The Department of Delicious Deception should know better than to try to eat wooden food, but the work of Japanese wood sculptor Seiji Kawasaki is so awesomely realistic, we just know they’re going to take a nibble at the earliest opportunity. Just look at these croissants, so flaky and buttery:

But they aren’t flaky, buttery pastries at all. They’re blocks of wood, hand-carved to the tiniest detail and painstakingly painted by Kawasaki. Each piece takes 2-3 hours to complete, some of which aren’t simply decorative. These red peppers, for example, function as chopstick rests:

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just opened:

The Invocation
 Gehard Demetz

Jack Shainman Gallery, 513 W20th St., NYC

Demetz continues his exploration of contemporary issues through the traditional practice of woodcarving. With impeccable craftsmanship, Demetz builds figures and reliefs of children and rural, often religious, architectural forms. While his subjects often take the forms of adolescent or very young children who are at the precipice of self-realization, their grave expressions and powerful stances suggest something much less innocent than their ages might suggest. - thru May 31

The current line up. The three floral spoons are all shipping out tomorrow. I love carving (full stop)
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Since it’s that time of the week… A throwback to these three spoon carvings from last year. The Water Lily, Kitchen Carp and Oak leaf spoons.
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“The Door-Knocker’s Curse”

Something doesn’t feel right as you knock on the door
But you’ve learned to not trust your instincts, as they’re often so poor
So you grab the doorknocker’s handle and knock anyway
And watch as the door’s woodcarvings wake up to play.

The woodcarvings don’t make a sound, but you can tell that they laugh
They laugh at your stupidity, as you’re swallowed from your head to your calf
And you admit they have a point, as you should’ve been a lil’ more wise
“Don’t knock on cursed door-knockers”, mom would always chastise.

But the media always sensationalized sentient objects that are cursed,
And mom was always so impressionable and expected the worst,
You still don’t think she was “right”, as your eyes pop and burst,
Mom just had a lucky guess, and for her to be correct is a first.

You ask yourself what you did to deserve this unusual Hell
As you feel your skin peel off like a gooey edamame shell
But soon you have no more questions, as you’re absorbed at last
To join the cursed door-knocker for the future and the past.

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These awesome electric guitars are modern examples of a Japanese woodcarving style called Inami, a tradition dating back to the 18th century or mid-Edo period. Inami pieces are carved entirely by hand by artisans who use over 200 different chisels to ply their craft on wood from trees native to Japan and these fantastic instruments are no exception. They’re the work of the Inami Wood Carving Cooperative based in Japan’s Toyama Prefecture.

Each guitar made by the Inami Wood Carving Cooperative is completely custom-made, requiring an average of 5 to 6 months to complete.

Head over to RocketNews24 for additional images and to learn more about how these phenomenal guitars are made.

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