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Witch Tip

While things may have a long history of different correspondences  (rose quarts, roses, pink, all relate to love for example) don’t down play what something means to you. If you hate the smell of roses, maybe they make you think of funerals or something- Probably best not to be using it in self-love spells. Use things in a way that makes sense to you.

Witch Tip #7 - Cloves Hack

When I was in the 3rd grade, my class read “Little House in the Big Woods” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Once we finished, we had a Laura Ingalls Wilder day where we dressed up as her and acted her daily life. I remember making corn husk dolls and eating vension soup (yuck 🤢). One hack I learned from that day was how to make a clove apple (aka an apple pomander). 

First you grab an apple and some cloves. Make sure your cloves have the ends jutting out from them. Then you start poking the cloves into the apple. You can make them form a heart or make rows or whatever else you might want to do. Once you’re done, you can stick up on a shelf and let it’s enticing scent fill the air. 

Generally, I keep the apple until it begins to rot and deflate (3-4 months after making it).

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  • Todd: [opens fridge]
  • Todd: Why is Shark Kitten in the fridge?
  • Dirk: Last night you were giggling and said 'This is really gonna confuse me tomorrow'. Apparently, drunk you plays pranks on hungover you.
  • Todd: This explains so much.
Witch tip- lazy edition

Make yourself some pre-made herb blends. Just like with cooking, you might have an italian spice blend that goes into a myriad of dishes- You might make yourself a simple protection blend, a prosperity blend, and so on. That way you can cut down the time and prep for spells.

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Are we sharing HCs? I got a dumb one. Hanzo is low key into wood working and carpentry because it require a lot of precision and mathematics. He silently will go around base and fix minor things and sometimes wood shavings will be found scattered about base no one knows for the longest time who’s doing it until McCree catches hanzo working on small wood sculptures one afternoon. They start to bond cause McCree is into whittling.

Oooh thats so cool!! im laughing at secret repairman Shimada; Creaky cabinet door? no longer! The drawer has trouble closing? No need to ask twice!! But nobody would suspect him of doing that, its so not the picture they have of him. 

!! READ !!

If you’re a therian and have territory in the woods/forest(s) please wear orange! There are hunters that can kill you if you’re wearing a tail or ears (because usually that’s all they see is those two things). When hunters see orange they know you aren’t a target so please wear something orange.

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #8

Phil: *drags felt tip on wood at 4am to decorate Dan’s piano*


Wood carving or whittling can be a very mobile hobby, depending on the size of the wood you plan to work on. I have a little kit that I’ve put together that I keep in my bag everyday. I’ve been carrying it for over a year, and when I go camping or find myself with time to spare while not at home I can reach for this kit and whittle the time away. Usually I only have 2 knives in the kit to keep it light, but lately I’ve added a set of 5 power grip gouges. I have found I use them in almost all my projects lately, and they are very fun to use.

Inside the kit are a few other tools in addition to the knives such as a small strop, stropping compound (in the film canister), a pencil, a thumb guard, bandaids (hey you never know), and a small slip strop I made for the gouges. I also keep a piece of wood or the project I’m currently working on in the kit too.

I like having the ability to practice when the mood strikes.


A Tip on “The Broom Closet”

I didn’t come up with this idea, but I’ve seen it thrown around some discord servers I’m in. Instead of using the term “The Broom Closet” try saying “In the Woods” instead. The “Broom Closet” is a reference to “being in the closet” which is an LGBTQ+ term that may be sensitive to some people. 💖