childhood sounds

wind chimes, a creaking swingset, scissors cutting construction paper, “coming soon to home video”, barbie jeep motor, pool splashes, sidewalk chalk against pavement, the ice cream truck’s song, running on woodchips, bicycle spoke beads, jumping on a trampoline, popping open plastic easter eggs, hose water on backyard grass, lizzie mcguire theme song, opening a vhs tape case, playstation 2 start up, basketball dribbling in the driveway, zipping a lisa frank backpack, leappad book’s narration, playing with wooden blocks, walking down basement stairs, crickets at night, thermometer beeping

fluttering bright eyes, overalls, giggles, music in the car, woodchips at the park, sunshine, swingsets, swirly slides, blowing bubbles, scraped knees, bandaids, grass stains, zoo pals paper plates, sippy cups, car rides, jumbo coloring books, color coded crayons, stickers on everything, playdoh, washed hands, colorful utensils, plastic plates, full tummies, heavily loved stuffed animals, watching your favorite movie, footed pajamas, yawns, “I’m not tired"s, sleepy eyes, peaceful dreams

Florida Gothic
  • The further south you go, the further north you get. Directions mean nothing. You drive and drive and end up further away from where you were going than when you started. You only end up in the south (or is it the north?) by accident, and are never sure how you eventually get back.
  • Several times a year the tourists flock into your town, clogging the highways and the beaches and the restaurants. You look the other way as they wade into water that is just a bit cooler and murkier than it should be. What’s a few tourists, in the long scheme of things?
  • You see the Snowbirds come, the retirees that visit every winter to escape the cold. You have never met the same one twice. You stop asking for names.
  • You take a kayaking tour of the coast. Your guide whispers to you to be careful, says that the mangroves can be dangerous, warns you not to get lost. In the distance there is screaming. Your guide says that it’s just the local frogs, and you pretend not to see his haunted stare.
  • Alligators appear in every body of water. You hesitate to leave the bathtub unattended, never leave the dishes to soak in a full sink, but it does no good. They crawl out of the water pitcher, the birdbath, the puddles on your counter. You try to ignore them. They ignore you. You learn to live with them.
  • There is a Publix on every street, and you are glad. You love them with a fierce devotion you cannot begin to explain. When you visit other states, you feel empty inside, always thinking of when you can get back.
  • You do not believe in snow. You have seen it three times, on vacations up north… you do not believe in snow. 
  • You barely even notice anymore when the hurricanes come, not until the air is heavy and yellow and the wind is strong. You think ‘oh’, and drive to the store to buy the third-to-last loaf of bread, and then it rains for 5 days and you eat canned beans by candlelight. Afterwards you can barely recall that it happened. Outside, there is a pile of woodchips where a tree used to be. You don’t remember why.
  • There is a man selling oranges beside the road, beside almost every road. You have never seen anyone stop for them, but there they remain. Someday, you think, you will buy some of those oranges. You never do.
  • In the distance, the clouds loom like mountains. You are not sure what mountains are, but you think they must be mostly like that. A handful of minutes later, they are gone.
at a park: drarry

harry pushing draco on the swings

harry showing draco how to go on the monkey bars

draco laughing at harry and brushing his fingers on the bars while going under them (”we can reach them from the ground you idiot”)

harry pushing draco down a slide without warning him what he’s doing

draco cursing harry and trying to get woodchips out of his hair

harry going down the slide and landing on top of draco


draco asking what the heck the ‘merry-go-round’ is

harry taking his hand and dragging him over there

harry telling him to sit on it and hold on tight

draco asking him what the hell he is doing as he grabs on to one of the bars and begins running

draco shrieking

harry letting go of the bar as it keeps spinning to fall on the ground laughing as draco curses him, unable to get off without injuring himself

the merry-go-round ceasing to spin, so draco can get off and tackle harry

more kissing


so much fluff

hand holding

just drarry in general

at a park 

drarry at a park


based on a prompt @capseycartwright​ received from an anon, which was subsequently passed on to me by another anon:

Hello! Would you be interested in writing something angsty for Father’s Day? Maybe Aaron has Paddy over, and events being what they are, Paddy enjoys dropping several snide comments aimed at Robert over the evening, until he makes a remark about Jack or Robert not having anyone to celebrate with or something, and Rob has to leave. Aaron tells Paddy that’s too far, and Paddy doesn’t understand why THAT was the comment that pushed them over the edge, as several comments were much more hurtful. 

It’s the hottest day of the year so far. The air tastes like dust and feels like a winter coat. Sweat slicks Robert’s shirt to his back as he rocks back and forth on the swing, his hands curled so tightly around the mental chains that they’re carving out canyons in his palms. The sun has long since sunk below the horizon but its absence has done nothing to lift the humidity, the rain that the weatherman had promised never having arrived. Clouds hang heavy overhead, an unwelcome blanket trapping in the rising heat.

‘There you are.’

Robert turns at the sound of the familiar voice. Aaron stands at the edge of the playground, hands in the pockets of his jeans. The heat has been so unbearable that he actually chose to ditch the long-sleeves today, instead wearing a grey t-shirt that shows skin which he usually keeps hidden. He’s not ashamed of his scars; he just prefers to avoid the stares, because he doesn’t owe an explanation to prying eyes. He hasn’t really been anywhere today, and the only people that have seen him know him well enough to ignore them.

