George was in the year above me. I remember George as a good-looking lad with a strong square jaw and a great smile - though his sticking out ears were more prominent with his teddy-boy quiff. George and Paul would lean against the bike sheds, out of sight of the teachers, smoking their Woodbines and talking about music. George was a friend of my older brother, and so I was used to him coming to the house and talking about music - something he would still do if we met years after we had left school.
I remember one day - probably in 1958 - when Paul and George brought their guitars into school with an amplifier and played in their classroom for an hour. I remember George singing ‘Earth Angel’ amongst others, and I was impressed by their harmonies. as well as their presentation and professionalism - that Beatle harmony sound with George doing John’s part. George had been intrigued by how great guitarist like Scotty Moore could play so accurately and so quickly, a skill he tried to emulate all his life.
—  Mal Jefferson on George Harrison and Paul McCartney at the Liverpool Institute, Liddypool: Birthplace of The Beatles by David Bedford [x]

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Recently I had heard that Woodbines, a newer pub on Vernon Blvd, was going to build an extension, and I became very curious as to what exactly that meant, so I made a visit to the pub to find out more info, and had a nice chat with Pat Burke, the owner, and Carla, the manager. Turns out they are going to essentially build out into the backyard—build an entire new structure to expand the amount of seating, up to 50 new seats! Woodbines is very popular with a devoted fan base, and they really need the room.

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Thanks to @woodbineslic for serving up the coolest @hitachinohk labels (and one of the tastiest #japanese beers) - its almost officially vacation time for this girl! #its5oclocksomewhere #japanese #beer #brewskis #hitachino #nyc #bar #instagood #instayum #yummy #yum #clinky #instadrink #drinkup #letsgo #vacation #woodbines (at Woodbines)