Being a Dixon’s sister would include:

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  •  being a hothead as your brothers are
  •  having a history of drug use in the past
  •  using Daryl’s crossbow without him making a scene
  •  being a quite reserved person, like Daryl is
  •  having matching scars with Daryl
  •  him and Merle always protecting you from walkers
  •  being able to pack a mean punch
    •  “That’s my girl!
  •  being younger than Daryl by five years
  •  always looking after your brothers and cleaning up their mess
  •  being the only woman Merle respects
  •  having the Dixon’s ability to literally melt into the background of every environment
  •  never being a lady
  •  having nightmares about your dad
  •  kicking asses like a pro
  •  dealing with high Merle a lot
  •  staying with him on that rooftop and getting into Woodbury

So, this is the 29th one! As i said, english is not my native language, and i am sorry for any mistakes.

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New Leaf
5th December 2016
Day 369 ~ Part 1

Hey guys! Finally it fell some snow in Woodbury! ^^ It was really cold, that’s why I was warming my hands up on the fire! And I love Harvey’s outfit xD ! And yeah, Lyman decided where he wants to stay but I don’t like that spot because he moved on my beautiful blue flowers.. argh.. And OMG guys! The 3DS is so cool! Couldn’t take any screenshots during the gameplay but it’s fun!
I met Lolly in another town and I had no idea how cute she is!


New Leaf
Tag 369 ~ Teil 1

Hey Leute! Endlich fiel ein wenig Schnee in Woodbury! ^^ Es war wirklich kalt, deshalb habe ich mir die Hände am Feuer gewärmt! Und ich liebe Harvey’s Outfit xD ! Und ja, Pepe hat entschieden, wo er bleiben möchte aber ich mag die Stelle nicht, weil er auf meine schönen, blauen Blumen gezogen ist..argh.. Und OMG Leute! Der 3DS ist so cool! Konnte keine Screenshots während des Spiels aufnehmen aber es macht echt Spaß!
Ich traf Feline in einer anderen Stadt und hatte keinen Plan davon, wie süß sie ist!

Remington and a Savage in custom Cerakoted XLR chassis. #metalefx #custom #cerakote #nickelplating #woodbury #virus #guns #gunpics #gunporn #theguncollective #thegreatequalizerusa #sprk #cerakotemafia #igmalitia #gunporn #webuildcustom #wedoeverythingcustom

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