‘I’ve been wondering where you got to,’ Aaron says, making his way across the woodchip floor. Robert’s always wondered why they bothered with it. Surely it only makes the fall worse? Maybe it softens the impact but it leaves splinters that are far harder to deal with than a scraped knee.

‘I just needed some air,’ Robert says. The lie is so obvious it’s laughable even to him. Aaron sits down on the other swing, pressing his toes to the ground and kicking himself forward. His attempt to relive childhood play falls short, because his legs are too long and keep knocking against the floor. Any other day, Robert would joke about this being the only thing that he’s ever been too tall for, but he just doesn’t have the energy right now.

‘You said you were going to give Paddy a chance,’ he says when he comes to a halt.

‘I did.’

‘No, you ignored him all afternoon, made sarcastic comments and the stormed out when he asked you a simple question.’

Robert tilts his head back, looking up at the blank canvas where the stars should be. He wishes the night was clear, because this village is claustrophobic enough without the skies closing him in too. Its times like this that help him remember just why he stayed away from this place for so long. Despite the rolling hills and endless stretch of countryside, he feels trapped.

‘It wasn’t a simple question,’ he says. ‘“It’s father’s day, don’t you have somewhere else to be?” He bloody well knows I don’t.’

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lunchables, dirt-caked sneakers, hot pavement, back to school commercials, animal cracker boxes, the smell of woodchips after rain, popsicle stained tongues, sidewalk chalk, scraped knees, “summer 2005” on a tie-dye bouncy ball, ant traps, rooftop fireworks, bug spray odor, windowsill crickets, chlorine-and-ice-cream-cold, sleepy rainbows, a barbie diary full of stories

Flying Without Wings

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Lily Wilson (5 yrs old)

Warning: Cute fluffness.

Prompts: “You’re going to get us into trouble.” - “Don’t tell your mom and you can have ice cream for dinner.”
This was for @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked, I totally agree the world needs more Sam love!

“Higher daddy!” Lily shouts as her father Sam pushes her on the swing set, the weather was warm and breezy, perfect for some park play time. Lily giggles loudly as she soars higher.

“Hold tight.” Sam warns her. “Your mom will have my behind if you get hurt again.” Sam chuckles.

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Hospitality || Conor

Conor masterpost found here

Word count - 1,651

Summary - The one where things get messy.


You were literally only gone for an hour, two tops. As usual, you spent the whole day at home. Today you did a lot of spring cleaning. You were extremely happy with yourself. The kitchen was shining and spotless and you even went so far as to mop the hardwood floor. Your next task was to wash the windows but, when you went to check, you found that you were out of glass cleaner. So, you went to make a quick run to the shops to pick some up.

Naturally a quick run to the shops turned into a little bit more. It was rush hour so traffic was a bitch, and when you ran into an old friend at the store, you couldn’t help but stand and chat with her for ages (you always were the chatty kind).

When you finally got back home, you weren’t surprised to find your boyfriend Conor and the rest of the boys at your apartment. You gave them a smile and a wave. “Hey boys,” you said casually, “how are-”

You froze in your tracks, staring at the kitchen you had spent the whole day cleaning. It was a mess. Seemingly all the food was out of the fridge and on the counter. Bottles of soda were left empty with spills all over the counter top, some even going onto the floor. Packets of crisps were strewn everywhere, tossing crumbs left and right. How long had you been gone? In such a short amount of time, a tornado seemingly ran through your kitchen.

You felt your temper rising. “Conor,” you said slowly, “can I talk to you in the bedroom for a minute?” He quirked an eyebrow but obliged and followed you into your bedroom. You really didn’t want to have this fight. You had it a million times before. And anyway, he had friends over. You just wanted to tell him how you felt and maybe ask him to clean up his mess. “Can you clean up the kitchen?” you asked, closing the bedroom door behind you.

“Ah, the lads and I were just about to head out,” he said. “We’re going to dinner. You can come if you’d like.”

“I’d like it if you cleaned the kitchen,” you said again.

“Why are you angry?”

“I’m not angry.”

“You sound angry.”

“I’m not!”

“Well now you’re yelling!”

“Because you accused me of being angry!”

“Because you are angry!”

“Well now I’m angry because you said I was angry when I wasn’t angry!” you shouted, throwing your hands up in the air. “I spent the whole day cleaning that kitchen. I mopped the floor and washed the dishes and scrubbed the counters til they shined. Literally all day I spent cleaning that damn kitchen and in the span of an hour you all manage to destroy it! All I’m asking is for you to clean up the mess you made before you go out to eat!”

“You didn’t need to clean the kitchen!” Conor yelled back. “It’s not my fault you spent the whole day cleaning instead of going out and having a job or something!” You felt a chink in your armor.

“That’s not fair,” you said, trying your best to still sound strong. “You know it’s hard for me to get a job. I’m just a year out of uni and-”

“Yeah and with what?” Conor scoffed. “A hospitality degree? I didn’t know that would mean you spending 24/7 locked up in our house cleaning and fixing things that don’t need it! Why don’t you go be a housekeeper for someone else or something, get out of the house and do something besides drive me up the wall?”

