wood surface

poptartpotato  asked:

The butter jokes/puns I'm actually crying scrolling through your blog now (in a good way ofc)

“I’m glad you find them substantially amusing, like butter itself. We all should communicate this way.”

Crank dropped his head on his desk abruptly, carefully lifting away slightly and droppinback down to the smooth wood surface, a mild thud ringing out. He repeated the motion, twice.

fantail-faunes  asked:

"youve got one hell of a pretty bounty on your head" Anti was admiring him from the couch, her nails tapping the wood surface rythmically

“Yeah, well thats what happens when you work as a hired gun. People hate you. People want you dead. You get money on your head, you kill the people who put it there. Things go back to normal.”

salesmanofhappiness  asked:

"Askbox Roulette!" (let's do this thing!)

Send me “Askbox Roulette!” to see what you get! || Open! 

✧ ☀ ☪✧             “Are you kidding me right now?” The Gerudo dropped the intricately painted mask on the counter and slammed her hand on the wood surface next to her. “You said this mask was magic. There was nothing magical about it! I want my money back.”