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It’s true, this isn’t architecture, but I can’t resist posting pictures of my latest Art Deco furniture acquisition.

I’ve been wanting a Deco highboy for years in place of the early 20th century tiger oak dresser I’ve had for ages.

My best friend said that if I ever found what I was looking for, he would buy my old dresser. So when this highboy showed up at a local auction we both frequent, I was thrilled. Even better, he decided to bid on it for me, telling me that if he won, he give it to me and then I would give him my dresser. Well, he won the auction I got this highboy for only $40. It’s true! The next day, he brought it over my place and took away my old dresser. I didn’t even have to pay anything, except the old dresser that I didn’t want.

This highboy is marvelous, with several different types of wood veneer and I think the original handles, although one is missing. I think it will be a while before I can locate a replacement that matches. Even so, I love it. It’s in fantastic shape!


5 Things About Me

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Sorry for how late this is!

5 things you’ll find in my bag

  1. pencil bag
  2. snacks (random assortment)
  3. notebook
  4. Backup Notebook
  5. water

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

  1. a mess
  2. at least 3 different wolf plushies
  3. a hoard of books
  4. a computer
  5. me most likely a sleeping bag

5 things i’ve wanted to do in life

  1. publish a book
  2. make a video game
  3. publish a graphic novel
  4. make some really cool, life-changing historical find
  5. adopt (another) dog

5 things that make me happy

  1. doing my hobbies (reading, writing, drawing)
  2. @commander-roastedwolf
  3. my dog
  4. long walks through heavily forested areas
  5. music (also an assortment)

5 things i’m currently into

  1. you know Dawnsmith? yeah I scrapped that.  it’s called Taeseon now and it’s completely different.
  2. Roleplay on multiple platforms
  3. lofi hiphop
  4. fish?  i like eating ahi tuna and poke
  5. guild wars 2

5 things on my to do list

  1. Finish Taeseon
  2. make some wood veneer rings
  3. Finish the other game I’m working on
  4. plan the next 3 years of my life
  5. I should get a job

5 things people may not know about me

  1. i have like 7 different emails.
  2. once this hispanic bus driver asked me if i was mexican and then proceeded to insist that i was mexican.  i’m korean-japanese???
  3. i frequently end up in positions of leadership by default (others don’t run, aren’t qualified for the job, or are disqualified).
  4. I was born super prematurely, and I almost died.  i refused basically everything they gave me like the stubborn ass I am.
  5. i have collected cool rocks and shells all my life so now i just have a bunch or random rocks all over my room.

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My first woodworking teacher was also my Secondary School (High School) teacher. I never took Design and Technology in school and after many years of leaving the school, I went back to him a couple of years back and asked him to teach me the basics of woodworking. He patiently took me in and taught me how to plane timber, cut mortises and tenons, use the lathe among many other things. I subsequently bit the bullet and went to Japan and the UK to train professionally and have returned to practice what I’ve learnt.

I decided to make this box for him as a big thank you present and presented it to him this morning.

The box lid has a curved inlay which I formed and included a black banding. This design was inspired by the ‘Fishers of Men’ as from the Bible as my teacher is also in the Christian ministry.

I included 2mm mitre keys which are blue in colour and finished the piece with french polish and some wax.

Thank you Mr Hou for all your guidance and patience in teaching me from zero and helping me grow in my woodworking adventure.