You didn’t respond. You felt tears welling up in your eyes so you turned on your heel and stormed out of the bedroom. The boys were all staring at you when you walked out but you ignored them. You slipped on your shoes quickly and walked out the door, not even bothering to grab your phone as you did so.

It was nearing dusk, so the streets were quiet. Your feet seemed to have a mind of their own, as you weren’t even really thinking about where you were going. After about 15 minutes of walking, you arrived at a playground. It was empty, all of the kids usually occupying it probably home with their families. You sulked up to the swing set and sat down on a swing, kicking your feet against the woodchips on the ground. You didn’t even realize that you were crying until you felt a tear slide down the tip of your nose. You wiped it away harshly, angry at yourself for letting Conor get the best of you.

You and Conor hardly ever fought, but when you did it was always over the stupidest things. Who last took out the garbage? Where did you want to go for dinner? Why couldn’t you wait for me before you ate? Things like arguing over a mess in the house wasn’t new, but when Conor threw your unemployment into the mix, you broke.

It crushed you that you didn’t have a job. Conor was right, a hospitality degree wasn’t getting you anywhere. Who wanted to hire a girl fresh out of university anyway? You had little job experience so your resume looked bleak. You tried and tried to get jobs but were always turned down. You hadn’t spoken to Conor about it, but you were considering taking some online courses. Maybe you could work towards obtaining a degree better than the one you had now. But that wouldn’t change anything right now. It wouldn’t change the fact that Conor was disappointed in you. It wouldn’t change the fact that you were disappointed in yourself.

You had been so deep in your thoughts that you hadn’t even noticed Conor walk up to the swing set. You only realized he was there when he sat down on the swing beside you. “How’d you know I was here?” you asked quietly, sniffing and rubbing your sweatshirt sleeve under your nose.

“I don’t know,” he said. “Just kind of thought about all the places you like to go. Thought about this one and came here.”

“Well, I don’t want to talk to you,” you huffed, turning your head so you didn’t have to look at him.

“(Y/N),” Conor sighed, running his hands through his hair. “I’m sorry I said those things. I shouldn’t have.”

“Yeah well you did,” you said, glaring at him harshly. “You said them and now you can’t take them back. You can’t take back anything and now I know that you think I’m a failure.”

“I don’t think you’re a failure!” he said, reaching out to grab your hand. You retracted it. “I don’t think you’re a failure,” he said again, his tone calmer now.

“I don’t have a job and all I have is this stupid hospitality degree,” you mumbled.

“But you’ll find one,” he assured you. “I know you will.”

“I’ve been looking for almost a year!” you said, putting your face in your hands. “I’m going to be unemployed forever forced to sit at home and wait for you! Play the part of the housewife who wears the yellow rubber gloves and an apron and says, Oh hi dear, how was work at the studio? There’s a fresh pie on the counter! Dinner is almost ready too. I don’t want to be her. I want to do something that won’t make you ashamed to be with me.”

“Hey,” Conor said gently, reaching out to hold your hand again. This time you let him. “I am never ashamed to be with you. Ever. What I said I said out of anger. I could never understand how hard it is for you to get a job. I can’t even begin to understand all the work you had to do to get you to this point. I’ve had it easy, and sometimes I forget that others didn’t. I was being insensitive and I’m sorry. I don’t want you to ever think that I’m disappointed in you or ashamed to be with you.”

Conor stood up from his swing and crouched in front of you. “I love you,” he said firmly. “No matter what. I need you to know that.”

“I know,” you said quietly. “I love you too.” Conor placed a kiss to your forehead and pulled you off of the swing and into a hug.

“Oh god, there you are!”

You and Conor both looked up and saw Caspar, Oli, and Joe running up to you both. “We split up to find you,” Caspar said, clearly out of breath. “Conor didn’t tell us he found you.”

“Sorry,” Conor said. “I was a little busy.”

“You’re a right jackass,” Joe muttered, pushing his friend lightly. “I swear we circled all of London.”

“Sorry,” you said, embarrassed.

“Don’t be,” Oli said. “It’s this one who should be sorry. He was being a total ass to you.” The other boys nodded and mumbled their agreements.

“And I am sorry,” Conor said, stopping his friends from speaking as a small blush formed on his cheeks. “We already talked about it.”

“I texted Jack,” Joe said. “Told him we found you.”

“You boys didn’t have to come looking for me,” you said bashfully. “I didn’t mean to ruin your night.”

“It’s alright,” Oli assured you. “We’ve always got to help clean up after he messes something up.”

“In that case,” Conor laughed, “I’ll need you all to help me clean the kitchen before we go to dinner.”

The other boys groaned but turned in the direction to head back to the house. You smiled up at Conor and pressed a kiss to his lips. He smiled, gave you a small side hug, then grabbed your hand as you followed the boys back to your flat.

