toys are self-propelled mechanical models made of laser-cut plywood and powered by rubber bands. They’re called UGEARS and they’re assembled without the aid of any glue or screws. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions (and provide your own rubber band) to construct miniature machines, including a steam locomotive (powered by a rubber band engine) and train rails, a tractor, a harvester, a mechanical theater, and a working safe.

“UGEARS realized the idea of modular mechanical models in which everything is real. It’s absolutely fascinating to see the true mechanical miracle coming to life in your hands giving you a glorious feeling of creation.”

Each functional model features visible working parts, so that you can see and learn about what makes the machines run. These UGEARS models are currently available via a fully-funded Kickstarter campaign that has just a couple days remaining.

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[via WebUrbanist]