fun fact ive been thinking about for a while but only really crystallized this morning on the way to work: ataash does her vitaar with her right hand, and shan with his left, especially with this whole inquisition thing

when its toxic to almost everyone around you, you tend to avoid using your dominant hand for painting yourself toxic

(they also have time constraints on certain interactions: things involving hands are three days since last vitaar application, anything with face is 4-5 depending on the amount of vitaar and current face washing regimen)

ETA: some things humans arepermanently barred from touching, like any of ataashs knives or either childs staves, because theyre used so often and with vitaar-y hands. they also affect time constraints,which probably means ataash woodcarves with her nondominant hand, which would help explain why shes so BAD at it



Part 7: i am | another day done

The sun dips in the late afternoon sky. There is a flurry of activity as all the carpenters try to finish their tasks as quickly as possible. They have been working all day with no break, some started as early as 06h00. It has been a long day and many are now tired. Tools are put down and packed away, pleasantries are exchanged, and everyone makes their way home.

Tomorrow, they will be back again.

Words and photos by rémythequill | Writer, photography, and designer.
Windhoek Woodcarving Station | Auas Road | Windhoek | 2015.

One for Every Moment

It’s finally done. It’s a doozie. It’s Septiplier! This is for the fireflies week 3 of the Sunshine Project.

Summary: Mark was minding his own business, and Jack was trying to mind his business. One just wanted a rocking horse, the other wanted to not fall from the sky, thank you very much, I was here first so bugger off. Medieval AU!

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A preview of some of my masks and panels that I will have on display tomorrow ( Aboriginal day ) , I built two new easels and had to see how every thing would fit , all pieces of art on my tables and easels are all hand crafted by yours truly , there is no imported art in my displays #nativeart #nativeartist #nativecarver #nativeculture #nationalaboriginalday #masks #myart #madeinbc #missionbc #MapleRidge #madeincanada #h #hancrafted #vancity #vancouver #woodcarving #woodworking #westcoastnativeart #bcfirstnations #britishcolumbia by peterwaynegong http://ift.tt/1dWuZIe

I went back in and repainted this guy today. Painting is much more than I remember… Anyway I have a lot of old blocks I am taking out of circulation and I’ll be painting a lot of them this summer… #woodcut #woodcarving #monsters #gumos @woodcutfunhouse

Paul Thomas Anderson Tackling Pinocchio Script
For Robert Downey Jr.’s planned film of the fairy tale

Here’s a filmmaking trio we’re not sure anyone could have predicted, even if they’d stapled Nostradamus’ skull to Paul the football result-predicting octopus’ memorial: Paul Thomas Anderson. Robert Downey Jr. Pinocchio. Yet they are indeed being brought together as Anderson is now aboard to rewrite and potentially direct the latest take on the puppet story.

Robert Downey Jr. and producing partner/wife Susan Downey have been trying to get this one to screens for years now, setting up the project with the idea that the once and future Tony Stark will play Geppetto, the woodcarver whose puppet boy is granted the gift of life. Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller, Kick-Ass co-writer Jane Goldman and The Giver’s Michael Mitnick are among those who have completed drafts based on Carlo Collodi’s book, but Downey hasn’t yet found what he’s looking for, even tweaking the script himself in recent months.

It doesn’t immediately sound like something Anderson would tackle, but the chance to see him bring his ideas and style to a fairy tale film has major appeal – it would certainly be something different. And the friendship between the Inherent Vice writer/director and Downey Jr. means they’re eager to work together. Fingers crossed this one works out and is amazing…

James White.