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I went to my first concert two nights ago, with four bands. A replacement band who I never really caught the name of, Costellar, Woodbridge, and then Midwest skies. 
This picture is of cody who does piano and vocals in costellar, but he didn’t need the piano for this part of the show so they took it off the stage. 
The fact that a lot of the people where singing along and enjoying themselves was the best, and I just can’t believe the energy that went into this concert, This isn’t the prettiest picture but i was to happy and exited to even take that many. I wanted to get right back into that small crowd of people and just enjoy my night at my first concert. I didn’t get the chance to take pictures of woodbridge because i Was so into their music and singing along and just jumping, I ended up denting a bone in my leg by falling onto one of the speakers. I can’t even walk now. But it was the best ok bye
I feel really bad i had to leave early and i couldn’t see midwest skies, :c


NEW VIDEO: PHZ-Sicks - The Constant (ft. Rob Regal) 

Woodbridge, VA rap artist PHZ-Sicks (pronounced ‘physics’) presents the Raw Footage Cinema-directed music video for “The Constant”, the Best Kept Secret-produced song featuring DMV rapper Rob Regal from The Moment, his critically-acclaimed 2013 album. “‘The Constant’ was written in early 2013 when Stop and Frisk, Sandy Hook and the news story of Henry Louis Gates false arrest for walking into his own home constantly played in my head,” PHZ-Sicks says. “The song became one of my best-known songs once the project dropped and over time took a life of its own when rampant police shootings of unarmed black men constantly occurred. Due to this, I wanted to create a video that showed how power could be misused when given to those that don’t see themselves as part of the community they’ve sworn to protect.” 

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Bert comes from a negligent owner who is planning on euthanizing him on MONDAY. Very little is known about him but he is said to be a collie around 10 years old and is apparently house broken yet no one pays attention to him enough to walk him as he sits in a dark basement all day long.

He sees very little interaction so when you first see him, he’ll get excited. He is currently in the Woodbridge, NJ area (near Staten Island, NYC).

I’m simply relaying this information but I’ll help as much as possible. Send me a message here or reblog this please. Trying to find a loving owner or a shelter that can help him out.