wood to be legend


{Neverland is home to lost boys like me}
{And lost boys like me are free}
{Edits made by me :)}
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Gonna take ya to the lost woods Jackie Baby

Legend says if you go into the woods at exactly 4:20 am a rabbit will come out and sniff you once. If you put your palm out he will lick it and prompt you to follow him. If you do follow him, you will come to a well that is as deep as the center of the earth. It will not hurt nor help you to toss a penny down the well, but you must make a wish. If your wish is self serving the rabbit will come to you and lead you to a cabin where there is a single bed. You will fall asleep and then wake up at home with the experience feeling as though it was nothing but a dream. However, if your wish is for someone else, or something bigger than yourself, the rabbit will not reappear but instead Bigfoot will emerge from the trees with a huge ass blunt. She will light it and pass it to you. If you smoke up with Bigfoot you will learn all the secrets of the universe. No one knows what happens if you are straight edge.