  • Ross: Look, okay, okay! This is the deal. When I sell it, I cut you in. Ten per cent. Twenty. Twenty, even.
  • Robert: Or we could just keep it and flog it ourselves.
  • Ross: Stop messing me about, this is a genuine offer.
  • Aaron: Why are you messing about with drugs anyway after what happened to your cousin? Trust me, it's a mug's game.
  • Ross: Look, I don't wanna argue. I've made you an offer, now all you have to do is walk away and leave the stuff where it is.
  • Robert: Why are you not getting this? You don't get to call the shots anymore.
  • Ross: Please, I'm desperate.
  • Robert: Okay. Okay. If you can answer this simple question, I might be kind to you.
  • Ross: Go on.
  • Robert: How much weed would a woodchip chip if a woodchip could chip weed? (closes the woodchipper)
  • Aaron: (holds ross back) Ross, Ross. Can we just stop this?
  • Robert: Yeah, when he hands me my keys over.
  • Ross: And if I do, have we got a deal?
  • Robert: I'm waiting. (Ross gives Aaron the keys)
  • Robert: Pleasure doing business with you. (presses the button to chop the weed)

19. Our Grandmother’s are trying to set us up AU

Gah, I put this one on the list thinking that no one would vote for it and then it ended up getting the most votes, and then it actually ended up being really fun to write this so thanks for voting for it everyone

Lily had been going over to her grandmother’s house every Sunday morning for breakfast since she was little. After her parents passed away, she continued to do this, only now she came by herself, as her sister had moved north with her husband and that was all the family Lily had. Her sister and her paternal grandmother.

Anita Evans was a strong and opinionated woman, her trust and admiration was hard won, but she’d always had a soft spot for her quirky and idealistic granddaughter. She was proud of Petunia of course, she had married well and she had gone to uni and, well, that was enough for any grandmother to be proud, but Lily and her had a special bond. Everything that Lily did excited Anita, from going away to boarding school and becoming Head Girl to learning to drive and running errands for her.

Her grandmother had lived on the same plot of land her entire life, and while the surrounding area had changed, even since Lily had been alive, the inside of the house never seemed to change. And so, Lily was surprised when she came over one Sunday morning in the middle of August, to find that her grandmother’s drapes in the kitchen had changed from a pale yellow, to a bright floral print. When Lily commented on them, her grandma smiled.

“Oh yes, that’s my new neighbor’s influence.” She said, and now Lily had to narrow her brow because her grandmother hated new neighbors. She liked Mr. Gary, who had lived three doors down for nearly five decades, and she enjoyed Angelina Rosewood’s company every now and then as the girls had grown up together, but that was about it. Everyone else on her street was an interloper as far as she was concerned. “Her grandson helped us put them up, he’s quite a looker. Most polite boy your age I’ve ever met too.”

And that was the first Lily Evans heard of James Potter.

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Pardon me did @10outta10wouldsinagain say “Greed taking care of Nina AU”?

It was something he heard from every guard and scientist in the Southern Command lab—always the same breathless whisper, with a dry-throat choke of fear and the shaky tremor of disbelief: Monster.

They’d whisper it, and swallow, and then run. That part was always nice. Humans weren’t a fair fight.

“You’re…Y-you’re a—“

“—yeah, yeah, monster, you’re not the first genius to reach that conclusion pal.” Greed cracked his neck, rolling his shoulders where his shield melded with the flesh near his collar bone. “Words hurt sometimes.”

Dorochet swung in from the left, katana in hand. The guard hadn’t budged since Greed spoke, and his frozen gun sliced easily in two, along with a cut of his scraggly gray beard. This jolted the man into action. He let out a high-pitched whine, then tripped on his own feet as he spun and bolted down the hall.

“But still, I guess monster is better than homunculus. Less chance of Pops finding me here.”

Dorochet didn’t answer. He turned, breathing heavy, and watched. Greed rubbed at his neck.

“You know you’re a real stick in the mud today, Dorochet. Usually you laugh at my jokes.”

“She’s close,” Dorochet answered. He stuck his nose in the air, grimaced, and twisted on his heels to the left hall. His sword slipped back into its scabbard.

Greed followed. He surveyed the walls with muted curiosity. Harsh fluorescence beat down from overhead. Small strips of lighting lined the bottom edges of the hall. It was sterile, and white, and buzzed distantly, and seemingly hadn’t changed from the day he busted in to free his own chimera gang.

“I’ll bet you’ve got some pleasant memories of this place,” Greed mused. They turned another corner. Empty—not so much as a painting worth snagging off the wall.

“Oh yeah, the best,” Dorochet bit back. His lip twitched over his teeth, the hair along his neck bristling. “The antiseptic smell is real nostalgic.”

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anonymous asked:

do you have any gift ideas for father's day?

I got my dad this woodchip grill kit for father’s day, but other ideas would be:

- Wooden Beer Caddy stocked with his favorite beer
- Nice Shirt with something more personal (favorite sports team/college)
- A nice cooler with all his favorite snacks
- A wooden picture frame with a picture of the two of you
- A quality mug with a box of his favorite coffee
- A super nice water bottle filled with his favorite snacks/candy

I have no idea if this was at all helpful?!

anonymous asked:

Let's start with some more of Tom being raised by the Diaz family. As someone who is adopted I love seeing it be portrayed positively.

Aww! Of course I can! I can’t wait to adopt children of my own! I want to adopt a whole house full! I see myself adopting older kids, I don’t know, I’m not very good with babies and little little kids. But I definitely will! Anyway, enjoy the story!!!!!

“Tom, let it go.” Angie commanded. Tom shook his head and kept his mouth shut tight. “Tom, open your mouth.” She demanded. Tom just shut his mouth tighter and shook his head. Angie narrowed her eyes and took Tom by the jaw. She tried to pry open his mouth before Rafael came into the room.

