wood sculpture



  • Master rocket science and handiness skill
  • Master astronaut career and complete Nerd Brain aspiration
  • Must complete ten wood sculptures via the woodworking table as a teen
  • Must build a rocket ship and visit Sixam
  • Enter the secret lot in Oasis Springs (requiring max handiness)
  • Never have any close friends or relationships other than grandparent from Generation 1 until the grandparent dies

Portable Shrine (made from a log)

Tibet, early 16th century

Wood with mineral pigments, Diameter: w. 16.20 cm (6 3/8 inches); Overall: h. 25.40 cm (10 inches)

This portable shrine was made from a solid log carved inside and out. Tantric practice can be performed alone in any location; this shrine could be used by a traveling practitioner for meditation, visualization, prayer, and recitation of mantras.