Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet Stand | $13.99 Buy-Now!

  • Special arcade design to place your Nintendo Switch,create an arcade atmosphere and give you a better game experience
  • Precisely cut to fit your Switch,back-hole design ensures a way to charge your Switch while playing
  • Perfectly fit to your Switch air intake vents,make sure enough ventilation for the heat to escape
  • Unique arcade cabinet stand for playing games like Namco Museum, NEO GEO Games, Ultra Street Fighter II, etc.
  • The Package comes with everything you need to quickly get the arcade cabinet standing – 8 pieces of hardwood, rubber bands to keep sturdy
The following groups think Jews are Nazis and should be wiped out

In case you’re wondering why Jews feel extra unsafe following Charlottesville.

The Nazis want to kill Jews and minorities.  The anti-Nazis want to kill Jews and Nazis.

-Amal Mir, UMMA (United Muslims and Minority Advocates)
-JVP (Jewish Voice For Peace)
-APAC (Asian Pacific American Coalition)
-Drake Materre, BUF (Black United Front)
-Dunia Ghanimah and Victor Font Bartumeus, SJP (Students For Justice In Palestine)
-Guillermo Pineda, CUTES (Campus Union for Trans Equality and Support)
-Shameem Razack, BLM (Black Lives Matter)
-Suad Eljawhari, UMR (United Minority Relief)
-Tariq Khan, Black Rose / Rosa Negra - Anarchist Federation
-Yareli and Jocelyne, MEChA de UIUC
-Dimitri Love, BSFR (Black Students for Revolution)
-Augustus Wood, GEO ( Graduate Employees Organization)