“Angie! What on earth are you doing to our son!?” He cried. Angie looked up, Tom still held his mouth shut.

“He has my jade bracelet in his mouth. The expensive one your parents got me for our wedding day.” She told him. Angie then looked back down at Tom. “And he won’t OPEN UP!” She hissed, squishing his cheeks. Tom shut his mouth tighter and made a little noise, shaking his head. “Tom! It’s not candy! Give it up!” She yelled at the six-year-old. Rafael took her by the shoulder and led her away.

“Dear please, let me try.” He offered. He looked over at Tom and smiled. “Tom, can you open your mouth for papa?” He asked. Tom shook his head. “I’ll make you a deal, if you open your mouth, I won’t yell at you the next time you set the couch on fire.” He agreed. Tom thought for a moment but shook his head.

“Tom, OPEN YOUR MOUTH!” Angie screamed.

“He won’t if you keep yelling at him.” Rafael rolled his eyes. “He’s six, kids his age think everything is a game… or candy… or both.” He narrowed his eyes at the demon and thought for a long moment. “Tom, darling, you know that is a bracelet? Not candy?” He asked. Tom nodded. “Great! Then give it to me and I will get you some real candy.” He offered. Tom shook his head and Rafael groaned, falling back in the seat.

“I tried that! He doesn’t want candy, he just wants to chew on that bracelet.” She told him.

“He chews on it? Oh come on, his teeth are so sharp he’ll scratch up the beads! Tom, that bracelet was three hundred dollars!” Rafael cried. “That was my parents gift to Angie on our wedding day, cough it up!” He begged.

“Mommy, can we go to the park?” Marco asked, toddling into the room. Angie ran her fingers through her hair and shook her head.

“Maybe later dear, we’re a little busy right now.” She told her son. Marco looked over and saw Tom with his mouth sealed shut.

“Did Tom eat super glue again?” Marco asked.

“No- wait does Tom eat glue?” She asked. “Tom, do you eat glue?” She looked at the demon, who nodded. “Oh my god, Tom! No more eating glue! No more eating anything that’s not food!” She cried.

“Can we go to the park now?” Marco asked again.

“Marco no.” Rafael told him. “We aren’t going anywhere until we get Tom to cough up this dumb bracelet!” He shouted. Tom narrowed his eyes and shut his mouth tighter still.

“So if Tom gives you the bracelet… we can go to the park?” Marco asked.

“Sure, Marco.” Angie dismissed him and Marco beamed.

“Great!” He chirped. He walked over to Tom and tugged his sleeve. “Tom, if we go to the park we can get ice cream from the truck… and you can eat wood chips, you like wood chips.” Marco reminded. Tom’s face lit up and he spit the bracelet out on the floor.

“Can we go to the park now, please?” Tom asked. Angie stood there with a blank look and picked the drool covered bracelet off the floor. “Marco told me I could eat woodchips.” Tom pointed at Marco, who smiled big. Angie wiped her bracelet off and looked at her husband, who was shaking his head.

“Yeah… fine let’s go to the park.” Rafael agreed. The kids laughed and ran out of the room, smiling and tripping over each other.

“Tom wait! No more wood chips!” Angie yelled after him. Tom kept running to the door and Angie took off towards him. “Tom! I know you heard me young man! Get back here!” She called. “If I catch you with a single woodchip in your mouth I am not feeding you for a year!”

Rafael shook his head and followed his wife and kids to the park. The boys were running ahead so they didn’t miss the ice cream truck. When they got to the park they started playing on the swingset. Tom took a handful of dirt but then heard a harsh voice. “Tom if you eat that dirt I will put spiders in your bed!” She yelled.

“I wasn’t!” He defended himself.

“Then drop that dirt or no ice cream!” She threatened. Tom looked at the dirt for a while like he was deciding between dirt of ice cream. He bit his lip and with much difficulty he dropped the dirt down on the ground. Tom put his head in his hands and then Marco put his arms around him, in a comforting manner.

“It’s okay, Tom.” He soothed. He then looked behind him to make sure Angie was not looking and could not hear. “She’s not looking, here you go.” Marco whispered and handed Tom a wood chip. Tom’s face lit up and he ate it.


Tails' Ball Python Care Sheet

Must Haves-
•Thermostat ($30-$100+)
•Temperature and Humidity Gauge ($5-$10)
•Temperature gun ($20+)
•Substrate ($2-$20)
-Cypress, aspen, paper towels are the most recommended.
•Hides ($10-$25 each)
-a good rule of thumb; a hide for every 10 gallons of tank
-cardboard boxes with holes cut into doorways are also okay, I personally prefer them
•Water dish ($10-$30)
-the snake shouldn’t be able to knock it over
•Under Tank Heater [UTH] ($20-$50+)
•Spray bottle or mister ($1-$50)
•Food, mice or rats ($8-$20+)
-Frozen/Thawed are recommended, as live prey can bite and infect your snake
•Hand sanitizer ($5 for a huge bottle)
•A tank or bin ($15-$120+)
-I personally use and prefer tanks
-10 gal. for hatchlings/neonates, 20-25 gal. for subadults, 30-40 gal. for adults
•Water purifier ($5)
•Cleaning solution ($5)
•Gram scale ($15-$25)

