funny story

when I was in fourth grade, I went to this all girls week-long summer camp. every day we’d have this camp-wide game that lasted all day, and the loser(s) of the event had to partake in some sort of embarrassing ordeal. Oon one of the days, the game revolved around this single woodchip. one of the campers started with it, and they had to discreetly place the woodchip on someone else’s person without them noticing. if they noticed, they’d give it back.

halfway through the day, I had forgotten all about this woodchip game, until I randomly checked my back pocket. of course, someone had planted the thing on me, and I began to panic. I tried, in vain, for a total of five minutes to give it to someone else before I decided that the best thing for everybody was to get rid of the thing once and for all. I chucked it, with all my might, into the field and hoped it was over. unfortunately, it wasn’t over, because after dinner the path that the woodchip traveled was determined. the evil girl who had given this wooden plight to me pointed me out, and all eyes were on me expectantly, waiting to hear who I gave it to. distressed, all I could do to save myself now was to point at some poor, innocent girl that I didn’t even know, and claim I gave it to her. I tried to say that I shoved it into her braid, though my cabin mates didn’t really seem to believe me. of course the victim didn’t have it on her and hadn’t given it to anyone else, and she had to sing “Barney is a Dinosaur” in front of the entire camp for being the loser. I still feel bad about it nearly twelve years later. 

lunchables, dirt-caked sneakers, hot pavement, back to school commercials, animal cracker boxes, the smell of woodchips after rain, popsicle stained tongues, sidewalk chalk, scraped knees, “summer 2005” on a tie-dye bouncy ball, ant traps, rooftop fireworks, bug spray odor, windowsill crickets, chlorine-and-ice-cream-cold, sleepy rainbows, a barbie diary full of stories

fuckallandwhatnot  asked:

Hey Bucky, I've been seeing a post about a Yankee candle called Mountain Lodge and everyone describes it's scent as Steve but if he was a mountain man. Can you confirm this for me? For science?

having just wandered up to steve and sniffed him with no explanation, i can inform you that he smells like sweat and leather and deodorant.

he just got out of the gym. i regret this. 

so if the mountain lodge candle smells like sweat, leather, deodorant, and …woodchips, probably, then it does indeed smell like steve if steve was a mountain man. why you would want your home to smell like that is a mystery, but the future is weird and i dont judge.

thats a lie. i judge a lot.