I wish more people would write about the annoying, mundane everyday problems Bucky might run into with his metal arm. there’s issues surrounding the uneven weight balance or about different levels of sensory input that I see a lot of which are really great and interesting but there’s so much mooore…

  • just how well can he gauge his grip strength? does he have problems accidentally crushing wine glasses? or pencils? or alternatively, if he tries to use a normal his grip do smooth cups and dishes slip out of his hand?
  • basically, picture having TINY THIMBLES on all of your fingers and imagine trying to do anything
  • he’d have problems with handling glass/stone/soft metal/polished wood objects and leaving scrapes and scratches everywhere. consequently he might feel nervous about picking up nice objects without damaging them! if he had a tablet phone with a touch-screen it’d probably be all scraped up from every time he forgot and tried to swipe the lock-screen with his left hand.
  • he might have a lot of difficulty picking up small objects, like coins. it’s hard to pick up coins with regular fingers! you have to use your fingernails or get it to kind of stick to your finger and he can’t do either of those. and that would get so frustrating.
  • seriously though, fingernails. HE DOESN’T HAVE FINGERNAILS
  • what if he wanted to paint his nails? or, like, what if he wanted to clean dirt from under his right hand nails? (actually he’d probably use a knife for that. lbr) but what if he got nostalgic and wanted to eat those little colored button candies that you have to peel off of a strip of wax paper??……
  • turning book pages would be irritating. picking up small bits of paper – ticket stubs, coupons – would be practically impossible. all his books would have creased pages and little tears everywhere
  • playing instruments? I occasionally see fics where the author gives Bucky some kind of musical talent (like piano) that he picks up again during TWS-recovery, and I’m all for musical Bucky but also every time I read somewhere where he’s playing the piano beautifully I can’t stop thinking how the metal fingers would make tiny clacking noises on the keys and it would be reALLY distracting. or like, anything with a fingerboard, where precision is really important for pitch? that would be really hard.
  • also, potential solutions: someone (Tony) could design some kind of leather or silicone glove or fingerpads that simulates skin texture, to help with gripping small objects or using touch technology or just make his fingers less noisy
  • maybe Tony also gives him false nails as a joke
  • actually no that’s a creepy mental image
  • I don’t know, these are just a few things I’ve thought of that I haven’t seen explored. there’s so many possibilities~~~