May Haves-
•Climbing branch ($10-$25)
•Heat lamp ($15-$20)
•Ceramic Heat Emitter [CHE] ($10-15) or infrared bulb ($5-$10)
•Decor (varied prices)
•Sphagnum moss ($10-$25)
-usually used for humid hides, a practical must
•Feeding tongs ($1-$15)

There should be a warm side and a cool side, and a thermometer for each. I like to have the thermometer/hydrometer pair at the top, middle of the tank, to measure ambients, and the other two on the sides at the bottom, where the snake is. Even with thermometers (which are known to be faulty) you should have an infrared temperature gun to measure exact temperatures in certain places. You should spend about 5-10 minutes a day evaluating temperature, humidity, and all technology is properly functioning.
The warm side is where the UTH and lamp should be. You won’t need a lamp if your house’s temperature never drops below 75°. DESIRED TEMPERATURE OF WARM SIDE: 88°-92°
The cool side shouldn’t have any heating elements. Most people keep their water dishes on the cool side, though the dish can be put on the warm side to boost humidity. DESIRED TEMPERATURE OF COOL SIDE: 85°-83°

In general, the humidity should be in the 40-50% range. You can put the water dish on the warm side to bump up humidity, mist the tank 1-3 times daily, add sphagnum moss and a humid hide, and if you have a mesh lidded tank put damp towels over the top. When the snake is in shed, humidity should increase to 50-60%.

Hides and decor-
There should be at least two hides in a tank, one on the warm side and one on the cool. A lot of handlers, however, use the 1:10 ratio; one hide to ten gallons. There’s no such thing as too many hides!
Hides come in various forms and prices. The most inexpensive hide is a cardboard box with a doorway cut in it. Cardboard is an insulator, which is why cats like to sit in boxes and snakes like them as hides. The most common hide is a small halved log called a Habba Hut, which is about $5 for a small hut. Many professionals use a basic, black plastic hide that’s about the same price. There’s also caves, skulls, and other hides that get a little more pricey for the natural look. Be careful with decorative hides- make sure there’s no place they can cram themselves into and not get out of, or anything that in an emergency you can’t remove them from. And if you want to get crafty, there’s a ton of DIY hides you can try.
Substrate is more of an aesthetics option. While woodchips (cypress and ReptiBark) are more natural and can boost humidity for a time, they’re the most expensive and hardest to maintain. Aspen is cheap, but can also be a pain to maintain humidity and cleanliness. The substrate should be about an inch thick.
The simplest and cheapest are paper towels. While not pleasing to look at or natural in any form, they’re functional. They don’t absorb the water spilled or misted on it, and are the easiest to clean and keep fresh.
Live plants tend to be a hassle and are easily crushed by the heavy bodied ball pythons. Aquarium fake plants work, along with fake plants from craft stores (required there’s no glitter, scents, etc.). The plants can be used to make hides or as decorations. The plants should be cleaned with the rest of the tank, and should be sanitized with the cleaner before being added to the tank.
Ball pythons are nocturnal, and enjoy dark, cramped spaces. Consider adding siding and backgrounds to your tanks to add security, as they can’t see out or get much light in.
TIP: By varying thickness of substrate (high to low, odd dips, etc) you can add a bit of enrichment to your snake’s tank when you clean it.

Tanks should be thoroughly cleaned every 30 days. Spot cleaning should be done daily. Water changes should be done every 2-4 days, and the water should be purified. All objects should be cleaned with a safe cleansing solution before being added to the tank.

Hatchlings get a mouse crawler every 5-7 days.
Hatchlings-150 grams get a rat pinky every 5-7 days.
150 g-400 g: rat pup every 5-7 days
400 g-600 g: weanling rat every 5-7 days
600 g-1200 g: small rat every week
1200 g-1800 g: medium rat weekly
Do not handle the snake within 12-24 hours of it eating, as this can cause regurgitation, which is very stressful.

Going off feed-
Ball pythons are renowned for their finicky eating habits. Going off feed/not eating can be caused by:
•incorrect temperature
•incorrect humidity
•breeding season
•different fur color
•in shed
Evaluate your tank for any issues. Correct them if there is any. Reduce handling and add hides. Check your snake for symptoms of illness (wheezing, crackling or popping when breathing, stuck shed, weight loss, cloudy eyes, etc.).
Carefully watch your snake’s weight for a significant loss. As they don’t expel a lot of energy, they don’t need a lot from their food. If there is a significant loss, take it to a local exotics vet. If there isn’t, there isn’t much to worry about.
Only offer food once a week (or however long it takes you to periodically feed them), even if the snake doesn’t eat. Over-offering can stress out the snake, and cause them not to eat even longer.

Yes, most breeders have their snakes on live as its faster and easier for people with large amounts of snakes to feed at one time. Transitioning-ease varies on the snakes; some will take the first food they’re offered, some need to be offered prekilled a few weeks before taking F/T, and some will fight you until their dying day.
When thawing, put the prey in a Baggie into a container of cool water for 30-40 minutes to defrost. DO NOT THAW THEM IN HOT WATER- it causes bacterial growth in the prey and can cause illness in the snake. After it is completely defrosted, heat the prey in hot water for 10-20 minutes, or use a blow drier to heat them in the same room as the snake- the smell of the prey will get their senses going.
Oh and DON’T microwave the prey. It will explode.

