The Gentle Ogre.

Deep in the Haunted Forest,
where the sun doth never shine,
there dwells an Ogre so modest,
that on us he n’er doth dine.

When he hears us humans talking,
he runs and hides away,
and he’ll watch as we go walking,
then he’ll come out and play.

He plays with all the spooks and ghosts,
the Nymphs and Fairies of the woodland’s green;
and hide and seek, he loves the most,
for he’s very good at not being seen.

This Gentle Ogre, he lives alone,
but he’s never down or feeling sad;
the woods, the forests, are his home,
and he’s n’er been seen to do some bad.

So if in the woods, you do go rambling;
and you hear some noise among the tree’s;
have no fear, t’is the Ogre a shambling;
a playing in the spring time breeze.
Ambrose Harte
Scattered Thoughts


If I could see you again… by Bella Kotak