Old Hollywood; New hollywood. These are some of the femme fatales, in my eyes, and ‘celebrities’ that I respect and somewhat ‘look up’ to.

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” - Norma Jean Mortenson, Marilyn Monroe.


SO here is our Out Of The Woods inspired costumes! (Topped off with glow sticks for the show). twistedd-hapiness and I have worked hard.. or should I say played hard! Making these were so much fun! And after multiple glue gun burns, sewing stitches, and many scrap pieces of paper, they are finally complete! I’ve seen Taylor on every tour and I’m especially excited for this one because she has gone far and beyond the expectations of what a concert should be. We cannot wait to sing, scream, and cry with an arena full of beautiful people who share the the same admiration towards Taylor. Also 1989 is my favourite album yet and I’m so excited to see her rocking it out on stage on August 1st in VANCOUVER! We are lucky enough to be sitting in section C6, row 10, seats 13&14. If you see us please come and say hi! We would love to make new friends. See you at BC Place! taylorswift 1989costumes