Tempting Balls to Eat F/T-
•splitting the head open or braiding the prey (not for those with weak stomachs)
•scenting the prey with dirty mouse or rat bedding
•blow drying the prey to warm it in the same room as the snake (mentioned above)
•a zombie dance (wiggle it, make it scrounge around if you have to)
•leaving it in a hide overnight (be sure to check on it the morning after)
•annoying the snake with it (yes, quite literally, poke and prod at them with it. Get their attention.)

Live feeding-
This way is risky and highly unrecommended, but on occasion, unavoidable. After every meal, check the snake for bites or missing scales. If the snake doesn’t strike it within an hour (UNDER SUPERVISION; NEVER LEAVE LIVE PREY UNATTENDED), remove it from the tank. Don’t leave prey in the tank.
DO NOT GET A BALL PYTHON IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO FEED IT LIVE. While ideally every snake can be transitioned to the safer F/T, some are set in their ways. You shouldn’t starve your pet because you can’t handle to feed it live.

SNAKES DO NOT NEED TO BE HANDLED. While us mammals enjoy physical contact and being cuddled and held, snakes don’t. This can stress them out, and can easily be overdone. It’s important to make sure they aren’t impossible to wrangle or are the nastiest nibblers out there in case they need medical treatment, but it’s not necessary to take them out for a little play date everyday.

Getting them used to you-
DO NOT HOLD THEM FOR 5-7 DAYS AFTER BRINGING THEM HOME. They need to settle in. With the stress of moving and an unfamiliar space, handling can tip the scales. Give them their space. After that, do short, 15-20 minute sessions every 3-5 days, watch how they respond to it. If they’re responding well, you can handle them more frequently. If they’re not, give them more time.
Ball pythons are shy, and babies can be defensive. Don’t go in the tank afraid of them. Go in confidently. Pet their sides to let them know you’re there and you’re not a threat, then pick them up at their thickest. If you’re worried about being bit, pick them up by lifting the body behind their heads- they won’t turn around and nab you.
Don’t grab their heads or their necks. Like most snakes, ball pythons are head shy, and this can cause them to panic.

Snakes can’t bond like mammals; they can’t feel affection towards their handler in any traditional, mammalian sense of the word. While they think they’ve privileged you with not striking you when you hold them, to you, the relationship is lacking. They’re sort of like scaly cats.
While snakes can learn to trust their handler in a sense, they can’t really bond to them. They simply don’t have the mental capacity to. Though everyone who owns one believes they have a special connection to their noodle, truthfully, they don’t.
The closest thing snakes can establish to a bond is a sort of comfort with the familiar. They recognize your scent, your voice, your hands and their warmth, and your schedule. When you’ve handled a snake a lot, you’ll notice they’ve become used to you- they know their favorite spots to sit, that your finger isn’t a prey item, and your heat signature is yours alone. Humans vary slightly in temperature; not very much to us, but to snakes, a few degrees or points of degrees is a huge difference. Many snakes when handed to a stranger will seek out their familiar handler, simply because they’re used to that person and their set of quirks.
While this isn’t much of a bond to us, it means a lot to them. If you really want them to love you, leave them alone!

While not everyone owns hundreds of snakes or even more than three, records are very important. You need to keep track of feeding, shedding, and digestion. While this doesn’t need to be horribly extensive, you do need to carefully follow:
•feeding/going off feed
•weight (weigh in once a shed, at least)
FUN FACT- People who own multiple snakes commonly use a 1.1 sort of system to keep track of snakes. The first number (1.0) is how many male snakes are owned. The second (0.1) is females. This can continue into 3’s and 4’s for unsexed (0.0.1) or eggs (

Snakes will hide their issues, as its a great weakness in the wild. You will have to carefully watch your snake for any changes.

ALWAYS HAVE MONEY SET ASIDE FOR THE VET. You never know when something could go wrong. Before purchasing a snake, look up exotic vets in your area, and check their services.

Health issues-
RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS [RIs]- Commonly diagnosed by:
•crackling, popping, or wheezing
•bubbles in the mouth (can be checked by gently holding the snake’s head or neck and carefully pushing down the lower lip)
•frequent “yawning” (jaw readjustment should only be seen after feeding)
Cured by:
•antibiotics; aka Veterinary treatment.
If you suspect your snake has an RI, check the tank for anything that could be wrong. RIs can be caused by improper heat, humidity, or stress.

Commonly diagnosed by:
•patchy, incomplete sheds
Cured by:
•humidity increase:
•adding a humid hide
•increasing mistings
•adding sphagnum moss
•cleaning the water dish, adding a little extra fresh water
•pillow case method: put the snake in a damp pillow case and tie it, leaving the snake in there for 30 minutes.
•bathing- the water should only be as high as the thickest part of the snake’s body.
Stuck shed is a very easy problem to deal with.

Commonly diagnosed by:
•the snake frequently submerging themselves in the water dish
•small, black bugs on the snake or in the tank
Cured by:
•mite sprays and frequent cleanings. Make sure the snake has plenty of fresh water too!

