Hi everyone! So I have this plank of wood that’s been painted in chalkboard paint. And I wanna fill it up with a bunch of usernames for all of January 2015. (Can’t do the whole year, but I’ve decided this is how I’ll start it!)

So if you want your URL on this magic piece of wood (for no other reason than having your name on a piece of wood because wood is life) just reblog this post! But please, if you have an inappropriate URL or one containing swears, please don’t reblog, because I wanna show it to people of all ages once it’s filled up and this includes family. So, thanks!

Also, if you want me to write your name in a certain colour of chalk, just reblog with the name of said colour; I’ve got red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, purple, pink, brown, and white chalk.

I just think it would be neat. I can probably fit like 30 to 40 names on it depending on how big I write- maybe more? I dunno. I’ll have to see.
But yeah, please reblog! I was inspired by the stuff that people have been doing with the baskets, and seeing as I have nothing else to use this chalkboard for…
Once it’s filled up I’ll of course post photos. So yeah! That’s all!

Oh, And happy New Years!


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