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Let me tell you about how cool my brother is.

He’s been unemployed for over a year now, and is going to school for engineering.  So to help with finances, he decided to start building furniture, and it's awesome.

Almost ALL of his work is done with recycled wood, and everything you see is designed, built, stained, and painted by him, by hand.  This is his passion, and he’s really, really good at it.

That last image is a cabinet he built for me when I was complaining about my apartment’s lack of kitchen space, and it works like a dream.  It’s got wheels on it, and it’s flush against the counter on one side, and hooks are on the other so I can hang whatever I need to.

He is currently open for commissions, and he does everything in his power to give his clients the best price he can for the best quality he can give them.  

Check out his work here,and send him a message if you have any questions.  He’s happy to work with you!  

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Some spewns I’ve carved recently! 

I’m in a non-timber forest products class where we’re learning how to make all sorts of stuff, like maple and hickory syrups, soaps and salves, honey and beeswax products, and carved items, to sell at our open house tomorrow. I’ve always loved woodworking, so carving especially was right up my alley :D


Scott Albrecht, “The Distance Between Two Points.”

Artist Scott Albrecht will be presenting a new body of work in a solo show entitled “The Distance Between Two Points” starting on Friday, October 3rd at Art in the Age in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Albrecht incorporates wood working and typography to create three dimensional and sculpture like works as well as paintings which deal with perceptions and social connectivity.  See more of the new work below.

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