Be sure to bump up humidity in the tank. A humid hide is really great to give the snake a place to shed in peace.
You can tell a snake is going into shed when their belly scales begin to become more pinkish, their pattern darkens, and their eyes become cloudy. This is known as “going blue”. They’re in blue for about two days before clearing up, which is when they should take a day or two to completely shed their skin.
Snakes tend to be irritable at this time; my mother calls it a “snake period”. Some won’t eat while in shed. Younger snakes tend to shed more frequently, often 3 weeks to a month. Older snakes can go about 45-60 days until shed.

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT COHABIT BALL PYTHONS. This causes a huge amount of stress for both animals, and just because “they do it in the pet store” does not make it okay. If one becomes ill, you can’t figure out which one, or they could both become infected. Cannibalism exists even in well fed animals, so cohabitation isn’t worth risking.
And just to put it out there- I’m sick of having people say, “the breeder said they grew up together and can live together until they’re adults”. That’s a really unintelligent breeder. No one who had any idea what they were doing would tell you to cohabit these animals. I’ve already been over the fact snakes can’t bond; they don’t recognize siblings as nonthreatening. Snakes don’t have childhood friends. You put both your animals at risk doing this.

DO NOT, HOLY FRICK, DO NOT SMOKE AROUND YOUR SNAKE. Holding your snake while taking a few puffs isn’t cute. A snake on a bong isn’t cool. Ball pythons have a singular, primitive lung, and smoking around them or even in the same room as them is awful for them. Snakes can’t cough, as they don’t have diaphragms, which is why smoking and RI’s are such a huge problem. You can and will cause premature death if you have your snake on or around these objects. Even if you aren’t using the bong when you put your snake on it, it has remnants of smoke, and still is harmful.

While you don’t need to bathe your snake everyday, you certainly can do it on occasion. It’s great for helping shed. Make sure the water is only as deep as your snake is thick.

Well, I think that covers everything. Hopefully this is annoyingly thorough and you’ll get sick of seeing it on your newsfeed. If I missed anything or you have any questions, feel free to message me at tailsandkabuki.

Results (Simon Dominic x Reader)

    Kiseok should have called hours ago… You glanced at the clock. It was just past two thirty in the morning. You figured maybe he had gone out with his team from the show, but if he had, he probably would have at least texted you to tell you you two could talk later. You pulled your phone out of your pocket and pressed the phone icon next to his name before pressing the phone to your ear. His phone rang and then his voice came through, “Hey, you’ve reached Jung Kiseok. Leave a message if it’s important.” You sighed and then said,

    “Hey Kiseok, it’s me. Just wondered what’s up and what happened with the show. Maybe we can talk tomorrow. Love you!”

    You hung up and sat down on the couch, your eyes landing but not focusing on the magazine on the coffee table whose front cover was branded with the Show Me the Money logo and small pictures of every producer. You sat there for a few minutes, trying to think of something to do until you were able to fall asleep but you couldn’t come up with anything and though you were trying not to let it, it worried you that Kiseok hadn’t contacted you. He always kept his word…

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Black - Request - 200 Followers Celebration

 This is from my 200 Followers Challenge.

Prompt:  27. Special memory. // “Oh yeah, I remember… It was the only day I didn’t feel like crap at all.”
29. How have you changed in the past two years? // “I’m not the same person I was before.”
30. Any questions you’d like. // “Truth or dare?”

Requested by @straitsupernaturalmalefan: (…) would like 2 put in another request. So Dean is a demon and has disappeared. Sam and reader who has always loved Dean are looking for him. But they are kidnapped by a group of demons that want revenge for abaddon and wanting to draw Dean out. But reader and Sam don’t think he will show and they think their going to die but Dean does show and let’s his badass knight of hell loose killing every demon that kidnapped Sam and reader but while he is killing all 30 demons and being a badass the reader kinda gets turned on by watching him. After all said and done reader and Sam find out Dean is Dean just with demon powers but didn’t want either reader and Sam to see him like that. Of course feelings confessed with some fluff maybe some smut.

Characters: Dean x reader (at the end), Sam, Crowley (mentioned).

Word count: 4,045 (I regret nothing)

Warnings: Bit angsty (I swear its minimum), mentions of blood and open wounds, violence, language, smut (unprotected).

A/N: First of all, I’d like to consider myself as an expert at killing two birds with one bullet (how I love that saying…) because this is like the fifth fic I write using the 200FC prompt without it being asked… Sorry about it. I obviously had to change Demon!Dean’s personality in order to get this done - as well as the original story - but I think its really good so enjoy!

Originally posted by dashimonsupernatural

Dean had disappeared with nothing more but a fast-written note saying “Let me go.” (Y/N) had no idea what had happened – “he was dead five minutes ago.”

And so the hunt started.

The rumour spread faster than air, and soon it reached Sam and (Y/N)’s ears: Dean had turned into a demon.

Of course their first thought was that Crowley broke Dean’s tattoo in order to allow one of his demons in; but then they found out it was really Dean’s soul that had turned into a demon. He was a full Knight of Hell – the Mark, the black eyes, the fury… It was all in there.

(Y/N) cried all night after they found out. But how couldn’t she? Dean was her love, the one and only man that made her smile no matter what, her only saviour… And now he was gone. (Y/N) could barely imagine all the kinds of wicked things he was probably doing. It broke her heart to think that a good man like Dean had turned into the most evil creature there was.

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