wood ship

Important observation:

We had two instances of significant physical contact between Bellamy and Clarke this season (the Hand Nuzzle and Hug 3.0) and Bellamy initiated both of them.

ETA: I cannot forget I forgot the Face Touch complete with Awkward Flirting so make that three instances of significant physical contact initiated by Bellamy, and thanks to both @alienor-woods and @ship-picky for reminding me of my mistake.

our Dawn Lark got a new gauntlet from Elmira fairly recently, so now he has 2 smashfists, each representing a side of his heritage, both sort of themed around solo grudge matches. 

the white jade and orichalcum (and hidden soulsteel) one is the Holmgang Gauntlet, symbolic of his (Viking) Karnese heritage. the evocations are sort of like, fling down a ring of fire to honor-duel your opponent in, make justice come to liars and murderers, show everyone the truth via gladiatorial combat. then the Nabagin Knuckle is made of wood from a ghost ship and a chain of all colours of jade, and is part of his Kreeha (warriors from the woods near Towersong) heritage. it’s more vengeful, about being ready to throw down with people already your enemies.

i am glad @thebystanderman likes it because i’m not sure i can draw that wooden arm again ever


Human versions of Mae and Bea, two nerds in love

Looks like I actually did art for once (weird) still working on that voltron piece tho  I loved this game, and I loved Bea so much that I had to draw these two

tbh I always imagined Bea with tattoo sleeves and Mae constantly covered in small injuries because CRIMES 

Bonus + Germ:

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“No One Who’s Gonna Be Missed”

…I’m just saying…. Angus probably wasn’t Gregg’s first crush okay?