woodburning kit

My birthday is tomorrow. I got a woodburning kit as an early gift. Been playing around with it. Having a blast! This is me doodling on a bit of balsa wood. Balsa is not what I suggest for a real project; but easy enough if you are relearning a craft.

Depicted above is one of the magical alphabets used by many witches. This particular one is the Theban language and was originally published in the 16th century. It shares some concepts in common with Latin, but it was attributed to Honorius of Thebes; a mythic character from the Middle Ages.

Many witches choose to use magical languages to empower their spells. Practice writing in one of the magical languages of your choosing. Magical languages include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Theban
  • Celtic Ogham
  • Futhark
  • Norse Runes
  • Celestial/Angelic/Malachim symbols
  • Bobileth or Boibel-Loth
  • Etruscan

You can use these symbols is many ways. Writing a word on an object to personalize it or make it safe. By writing a chant down and buring, burning it or freezing it to empower it. Think creatively.

I highly suggest magical languages to anyone who feels that they are some sort of ink-witch, who are patroned by a god of language or writing, or any craft witch (woodburning, knitting, crossstitching, and more)