wood vessels

album feelings

no phun intended: loneliness, unrequited love, self discovery, light pink, going to therapy for the first time, fidgety hands, staying in your room for too long, crying in the shower, panic attacks before church, playing piano until your fingers ache, the feeling deep in your heart that something is not right, feeling constantly uncomfortable, not being enough, staying up until the sunrise, avoiding mirrors, bandaged arms, pulling on your hair, avoiding friends, craving attention, sobbing in your basement at 2am, scribbled poetry in the margins of homework, uncertainty towards the future

self titled: fog, the silence of cold winter nights, an out of tune piano, snow on the beach, aches in your bones, the bareness of the trees in winter, that ache in your chest late at night, scribbling nonsense in your journal, zoning out in class, crying so hard you can’t breath, pale colors, driving to school half asleep in the dark, the numbness of your feet after being in the cold for too long, head aches, emptiness, picking at your skin, biting your nails, boots crunching on snow

regional at best: brownish orange, blue, red, laying in an open field, oversized shirts, road trips, playgrounds at sunset, the early days of summer, sitting outside at night even when it gets too cold, holding it all in, visiting your old elementary school, the first fireflies of the summer, cracking knuckles, road trips, grass, stargazing, riding bikes, cuts on your hands, that feeling that’s not quite happiness or sadness, photo albums, uncertainty, real laughter, crying in your car, the beginning of something, pushing friends away, wandering in the woods, bruised knees

vessel: cold air filling your lungs, crying yourself to sleep, the aches of your wrists in the morning, regret, headlights in the distance, driving alone down a long road in the dead of night, painful nostalgia, the first snowfall, a well needed hug, midnight walks, not sleeping for days, trying to get better on your own, laying in bed for hours at a time, finally admitting you need help

blurryface: trembling hands, anxiety in your throat, repetitive thoughts, wanting to cry but not being able to, playing piano in the dark, going back to therapy, falling in love, distant lights outside your window, hope, a bloody nose, the last days of summer, bruises you don’t remember, coming home, fighting with your friends, gasping for breath, long talks by a pool at midnight, laughing until you cry, determination
You withdrew
like the sea from the shore
the moment you thought I was sliding
out of your arms
you expected me to leap back into them
to drown this little island I’ve been growing
just to feel you around me
you hoped you meant more
you were right
but I am a mountain
you know this
I’ve been pushing for so long
just to break the surface
I cannot smother myself for you
I wish I could
I wish I could breathe under water
I wish I was blessed with gills
or simply a constant soul
like a stone
as much as I would like to stay with you
safe in death
I have already been shipwrecked once
beneath your waves
and I would not care to splinter again
the breaking of beams and falling of sails
is not a pleasant experience
especially when one is not only the captain
but the very wood of the vessel
I will not have my masts picked clean my your fish
they are not very forgiving
neither are you
so please forgive me
as I attempt to rise
for myself
I will tell you about the view
if I ever get the chance
—  A.O.A.M. || Goodbye Letter From A New Born Volcano 
Important Things
  • Tyler Joseph
  • Josh Dun
  • twenty one pilots
  • Vessel
  • Addict With A Pen
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Actually, just… all of their songs
  • Tyler Joseph not standing up straight
  • Josh being goofy and adorable
  • Tyler Joseph’s floral-ness
  • Josh Dun’s beautiful colorful hair
  • Tyler and Jenna
  • twenty one pilots
  • twenty one pilots
  • sharks in the woods… that’s all tyler really wants


From the first photo I picked up about a dozen of the largest logs shown. They were freshly cut and I was able to anchorseal them before they cracked. You have a very short window in Arizona to get them sealed before the cracking process starts. I was lucky that day. My source of the previous postings on turned African Sumac is in the 2nd picture. The log was completely dry (the only one in the pile) and I worked around the cracks (the log is the furthest on the left with the burls and no bark).

I know the wood yard owner who charges the local landscapers dumping fees for their waste. The owner chips most of the debris and makes firewood out of the rest. I am always glad to rescue some of his “waste”.