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Times have changed, whether I like it or not. The campers don’t care. Gwen doesn’t care. Even the founder of this place has better things to do. That’s why I’ll never stop trying, because somebody fucking has to.
—  David, Camp Camp Episode 12

Guys I’m being told on the rt site season 13 thread said Arryn and miles were hinting at Elijah wood visiting rt and I can’t find it. Someone help me fine it.

Guys Miles said in an interview he “didnt have Elijah Wood in the RT office” and was awfully evasive.

Considering Felix almost never lies, Im not inclined to believe this. So Ive compiled a list of things it could mean that would still make that sentence true.

  1. They skype called
  2. they met outside of the RT office
  3. Elijah recorded it and sent it to Miles after