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Marks and Rec: Misc #974

🎃 (Dialogue from Night in the Woods.)


Comfort of Strangers - Bastille, Record Store Day 2017

I want to emphasize that it was not my idea to make an “ugh” wall sign, some tumblr genius came up with it years ago and I’m sorry I can’t find the post now to give them credit

all you do is buy one of those wood cutout word plaques that says “laugh,” knock off the first two letters, and decorate as desired (it’s hard to tell from this picture but that light-colored mottling is iridescent glitter)

it’s a very simple art project that expresses a lot of feelings and the only real time investment was waiting for the paint to dry, I highly recommend it especially if you’re having a creative block and you just need to do something

Budget Witchcraft - DIY Candles for less than $5

Some witches believe that making your own candles harnesses more power out of them. However, now because of hour cuts at work I need to budget like crazy. So here is my recipe for homemade candles.

-dollar store oil burner (or your own microwave) 
-Wics and candle wic weights (You can use thick craft string, found at dollar stores, wood chips/bark for a wood wic, and tie them to your heat and water safe gemstones or coins) 
-Empty fire safe containers. (You can even use the same containers of the old candles, especially if they’re tea lights. Other uses can be sea shells, antique tea cups, old jars, be creative!)  
-Old burnt out candles
-(optional)Oils or herbs

  • Take out the leftover wax of burned out candles and put them in the oil burner (or microwave. I just personally don’t like microwaving things). Try to get the wics out but if you can’t then you can (carefully) when the wax is melted
  • Place in the oils and/or herbs while the wax is melted and stir
  • Prepare the wics in the empty containers 
  • Pour the wax in the empty containers

Now just wait for them to cool! These should be just as good as $25 dollar candle kits because you are still putting your energy into the making of the candles with personal touches.

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Title: Love of a Child

Code: JD0003

Requested by: anon

Words: 710

Note: This request was so cute omg

Your bones ached. Your feet ached. Your muscles ached. Your back ached. You freakin’ teeth ached. You waddled of of the elevator into NCIS. You knew he didn’t want you at work just incase but dammit, you were pushing nine months and you needed your husband. “Only in emergencies” he had said, and this? This was an emergency if you ever had one.

You moved your feet, shuffling, toward where you had been directed to find him. As you approached, you saw who you gathered to be…Tom? No, no… When you were close enough to his desk, he looked up.

“Hello,” you smiled, “I’m looking for Jethro Gibbs.”

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