hey happy holidays everyone!

I thought I’d launch a silly little contest before the end of this month! basically, just draw you or your oc with Serp for a chance to win some fresh, hot drawings!
there will be 3 lucky, beautiful ppl who will win either a colored fullbody, halfshot, or headshot respectively! good luck!!!

deadline will be on jan 1st!

(you don’t have to kiss serp; he’s just a wishful thinker)

Colla wood

Wood is often fossilised by replacement with silica, sometimes even precious opal, but the variant found in Turkey is often coloured a beautiful blue by copper laced waters infiltrating through the rock. While it is usually found cut into domed cabochon gems, I always prefer rough, and this wonderful 25cm specimen is no exception. Native copper, green malachite, blue azurite and a bit of turquoise have all made it into the mix, and the colour reveals beautifully the pattern of fractures in the rock through which the fluids spread before ditching their metallic cargo. The minerals present tell us that these waters were oxidised (see http://on.fb.me/1I4XWKt for an explanation of what this means) and carbonate rich (malachite and azurite), with a hint of extra phosphorous (turquoise). The grain and knots in the ancient tree make a beautiful backdrop to the later mineralisation, superimposed like the silica as a palimpsest of natural pattern on a long dead tree.


Image credit: LGF Foundation


Fusion theme.

Fire Opal’s theme.

a verrry special fusion between Agate, Citrine, Blue Goldstone and Wood Opal !!!

Fire Opal is a gem of magic and wrath. She is highly unstable and even takes control of the gems controlling her, taking them prisoner as fury takes over. >:^y